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        • 지하철 승강장 동적 혼잡도 추정방안

          신성일,이창훈 대한교통학회 2019 대한교통학회 학술대회지 Vol.80 No.-

          일일 약 800만 수도권 도시철도 이용승객의 통행정보는 선/후불카드, 정기권, 일회권 3종류 교통카드에 100% 실시간 기록되는 Big Data로 활용 잠재력이 크다. 본 연구는 Big Data 플랫폼 구축을 통한 웹정보시스템을 가상하여 수도권 도시철도 승강장의 시간대별 혼잡도 변화를 분석하는 방안을 구축한다. 본 연구의 기법은 개별승객이 도시철도 네트워크를 이동하는 시공간적인 흐름정보를 전수화하는 방안으로 구축한다. 승객은 진출입 역사의 Tag In/Out 단말기를 연결하는 최소시간비용경로선택 가정을 도입하며, 도시철도 승강장 혼잡도는 24시간 동안 승객들이 역사내 승강장, 계단, 보행통로를 이동하는 동적이동궤적으로 나타낸다. 수도권 도시철도역사의 이동승객을 노선간 환승승객, 역사노선승객, 역사환승승객으로 3종류로 구분하고, 1분 단위 시간간격으로 승객흐름을 파악한다.약 688개 요금단말기, 588개 역사 승강장을 대상으로 동적혼잡도 변화를 표현한다. 승강장 혼잡도는 승강장실용대기면적과 동적승객이동수요의 관계식으로 나타낸다. 약 1800여개의 수도권의 도시철도 승강장에 대하여 승강장 개별 혼잡도 변화를 도식화하여 설명한다.

        • KCI등재SCOPUS

          Simple Autocorrelation Measurement by Using a GaP Photoconductive Detector

          신성일,임용식 한국광학회 2016 Journal of the optical society of Korea Vol.20 No.3

          We developed a simple and real-time readout autocorrelator for several tens and sub-10fs pulses, basedon the two photon absorption phenomena of a commercial GaP photodetector including a transimpedanceamplifier. With a suitable gain adjustment, we demonstrated that the interferometric autocorrelation forsub-nJ pulses delivered as a high output voltage as to resolve all fringes in an autocorrelation trace withfeatures of low noise and a low offset voltage. By fitting the measured quadratic power dependence ofoutput voltages, we obtained the quantum efficiency of TPA for the GaP detector comparable with thoseof a GaAsP diode and an SHG with a thin BBO crystal. The autocorrelator of a TPA based GaP photodetectoris highly suitable for sensitively measuring a few cycle pulses with a broad spectral distributionfrom 600 nm to 1100 nm.


          Chirality Assignment for Metallic Species via Coherent Phonon Oscillations in Arc-Discharge Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

          신성일,임용식,김명종 한국물리학회 2015 THE JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY Vol.67 No.5

          We performed transient absorption measurements with sub-10-fs pulses to observe coherent phonon (CP) oscillations of species in a micelle-suspended arc-discharge single-walled carbon nanotube (SWNT) ensemble. We applied a spectral-resolved measurement scheme to investigate the photon-wavelength dependence of CP oscillations of the radial breathing mode (RBM) specific to each species, covering a broad photon wavelength range from 700 to 1000 nm (1.771 − 1.240 eV). With a linear prediction singular value decomposition (LPSVD) method as a robust alternative for resolving closely-overlapped vibration modes, we divided multiple RBM peaks into two components, the M11-excited metallic species and the S22-excited semiconducting species, respectively. We resolved the RBM peaks into 22 metallic and 29 semiconducting species. Resolved metallic tubes showed a wide distribution in diameters from 1.3 to 2.3 nm, forming a chirality distribution from (2n + m) = 33 family to 51 family.

        • KCI등재

          대퇴골 과간절혼 협착에서 전방십자인대의 관절경적 소견

          신성일 대한슬관절학회 2000 대한슬관절학회지 Vol.12 No.2

          Purpose : My goal was to evaluate and summarize the results of treatment of patients with anterior cruciate ligament injury with intercondylar notch stenosis. Materials and Methods : I reviewed the 8 anterior cruciate ligament(ACL) injuries with intercondylar notch stenosis treated between November 1996 and August 1999. A study group of 8 consecutive patients underwent a magnetic resonance imaging(MRI) evaluation for unspecified knee pain and swelling. The intercondylar notch width were measured with MRI at the notch entrance, at the central notch. Arthroscopic surgery in all patients was performed. Results : Several patients had clinical symptoms and signs of patello femoral syndrome, unspecified synovitis, etc. that it has limited specific diagnostic value, but nobody showed motion loss of their knees or evidence of instability. MRI demonstrated intrasubstance edema of ACL impling a complete tear in sagittal image. Absolute widths at notch entrance were ranged 11∼14mm in men, 10∼12mm in women. At the central notch, notch widths measured 13∼19mm in men and 11∼16mm in women. Arthroscopic finding revealed impingement with whole notch stenosis(5 cases) or with encroachment of lateral notch wall(3 cases). ACLs of all patients were frayed, but those of 2 patients were partially torn. No chondral lesions or degenerative changes were noted. A 3∼5mm notchplasty was performed to remove of bone at the anterior outlet of the intercondylar notch in all patients. In one patient, the MRI study performed 19 months postoperatively revealed normal ACL signal. I underwent second-look arthroscopy 2 years postoperatively in another one patient. The notchplasty site appeared to have minimally recorticated and ACL showed almost normal state. After 17 months of average follow-up, every clinical symptoms and signs was significantly disappeared in 6 patients. On the other hand, 1 patients have intermittent pain and joint swelling over their knees and need some medicine. One of 8 patients had a tear of his ACL at 20 months after notchplasty and underwent anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Conclusion: Although the small cases were evaluated, there was a trend that the patients with narrower notches or with encroachment of the lateral walls have abnormal clinical symptoms and signs. I believe that sufficient understanding of the disease and early performance of notchplasty with arthroscopy may prevent the possibility of complete rupture.

        • Stepwise 환승계수를 고려한 Logit 유형 대중교통통행배정모형

          신성일 대한교통학회 2016 대한교통학회 학술대회지 Vol.75 No.-

          Stepwise 환승계수(이하 STC)는 환승회수가 증가함에 따라 환승비용을 실제보다 더욱 많게(적게) 인식하도록 한다. 즉 환승에 대한 심리적인 느낌을 정량적으로 표현하는 함수의 유형이다. 대중교통정보에서 통행시간뿐만 아니라 최소환승회수 정보를 제공하는 것은 이러한 영향을 감안하여 경로선택 대안을 넓히자는 취지이다. 그러나 STC를 포함한 경로탐색문제는 환승지점에서 출발지부터 경로비용을 재산정해야 하며, 이는 통행비용이 비가산성(Non additive)으로 전환되어 전체경로열거문제를 발생시킨다. 본 연구는 STC를 고려하여 Logit 유형의 Dial 알고리즘을 대중교통통행배정모형에 적용하는 방안을 강구한다. 연구내용은 1) Dial 알고리즘 “효율적 경로” 재해석을 통한 새로운 알고리즘 제안, 2) STC를 고려하여 경험적으로 최적경로를 도출하기 위하여 전체경로삭제기법의 활용방안을 구축하는 것이다. 사례연구로 모형결과의 타당성을 검토한다.

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