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      • 뇌졸중 발병전·후의 생활·운동에 따른 비교

        백인협,고재문 한국응급구조학회 2001 한국응급구조학회지 Vol.5 No.1

        1. In general, male-to-female rate of those investigated was 1.83:1(M:F) and in term of economic status, most were middle class. The investigation shows that reserved, sharp and nervous persons were inclined to easily fall ill. 2. The probability of their falling ill was high in the fall and during sleep because probability of cerebral infarction was high. 3. It was found that they more refained from overeating and from eating pungent food and had less meat than before illness, in addition that refaining from drinking and smoking further improves their daily lives. 4. The especially acknowledged the necessity of physical excercise, they exercised. more frequency, but less strenuously. This was due to the decline in their physical strength or the unsystematic nature of the excercise. 5. In terms of weight loss, the test subjects lost 5㎏ on average while two of them lost 10㎏. The investination revealed that such stroke patients could overcome a range of problems, and they could improve and maintain their daily condition through guidance and education about their illness. Further more, it was revealed that patients needed be shown love and concern, to lead a normal satisfying social life.

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      • 복횡근 강화운동이 체간 신전-굴곡 시 척추 분절 운동에 미치는 영향

        김선엽,백인협 한국전문물리치료학회 2003 한국전문물리치료학회지 Vol.10 No.1

        '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

        This research was performed to compare spinal segment motion angle between low back pain (LBP) group and painless group during trunk flexion-extension and to investigate the effect of transversus abdominis strengthening exercise on spinal segment motion angle in LBP group. Nine subjects with LBP and ten subjects without LBP participated. Transversus abdominis strengthening exercise was peformed in LBP group for three weeks, and spinal segment motion angles were compared before and after the exercise performance. Spinal segment motion angles were measured both in sitting and standing position. Results were as followed: 1) Subjects' average age was 24.79 years, height was 167.84 ㎝, and weight was 59.95 ㎏. 2) Spinal segment motion angle of T10/11 was significantly higher in LBP group compared with painless group (p<.05) in sitting position during trunk flexion-extension. 3) In sitting position, whereas entire lumbar segment motion angles were lower in LBP group compared with painless group (p<.05), angle of L4/5 was higher in LBP group compared with painless group (p<.05). 4) There was no significant difference in thoracic segment motion angle in standing position. 5) After three weeks of transversus abdominis strengthening exercise, thoracic segment motion angle increased both in sitting and standing position (p<.05). 6) In painless group, there was no significant difference in entire spinal segment motion angles in sitting and standing position (p>.05). When spinal segment motion angles were compared between sitting and standing position, there were slight differences. In sitting position, there was no difference in spinal segment motion angle between LBP group and painless group while hip joint motion angle and sacral inclination angle of LBP group was lower than those of painless group (p<.05). In standing position, lumbar segment motion angle was significantly lower in LBP group than that of painless group. Transversus abdominis strengthening exercise influenced thoracic segment motion angle more significantly than lumbar segment motion angle.

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