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      • KCI등재

        알루미나와 실리케이트 액상간의 반응에 따른 $CaO{\cdot}6Al_2O_3$ 상의 성장 및 용해 거동

        백용균,박상엽 한국결정성장학회 1995 韓國結晶成長學會誌 Vol.5 No.3

        알루미나 고상소결체와 $CaMgSiO_4$간의 반응에 따른 반응상들의 성장 및 용해 거동을 $1600^{\circ}C$에서 열처리 시간을 변화하여 고찰하였다. 열처리시 알루미나는 $CaMgSiO_4$ 액상에 용융되어 중간에 반응상인 $CaO{\cdot}6Al_2O_3$와 최종 반응상인 $CaMgSiO_4$ 스피넬 형성이 관찰되었다. 중간상인$CaO{\cdot}6Al_2O_3$ 결정은 성장 모양과 용해 모양이 뚜렷하게 구분되었다. Abstract The growth and dissolution behaviour of reaction phase was studied during dissolution reaction between sintered alumina and $CaMgSiO_4$ at $1600^{\circ}C$ for various times. The formation of $CaO{\cdot}6Al_2O_3$ an intermediate reaction phase, and $CaMgSiO_4$ spinel, the final reaction product were observed during dissolution reaction of alumina into $CaMgSiO_4$ liquid phase. The growth and dissolution shape of $CaO{\cdot}6Al_2O_3$, an intermediate phase, was quite different.

      • SCOPUSKCI등재

        Chromosome Aberrations for the Mental Retardates in Korea

        백용균,류명수 한국유전학회 1983 Genes & Genomics Vol.5 No.3

        A cytogenetic survey was conducted for 102 patients in two institutions for the mentally retarded. Of the samples tested, 24 were found to have abnormal karyotypes: 3 had abnormalities of the sex chromosome complement; 11 showed cytogenetic features of Down's Syndrome; and 10 had other abnormalities of the autosomes. Of the 11 patients with Down's Syndrome, 9 were trisomic for chromosome 21 (one had additional abnormal Y chromosome); 1 had mosaic constitution; and another had translocation of the D/G type. 10 cases with autosomal abnormalities not associated with Down's Syndrome included 3 with translocations of either 7/14 or 3/19 type; 3 with additional chromosome material (one case of 13p+ and two of 15p+); and 4 others (once case of deletion, trisomy, supernumerary chromosome or chromatid exchange - quadriradial, complete - of mosaic constitution).

      • SCOPUSKCI등재

        Frequency Changes and Associations of Polymorphic Inversions in a D . Melanogaster Population

        백용균,류명수,김문성 한국유전학회 1984 Genes & Genomics Vol.6 No.3

        Inversion polymorphisms of D. melanogaster population at Taenung were examined for four years from 1978 to 1981. Of 49 inversion types found only six were common and cosmopolitan, and the rest rare endemic. Directional frequency changes occurred in four of the cosmopolitan inversions: In (2L)t > In (2R)NS and In (3R)Mo > In (3L)P in the seventies, but In(2R)NS > In (2L)t and In(3L)P > In(3R)Mo in the eighties. Of them, the frequency changes of the second chromosome inversions are consistent with other reports. While the Taenung population showed significant disequilibrium between In(3L)P and In(3R)P, with an excess of coupling gametes every year. This is also consistent with other reports. The directional changes and the nonrandom association between linked inversions can best be interpreted in terms of selection to maintain the common cosmopolitan inversion polymorphisms in natural populations of D. melanogaster.

      • SCOPUSKCI등재

        A Cytogenetic Study in Patients Referred for Suspected Chromosomal Abnormalities

        백용균,류명수,최완식,김광희 한국유전학회 1984 Genes & Genomics Vol.6 No.3

        Presented in this paper is the data from a chromosome examination of 376 patients referred for suspected chromosomal abnormalities. Karyotypes were obtained using short-term blood culture and conventional staining and G-banding methods. Of these, 266 patients had normal chromosome complements; 93 (24.7%) a major chromosome abnormality; and 17 (4.5%) a minor chromosome anomaly, giving a total of 110 (29.3%) patients with a major chromosome abnormality or distinctive chromosome variant. Among all patients with chromosomal abnormalities, 74 (67.3%) had aberrations of chromosome number (aneuploids); the others had aberrations of chromosome structure; and 16.4% of these (18 out of 110) were mosaic of a normal and an aberrant cell lines. Nine had a chromosome rearrangement; 5 of them were reciprocal and 4 Robertsonian translocations. Two patients with pericentric inversions end 5 with iso-chromosomes were observed. There were 4 patients with partial deletion of a chromosome. Fifteen patients were found to be carrying distinctive chromosome variants. The commonest variant was the Dp+ (2.66%); and other common variants involved the Yq+ among males (1.1%) and Gp+ (0.8%). In a female with multiple abortion, chromosomes of D and G groups were consistently involved in "satellite association" in all cells. Thus, the results of the present study indicate the importance of cytogenetic evaluation in clinically abnormal patients.

      • SCOPUSKCI등재

        Sister Chromatid Exchanges in Patients with Cervical Cancer

        백용균,류명수,배동한,김두상 한국유전학회 1983 Genes & Genomics Vol.5 No.3

        The frequency of sister chromatid exchange (SCE) was investigated in cultured lymphocytes from 22 women with cervical cancer together with 22 control women. For scoring SCE, 40 second and/or third cycle metaphases were analyzed from each subject. The SCE frequencies were found to be 7.75 0.19 and 5.25 0.11 in cancer cases and controls, respectively. And the difference is highly significant (P<0.001). The individual SCE frequency among control subjects was relatively constant compared with cancer patients, and the variance of SCE frequency among controls was significantly smaller than among cancer cases (P<0.01). In comparison to the lymphocytes from healthy controls, the cells responding to PHA-M in cultures from cancer cases showed no cell cycle retardation. The significance of this study in relation to the possibility of using SCE as a preclinical marker will be discussed.

      • KCI등재

        Fabrication of Porous Yttria-Stabilized Zirconias Controlled by Additives

        백용균,오경식,이혁재 한국세라믹학회 2007 한국세라믹학회지 Vol.44 No.2

        the porosity and shrinkage was designed. As a pore former, a potato starch was used. For the control of shrinkage, the oxidatio nof Al metal particles was used. For the sintering of the above powder mixtures, a partial sintering technique was used at 1300oCfor 10 min in air. Upon adding the additives, high open porosity above 53% and a low shrinkage level were obtained. As a result ,cracking and warping of the sintered body were deterred. This outcome most likely resulted from the compensation of sinteringshrinkage due to the volume expansion caused by oxidation of the Al metal particles during heat-treatment.

      • 알루미나 단결정에서 화학재결정(CIR) 입자 성장

        백용균 安東大學校 工業技術硏究所 1996 공업기술연구논문집 Vol.3 No.1

        The growth characteristics and grain refinement of a single grain formed by the dissolution of an Fe_(2)O_(3) into an alumina single crystal matrix have been investigated. In order to observe the growth characteristics of the single grain, the first new grains nucleated were successively heat-treated at an interval of 30 min for 2.5 h at 1500℃. At the stage of growth after nucleation, the first new grains nucleated grew by the mechanism of chemically induced grain boundary migration(CIGM) and grain refinement within the first new grains nucleated occurred by a repeated nucleation. The growth of the chemically induced recrystallization grains have showed the characteristics as follows: (1) faceted growth shape (2) subgrain formation and its growth in the interior of the first new grain nucleated, and (3) grain refinements by the growth of such subgrains. From the many slip lines observed during the growth of the subgrains, it is believed that the growth mechanism of the subgrain is a subgrain boundary dissolution by the glide and climb of individual dislocations at the subgrain boundary.

      • SCOPUSKCI등재

        $ZrO_2$ 의 입자크기과 상분포에 미치는 소결분위기 영향

        백용균,안중호 한국세라믹학회 1999 한국세라믹학회지 Vol.36 No.11

        The effect of sintering atmosphere on the grain sizes and phase distributions in 3Y-ZrO2 and 8Y-ZrO2 was investigated O2 and N2 were used as sintering atmospheres. In the case of 3Y-ZrO2 the sintered density was higher in N2 than in O2 while in the case of 8Y-ZrO2 contrary results were obtained. The observation can be explained by the nitrogen solubility into the zirconia lattice. That is nitrogen gas can behave as a diffusive gas contrary to the behavior in other oxides depending on the amount of Y2O3. In 3Y-ZrO2 tetragonal phase was retained at room temperature irrespective of sintering atmospheres. Grain sizes of two specimens were below 2㎛ and larger in O2 thin in N2 Under a given stress the transformability of tetragonal phase into monoclinic phase was higher in O2 than N2. The results are discussed on the basis of an effect of the grain size and non-transformable ttragonal(t') phase.

      • 순수알루미나에서 소결거동에 미치는 소결분위기 영향

        백용균 安東大學校 工業技術硏究所 1996 공업기술연구논문집 Vol.3 No.1

        On sintering a pure alumina, the effect of sintering atmospheres on the behaviors of sintering has been investigated. When a pure alumina was sintered at 1600℃, N_(2) or O_(2) with different solubility into the pure alumina was chosen as sintering atmospheres. The sintering atmosphere was changed by two methods of sintering in constant atmospheres of N_(2) or O_(2) and atmosphere changes (N_(2)→O_(2) or O_(2)→N_(2)) during sintering after closed pores formed. Below the relative density 99%, these atmospheres did not affect the sintering behaviors of the pure alumina. This result supports the Kang's suggestion that below the relative density 99%, sintering behaviors are governed by a capillary pressure, but contradicts Coble's suggestion that atmosphere gas solubility can affect the densification rate. In cases of N_(2) or N_(2)→O_(2) atmospheres, dedensification was produced, being contrary to the case of O_(2) or O_(2)→N_(2) atmospheres. Especially, when the atmosphere O_(2) with high solubility was changed into the atmosphere N_(2) with low solubility during sintering, densification rate became faster and grain growth rate did slower than those in constant atmospheres, which were explained by the oxygen chemical potential between the specimen surface and pores and the pore size variation.

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