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        • 심상치료가 유방 절제 여성의 성격특성과 대처전략에 미치는 효과

          김은심(Kim Eun Sim),배행자(Pai Hang Ja) 대한종양간호학회 2003 Asian Oncology Nursing Vol.3 No.2

          The purpose of this study was to identify the effect of imagery therapy on "coping mechanism and type C personality of the women with mastectomy. To achieve this purpose, 2 hours sessions of imagery therapy were given to the patients with breast cancer twice a week for 6.<br/> The period of data collection was from July, 7th to August, 12th 2002. The participants were 30 patients, 15 perimental group, 15<br/> control group who were treated at the G University hospital in J City. <br/> This study was designed using a quasi-experimental approach with non-equivalent Pre test-Post test Design.<br/> The themes for the Imagery Therapy Program were composed of Leuner's(1969) 12 Imagery. Themes; flower, green-field, stream, mountain, house, woods, significant figures, rose, lion,<br/> ideal self-image, cave and volcano.<br/> The data were analyzed with χ2-test and MANOVA using the SPSS program. The course of image change of the 12 imagery themes was<br/> analyzed by content analysis.<br/> The results of this study are as follows;<br/> First Hypothesis, 'The score of type C personality in the women with mastectomy who received imagery therapy will be significantly<br/> lower than that of the control group' was supported(p<.05).<br/> Second Hypothesis, 'The score of coping mechanism' in the women with mastectomy who received imagery therapy will be significantly<br/> higher than that of the control group' was rejected.<br/> In conclusion, imagery therapy is suggested as an effective nursing intervention to change type C personality of the women with<br/> mastectomy, but not effective to improve coping mechanism. Therefore, the program for the women with mastectomy should be developed to change their coping mechanism, method of<br/> problem solving and Quality of life.

        • SCOPUSKCI등재
        • SCOPUSKCI등재

          건강통제위성격 및 부부의 역기능적 의사소통유영과 부인의 신체증상호소와의 관계연구

          김은심,배행자 성인간호학회 1990 성인간호학회지 Vol.2 No.-

          The study was attempted to examine the health locus of control in personality of wives and dysfunctional matrimonial communication patterns, which related to the complaint of wives psychosomatic symptoms and to use as support materials offering nursing intervention in health management of wives. The data collections were performed from may 1, 1988 to June, 30.those wives who visited the internal medicine depts. Of 1 university hospital and 4 hospital 'J'city, and researched at Seoul, Pusan and some areas of Kyeongki province those 150 wives' age 35 to 45 who requested counseling for matrimonial problems. The results were as follows : The health locus of control in personality, as well as dysfunctional matrimonial communication type were analyzed, and the results were classified into 3 patterns : couple confrontation pattern, wife leading pattern, wife sacrifice pattern. Each pattern related to complaints on psychosomatic symptoms was measured by multiple-stepwise regression ; In couple confrontation pattern, symptoms appeal to neuromusculoskeletal system, respiratory and cardiovascular system, digestive system and psychologic distress(p<0.05). In wife leading pattern, no specific symptom appeared. In wife leading pattern, no specific symptom appeared. In wife sacrifice pattern, symptoms appeal to respiratory and cardiovascular system, neuro-musculoskeletal system and digestive system (p<0.05).

        • 산욕기산모의 지각된 사회적 지지와 우울과의 관계

          배행자 慶尙大學校 1992 論文集 Vol.31 No.2

          This study was conducted to identify the relationship between perceived social support and degree of depression of mothers in puerperial period, and variables affecting perceived social support and postpartum depression. The subjects were 100 mothers at 4-8 weeks postpartum. The data were collected by questionairs from July 8 to September 14. 1991. The instruments used for measurement were Zung's depression scale and Ji-won park's social support scale. Analysis of data was done by using percentage, T-test, ANOVA and Pearson correlation coefficient by SPSS. The results of this study were as follows. 1. The level of perceived social support was mid-range(mean:46.11±7.90) and the level of postpartum depression was ranged from normal to moderate depression(mean:32.75±21.22). 2. Variables with significant effects on perceived social support were defree of husband's supporting his wife with baby rearing,relationship betweem wife and husband. 3. Variables with significant effects on postpartum depression were mode of delivery, con-sultant about baby rearing, the time that mother saw her baby for the first time and the time that mother held her baby for the first time. 4. There were significant relationship between the perceived social support and the de-gree of postpartum depression(γ=-0.035,P<0.005).

        • KCI등재

          호감(Attraction) 개념분석

          배행자,이인선 대한간호학회정신간호학회 2004 정신간호학회지 Vol.13 No.3

          Purpose: This study was conducted to analyze the concept of attraction. Method: In according to the series of concept development process by Walker & Avant, the concept of Attraction was analyzed. Results: The attributes of attraction were defined such as Melting positive emotion, Delight or Pleasure, Mutual dependence, Cognitive motivation for hopeful behavioral construction, Dynamics, and Depth and Width; Antecedents of attraction were defined as Physical and external factor(such as approximation·resemblance·Mutual supplement·physical appearance), Psychological and internal factor (such as honesty·warmth·affection·and personal ability), Attractive behavior seeking attraction(such as sensibility through the self monitoring·strengthening through the compensation·cognitive balancing·considerable interaction and conversation·active attitude·showing good nature and ability charming appearance·emotional stimulating·offering comfort), and The course of the time; Consequences of attraction were defined as Maintenance and promotion of positive interpersonal relationship, and Ease to accomplish nursing goals. Conclusion: The concept of attraction has been one of the most important concept to positive influence on the nurse-client's therapeutic relationship and easily to accomplish nursing goal.

        • 불안ㆍ우울 완화를 위한 집단 간호상담의 효과

          김은심,배행자 慶尙大學校 1997 論文集 Vol.36 No.-

          The purpose of this study is to identify the effect of Nursing-Group Counseling program, which was developed by combining B. thompson's inner healing counseling, A. Ellis' Rational-Emotive therapy, T. Gordon's Parent-Effectiveness training, E. Burne's Transactional analysis, and S. N. Kim's Person-Growth program by means of Family System functioning. The program consists of 4 phases, that is self-explore, self-awareness, self-acceptance(other-acceptance) and self-disclosure. This study has been Conducted from Aug. 7 to Sep. 16, 1995. through the Self-reported questionaries. The subjects were divided into the treatment group(n=17) and the control group(n=17) The data were analysed by an S. A. S. program through Wilk's Lambda of Repeated Measures ANOVA test to examine the pre-post differences of this group counseling. Effect of this group training was measured by using Lee's Combined Anxiety and Depression Scale before, immediately after, and 4 weeks after this group training. As the result, Hypothesis "The Combined Anxiety-Depression Score of experimental group will be more reduced than control group after this group training" was partially accepted(p<.05). In conclusion, this Nursing-Group Counseling program is efficient by short term, but not long term in reducing Combined Anxiety-Depression of women in the middle age.

        • KCI등재

          인간관계 훈련이 입원한 정신질환자의 자아존중감에 미치는 영향

          배행자 대한간호학회정신간호학회 2002 정신간호학회지 Vol.11 No.4

          The purpose of this study was to identify the effects of the interpersonal relationship-training by nursing students under professor's teaching as a nursing intervention for psychosocial rehabilitation on the self-reported self-esteem of the psychiatric patients at the hospital. Method : Data were collected from May 27 to June 22. 2002. The program that used fro interpersonal relationship training was developed by author, with combining A. Ellis' rational - emotive therapy, T. Gordon's parent - effectiveness training. Sul. G.M.'s encounter - card therapy and Semire psycho - rehabilitation research center's stress controlled by oneself, good interpersonal relationship program. The study was designed using one-group pretest-post test design. 11 subjects were patients assigned to senior nursing student. The training session lasted for 40-60 minutes, 3 times a week, for 4 weeks. The data were analysed paired t-test after histogram test to identify normal distribution. As the result, the hypotheses, "after the training, the level of self-esteem of psychotic patients will be significantly higher than that of before" was supported(t=-4.51, p=.001) In conclusion, the interpersonal relationship training can be considered as an effective method of nursing intervention for psychotic patients to adapt the community life.

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