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      • KCI등재

        추후 덴버발달스크리닝 결과에 따른 미숙아의 특성 비교

        방경숙 한국아동간호학회 2006 Child Health Nursing Research Vol.12 No.3

        =A Comparisons of Characteristics of Infants Born Prematurely According to Results of Denver II Screening Test*

      • KCI등재

        Translation and Validation of a Health‐Related Quality of Life Instrument for 18‐60‐Month‐Old Children in Korea

        방경숙,박성희,강현주 한국아동간호학회 2015 Child Health Nursing Research Vol.21 No.2

        Purpose: The purpose of this study was to validate the Korean version of the TNO-AZL Preschool Children Quality of Life (TAPQOL) questionnaire for children aged 18–60 months. Methods: The participants were 223 mothers of healthy children from nurseries and kindergartens, and 54 mothers of hospitalized children from a university children’s hospital in Korea. Data were collected in 2011. Principal component factor analysis and known-groups method were used to confirm construct validity, and internal consistency was used to determine reliability. Results: According to the factor analysis, 11 factors with an eigenvalue over 1 were extracted, and these factors explained 73.5% of the variance. All dimensions except two had Cronbach’s alpha coefficients greater than .7. The mean TAPQOL scores of the hospitalized group were significantly lower than those of the healthy group (p=.001) for all four functions (physical, emotional, social, and cognitive). Conclusions: The TAPQOL showed acceptable validity and reliability, and can be used to measure children’s health-related quality of life in Korea, and can be considered for use in other Asian countries.

      • KCI등재후보

        보육교사의 안전에 대한 태도, 지식, 실천 및 관련요인

        방경숙 한국아동간호학회 2005 Child Health Nursing Research Vol.11 No.1

        Purpose: To investigate the attitude, knowledge, and practice of safety and related factors of teachers in child care centers. Methods: The total sample consisted of 116 teachers from child care centers in Kyunggi Province. A questionnaire and checklist were used to collect data, which was analyzed with SPSS 11.5 Win program Results: Most of the teachers were anxious about child accidents, and thought of safety as a primary concern. The mean score for knowledge on safety was 10.23, and the rate of correct answers ranged from 34.8% to 98.3%. The mean score on practice of safety was 42.01. Teachers with higher education showed significantly higher scores in safety efficacy. Teacher's knowledge on safety was significantly different depending on the experience of safety education, but this did not apply to safety practice. Safety practice was significantly related to confidence in safety performance, health beliefs on safety, stress, and social support, but not related to knowledge of safety. Conclusion: Psychosocial factors were found to be important in safety practice. Related factors found in this study should be considered when providing safety programs for child care centers.

      • KCI등재

        미숙아의 12개월, 24개월 발달 영향요인에 대한 전향적 연구

        방경숙,강현주 한국아동간호학회 2018 Child Health Nursing Research Vol.24 No.1

        Purpose: This prospective study aimed to examine the development of premature infants at 12 and 24 months and to explore the factors related to their development. Methods: Of the 80 premature infants who were recruited, 52 participants at 12 months and 31 participants at 24 months were included in this study. The development of the infants was examined using the Korean Bayley scale of infant development-II. Postnatal depression, husband’s support, social support, mother-infant attachment, and the home environment were assessed using self-report questionnaires completed by the mothers and through the researcher’s observations. Results: There was significant difference between normal and delay group at psychomotor development at 12 months depending on social support at 6 months (t=2.03, p=.049). Mother-infant attachment at 6 months (r=.71, p<.001), 12 months (r=.37, p=.043), and 24 months (r=.40, p=.026), as well as social support (r=.38, p=.034) and the home environment (r=.41, p=.022) at 24 months, were correlated to mental development at 24 months. There was a significant positive correlation between mother-infant attachment at 6 months and psychomotor development at 24 months (r=.40, p=.046). Conclusion: To reduce the risk of developmental delay and to promote healthy development in premature infants, early nursing interventions targeting mother-infant attachment, the home environment, and the mother’s social support structure are needed.

      • KCI등재

        영유아 어머니와 간호학 전공 대학원생의 영유아 건강증진행위 중요도에 대한 인식

        방경숙,권미경,최미영,허보윤,정소피아지혜 한국아동간호학회 2012 Child Health Nursing Research Vol.18 No.2

        본 연구에서는 영유아 어머니와 간호학 전공 대학원생을 대상으로 영유아 건강증진 행위의 중요도에 대한 인식 정도를 파악하였는데, 영유아 건강증진행위에 대해 전반적으로 영유아 어머니보다 간호학 전공 대학원생이 그 중요도를 높게 인식하고 있었다. 영유아 건강증진행위에 대한 중요하게 생각하는 부분을 살펴보면 영유아 어머니와 간호대학원생 모두 가장 중요하게 생각하는 것은 안전이었으나 다음 간호학 전공 대학원생은 정서적지지/노력을 중시하는 반면 어머니들은 이에 대해 덜 중요하게 인식하고 있었다. 따라서 의복착용이나 청결/위생, 활동/휴식과 같은 신체적인 건강관리뿐 아니라 영유아의 정서적 발달과 인격 형성에 중요한 정서적지지에 대해서도 그 필요성을 강조할 필요가 있겠다. 본 연구 결과는 영유아 어머니를 대상으로 건강증진행위 수행을 향상시키는 교육 및 간호중재 프로그램 개발 시 기초자료로 활용될 수 있을 것이다. Purpose: This study was done to examine the importance of health promotion behavior for infants and toddlers as perceived by mothers of children in early childhood, and graduate students in nursing and to provide information for health promotion in early childhood. Methods: This study was a cross-sectional survey research study. The participants were 91 mothers of children in early childhood, and 115 graduate students in nursing. Results: The comparisons showed that graduate students in nursing reported higher perception of the importance health promotion behavior for infants and toddlers than did the mothers. In health promotion behavior, the highest score was in the category of safety. Conclusion: Providing information by nurses is necessary to promote health promotion behavior for mothers of children in early childhood. Therefore, it is important for healthcare professionals to develop effective programs for these mothers who want to promote good health promotion behavior in their children.

      • 초산모에 대한 어머니 역할 교육이 영아 돌보기 자신감 및 모유수유 실천에 미치는 효과

        방경숙,한경자,Bang, Kyung-Sook,Han, Kyung-Ja 한국가정간호학회 1999 가정간호학회지 Vol.6 No.-

        The purpose of this study was to find the effects of an educational program for primiparas on maternal confidence and continuity of breastfeeding. The subjects of this study were the healthy mothers, and the healthy infants whose weight was more than 2.500gm and gestational age was more than 37 weeks. The final targets were thirty seven mothers-19 of intervention group and 18 of control group. Data were collected from 15th of March to 3rd of September, 1999. To the intervention group, education on infant care and breast feeding were provided before discharge. And that, telephone advice was provided within one week after discharge, and at 2 months postpartum. And that, reeducation and counsel were provided at one month and three months postpartum by home-visiting care for the intervention group. For the control group. home visiting was also conducted only for data collection. Data were analyzed by chi-square test and t-test. The results were as follows: 1. The maternal confidence of the experimental group was higher than that of control group at one month postpartum. but the difference of confidence of these two groups were not significant at three months postpartum. 2. For both of experimental and control groups, maternal confidence significantly increased at three months postpartum than one month postpartum. 3. The rate of breastfeeding of the experimental group was higher than that of control group at one month and two months postpartum (p=.050, p=.049). But the difference was not significant at three months, although experimental group continued breastfeeding more(47.4%) than control group(27.8%). In conclusion, educational program for primiparas of this study was effective in the promotion of maternal confidence and breastfeeding.

      • KCI등재

        미취학아동 어머니의 모자보건관련 특성, 양육부담감, 사회적지지에 대한 사회계층별 비교

        방경숙 한국아동간호학회 2007 Child Health Nursing Research Vol.13 No.4

        =Comparison of Maternal Health Related Characteristics,Child Rearing Burden, and Social Support in Mothers of Preschoolers - According to Socioeconomic Status -*Bang, Kyungsook1)1) College of Nursing, Ajou University 본 연구에서 빈곤계층인 기초생활 수급자나 차상위 계층은 학력이 낮고 결혼상태가 불안정하며 , 주양육자가 어머니가 아닌 경우가 많았다 . 또한 산전관리가 소홀하고 다수가 임신, 출산 관련 건강문제를 경험하며 , 모성건강과 사회적 지지체계가 미약한 편인 것으로 나타났다 . 이들은 보건소에 대한 접근성이 떨어져 이용경험이 저조하나 건강관리 및 부모교육에 대한 요구도는 높았다 .따라서 향후 보건소 사업에 대한 적극적인 홍보를 실시하며, 접근성이 떨어지는 빈곤계층에 대해서는 건강 서비스의 불평등을 해소하기 위해 보건소를 찾아오는 주민대상 서비스에서 찾아가는 서비스로의 일부 전환을 고려해야만 하겠다 . 미취학아동 어머니의 모자보건관련 특성, 양육부담감, 사회적지지에 대한 사회계층별 비교아동간호학회지 13(4), 2007년 10월 397또한 접근성도 향상시키면서 가정마다 일일이 방문하는 시간과 인력을 감소시킬 수 있는 효율적인 방안으로 근거리 지역 중심의 소규모 집단 교육을 고려해 볼 수 있을 것이다. 본 연구에서 빈곤계층의 모자보건 변인이 취약한 것으로 나타났는데, 이는 자녀에게도 영향을 미치므로 향후 빈곤계층의 자녀양육에 대한 기초조사 연구가 필요할 것으로 생각된다 .

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