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      • 多層 圓筒容器에 관한 塑性不安定 解析

        박위곤 동명정보대학교 1998 東明情報大學校論文集 Vol.1 No.-

        An analysis of plastic instability in multilayered cylindrical pressure vessels is performed with the slip between vessel layers fully considered. Previous studies on the maximum internal pressure of multilayered pressure vessels have conventionally assumed that the pressure vessel deforms continuously and axi-symmetrically, and have thus produced no different results from those of monolayered pressure vessels of the same size. In this study, a frictionless slip is assumed to exist between layers, which can cause a discontinuous deformation of the pressure vessel. The plastic instability analysis of multilayered cylindrical pressure vessels shows that the conventional method overestimates the maximum internal pressure in some cases. An intuitive and simple, novel algorithm is also presented for computing the maximum internal pressure and analyzing plastic instability of pressure vessels.

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