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      • 指名債權의 二重讓渡와 對抗要件 : (-日本의 判例와 學說을 中心으로-) -Concentrated on Japanese Precedents and Theories-

        朴慶亮 順天大學校 1984 論文集 人文社會科學篇 Vol.3 No.-

        Korean Civil Code has the provision concerning the possiblity of assignment of a claim in the article 450(1). In addition, it has the provision concerning assignment of a nominative claim in the article 450 and downward. By the way, assignemtn of a nominative claim poses the problem of double assignment of it. Korean common opinion and judicial precedent about double assignment of a nominative claim adopts the authorized, fixed date theory that the decision about the priority of double assignment of a nominative claim depends on the order of an authorized, fixed date. On the contrary, Japaness common opinion aud judicial precedent about double assigmnent of a niminative claim adopts what is called th arrival-time theory that the decision abont the priority of double assignment of a nominative claim depends on the order of the time arrived. Japanese common opinion and judicial precedent about double assignment of a nominative claim didn't adopt from the first the arrival-time theory. Recently, they have performed a historic trunabont from the authorized, fixed date theory. That is derived from the new understanding on the legislative purport that article 467 in Japanese Civil Code expects itself to function through the recognition of obligor on the fact of assignment of a nominafive claim. The author has examined carefully Japanese theory and judicial procedent about double assignment of a nominative claim on ondition that the arrival-time theory can be adopted in the construction of Korean Civil Code. Therefore, the author has come to a conclusion that the arrival-time theory can be adopted in the interpretation of Korean Civil Code so far as the principle of requlsite for setting up assignment of a nominative clam continues.

      • KCI등재
      • KCI등재

        공동주택 입주자의 관리의무

        박경량 법과사회이론연구회 2001 법과 사회 Vol.21 No.-

        Recently according to the statisics on house in Korea(2000) the multi-unit housing for dwelling(MUHD) surpassed the single house in its quantity. So far Korean government has emphasized esp. the promotion of the construction on MUHD. But now it is time for us to stress more the management of MUHD than the construction of that. By the way, in general residents like tenants incline to manage unsuitably. So we need to review the duties in managing of resident to the MUHD. Multi-unit housing consists of private parts, common parts, and lots. Esp. former two elements are connected indispensibly with each other. They form so-called material community. From that are derived personal community. Logically residents of MUHD are more restricted in exercising rights than those of a single house. Korean Multi-Unit Building Act is a sort of act of basic management to MUHD. But in substance Korean Housing Construction Promotion Act plays a important role in managing to MUHD. Therefore we need to review two acts more systematically and to draw a good solution of effective manage- ment without contradiction. Of course, in the future two acts above should be reorganized. Resident's duties in managing to MUHD are as follows : 1. Resident's duty to respect common interests between users Concrete duties to users are derived from above duty. For example, duty not to spoil MUHD improperly, not to use it improperly, not to disturb common life between residents, duty to maintain and fix MUHD etc. 2. Resident's duty to observe the rules of management to MUHD If residents violate this duty, they were disadvantaged by that. Namely, They could be requested not to do such a thing, not to use their unit-ownership or sell it. Above all, to keep more effective management to MUHD laws related to the management to MUHD should be unified sooner or later, and a right managing consciousness of residents of multi-unit housing be raised.

      • KCI등재

        독일 주거소유권법상의 집합건물 관리

        박경량 한국부동산법학회 1997 不動産法學 Vol.4 No.-

        '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 9시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

      • KCI등재
      • KCI등재
      • 住居用 集合建物의 管理

        朴慶亮 順天大學校 1992 論文集 人文社會科學篇 Vol.11 No.-

        Die Arbeit behandelt die Verwaltung des Stockwerksgebaude fiir Wohnung(VSGW od.SGW) die das Gesetz liber den Besitz und die Verwaltung des Stockwerksgebaude (GBVS) vorschreibt. GBVS vorschreibt die Beschrankung des Gebrauch ,des Verwendungszweck und zwar noch die Versteigerung des Alleinbenutzungsteil im SGW im Namen der Verwaltung. Es handelt sich um die Verwaltung im SGW wegen der Baustruktur. Der Schlu/? der Arbeit 1st im folgenden. (1)In der wichtigen Rechtsquellen liber die VSGW gibt es das GBVS und das Gesetz liber die Forderung des Wohnungsbau und die Ordnung liber die Verwaltung der gemeinsamen Wohnung (OVW).Es gibt aber nicht die klare Beziehungsanordnung zwischen den Rechtsquellen wie oben. Es gibt deshalb die in der Vorganges der Anwendung und der Auslegung des GBVS vorkommende Schwierigkeit.GBVS mu/3 sich zweckma/Sg verbessem. (2) Die herrschende Meinung ist sogenannt die Realitatstheorie im Beziehung auder juristischen Personen.daher muy9 der rechtliche Charakter der Wohnungseigentumer- gemeinschaft von uns nicht die Gesellschaft.sondern der tatsachlichen Verein ausgelegt werden. (3) Das Abkommen , das der Satzung der Wohnungseigentumergemeinschaft zutrifft,mu/? vorher angefertigt werden. Und der wesentliche Inhalt des Abkommen muff in der Form des Gesetzes vorgeschrieben werden. (4) Da in dem SGW die Menschen-tirde und wert muff betont werden, muff nur ein Stimmrecht in der Wohnungseigentumerversammulung fur einen Wohnungseigentiimer gegeben werden. (5)Nachdem die Frist der Mangelausbesserung in der OVW geendet ist, muff die im Werkvertrag des Koreanische Burgerliche Gesetzbuches entstehende Obligation an der Mangelausbesserung gem&ff ㄳ9 des GBVS erfiillt werden.

      • KCI등재

        물적 담보제도의 현재와 미래

        박경량 한국민사법학회 2007 民事法學 Vol.36 No.-

        '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 9시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

        물적 담보제도의 현재와 미래 320The Present and Future of the Real Security System in KoreaPark, Kyong LyangA s e c u r i t y s y s t e m i s a k i n d o f t o l t o c r e a t e c r e d i t . W i t h t h e growth of economy, the demand for security in the transactions increases. K o r e a n C i v i l Law regulates the right of pledge and a mortgage as a important r e a l s e c u r i t y system. But among them the right of pledge for movables is underutilized. The current law requires a more rigorous accounting of value of the security object. However, such a regulation ist inefficient. Therefore, especially we should be careful of improving the enforcement procedure of security rights.Traditionaly, the esence of rights of security against property (RSP) is said to dominate the whole or part of the exchange value derived from th security object. On the contrary, rights for use and profit are said to dominate all or part of its use value, and to be the so-called substance rights or use rights. It is in fact for us to separate these two values, because the exchange value derived from the security object is influenced by its use value m a k i n g t h e exchange value relative.To fully grasp the security right system, we should well understand civil, procedural and insolvency law.Irregularity in non-model security is the most important feature o f i t . T h e history of security law shows this well. We can not evade the so-called alternative phenomenon of law. This is the fate of many social norms including legal norms. Therefore, the important thing is to concentrate on reducing the demerits of non-model security.물적 담보제도의 현재와 미래 321

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