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        국민기초생활보장 제도 수급장애인의 역량강화와 근로욕구의 관계 연구

        지체 및 뇌병변장애인을 중심으로 대구대학교 특수교육재활과학연구소 2019 특수교육재활과학연구 Vol.58 No.1

        The purpose of this study is to identify the structural relations among the desire for work and the factors of empowerment(self-efficacy, self-determination, locus of control, participation in self-help group, critical consciousness) of the beneficiaries with disability of the National Livelihood Security System. A total of 97 surveys was recollected through mail and interview surveys, which was used for the structural equation model analysis using AMOS 18.0 statistics program. The findings of the study were as follows: First, self-efficacy, self-determination and critical consciousness affect the desire for work directly, while others don't. Second, self-determination had an indirect effect on the need for work and critical consciousness had mediating effect on the causal relationship between self-determination and the need for work. Based on the results of this study, Different services, economic support, psychological interventions are needed for beneficiaries with disabilities in order to improve self-efficacy, self-determination and critical consciousness.

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