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      • SCOPUSKCI등재

        급성 두창상 태선양 비강진 1예

        노병인,장진요,원문섭,노병 대한피부과학회 1983 大韓皮膚科學會誌 Vol.21 No.3

        Pityriasis lichenoides et varioliformis acuta, also been known as Mucha-Haber-mann's disease, occurs with the acute polymorphous eruption which heals with superficial scarring and pigmentation. It is classified into both parapsoratic group or vasculitis. In the walls of superficial dermal vessels, IgM and C_3 have been observed on direct immunofluorescence study and this impleis that pityriasis lichenoides is an immine complex disorder. A 30-year-old man was first seen with a side spread polymorphous eruption composed of pink papules, micaceous scales, reddish-brown crsut and occasional vesicles on the truck, thigh and upper arm. This clinical impression was Mucha-Habermann's disease and it was confirmed by skin biopsy. Direct immunofluorecence study revealed C_3 deposition in the wall of superficial dermal vessel. Patient showed rapid clearing of lesions while he received 4 weeks of therapy with methotrexate but recurred after methotrexate was discontinued.

      • SCOPUSKCI등재

        비전형적 임상증상을 나타낸 환상육아종 1 예

        노병인,장진요,노병,최문섭 대한피부과학회 1982 大韓皮膚科學會誌 Vol.20 No.2

        Granuloma annulare is a benign, usually self-limited chronic dermatasia of unknown cause, charaeterized by akin colored papules that may be arranaged in an annular configuration. Histopathologically, it is charicterized by camplete or incomplete foeal degeneration of collagen of chronic infliammatory cells. The authors obaerved an atypical case of granuloma annulare in a 4-year-old girl. She showed multiple papules and nodule on hands and feet. On inital examination, her skin lesions suggested histiacytosis, xanthanulama, rheumatoid nodule, or benign skin tumor. But the skin biopey revealed typica1 findings of granuloma awulare. Focal degeneration of colagen was confirmed by toluictine blue stain. Her skin lesions were almoatly cleared by skin biopsy and intralesional injectian of corticosteroid.

      • SCOPUSKCI등재

        반흔 조직에서의 Superoxide Dismutase 활성도에 관한 연구

        노병인,홍창권,서성준,조성인 대한피부과학회 1994 大韓皮膚科學會誌 Vol.32 No.2

        Background : Superoxide disrnutase(SOD) provides a protective defease mechanism against potential cytotoxicity of superoxide radical in the aerobic organism. Although human skin is constantly at risk for developing acute and chronic changes by ultraviolet radiation and phototoxic reactions with exogenous and endogenously procluced photosensitizing molecules, studies in SOD in the human skin are rare. Objective : We measured the level of SOD activities in the scar tissues and the normal human skin specimens. This study was to investigate changes of SOD activity by age, sex, and regional differences of SOD activities in the scar issues and the normal skin. Methods : Aut,hors assayed the level of SOD activit,ies in 32 scar tissues(male 8, female 24) and 11 normal human skin specimens(male 8, female 3), which were obtaine 3 from face/neck(17 and 3 specimens), forearm(only 4 scar tissues), trunk(10 and 8 specimens), and lower extremity(only 1 scar tissue). Results : First, activities of total SOD, Cu, Zn-SOD, and Mn-SOL ere 18.93+5.49, 16.97+55.31, and 1.96+0.90 units/mg proteiii respectively in the scar tissues. Second activities of total SOD, Cu, Zn-SOD, and Mn-SOD were 17.27+7.09, 13.82+6.44, and 3.45+1.07 units/mg protein respectively in the normal skin. Third, the changes of total SOD, Cu, Zn-SOD, and Mn-SOD activities by age and sex were similar each other and three were no significant, differneces between age groups in total, Cu, Zn- SOD, and Mn-SOD activities. Fourth, in sun exposed area and unexposed area there were no significant differences in the scar tissues in SOD activities. But, SOD activite.(total, Cu, Zn, and Mn-SOD) in face/neck were higher than those in trunk and lower extremity in tae normal skin(P$lt;0.05). Conclusion : These findings suggest that there are no differences in the intrinsic SOD activities by age and sex in the mature scar tissues and the normal skin. Differences between exposed and unexposed area in the normal skin are due to the induction of exogenous SOD activity by sun-light generation of superoxide radicals. In wound, increased production of leukocyte derived superoxide radicals is the main factor of increased level of SOD activity. (Kor J Dermatol 1994; 32(2): 277-285)

      • KCI등재
      • SCOPUSKCI등재
      • SCOPUSKCI등재

        표재성 피부진균증의 임상적 및 균학적 관찰 ( 제7보 )

        노병인,홍창권,김명남,서성준,이학규 대한피부과학회 1993 大韓皮膚科學會誌 Vol.31 No.4

        Background : Superficial fungal infections are common diseases acid the prevalence of superficial fungal diseases are not static but change under the influence of various forces such as climate, migration of peoples and development in prophylaxis and therapy. Objective : To investigate the present status of superficial dermatiphytoses and some changes on the frequency of the diseases, sex distributions and varieties of the casiative organisms. Methods : The clinical and rnycological aspects of superficial fungal diseases of 3,222 patients from July 1989 to June 1992 were analyzed. Results : 1) The incidence of superficial fungal diseases was 25.4% of total out-patients. 2) The superficial fungal diseases showed a higt incidence in the third(26.4%) and the fourth decade(24.3%). 3) The ratio of male to female was 2.11:1(2,188:1,034). 4) The monthly prevalence of super ficial fungal diseases was high inhuly(17.8%), August(15.2%) and June(1.7%). 5) The incidence of superficial fungal diseases in order of frequency were tinea pedis ,28.1%, tinea cruris(19.5%), onychomycosis(15.6%), tinen orporis(11.5%), tinea manus(7.8%), tinea versicolar(7.8%), candidiasis(7.4%) and tinea capitis(2.3%), 6) Coexisting fungal infections were found in 644 patients(19.9%) and the case of tinea pedis with onychomycosis was the most common. 7) The positive rate of KOH scraping was 54.0% and the positive rate of culture on ordinary Salourauds dextrose agar media was 42.7%. 8) Trichophyton rubr,im was the most common causative orantism of superficial dermatophytes(38.4%), and other in decreasing frequency were Candida albicans(36.9%), Trichophyton mentagrophytes(23.6%) Microsporum canis(0.7%), Trichophyton ferrvgiteum(0.3%) and Epidermophyton floccosum(0.1%). Conclusion : These results are not significantly different from those iif previous studies. But the incidence rate of the superficial pungal diseases(25.4%) were higher thar, previous studies and showed a high incidence in young male patients and in the summer. The positiv rate of KOH scraping(54.0%) was lower than previous studies. The most common causative organism was Trichophyton rubrum(38.4 %). (Kor J Dermatol 1993;31(4):559-566)

      • SCOPUSKCI등재

        발모벽 4예

        노병인,조윤화,이학규 대한피부과학회 1993 大韓皮膚科學會誌 Vol.31 No.3

        Trichotillomania is the cllinical syndrome of alopecia resulting from the repetative pulling, plueking and breaking of ones own hair. We report four cases of trichotillomania in 10 year old children. The lesions were limited to the scalp. All of them had psychiatric problems in the school or home according to a psychiatric consultation. The histopathologic examinatiorii revealed a normal number of hair follices, empty hair follicles and no inflammatory reaction. The treatment led to hair growth in three cases but one case did not respond to the treatment. (Kor J Dermatol 1993; 31(3): 421-425)

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