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        • 黃色種 담배의 葉位별 物質生産에 關한 硏究 (II)

          南基桓 충북대학교 엽연초연구소 1993 煙草硏究 Vol.14 No.-

          This experiment was conducted to interpret the dry matter production of individual leaf of tobacco NC2326 according to the seeding times, the quantity of nitrogen and/ or potassium levels and various application rates of these fertilizers. The results are as fellows ; 1.In stem height, total number of leaves and leaf area those sowed on Feb. 20th were better than those sowed on Mar. 13th in early growing stage(investigating date May 11, 25 and June 8), but in later stage those sowed on Mar, 13 were better. 2.The effect of nitrogen application showed significance in the leaf area when investigated on July 22 and June 6. The effect was the lowest when treated by 4.4kg/10a of nitrogen application, the effect was greatest treated by 17.4kg/10a, no significance was shown treated by 10.8, 17.4 and 23.1kg/10a. 3.The effects of potassium application and application rates scarcely showed any significance in these traits. 4.The growth was the best under the 20 : 40 and 40 : 60% of basal/ top dressing rates. These means the early growth is not disturbed by heady application of nitrogen. 5.According to the investigation date correlation coefficients estimated between agronomic traits showed positive significance in leaf width and leaf length, leaf area and leaf length, leaf length and leaf area. 6.According to sowing date leaf area for each stalk position was larger in tobacco plants sowed on March 13. 7.Fresh leaf weight and leaf area for each stalk position were higher in the order of middle>lower>upper leaves, and fresh leaf weight and leaf area by the representative stalk position were higher in the order of 16th>10th>21th leaf. 8.Fresh leaf weight and leaf area according to the nitrogen levels were lower by 4.4 and 10.8kg/10a application, higher or the same by 17.4 or 23.1kg/ 10a application. 9.Dry leaf weight was higher in the order of middle>upper>lower leaves, and in the order of 16th>22th>10th leaf according to the representative stalk position. 10.Rate of dry leaf weight / fresh leaf weight, dry leaf weight per area and rate of dry leaf weight / fresh leaf weight per area were higher as the order of upper>middle>lower leaves, tended to become higher as the nitrogen levels was lower. The effect of potassium application was not remakable for the former two traits, but the rate of dry leaf weight / fresh leaf weight per area had the tendency to be higher as the application amount of potassium was lower. 11.According to the stalk position, correlation coefficients estimated between agronomic traits showed positive significance in the leaf area and fresh leaf weight, leaf area and dry leaf weight, fresh leaf weight and dry leaf weight, dry leaf weight per area(D.F PA), the rate of dry leaf weight / fresh leaf weight and D/F PA. 12.The possibility of presumption between dry matter production by the stalk position and dry matter production by representative stalk position was high showing a high significant correlation (<0.7) between lower leaves and 10th, middle leaves and 16th in the dry leaf weight while correlation between upper leaves and 22th leaf was quite low. 13.Total sugar content with potassium application effective in lower leaves was low by 70kg/10a, high by 10 or 40kg/10a potassium applications, with nitrogen application also effective in middle leaves was high by 17.4kg/10a, low by 6.5 or 28.3kg/10a nitrogen applications. 14.Nicotine content was low by 17.4kg/10a, high by 6.5 or 28.3kg/10a nitrogen applications, high by 70kg/10a, low by 40 or 10kg/10a potassium applications. Nicotine content by stalk position was high in the order of upper>middle>lower leaves. 15.Total nitrogen content showed no significance in the nitrogen and potassium application, but high by 6.5 or 28.3kg/10a of nitrogen, low by 10 or 40kg/10a of potassium applications. Total nitrogen content by stalk position was high in the order of upper>middle>lower leaves. 16.Crude ash content showed no significance in the nitrogen and potassium applications, had the similar tendency with the case of total nitrogen or nicotine contents. 17.Correlation coefficients estimated between traits related to tobacco quality had same tendency in the upper, middle and lower leaves, Correlations between total sugar and nicotine contents, total nitrogen and crude ash showed negative high significance, between nicotine and total nitrogen, curde ash and between total nitrogen and showed positive high significance. 18.In correlation coefficients between dry leaf weight or dry leaf weight per area traits related to tobacco quality and all showed positive high significance with total sugars, and showed negative high significance with nicotine content, total nitrogen and crude ash contents in all stalk positions.

        • 香味原料葉 開發을 爲한 硏究 : 第二編 乾燥試驗 Ⅱ. Stuty on the Curing Method

          南基桓 충북대학교 엽연초연구소 1976 煙草硏究 Vol.3 No.1

          This experiment was conducted in order to obtain the effect of the pre-curing process of influences to curing period, leaf color, and quality on Oriental tobacco curing process. The results are as follows: 1) The treatment effect was good at early stage on color by fine weather conditions, but since middle period, the color changed to dark due to rainy or cloudy conditions. 2) No evidence was on the curing period also due to too much moisture contents of atmosphere. 3) The reason of the quality of cured leaf was not analyzed chemically. Most of the leaf damaged by moisture. 4) As mentioned introduction, the production of oriental tobacco in Korea depends greatly on weather conditions, especially, rainfall in both the field and curing stage. Then, so, if we want to produce the oriental tobacco reasonably, we should try to prevent from the bad weather conditions by any means, for example, by the breeding phase.

        • 葉煙草의 收量과 몇가지 形質과의 相關關係

          南基桓 충북대학교 엽연초연구소 1971 煙草硏究 Vol.1 No.-

          Experiment was carrid out to make clear the relationship among some important morphological and physiological characteristics to be supposed the yield composition component among representative ten introdused flue-cured varieties towards the criterion for the estimating the wield of leaf tobaccos. Correlation coefficients were calculated among the morphological and physiological characteristic(such as leaves number, length and width of largest leaf, height and diameter of stem, and date of budding) of tobacco plants. The results obtained were summarized as follows : 1) Number of leave, length and width of largest leaf were shown highly correlation so these were available criterion for the estimating the yield of leaf tobaccos. 2) Height and diameter of the stem were almost similarly lower than those three characteristics mentioned previously. 3) Date of budding was no correlation to the yield criterion beyond expectation.

        • 煙草赤星病과 施肥量과의 關係에 關한 硏究

          南基桓,沈在燮 충북대학교 엽연초연구소 1974 煙草硏究 Vol.2 No.-

          This experiment was carried out in order to observe the effects three elements of fertilizer(N.,P.,K.,) on the infection of tobacco brown spot disease. The plots were designed by split plot method with 8 treatment (A: check, B: 50% added applied N., P. and K., C: 50% subatracted applied three elements., D: 50% added applied N., E: 50% added applied P., F: 50% added applied P., G: no applied P., G: an applied P: and H: no applied P.). Check is N 14kg P2O5 21kg and K3O 28kg per 10 are respectively. Y.S.A was employed for sample variety and transplanted on 15 May. The results obtained as follow; 1) There were no differences among the plots (treatments) during the early growing stages. 2) The plot of 1½N, no K. and 1½N.P.K. have shown larger number of lesions than the check respectively. 3) The plot of 1/2 N.P.K.(C), 1½K(F), and no P.(G) have shown almost no differences in the rate of disease occurence as compared with check (A). In conclusion, excess application of N. and defficiency of K. seemed to be related with tobacco brown spot disease infection.

        • 煙草作을 中心으로한 作付體系에 關한 硏究

          南基桓 충북대학교 엽연초연구소 1974 煙草硏究 Vol.2 No.-

          This study was carried out to make the most adapted crop rotation(combination) system for increasing the income with tobacco cultivation. The plots were designed by randomized complete-block method with 6 treatments and 3 replications. The results obtained are summerized as follows; 1) The best yields of leaf tobacco was obtained followed barley(F) and least was followed intertilled barley(A.B). 2) The best quality of leaf tobacco was obtained followed(A.B) and the lowest was followed barley(F) quite conversely as illustrated above. 3) The plots those no previous crops (C.D.E) were middle status both in yields and quality without great differences among themselves. 4) The generalized results those by quality and yields were better followed intertilled barley(A.B) and followed barley(F) than check(E) and poorer were no previous crops(C.D) than check(E) 5) In cases of intertilled or followed barley(A.B.F) were better in both quality and yields than no previous crops (C.D.E) plots. In general, hence leaf tobacco price, consists of multiplying quantity by price per kg, to promote income of the tobacco cultivation should be improved both factors those which have a tendency to contrary each other. When tobacco follows or intertilled barley not qualitative production but quantitative. Therefore, in flue-cured tobacco production in order to improve the leaf quality it is recommended the no previous crop system, actually. In conclusion, intertilled or followed systems are not only very significant able to improve the land utility but to increase the income that include the whole harvested.

        • 담배生長曲線의 諸段階에 관한 硏究

          南基桓,金容岩 충북대학교 엽연초연구소 1988 煙草硏究 Vol.13 No.-

          This experiment was conducted with three varieties (Hicks, Burley 21, Sohyang) to analyze growth kinetics by means of growth function involving its inflection points of various phases of growth curve in total dry accumulation. The baric growth data were obtained by harvest method at interval of ten days from transplanting to hundred days and analyzed by differential, regression equation, and three model s of growth phases. Three growth phases were classified by two inflection points of growth acceleration and composed of logarithmic growth phase, linear growth phase, and asymptotic growth phase.

        • 사물인터넷의 산업 특징 별 적용사례를 통한 시사점 도출

          남기환,곽찬희,권혁구,김준태,이희석,오원석,이병태 한국경영정보학회 2016 한국경영정보학회 학술대회논문집 Vol.2016 No.11

          IoT 적용 관점에서 분야별로 타 분야와는 다른 특징이 존재한다. 하지만 기존연구에는 통합된 사물인터넷에 대한 해석이 주를 이루고 있거나 간단한 수준에서의 사물인터넷 시장을 분류하는데 그치고 있다. 본 연구는 이러한 문제점을 해결하기 위해 기존 연구를 통해 IoT를 적용한 대표 분야를 응용 사례, 서비스 분야, 가치 창출과 IoT의 앞으로의 성장성 및 활용 준비 정도를 통합적으로 고려하여 선정하고 본 연구를 통해 개발한 분석 틀을 이용하여 분류 되어진 대표 산업별로 현재 상황의 해석 및 앞으로의 전략을 제시 하였다. 분석 틀은 IoT산업 등장으로 발생한 가장 큰 가치라고 볼 수 있는 데이터 관점에서 데이터의 수집 정도와 데이터의 활용 정도를 기준으로 분석을 하였다.

        • KCI등재

          초기 시청시간 패턴 분석을 통한대흥행 드라마 예측

          남기환,성노윤 한국지능정보시스템학회 2018 지능정보연구 Vol.24 No.4

          The impact of TV Drama success on TV Rating and the channel promotion effectiveness is very high. The cultural and business impact has been also demonstrated through the Korean Wave. Therefore, the early prediction of the blockbuster success of TV Drama is very important from the strategic perspective of the media industry. Previous studies have tried to predict the audience ratings and success of drama based on various methods. However, most of the studies have made simple predictions using intuitive methods such as the main actor and time zone. These studies have limitations in predicting. In this study, we propose a model for predicting the popularity of drama by analyzing the customer's viewing pattern based on various theories. This is not only a theoretical contribution but also has a contribution from the practical point of view that can be used in actual broadcasting companies. In this study, we collected data of 280 TV mini-series dramas, broadcasted over the terrestrial channels for 10 years from 2003 to 2012. From the data, we selected the most highly ranked and the least highly ranked 45 TV drama and analyzed the viewing patterns of them by 11-step. The various assumptions and conditions for modeling are based on existing studies, or by the opinions of actual broadcasters and by data mining techniques. Then, we developed a prediction model by measuring the viewing-time distance (difference) using Euclidean and Correlation method, which is termed in our study similarity (the sum of distance). Through the similarity measure, we predicted the success of dramas from the viewer's initial viewing-time pattern distribution using 1~5 episodes. In order to confirm that the model is shaken according to the measurement method, various distance measurement methods were applied and the model was checked for its dryness. And when the model was established, we could make a more predictive model using a grid search Furthermore, we classified the viewers who had watched TV drama more than 70% of the total airtime as the “passionate viewer” when a new drama is broadcasted. Then we compared the drama's passionate viewer percentage the most highly ranked and the least highly ranked dramas. So that we can determine the possibility of blockbuster TV mini-series. We find that the initial viewing-time pattern is the key factor for the prediction of blockbuster dramas. From our model, block-buster dramas were correctly classified with the 75.47% accuracy with the initial viewing-time pattern analysis. This paper shows high prediction rate while suggesting audience rating method different from existing ones. Currently, broadcasters rely heavily on some famous actors called so-called star systems, so they are in more severe competition than ever due to rising production costs of broadcasting programs, long-term recession, aggressive investment in comprehensive programming channels and large corporations. Everyone is in a financially difficult situation. The basic revenue model of these broadcasters is advertising, and the execution of advertising is based on audience rating as a basic index. In the drama, there is uncertainty in the drama market that it is difficult to forecast the demand due to the nature of the commodity, while the drama market has a high financial contribution in the success of various contents of the broadcasting company. Therefore, to minimize the risk of failure. Thus, by analyzing the distribution of the first-time viewing time, it can be a practical help to establish a response strategy (organization/ marketing/story change, etc.) of the related company. Also, in this paper, we found that the behavior of the audience is crucial to the success of the program. In this paper, we define TV viewing as a measure of how enthusiastically watching TV is watched. We can predict the success of the program successfully by calculating the loyalty of the customer with the hot blood. This way of calculating loyalty... TV 드라마는 타 장르에 비해 시청률과 채널 홍보 효과가 매우 크며, 한류를 통해 산업적 효과와 문화적 영향력을 확인시켜줬다. 따라서, 이와 같은 드라마의 흥행 여부를 예측하는 일은 방송 관련 산업에서 매우 중요한부분임은 주지의 사실이다. 이를 위해서 본 연구에서는 2003년부터 2012년까지 10년간, 지상파 채널을 통해 방송된, 총 280개의 TV 미니시리즈 드라마를 분석하였다. 이들 드라마 중 평균 시청률 상위 45개, 하위 시청률 45 개를 선정하여 흥행 드라마의 시청시간 분포 (5%~100%, 11-Step) 모형을 만들었다. 이들 기준 모형과 신규 드라마의 시청시간 분포와의 이격 거리를 Euclidean/Correlation으로 측정한 유사도(Similarity)를 통해, 시청자의 초기(1~5회) 시청시간 분포로 신규 드라마의 성패 여부를 예측하는 모델을 만들었다. 또한 총 방송 시간 중 70% 이상 시청한 시청자를 열혈 시청층(이하 열혈층) 으로 분류하고, 상위/하위 드라마의 평균값과 비교하여, 신규드라마의 흥행여부를 판별할 수 있도록 설계하였다. 연구 결과 드라마의 초반 시청자 충성도(시청시간)는 드라마의 대흥행 여부를 예측하는데 중요한 요소임을 밝혔으며, 최대 75.47%의 확률로 대흥행 드라마의 탄생을 예측할 수 있었다.

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