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        향상된 그룹웨어 메신저의 설계 및 구현

        박형수(HyungSoo Park),김훈기(HoonKi Kim),나우종(WooJong Na) 한국컴퓨터정보학회 2018 韓國컴퓨터情報學會論文誌 Vol.23 No.4

        In this paper, we present some problems with the Groupware Messenger functionality based on dot net 2.0 and implement a new design structure to solve them. They include memory leakage, slow processing, and client window memory crash. These problems resulted in the inconvenience of using instant messaging and the inefficient handling of office tasks. Therefore, in this paper, instant messaging functionality is implemented according to a new design architecture. The new system upgrades dot net 4.5 for clients and deploys the new features based on MQTT for the messenger server. We verify that the memory leak problem and client window memory crash issues have been eliminated on the system with the new messenger functionality. We measure the amount of time it takes to bind data to a set of messages and evaluate the performance, compared to a given system. Through this comparative evaluation, we can see that the new system is more reliable and performing.

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