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      • KCI등재

        입원 환자용 초기 영양검색도구의 타당도 검증

        김혜숙,이선희,김혜숙,권오란 한국영양학회 2019 Journal of Nutrition and Health Vol.52 No.4

        Purpose: Poor nutrition in hospitalized patients is closely linked to an increased risk of infection, which can result in complications affecting mortality, as well as increased length of hospital stay and hospital costs. Therefore, adequate nutritional support is essential to manage the nutritional risk status of patients. Nutritional support needs to be preceded by nutrition screening, in which accuracy is crucial, particularly for the initial screening. To perform initial nutrition screening of hospitalized patients, we used the Catholic Kwandong University (CKU) Nutritional Risk Screening (CKUNRS) tool, originally developed at CKU Hospital. To validate CKUNRS against the Patient-Generated Subjective Global Assessment (PG-SGA) tool, which is considered the gold standard for nutritional risk screening, results from both tools were compared. Methods: Nutritional status was evaluated in 686 adult patients admitted to CKU Hospital from May 1 to July 31, 2018 using both CKUNRS and PG-SGA. Collected data were analyzed, and the results compared, to validate CKUNRS as a nutrition screening tool. Results: The comparison of CKUNRS and PG-SGA revealed that the prevalence of nutritional risk on admission was 15.6% (n=107) with CKUNRS and 44.6% (n=306) with PG-SGA. The sensitivity and specificity of CKUNRS to evaluate nutritional risk status were 98.7% (96.8~99.5) and 33.3% (28.1~39.0), respectively. Thus, the sensitivity was higher, but the specificity lower compared with PG-SGA. Cohen’s kappa coefficient was 0.34, indicating valid agreement between the two tools. Conclusion: This study found concordance between CKUNRS and PG-SGA. However, the prevalence of nutritional risk in hospitalized patients was higher when determined by CKUNRS, compared with that by PG-SGA. Accordingly, CKUNRS needs further modification and improvement in terms of screening criteria to promote more effective nutritional support for patients who have been admitted for inpatient care.

      • KCI등재
      • KCI등재

        $O_2/CO_2$ 혼합조건에 따른 LNG 연소특성해석

        김혜숙,신미수,장동순,이대근,Kim, Hey-Suk,Shin, Mi-Soo,Jang, Dong-Soon,Lee, Dae-Geun 대한환경공학회 2007 대한환경공학회지 Vol.29 No.6

        본 연구의 목적은 기존의 산업용 보일러에서 이산화탄소 배출저감을 위하여 연소가스 재순환에 의한 고온 순산소 연소기술을 개발하는데 있다. 이를 위해 실험실 규모의 LNG 연소기에서 연소 화염특성을 평가하기 위한 조직적인 수치해석 연구가 일차적으로 수행되었다. 특히 본 연구에서 고려한 중요한 변수는 산소부화환경에서 계산된 연소가스의 재순환 정도이다. 배기가스 재순환이 없는 100% 순산소 연소환경에서 화염은 고온의 길고 가는 층류형상의 화염을 보였다. 이는 산화제 중에서 질소성분이 감소함으로써 약화된 난류혼합효과와 $N_2$ 가스에 의한 현열손실의 감소에 기인하는 것으로 판단하였으며 문헌에 발표된 실험과 일치된 결과를 보였다. $O_2/CO_2$ 혼합가스에서 $CO_2$ 가스의 재순환율이 증가될수록 산화제의 유량 증가에 따른 강화된 난류혼합으로 인해 최고 화염온도가 버너 근처로 이동한 반면 전반적인 연소가스 온도는 $N_2$에 비해 $CO_2$의 높은 비열로 인해 낮아지는 현상을 보였다. 결국 80% 이상 $CO_2$ 가스를 재순환한 경우 연소가스의 온도가 급격하게 떨어지는 화염소멸 현상을 보여주었다. 그러나 30% $O_2/70%$ $CO_2$의 혼합 연소조건에서는 기존의 공기연소와 유사한 가스온도를 나타내었다. 이외에도 공기연소와 동일한 유량조건에서 난류강도와 열수지 측면에서 화염특성 변화를 평가하기 위한 면밀한 연구가 수행되었다. The ultimate objective of this study is to develop a reliable oxygen-enriched combustion techniques especially for the case of the flue gas recycling in order to reduce the $CO_2$ emissions from practical industrial boilers. To this end a systematic numerical investigation has been performed, as a first step, for the resolution of the combusting flame characteristics of lab-scale LNG combustor. One of the important parameters considered in this study is the level of flue gas recycling calculated in oxygen enriched environment. As a summary of flame characteristics, for the condition of 100% pure $O_2$ as oxidizer without any flue gas recycling, the flame appears as long and thin laminar-like shape with relatively high flame temperature. The feature of high peak of flame temperature is explained by the absence of dilution and heat loss effects due to the presence of $N_2$ inert gas. The same reasoning is also applicable to the laminarized thin flame one, which is attributed to the decrease of the turbulent mixing. These results are physically acceptable and consistent and further generally in good agreement with experimental results appeared in open literature. As the level of $CO_2$ recycling increases in the mixture of $O_2/CO_2$, the peak flame temperature moves near the burner region due to the enhanced turbulent mixing by the increased amount of flow rate of oxidizer stream. However, as might be expected, the flue gas temperature decreases due to presence of $CO_2$ gas together with the inherent feature of large specific heat of this gas. If the recycling ratio more than 80%, gas temperatures drop so significantly that a steady combustion flame can no longer sustain within the furnace. However, combustion in the condition of 30% $O_2/70% $ $CO_2$ can produce similar gas temperature profiles to those of conventional combustion in air oxidizer. An indepth analyses have been made for the change of flame characteristics in the aspect of turbulent intensity and heat balance.

      • KCI등재

        도가사상과 선불교가 한국회화에 끼친 영향

        김혜숙 한국조형교육학회 1994 造形敎育 Vol.0 No.10

        '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

        This dissertation traces the transition of Korean Painting from the 14th Century to the present, Examined are the basic criteria of aesthetic judgment of Tao and Son-Buddgism, on Korean art 3S it evolved to the present. The dissertation is an attempt to determine how Korean painting made its own transition in reiarien to the Tao-San-Buddhism. Within this concept two ideas are discussed for their influence on Korean art : one is the Taoist idea of identification, interfusion, and the unification of Yin-Yang principle: the second is SonBuddhism the seeking of the non-dual mind, of nothingness in man's being Particularly representative of the spirit of Tao and Son-Buddhism in the production of Korean art, is a Quality inherent in the art works that reflects to the inexpressible ultimate, or that mysterious element which man shares 'with nature. The study deals with the characteristics of Korean paintings which were strongly influenced by the Sung, Yeun, Ming, and Ching Dynasty's paintings. The influence that Chinese art had on Korean literati painting is discussed and examined. Reference is made to illustration accompanying the text. After 1910, the impact of foreign influence agitated Korean art and set in motion a trend toward Westernization, The final chapters present the aims of the modern art movement and the events and influences which have shaped Korean Modern-Contemporary Art. Having absorbed foreign influences, currently most Korean artists are engaged in working in international styles, thus, in conclusion the current conditions of Korean contemporary art world are examined and supported by accompanying illustrations.

      • KCI등재

        자의 친권과 자의 최선의 복리

        김혜숙 한국가족법학회 1994 가족법연구 Vol.8 No.-

        '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

      • KCI등재후보
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