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      • die casting법을 이용한 중형 상용차 V-arm제품의 피로내구 평가 연구

        조규춘(Kyuchun Cho),김한철(Hanchael Kim),김용관(Youngkwan Kim) 한국자동차공학회 2018 한국자동차공학회 부문종합 학술대회 Vol.2018 No.6

        In this paper, we evaluated the fatigue and durability performance of a V-arm that supports the axle of a commercial vehicle and is subjected to vibration or shock load from the road surface. The V-arm is designed to have high strength in order to prevent damage due to vibration and impact load considering the use environment of the product. Therefore, the weight of the product also increases, which is one of the obstacles to the weight reduction of the vehicle. In order to lighten the V-arm with the above characteristics, the product was molded using the die casting method. The die casting method is widely used as a manufacturing method capable of producing complex shapes at a high speed. The shape of the V-arm is relatively small, but the size and thickness of the product are larger and thicker than those of the general die casting, making it difficult to develop the product. It is necessary to develop the production technology and evaluate the fatigue load technically. In order to evaluate the reliability of the product using the high vacuum diecasting technique, fatigue analysis was carried out using fatigue limit test and ANSYS n _Code Design Life using samples obtained from the developed product.

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