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      • KCI등재

        L2 learners’ speech act behavior of response to gratitude

        김정연 현대영어교육학회 2011 현대영어교육 Vol.12 No.3

        The present study investigates the knowledge of the speech act behavior of response to gratitude of Korean learners of English in comparisons with Korean native and English native speakers. While doing so, this study aims to reveal the cross-cultural differences between the two language groups. The data have been obtained from 43 Americans and 91 Koreans assigned to three groups: English native speakers; Korean learners of English; and Korean native speakers. Through a discourse completion test and a subsequent interview, the participants’ strategic usage of the speech act has been examined in terms of their perception of social factors and the choice of response strategies. The statistical procedure revealed little difference in the perception of the social factors between American and Korean participants. However, by different context and power relationship, they were found to use significantly different response strategies. Korean learners of English heavily depended on the earliest taught expressions in the classroom, such as “not at all” and “you’re welcome,” and used accepting expressions only infrequently. Korean EFL textbooks and classroom therefore need to include more diversified expressions in different contexts in which this English speech act occurs.

      • KCI등재

        Learning How to Perform L2 Speech Act in EFL Context

        김정연 한국영어어문교육학회 2013 영어어문교육 Vol.19 No.2

        The present study investigates how Korean learners of English perform a speech act, in comparison with Korean native and English native speakers. With a focus on the speech act behavior of ‘gratitude’, this study aims to reveal the cross-cultural differences between the Korean and the English language groups, and to find what should be included in L2 sociolinguistic competence. The data have been obtained from 43 Americans and 91 Koreans assigned to three groups: English native speakers, Korean learners of English, and Korean native speakers. A discourse completion test and a subsequent interview examined the participants’ perception of the social factor of power relationship and further their choice of response strategies according to the power relationship. The statistical procedure revealed that by different power relationships, they used significantly different gratitude strategies as well as politeness markers. Korean learners of English heavily depended on the strategies of negative politeness (Brown & Levinson, 1978. 1987), and the pattern of usages was similar to the Korean language group. Korean EFL textbooks and classrooms, therefore, need to include not only more diverse contexts in which ‘gratitude’ is necessary, but also the ways in which the English speech act is performed in a culturally appropriate manner.

      • KCI등재

        L'enseignement de la traduction professionnelle à l'heure des technologies numériques

        김정연 한국프랑스어문교육학회 2020 프랑스어문교육 Vol.68 No.-

        Les progrès technologiques engendrent aujourd'hui d'importantes évolutions dans le domaine de la traduction, dont la notion même acquiert une acception plus large. Ces évolutions font apparaître une diversification portant sur les procédés et les secteurs qui en sont destinataires et exigent du professionnel des compétences qui dépassent le transfert linguistique. Il est donc grand temps de faire évoluer en conséquence la formation des futurs professionnels de la traduction. D'abord, il conviendra d'étendre la portée de cet enseignement, par-delà l'acquisition des compétences traditionnellement requises, et d'intégrer d'autres activités notamment l'initiation au fonctionnement et à l'usage de nouveaux outils numériques, la post-édition et la transcréation. Il faudra ensuite mettre en oeuvre des filières de formation plus spécialisées, en ajoutant aux métiers traditionnels de traducteur ceux d'agent de localisation, de post-éditeur, de transcréateur et d'ingénieur linguistique, tout en s'engageant dans des partenariats avec les entreprises.

      • KCI등재

        Relationship among Motivation, Social Factors and Achievement in On-offline Blended English Writing Class

        김정연 한국영어어문교육학회 2011 영어어문교육 Vol.17 No.4

        This study aims to examine how motivational constructs are interrelated with social, context-specific factors and, as a result, contribute to L2 writing achievement within the framework of self-determination theory. The data consisted of 67 Korean college students’ questionnaire responses, final scores in an on-offline blended writing course, and qualitative interviews with 5 students. In the descriptive and the correlation analyses, the participants’ extrinsic motivation was found higher than intrinsic motivation, with low amotivation. Among social factors, immersion environment, foreign instructor, and peer comparison marked high scores, whereas Korean instructor and online material gained low scores. Those contextual factors were interrelated with each other, such that the immersion factor correlated significantly with Korean instructor and peer comparison. Extrinsic and intrinsic motivational subscales engendered strong correlations with the high-scored social factors, i.e., immersion, foreign instructor, and peer comparison, which were also closely interrelated with L2 writing achievement. The findings illuminate intricate workings of motivation in its effects on L2 achievement and corroborate the roles of contextual factors. The effect of motivational subscales on achievement may be valid through interplay with some social factors. The dynamics of motivation is discussed for pedagogical applications.

      • KCI등재후보

        건강장애학생과 건강장애교육에 대한 중등학교 예비교사들의 인식

        김정연,황지현 한국통합교육학회 2015 통합교육연구 Vol.10 No.1

        This paper presents the research investigations about the following topics: 1)the education method for the students with health impairments, 2)the preparation, and 3)the efficacy for the backgrounds of the preservice secondary teachers. In order to verify the investigations, the preservice secondary teachers studying on an university have conducted the research surveys by using the frequency analysis, the independent sampling t-test, and the one-way ANOVA. The following results are obtained as 1)the preservice secondary teachers are not fully-aware of the educational supports for the students with health impairments. 32.22% of them have severe misunderstanding about health impairments. 2)The have shown a strong tendency that the preparation for the educational supports is no significant. Especially, the have shown different tendency according to their experience associated with special educations and health impairments. 3)Their educational and experimental backgrounds, especially associated with special educations, strongly affect their teaching efficacy. This paper suggests that the preservice secondary teachers should have more enough educational supports and opportunities to learn the basics about health impairments, to increase the understanding about the educational supports for health impairments, to facilitate their teaching ability, to increase the teaching efficacy through experience-based teaching and educational demand request. 본 연구에서는 중등학교 예비교사들이 인식하는 건강장애학생과 건강장애교육의 개념 및 예비교사 배경변인별 준비도와 효능감을 조사하고자 하였다. 이를 위해 G광역시 소재 한 개 대학의 사범대학 3, 4학년에 재학 중인 중등학교 예비교사 203명을 대상으로 설문조사를 실시하였으며, 빈도분석, 독립표본 t 검정 및 일원분산분석을 실시하였다. 연구 결과는 다음과 같다. 첫째, 대상자들은 건강장애학생 지원 방안에 대한 인식이 부족하며, 이들 중 32.22%는 건강장애에 대한 오개념을 가진 것으로 나타났다. 둘째, 대상자들은 건강장애학생의 학업적 지원 준비도를 낮게 인식하고 있으며, 이는 특수교육/건강장애 관련 기관 경험의 유무에 따라 차이를 보였다. 셋째, 대상자들은 특수교육 관련 과목수강 경험과 특수교육 실시기관에서의 경험 유무에 따라 교사 효능감에 차이를 보인 것으로 나타났다. 논의에서는 중등학교 예비교사들이 건강장애에 대한 정확한 개념 습득을 위해 노력해야하며, 건강장애 교육지원에 대한 이해를 높이고, 교사로서 역량을 강화시켜야 하며, 교사 효능감 증진을 위하여 경험위주의 수업 및 요구조사를 통한 보충교육이 제공되어야 함을 제시하였다.

      • KCI등재

        Expression of Secreted Protein Acidic and Rich in Cysteine in the Stroma of a Colorectal Carcinoma is Associated With Patient Prognosis

        김정연,정동준,안태성,김형주,박두산,박소영,배상병,이수경,이성수,이문수,조현득,백무준 대한대장항문학회 2013 Annals of Coloproctolgy Vol.29 No.3

        Purpose: Secreted protein acidic and rich in cysteine (SPARC), also known as osteonectin or basement-membrane-40 (BM-40), is a member of a family of matricellular proteins, whose functions are to modulate cell-matrix interactions, growth and angiogenesis in colorectal cancer. In this study, the expression of SPARC was evaluated and its correlations with clinicopathological parameters were investigated. Methods: The researchers analyzed the expression patterns of SPARC by using immunohistochemistry in 332 cases of colorectal cancer of tissue microarray. The clinicopathological characteristics were defined by using the TNM criteria of the Union for International Cancer Control. Clinicopathological factors such as age, sex, histologic type of the tumor,pathologic tumor stage, TNM stage, and lymphovascular invasion were evaluated according to the SPARC expression. Results: The hazard ratios expressing SPARC in tumor cells, in the stroma, and in both tumor cells and the stroma were 2.10 (P = 0.036), 3.27 (P = 0.003) and 2.12 (P = 0.038), respectively. Patient survival was decreased in patient expressing SPARC in the stroma, and this result showed statistical significance (P = 0.016). Conclusion: These findings suggest that SPARC expression in a tumor and in the stroma correlates with disease progression and may be used as a prognostic marker for colorectal cancer.

      • 구두발표 : F밮표장 ; 에너지/환경3 : F-44 ; 흡착제를 이용한 도시가스의 탈황 연구

        김정연,오은옥,김재우,노현석,전기원,이철위 한국화학공학회 2007 화학공학의이론과응용 Vol.10 No.1

        연료전지의 연료로서 사용 가능한 도시가스의 탈황 흡착제 개발에 관한 내용이다. 국내에서는 도시가스에 가스 노출을 쉽게 인지할 수 있도록 tertiary-butyl-mercaptan (TBM), tetra-hydro-thiphene (THT)와 같은 황 화합물 부취제를 약 3.8 ppm 첨가하여 사용하고 있다. 그러나 황 화합물은 개질기의 Ni 촉매 및 SOFC의 연료극을 피독시켜 활성을 저하시키는 문제점이 있어, 도시가스를 연료전지 연료로 사용하기 위해서는 도시가스의 탈황공정이 필요하다. 도시가스를 흡착제를 통과시킨 후 유출된 도시가스 내 황 화합물을 Pulsed Flame Photometic Detector가 장착된 on-line GC를 이용하여 흡착제의 탈황성능을 분석하였다. 활성탄(AC), BEA zeolite와 전이금속을 담지한 Fe/AC, Fe/BEA 흡착제 들의 TBM과 THT의 흡착량을 파과 곡선과 승온탈착을 통하여 분석한 결과 루이스 산점을 갖는 BEAzeolite 가 활성탄(AC)보다 황화합물 흡착량이 많았으며, 금속이 담지된 Fe/BEA 흡착제의 황화합물 흡착량은 담지된 금속 때문에 증가됨을 확인할 수 있었다.

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