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      • 製造條件에 따른 甘草 및 甘草含有 製劑中의 Glycyrrhizin 量 의 變化

        김용주,김재백 圓光大學校 藥品硏究所 1986 藥品硏究所報 Vol.1 No.1

        After extracted by following three methods. glycryrrhizin content in Glycyrrhizae Radix and its preparation was determined by HPLC. (1) KP IV method : Infusion, decoction, extract, crude extract and percolation. (2) Parched method : After Parched, extracted by general method. (3) General method : Glycyrrhize Radix and its preparation extract as follows : extracted temperature (60℃, 100℃), extracted time (12, 24 hours), volume of extracted solvent (300ml/Glycyrrhizae Radix 1g, 600ml/Glycyrrhizae Radix 1g) In the case of KP IV method, percolation method appeared the highest value. In the case of parched method, appeared the low value. In the case of general method, appeared the following result. Glycyrrhizae Redix haven't an effect on the extracted temperature and the extracted time, but in the case of the volume of extracted solvent (600ml/Glycyrrhizae Redix 1g) appeared the highest value. Glycyrrhizae Redix preparation haven't an effect in the extracted temperature, the extracted time and the volume of extracted solvent, appeared lower than Glycyrrhizae Redix. In the case of comparison all-inclusively, percolation method in KP IV method appeared 3, 87% value, but general method appeared the highest 5, 30% value.

      • Dried Paste Starch가 錠劑중 顆粒 相互間에 미치는 影響

        김용주,김재백 圓光大學校 藥品硏究所 1987 藥品硏究所報 Vol.2 No.1

        Effect of intergranular versus intrasranular Dried Paste Starch( DPS: manufactured by special method) with the drug and other excipients on homogeneity and pharmaceutical properties of Acetaminophen tablet was studied. The results obtained are as follows ; 1) The friability of the tablets was reduced by intragranular DPS with the drug and the excipients compared with the intergranular DPS, but this difference was not statistically significant. 2) The more Radius of curvature of the tablet is small the more friability of the tablet was reduced. 1. The initial dissolution rate of Acetaminophen tablets produced from intragranular DPS addition method was higher compared with the tablets that were produced from intergranular DPS addition method, but this difference was not statistically significant. Because the standard deviation of these tablets as a function of the dissolution time was almost same, almost same homogeneity existed. 2. Examination of the tablet cross sections under the scanning electron microscope indicated that the distribution of agglomerates of both intergranular method and intragranular method was almost same. 3. It is considered validly that DPS is added to the sized granulation with mixing just Prior to compression.

      • KCI등재

        Analysis of α+ 16O Elastic Scattering in the Coulomb-Modified Glauber Model

        김용주 한국물리학회 2017 New Physics: Sae Mulli Vol.67 No.11

        We analyze the elastic scattering of the $\alpha $ + $^{16}$O system at 240 and 400 MeV within the framework of the Coulomb-modified Glauber model by using an effective nucleon-nucleon ($NN$) amplitude considering a $q^{4}$ component. The calculated results show a fairly good agreement with the experimental data. The near-side and the far-side decompositions of the elastic cross section have also been performed by following Fuller's formalism. The presence of a nuclear rainbow is evidenced by a classical deflection function. We also investigate the effect of a $q^{4}$ component of the effective $NN$ amplitude on the elastic and the reaction cross sections. The effective $NN$ amplitude is found to be helpful in reproducing the $\alpha $ + $^{16}$O elastic scattering data.

      • 下利의 傷寒論的 觀点과 四象醫學的 觀點의 比較·考察

        金庸柱,金俊錡,崔達永 동국대학교 한의학연구소 1999 東國韓醫學硏究所論文集 Vol.7 No.2

        病證分析에 있어 病證을 細密히 觀察하면 體質에 따르는 특수한 病證이 있고 一般病證이라도 體質에 따르는 內的成因이 다름을 알 수 있는데, 이에 본 硏究에서는 證治醫學의 代表的인 書籍인 『傷寒論』과 體質醫學의 代表的인 書籍인 『東醫壽世保元』에서는 少陰人裏病證과 少陽人表病證에서 주로 言及되었다. 李濟馬는 三陰病證은 모두 少陰人病證이라 하였는데 下利症은 그 病機 에 있어 주로 少陰人病證과 聯關性이 많았으나, 少陰病熱化證의 경우에 있어서는 少陰人 病機로 理解하기에는 어려움이 있었으며 오히려 少陽人 病機로 推定할 수 있었다. The results of the pathogenesis analysis of a diarrhea of the differential diagnosis suggested in Sanghnnlun and Dongyishoushibaoyuan are as followings. 1. The various factors such as cold, asthenia and sthenia are the pathogenesis of a diarrhea. Among of them, the asthenia-cold is the main pathogenesis, and theis shows that the above pathogenesis could belong under the constitutional pathogensis of Shaoyinren. 2. Dong-Mu proved that all the symptoms of Sanyinbing were the symptom of Shaovinern. The case of Shanyinbing involved by the heat-evil, however, indicates that it is not the pathogenesis of Shaoyangren. 3. To understand the various differential diagnosis of the pathogenesis in Sanghanlun, the study on the theoretical relation with the constitutional pathogenesis in Dongyishibaoyuan will be necessary.

      • 초등학교 여교사의 직무만족과 역할갈등 분석

        김용주,이학주,정복희 경상대학교 2000 學生生活硏究所報 Vol.26 No.-

        The purposes of this study were to examine the job satisfaction and role conflict of female elementary school teachers, and to analyze the relationship between those two factors. The following four research questions were raised. 1. What are the causal factors that brings about the job satisfaction of female elementary school teachers? 2. In regard to these causal factors, are there significant differences dependant upon such variables as teaching experience, the size of schools, and marital status? 3. What is the level of role conflict for married female elementary school teachers, and how significant are the differences according to the above variables? 4. What are the relationships between the job satisfaction factors and role conflicts of female elementary school teachers? For the purpose of this study, the researchers conducted questionnaire survey to the 300 female elementary school teachers in Kyong-nam Province. The study instrument is composed of 38 five-point Likert type questions. Major results of this research were as follows. First, the causal factors that bring about the job satisfaction of female elementary school teachers largely include school administration, a sense of recognition, promotions and raises, a physical environment, job duties, relationships with other teachers, meaningfulness of teaching, and working conditions. Second, the score on the job satisfaction of female elementary school teachers was above average(3.42 of 5.00). In regard to teaching experience, the respondents who have more than 20 years of experience had higer scores than the other groups of respondents. As for the size of schools, it was shown that schools with fewer than 23 classes had a relatively higher satisfaction rate than the other groups. Marital status had no significant differences. Third, the degree of the role conflict of married female elementary school teachers was low on the whole. Rather than the role conflict between home life and teaching duties as a teacher, the one as a housewife who has a job was greater. While teaching experience had no significant differences, the number of children had significant relations with female teachers role conflicts. Fourth, it was shown that the relationship between the causal factors of job satisfaction and role conflict of female elementary school teachers had no significant co-relationships.

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