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        항공사 승무원의 직무불안정성, 직무스트레스, 일-가정갈등 간 관계 : 조직내부인 지위인식의 조절된 매개효과 연구

        김소형,김희경,류성민 한국기업경영학회 2021 기업경영연구 Vol.28 No.5

        본 연구는 항공사 승무원 대상 직무불안정성이 일-가정갈등에 미치는 영향 관계와 이러한 관계를 매개하는 변수와 조절된 매개효과를 갖는 변수를 규명하는 것을 목적으로 하였다. 4차 산업혁명으로 인한 신기술 도입과 코로나19 팬데믹 장기화 등으로 인해 항공사 승무원의 직무불안정성은 전반적으로 가중되고 있는 상황이다. 이렇게 높아진 직무불안정성이 직무 및 가정에 미치는 부정적 영향을 직무요구-자원이론(JD-R Theory)을 토대 로 검증하였으며, 이런 직무불안정성을 완화할 수 있는 기제를 도출하고자 하였다. 가설을 검증하기 위해 국내 7개 항공사의 기혼 승무원 362명의 표본을 대상으로 실증분석하였다. 분석결과로 첫째, 항공사 승무원의 직무 불안정성은 일-가정갈등과 유의미한 정(+)의 관계가 있는 것으로 나타났다. 둘째, 항공사 승무원의 직무불안정 성은 직무스트레스와 유의미한 정(+)의 관계가 있는 것으로 나타났다. 셋째, 항공사 승무원의 직무스트레스는 일-가정갈등과 유의미한 정(+)의 관계가 있는 것으로 나타났고, 이러한 관계를 통해 직무스트레스는 직무불안 정성과 일-가정갈등 간의 관계를 매개하는 것으로 나타났다. 마지막으로, 조직내부인 지위인식의 조절된 매개 효과 검증을 통해 직무불안정성이 직무스트레스를 매개하여 일-가정갈등에 미치는 부정적인 영향을 조직내부 인 지위인식이 조절하는 효과를 확인하였다. 다만 조직내부인 지위인식의 조절된 매개효과의 방향은 예측과는 다른 것이었다. 이러한 연구 결과를 바탕으로 시사점, 한계점, 추후 연구과제에 대해서 논의하였다. With the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the spread of new technologies and the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, the job insecurity of airline cabin crew is getting elevated. Most of the previous studies related to job insecurity were attempts to verify the negative effects of job insecurity, such as job satisfaction, organizational commitment, turnover intention, and organizational citizenship behavior. On the other hand, research on the effect of job insecurity on the family is still limited, and there are not many studies on how job insecurity affects the family. In addition, only a few studies have presented the theoretical basis for the process of job insecurity negatively affecting organizations and families. Job insecurity perceived by airline cabin crews who directly deliver services to customers at the service site can hinder service quality. Therefore, airline crew members’ job insecurity needs to be managed importantly in airline industry that is highly dependent on human services. In particular, it is necessary to review the effects of job insecurity and to study what mechanisms can be used to alleviate job insecurity. Therefore, this study examines the relationship between Airline Crew’s Job Insecurity and Work-Family Conflict. This study also investigates the mediating role of Job stress and moderated mediating role of perceived insider status in that relationship. The negative effects of job insecurity on jobs and work-family conflict is verified based on the JD-R (Job Demand-Resource) Model. For this purpose, a survey is conducted on 362 married cabin crews of 7 domestic airlines. According to the results of the research, first, it is confirmed that job insecurity has a significant positive(+) effect on work-family conflict. Second, job insecurity has a significant positive(+) effect on job stress, and third, job stress has a significant positive(+) effect on work-family conflict. Fourth, job stress is found to mediate the relationship between job insecurity and work-family conflict. In other words, it is confirmed that job insecurity perceived by airline cabin crews causes job stress in the process of performing the job, which negatively affects the family. Lastly, it is examined that the perceived insider status moderates the effects of job insecurity on work-family conflict through job stress. Contrary to predictions, it is found that job insecurity mediated job stress and strengthened the effect on work-family conflict. In other words, even if airline crew members are aware of job insecurity, the higher the level of recognition of status within the organization, the stronger the negative effect of job insecurity on the family through job stress. The causes of the results different from the prediction are as follows. According to the social exchange theory, members who aware their status high within the organization can be also highly aware of the obligation to return the favors that the organization has done to them. There is a possibility that they can perceive stress more on job insecurity. Therefore, more in-depth research needs to be conducted later on the possibility of the dual effect of perceived insider status. Practical implications through the empirical results of this study are as follows. First, job insecurity was found to be one of factors that cause stress during work and conflict at home. Therefore, there is a need to minimize and manage workers' job insecurity at the organizational level. Second, forming a sense of belonging to the organization as a job resource may be a way to alleviate job insecurity. In other words, airline cabin crews who perceive themselves as important members of the organization may have a lower negative effect on them even if they feel job insecurity. Therefore, it is necessary to seek ways to increase the various sense of belonging of airline cabin crews at the organizational level. Limitations of the research and future research tasks are also discussed.

      • KCI등재

        태양인 해역증으로 진단한 근위축성 측삭경화증 환자 치험 1례

        김소형,이미숙,박유경,배나영,Kim, So-Hyoung,Lee, Mi-Suk,Park, Yu-Gyeong,Bae, Na-Young 사상체질의학회 2016 사상체질의학회지 Vol.28 No.3

        Objectives This case study was about a Taeyangin patient with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis identified as Hae-Yeok pattern. In this study, we report the significant improvement of extremity weakness of this patient after Sasang Constitutional medicine treatment.Methods The patient was identified as Taeyangin Hae-Yeok pattern and treated with Ogapijangchuk-tang and acupuncture. Korean-Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Functional Rating Scale-Revised (K-ALSFRS-R) was used to assess the overall function of the patient. And the Global Assessment Scale (GAS) was used to assess the change of upper and lower extremities weakness after the treatment.Result and Conclusion The K-ALSFRS-R total score decreased from 30 points to 26 points and extremity weakness showed significant improvement in GAS after 12 days treatment. Furthermore, walking distance was much longer after treatment. In conclusion, this study shows that Sasang constitutional medicine can be effective treatment for Taeyangin patient with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

      • Pattern of reference types and impact factors of journals in the Korea Citation Index according to academic discipline

        김소형 한국과학학술지편집인협의회 2015 Science Editing Vol.2 No.1

        The Korea Citation Index (KCI) is a citation database for scholarly journals from Korea, the number of journals of which is 2,168 in January, 2015. This article aims to analyze the pattern of reference types and impact factors of journals in the KCI according to academic discipline. Journals of the KCI were classified according to academic discipline: humanities, arts and sports, social science, science, and multi-disciplinary science. Science journals were sub-classified as natural science, engineering, agriculture & fisheries, and medical health. The pattern of reference types was classified as journal article, book, report/thesis/internet, and others. Changing patterns of the two-year impact factor were described according to the publication year of journals in each discipline. The reference type of each discipline in 2010 showed different patterns. In humanities, the portion of books out of cited literatures was 51.1%, while the portion of books in natural science, engineering, medical health, and agriculture & fisheries fields were 11.0%, 10.0%, 7.0%, and 11.0%, respectively. In social science, the portion of journal articles was 53.1% and books 27.3%. In medical health, the portion of journal article was 87.6%. Journals’ average impact factors in 2011 were 0.9 for social science, 0.8 for arts and sports, 0.55 for interdisciplinary, 0.5 for agriculture and fisheries and humanities, 0.45 for natural science, 0.32 for engineering, and 0.3 for medical health. Researchers in humanities in Korea use books as a primary source of references, while those in other disciplines use journals as a major source of references. Higher impact factors in social science journals and lower ones in science journals mean that social scientists in Korea deal with mainly domestic topics, while scientist deal with global topics.

      • KCI등재

        태음인 조열증으로 진단한 파킨슨병 환자의 치험 1례

        김소형,최은주,배나영 사상체질의학회 2017 사상체질의학회지 Vol.29 No.4

        Methods The patient was identified as Taeeumin Dry-heat pattern and treated with Cheongsimyeonja-tang and acupuncture. The Unified Parkinson Disease Rating Scale(UPDRS) was used to assess the overall function of the patient. And the Global Assessment Scale (GAS) was used to assess the change of bradykinesia, tremor and dry mouth after the treatment. Results The UPDRS total score decreased from 145 points to 77 points after 5 weeks treatment. And symptoms of bradykinesia, tremor and dry mouth showed significant improvement in GAS after the treatment. Furthermore, constipation, sleep disturbance, dysuresia and anorexia were reported to be improved after treatment. Conclusions This study shows that Sasang constitutional medicine can be effective treatment for motor and non-motor symptoms caused by Parkinson’s disease.

      • KCI등재후보

        Emergence and Success of Xiaomi in the Transitional Situation of Chinese Smartphone Industry

        김소형 동아시아경상학회 2018 The East Asian Journal of Business Economics Vol.6 No.3

        '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 9시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

        Purpose – 2013 to 2014 was a transitional situation in which China's Smartphone industry was fluctuating. So in this paper, we will look at the strategies and achievements of Xiaomi, a company that has emerged in this situation and topped the market share. In particular, the purpose of this paper is to analyze why Xiaomi, which is considered a copycat, was able to succeed in the smartphone market four years after entering the market and analyze its strategy. Research design, and methodology – Various secondary data are to be used for this study. Using various newspaper articles as well as corporate reports, the company analyzes the transitional situation from 2013 to 2014 and the competitors together. Through these analyses, Xiaomi's strengths are selected objectively and analyzed to identify the factors that made Xiaomi successful. Results – After China's transitional shift in 2014, Xiaomi brought about a 152.3 percent share change over the previous year. In addition, it surpassed Samsung Electronics, which has been the industry`s No. 1 player, in 2014, and achieved the No. 1 ranking with a 16 percent share. Xiaomi Mi4's phone had a strong point of maintaining low price while being loaded with high performance. Conclusions – Xiaomi's success is because its price and performance was excellent. Xiaomi's Mi4's specifications were not far behind its competitors', but it was very cheap compared to its competitors' prices. They also valued software and used talent-oriented human resource strategies. Plus, it created the ‘Mifan’ culture successfully and benchmarked the strengths of its competitors smartly.

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