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      • KCI등재

        Establishment of the 2nd National Reference Standard for Diphtheria toxin in Korea

        김소영,Jinwoong Lee,Sol Jeon,Su Jung An,In yeong Hwang,Jae Hoon Moon,Jong Kwan Park,Taeseung Yang,Jaewoon Son,Daegeun Kim,Jeongwon Jang,Seulgi Park,Eun Ah Choi,Jin Kyu Kim,Jin Tae Hong,Jong Won Kim 대한미생물학회 2021 Journal of Bacteriology and Virology Vol.51 No.1

        The reference standards perform an important role in standardization andconsistent quality control of biologicals such as vaccines. The study was aimed toestablish the 2nd national standard for diphtheria toxin used in diphtheriapotency assay of diphtheria toxoid combined vaccines. The stocks of the firstnational standard established in 2007 were exhausted, and in 2019, Freeze-drieddiphtheria toxin was produced in two lots, 1,962 and 1,942 vials respectively. Thefeasibility of manufacturing was evaluated through quality evaluation andlong-term and accelerated stability tests for candidates. In order to assign thepotency of candidate standards, the collaborative study was conducted with fiveinstitutions including vaccine manufacturers. The potency of the candidatestandards was assigned a value of 210 L+/vial (95% confidence interval- MFDSB-19-002:208.52~221.58 L+/vial, MFDS-B-19-003: 208.63~219.61 L+/vial). Itwas confirmed that there was a significant difference in the basic statistics ofinstitutions through One-way ANOVA. But when the post hoc test was conductedto verify the result of ANOVA, not much difference was shown from individualinstitutions as low variability. Additionally, statistical equivalence was confirmedfrom institutions. The candidate standard whose quality has been verified will beregistered as the second national standard for diphtheria toxin.

      • KCI등재

        다가불포화지방산의 공역이중결합 유도체가 흰쥐의 혈청 지질 성분에 미치는 영향

        김소영,김성희,김경업,Kim, So-Young,Kim, Sung-Hee,Kim, Gyeong-Eup 한국식품영양과학회 2007 한국식품영양과학회지 Vol.36 No.9

        n-6계 linoleic acid의 함량이 높은 옥수수유 및 n-3계 linolenic acid의 함량이 높은 들깨유와 함유된 다가불포화지방산을 공역이중결합 유도체화 처리한 옥수수유 및 들깨유가 흰쥐의 혈청 지질개선에 미치는 영향을 비교 검토하기 위하여 S.D.계 숫 흰쥐에게 돈지 식이를 대조군으로 하고 옥수수유 10%, 들깨유 10%, 유도체화 처리한 옥수수유 10% 및 유도체화 처리한 들깨유 10%을 급여하여 4주간 실험 사육한 후 혈청 지질성분을 분석하였다. 유도체화 처리한 옥수수유(TCO)는 가스 크로마토그래피에 의해 3개의 linoleic acid의 유도체가 확인되었고 유도체화 처리한 들깨유(TPO)에서는 5개의 linolenic acid의 유도체가 확인되었다. 체중증가량 및 식이섭취량은 유도체화 처리한 옥수수유 및 들깨유 급여군에서 유의성 있게 낮았다. 혈청 총콜레스테롤 농도는 대조군에 비해 전실험군에서 유의성 있게 낮았으며, 특히 유도체화 처리한 옥수수유 및 들깨유 급여군에서 더욱 낮았다. HDL-콜레스테롤 농도는 대조군에 비해 전실험군에서 유의적으로 높았다. 혈청 LDL 및 LDL-콜레스테롤 농도는 대조군에 비해 전실험군에서 유의성 있게 낮았으며 유도체화 처리한 옥수수유 및 들깨유 급여군에서 더욱 낮은 경향을 보였고, 특히 유도체화 처리한 들깨유 급여군에서 가장 낮았다. VLDL 농도는 대조군에 비해 전실험군에서 유의성 있게 낮았으며, chylomicron 농도는 유도체화 처리한 유지 급여군에서 유의성 있게 낮았고 특히 유도체화 처리한 들깨유 급여군에서 가장 낮았다. 혈청 유리콜레스테롤 농도는 대조군에 비해 전 실험군간에 유의적인 차이는 없는 반면 유도체화 처리한 옥수수유 및 들깨유 급여군에서 약간 낮았다. 혈청 중성지질 농도는 대조군에 비해 전실험군에서 유의성 있게 낮았으며, 특히 유도체화 처리한 들깨유 급여군에서 가장 낮았다. 인지질 농도는 옥수수유 급여군이 대조군에 비해 약간 높게 나타난 반면 유도체화 처리한 유지 급여군은 약간 낮은 수준이었다. 이상의 결과 n-6계 linoleic acid의 함량이 높은 옥수수유 및 n-3계 linolenic acid 함량이 높은 들깨유의 공역이중결합유도체의 섭취는 혈중 총콜레스테롤, LDL-콜레스테롤, chylomicron 및 중성지질 농도를 감소시킴으로써 혈청 지질 개선효과가 있는 것으로 나타났으며, 특히 n-3계 들깨유의 공역이중결합 유도체 급여군이 혈청 지질 개선효과가 가장 큰 것으로 나타났다. This study was designed to examine the effects of n-6 PUFA rich corn oil, n-3 PUFA rich perilla oil and their conjugated double bond derivatives on serum lipids status in rats. Experimental diets containing lard (control), corn oil (CO), perilla oil (PO), conjugated double bond derivatives of n-6 PUFA rich corn oil (TCO) and n-3 PUFA rich perilla oil (TPO) at the level of 10% (w/w) were fed to male Sprague Dawley rats for 4 weeks. TCO was found to have three derivatives of linoleic acid and TPO had five derivatives of linolenic acid by GC. Serum total cholesterol levels were significantly lower in the all experimental groups than in the control group, and particularly, the lowest in TCO and TPO groups. HDL-cholesterol concentrations were a little higher in the all experimental groups than in the control group, and TCO and TPO groups were not significantly different from CO and PO groups. Serum LDL, LDL-cholesterol, chylomicron and triglyceride concentrations were significantly lower in the all experimental groups than in the control group, remarkably lower in TCO group and particularly, the lowest in the TPO group. Serum free cholesterol and cholesteryl ester concentrations were lower in TCO and TPO groups than in CO and PO groups. From the above research, TCO and TPO groups were effective on the improvement of the lipid compositions in serum and particularly, TPO group was the most effective on the improvement of serum lipids.

      • KCI등재

        갈색거저리(Tenebrio molitor) 유충의 냉장 저장 중 산화 안정성에 관한 연구

        김소영,손양주,김수희,김안나,이금양,황인경,Kim, So-Young,Son, Yang-Ju,Kim, Soo-Hee,Kim, An-Na,Lee, Geum-Yang,Hwang, In-Kyeong 한국식품조리과학회 2015 한국식품조리과학회지 Vol.31 No.1

        The purpose of this study was to evaluate the changes on the characteristics of the oxidative stability of Tenebrio molitor larvae during cold storage at $4^{\circ}C$. Pretreatment for T. molitor larvae was designed into three methods: raw (R), freeze-dried (F.D.), and pan-fried (P.F.). The water content of the raw sample (61.46%) was higher than those of other samples (F.D.: 5.02%, P.F.: 3.67%) and its high water content was expected to facilitate the oxidation of the raw sample. In our results, the peroxide value and the carbonyl value of all of the samples increased and the raw sample, after storage for 18 day, showed the highest value. The pan-fried sample had no significant increase in its lactic acid content, acid value, and thiobarbituric acid value; whereas those values were increased in the raw sample and the freeze-dried sample (p<0.05). The browning reaction was more progressed in the pan-fried sample than other samples at 0 day, but there was no significant change during the storage. The raw sample and the freeze-dried sample had their browning indexes increase with the increasing storage period (p<0.05). The pan-fried sample produced less oxidation products than the freeze-dried sample, indicating that the unheated sample was more susceptible to oxidation than the heated samples. In conclusion, heating treatment and low water content would be effective for improving the safety and stability of T. molitor larvae during cold storage.

      • KCI등재

        진료를 받는 고혈압 환자의 혈압 조절과 관련된 의사 요인

        김소영,조인숙,이재호,김지현,이은정,박종혁,이진석,김윤,Kim, So-Young,Cho, In-Sook,Lee, Jae-Ho,Kim, Ji-Hyun,Lee, Eun-Jung,Park, Jong-Hyock,Lee, Jin-Seok,Kim, Yoon 대한예방의학회 2007 Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health Vol.40 No.6

        Objectives : Little is known about the physician-related factors that are associated with the management of Hypertension. The purpose of this study was to determine the physician-related factors associated with blood pressure control in hypertensive patients. Methods : We surveyed 154 physicians at 117 public health (subhealth) centers in Gyeonggi-do, Forty-one physicians completed the survey (response rates : 26.6%) and 31 physicians were finally included as the study subjects. Using the information obtained from the self-reported survey, we measured the physician-related factors associated with hypertension control, including their perception of hypertension, prescription patterns (combination prescription rates, specific antihypertensives prescription rates among patients with diabetes mellitus), and sociodemographic factors. We then collected data on blood pressure and medication use in patients seen by these physicians from the health center#s information system. We compared the physicians# perceived hypertension control rates with the actual rates, and then evaluated the rate of high overestimation (overestimation by more than 25% of the median degree of hypertension control rate overestimation) among the physicians. The physicians# antihypertensive prescription patterns were also evaluated. Multiple logistic regression analysis was used to evaluate the independent association between hypertension control and physician-related factors. Results : The physicians tended to overestimate the proportion of their patients with controlled blood pressure (79.5% perceived vs. 57.8% actual). The percentage of physicians with high overestimation was 35.5% (11 physicians). The physicians with lower control rates were more likely to highly overestimate their patients# control rates. Physicians with below-median actual control rates tended to prescribe fewer combination treatments for patients with uncontrolled blood pressure and angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors or fewer angiotensin receptor blockers for patients with diabetes mellitus. The rate of high overestimation by physicians was 1.31 times higher in patients with uncontrolled blood pressure than in patients with other conditions (OR=1.31, 95% CI : 1.17-1.48). Conclusions : Physicians have a tendency to overestimate the rates of hypertension control in their patients. Because physicians have a direct role in treatment outcomes, physicians# overestimation about hypertension management contributes to inadequate blood pressure control. Thus, interventions for improving physician# awareness regarding the management of patients with hypertension are needed.

      • SCOPUSKCI등재

        태양광 물 분해를 통한 수소 생산용 Cu<sub>2</sub>O/CuO 이종접합 광전극의 제작 및 광전기화학적 특성

        김소영,김효진,홍순구,김도진,Kim, Soyoung,Kim, Hyojin,Hong, Soon-Ku,Kim, Dojin 한국재료학회 2016 한국재료학회지 Vol.26 No.11

        We report on the fabrication and characterization of a novel $Cu_2O/CuO$ heterojunction structure with CuO nanorods embedded in $Cu_2O$ thin film as an efficient photocathode for photoelectrochemical (PEC) solar water splitting. A CuO nanorod array was first prepared on an indium-tin-oxide-coated glass substrate via a seed-mediated hydrothermal synthesis method; then, a $Cu_2O$ thin film was electrodeposited onto the CuO nanorod array to form an oxide semiconductor heterostructure. The crystalline phases and morphologies of the heterojunction materials were examined using X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy, as well as Raman scattering. The PEC properties of the fabricated $Cu_2O/CuO$ heterojunction photocathode were evaluated by photocurrent conversion efficiency measurements under white light illumination. From the observed PEC current density versus voltage (J-V) behavior, the $Cu_2O/CuO$ photocathode was found to exhibit negligible dark current and high photocurrent density, e.g. $-1.05mA/cm^2$ at -0.6 V vs. $Hg/HgCl_2$ in $1mM\;Na_2SO_4$ electrolyte, revealing the effective operation of the oxide heterostructure. The photocurrent conversion efficiency of the $Cu_2O/CuO$ photocathode was estimated to be 1.27% at -0.6 V vs. $Hg/HgCl_2$. Moreover, the PEC current density versus time (J-T) profile measured at -0.5 V vs. $Hg/HgCl_2$ on the $Cu_2O/CuO$ photocathode indicated a 3-fold increase in the photocurrent density compared to that of a simple $Cu_2O$ thin film photocathode. The improved PEC performance was attributed to a certain synergistic effect of the bilayer heterostructure on the light absorption and electron-hole recombination processes.

      • KCI등재

        Ag 중간층 두께에 따른 TiO<sub>2</sub>/Ag/TiO<sub>2</sub> 박막의 광학적 특성 변화

        김소영,전재현,공태경,김선경,최동혁,손동일,김대일,Kim, So-Young,Jeon, Jae-Hyun,Gong, Tae-Kyung,Kim, Sun-Kyung,Choi, Dong-Hyuk,Son, Dong-Il,Kim, Daeil 한국열처리공학회 2015 熱處理工學會誌 Vol.28 No.2

        $TiO_2/Ag/TiO_2$ trilayer films were deposited with radio frequency (RF) and direct current (DC) magnetron sputtering onto the glass substrate to consider the influence of Ag interlayer on the optical properties of the films. The thickness of $TiO_2$ films was kept at 24 nm, while the thickness of Ag interlayer was varied as 5, 10, 15, and 20 nm. As-deposited $TiO_2$ single layer films show the optical transmittance of 66.7% in the visible wave-length region and the optical reflectance of 16.5%, while the $TiO_2$ films with a 15 nm thick Ag interlayer show the enhanced optical transmittance of 80.2% and optical reflectance of 77.8%. The carrier concentration was also influenced by Ag interlayer. The highest carrier concentration of $1.01{\times}10^{23}cm^{-3}$ was observed for a 15 nm thick Ag interlayer in $TiO_2/Ag/TiO_2$ films. The observed result means that an optimized Ag interlayer in $TiO_2/Ag/TiO_2$ films enhanced the structural and optical properties of the films.

      • 만나고 싶었습니다-슈퍼컴퓨팅사업팀

        김소영,Kim, So-Yeong 한국과학기술정보연구원 2006 지식정보인프라 Vol.21 No.-

        천문우주, 생명과학과 같은 첨단 R&D에서부터 TV나 김치냉장고 같은 가전제품에 이르기까지 슈퍼컴퓨터의 활용영역이 급속히 확장되고 있다. 그리고 이제 한 나라의 과학기술 수준을 가늠하는 척도로까지 부각되고 있는 슈퍼컴퓨터. 이토록 중요성을 더해가는 슈퍼컴퓨팅의 모든 것을 처음부터 끝까지 이끌고 가다듬고 최적화하는 '슈퍼컴퓨팅의 브레인'들이 바로 KISTI 슈터컴퓨팅사업팀 사람들이다.

      • KCI등재

        고해상도 방사선 영상을 위한 $Gd_2O_3:Eu^{3+}$ 나노 형광체 제조 및 광학적 특성

        김소영,강상식,박지군,차병열,최치원,이형원,남상희,Kim, So-Yeong,Kang, Sang-Sik,Park, Ji-Koon,Cha, Byung-Youl,Choe, Chi-Won,Lee, Hyung-Won,Nam, Sang-Hee 대한의용생체공학회 2007 의공학회지 Vol.28 No.1

        In this paper, we have synthesized $Gd_2O_3:Eu^{3+}$ nano phosphor particle using a low temperature solution-combustion method. We have investigated the structure and the luminescent characteristic as the sintering temperature and europium concentration. From XRD(X-ray diffraction) and SEM(scanning electron microscope) results, we have verified that the phosphor particle was fabricated a spherical shape with $30{\sim}40nm$ particle size. From the photoluminescence results, the strong peak exhibits at 611 um and the luminescent intensity depends on europium concentration. $Gd_2O_3:Eu$ fine phosphor particle has shown excellent luminescent efficiency at 5 wt% of europium concentration. The phosphors calcinated at $500^{\circ}C$ have possessed the x-ray peaks corresponding to the cubic phase of $Gd_2O_3$. As calcinations temperature increased to $700^{\circ}C$, the new monoclinic phase has identified except cubic patterns. From the luminescent decay time measurements, mean lifetimes were $2.3{\sim}2.6ms$ relatively higher than conventional bulk phosphors. These results indicate that $Gd_2O_3:Eu$ nano phosphor is possible for the operation at the low x-ray dose, therefore, the application as medical imaging detector.

      • KCI등재

        School Opening Delay Effect on Transmission Dynamics of Coronavirus Disease 2019 in Korea: Based on Mathematical Modeling and Simulation Study

        김소영,Yae-Jean Kim,Kyong Ran Peck,정은옥 대한의학회 2020 Journal of Korean medical science Vol.35 No.13

        Background: Nonpharmaceutical intervention strategy is significantly important to mitigate the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) spread. One of the interventions implemented by the government is a school closure. The Ministry of Education decided to postpone the school opening from March 2 to April 6 to minimize epidemic size. We aimed to quantify the school closure effect on the COVID-19 epidemic. Methods: The potential effects of school opening were measured using a mathematical model considering two age groups: children (aged 19 years and younger) and adults (aged over 19). Based on susceptible-exposed-infectious-recovered model, isolation and behavior- changed susceptible individuals are additionally considered. The transmission parameters were estimated from the laboratory confirmed data reported by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from February 16 to March 22. The model was extended with estimated parameters and estimated the expected number of confirmed cases as the transmission rate increased after school opening. Results: Assuming the transmission rate between children group would be increasing 10 fold after the schools open, approximately additional 60 cases are expected to occur from March 2 to March 9, and approximately additional 100 children cases are expected from March 9 to March 23. After March 23, the number of expected cases for children is 28.4 for 7 days and 33.6 for 14 days. Conclusion: The simulation results show that the government could reduce at least 200 cases, with two announcements by the Ministry of education. After March 23, although the possibility of massive transmission in the children's age group is lower, group transmission is possible to occur.

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