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      • KCI등재

        프로그래밍 기반 TPACK 교육 프로그램이 예비 교사의 수업 전문성에 미치는 효과

        김성원,이영준 한국컴퓨터정보학회 2020 韓國컴퓨터情報學會論文誌 Vol.25 No.7

        본 연구에서는 김성원과 이영준(2019)의 프로그래밍 기반 TPACK 교육 프로그램이 예비 교사의 수업전문성에 미치는 효과를 분석하였다. 연구 대상은 40명의 예비 교사이며, 두 집단으로 나누어 처치를진행하였다. 실험 집단(n=20)에게는 프로그래밍 기반 TPACK 교육 프로그램을 처치하고, 통제 집단(n=20)에게는 ICT 도구 기반 TPACK 교육 프로그램을 적용하였다. 예비 교사의 수업 전문성 변화를분석하기 위하여 수업 전문성, 교수 효능감, 테크놀로지 통합 자아효능감을 측정하는 검사 도구를 사용하였다. 연구 결과, 통제 집단과 달리 실험 집단은 수업 전문성과 교수 효능감, 테크놀로지 통합 자아효능감이 유의하게 향상되었다. 사전 검사에서는 실험 집단과 통제 집단이 유의한 차이가 존재하지 않았지만, 사후 검사에서는 실험 집단이 통제 집단보다 수업 전문성이 유의하게 높았다. 이러한 결과를 통하여프로그래밍을 활용한 TPACK 교육이 예비 교사의 수업 전문성 발달에 효과적인 것을 확인할 수 있었다. This study analyzes the effects of programming-based TPACK education programs, designed by Kim and Lee (2019), on the teaching expertise of pre-service teachers. The research subjects were 40 pre-service teachers, divided into an experimental group and a control group. The experimental group underwent the programming-based TPACK education program, and the control group used an ICT-based TPACK education program. A test tool was used to measure not only teaching expertise but also teaching efficacy and self-efficacy beliefs about technology integration. As a result of the study, teaching expertise, teaching efficacy, and self-efficacy beliefs about technology integration improved significantly in the experimental group. The pretest showed no significant difference between the experimental group and the control group, but in the post-test, the experimental group showed significantly higher teaching expertise than the control group. These results showed that the programming-based TPACK education program is effective for developing teaching expertise in pre-service teachers.

      • KCI등재후보

        한국인 유전성 유방암 연구 이후 국내 유전성 유방암 진료 패턴의 변화

        김성원,강은영,안세현,노우철,노동영,정용식,김이수,최두호,서영진,김구상,이정언,이민혁,남석진,문병인,손병호,양정현,염차경,김성용,박수경,김성원 한국유방암학회 2010 Journal of breast cancer Vol.13 No.4

        Purpose: The objective of this study was to evaluate the change in the practice patterns for managing hereditary breast and ovarian cancer (HBOC) among Korean physicians after the Korean Hereditary Breast Cancer (KOHBRA) study. Methods: The first survey was performed from July to August 2007, at the initiation of the KOHBRA study, and the followup survey was conducted from July to December 2009. Members of the Korean Breast Cancer Society were invited to participate in the study by e-mail. The 2009 survey was conducted with a self-administered questionnaire concerning HBOC management and was identical to the previous questionnaire. Results: According to the 2009 survey, most physicians (60.0%) tended to draw a pedigree (48.0% in 2007 survey). The rate of genetic test recommendations for patients at risk for HBOC was higher in the 2009 survey (84.0%) than that in the 2007 survey (64.0%). Physicians tended to select a BRCA genetic testing candidate more appropriately than in the previous survey (42.4% answered right in 2007 survey; 74.4% in 2009 survey). Fifteen of 25 participants (60.0%) provided genetic counseling before their patients underwent a genetic test, which was higher than that (40.0%) in the 2007survey. According to the 2009 survey, half of the genetic counseling was being conducted by KOHBRA study research nurses; whereas most of the genetic counseling was conducted by physicians in 2007. Conclusion: The KOHBRA study has played an important role in the appropriate selection of candidates for genetic testing. However, more effort should be placed on improving the pre-test genetic counseling rate.

      • KCI등재

        프로그래밍 기반 TPACK 교육 프로그램이 예비 교사의 TPACK에 미치는 효과

        김성원,이영준 한국컴퓨터교육학회 2020 컴퓨터교육학회 논문지 Vol.23 No.4

        This study aims to verify the effectiveness of the programming-based TPACK educational program developed by Kim and Lee (2019) in improving the TPACK of pre-service teachers. The treatment used ICT-based (control) and programming-based TPACK educational programs (first, second, third, and final cycle) developed through design-based research. TPACK test tools were implemented pre and post treatment, and the test results were analyzed using ANCOVA. Therefore, the TPACK of pre-service teachers who implemented the programming-based TPACK educational program was significantly higher compared to the ICT-based TPACK educational program. Furthermore, through this design-based research, the effect of the developed final educational program on the TPACK of pre-service teachers was particularly the most outstanding. Therefore, it can be concluded that the programming-based TPACK education program developed through design-based research is effective in improving the TPACK of pre-service teachers. 본 연구에서는 김성원과 이영준(2019)에서 개발한 프로그래밍 기반 TPACK 교육 프로그램을 검증하는 연구이다. 연구에서 처치는 설계 기반 연구를 통하여 개발한 프로그래밍 기반 TPACK 교육 프로그램(1차, 2차, 3차, 최종)과 ICT 기반 TPACK 교육 프로그램을 사용하였다. 교육 프로그램의 효과를 분석하기 위하여 사전, 사후에 TPACK 검사 도구를 실시하였으며, 검사 결과는 ANCOVA를 통하여 분석하였다. 적용 결과, 프로그래밍 기반 TPACK 교육 프로그램을 적용한 예비 교사의 TPACK은 ICT 기반 TPACK 교육 프로그램보다 유의하게 높았다. 특히 설계 기반 연구를 통하여 최종적으로 개발한 교육 프로그램이 예비 교사의 TPACK 발달에 가장 효과적이었다. 이러한 연구를 통하여 설계 기반 연구를 통하여 예비 교사의 TPACK 향상에 효과적인 프로그래밍 기반 TPACK 교육 프로그램을 개발하였다는 것을 확인하였다.

      • KCI우수등재
      • KCI등재

        초고온 소재용 ZrB<sub>2</sub>계 복합소재의 제조

        김성원,채정민,이성민,오윤석,김형태,남산,Kim, Seong-Won,Chae, Jung-Min,Lee, Sung-Min,Oh, Yoon-Suk,Kim, Hyung-Tae,Nahm, Sahn 한국분말야금학회 2009 한국분말야금학회지 Vol.16 No.6

        $ZrB_2$-based composites are candidate materials for ultra-high temperature materials (UHTMs). $ZrB_2$ has become an indispensable ingredient in UHTMs, due to its high melting temperature, relatively low density, and excellent resistance to thermal shock or oxidation. $ZrB_2$ powders are usually synthesized by solid state reactions such as carbothermal, borothermal, or combined carbothermal reaction. SiC is added to this system in order to enhance the oxidation resistance of $ZrB_2$. In this study, $ZrB_2$?based composites were successfully synthesized and densified through two different processing paths. $ZrB_2$ or $ZrB_2$ 25 vol.%SiC was fully synthesized from oxide starting materials with reducing agents after heat treatment at 1400$^{\circ}C$. Besides, $ZrB_2$?20 vol.%SiC was fully densified with $B_4C$ as a sintering additive after hot pressing at 1900$^{\circ}C$. The synthesis mechanism and the effect of sintering additives on densification of $ZrB_2$ ?SiC composites were also discussed.

      • KCI등재
      • KCI등재

        대한제국과 중립법

        김성원 한양법학회 2019 漢陽法學 Vol.30 No.4

        It is generally accepted that paramount importance should be thrown into the integrity of State’s territory embedded in the substantial body of international legal rules and principles. Viewed from the supremacy of state sovereignty, the integrity of State’s territory should not be infringed by other States without former State’s clear consent. Before the establishment of the UN system, the resort to use of force by States is not restrained by international law. However, the acts of hostilities between States should not be conducted without any restrictions. Put it differently, States engaged in armed conflicts with other States should not violate the neutrality of States which undertake the duty of neutral States during the war. Reducing the possibility of escalation of armed conflict and staying away from the impact of armed conflicts between States, the law of neutrality takes the integral part of rules and principles of the law of war. In this regard, the outbreak of the Russo-Japanese War carried out in the territory of the Daehan Empire directly violated the Daehan Empire’s territorial integrity and witnessed the explicit violation of the law of neutrality by the Japanese armies. Although the Daehan Empire’s effort to turn the Daehan Empire into a permanent neutral State was not successful, the legal implication of the declaration of neutrality of the Daehan Empire should not be disregarded by the Japanese government. Appraising the Daehan Empire’s attempt to be a neutral State concerning the tension between Russia and Japan, many articles and books merely describe the Japanese government disregarded the effort of the Daehan Empire or the lack of recognition by other States for the Daehan Empire’s the declaration of the neutrality. This makes matters worse. Politically or historically, the term “disregard” or “unrecognized” might be used for evaluating the effort of the Daehan Empire. However, from the legal point of view, this kind of expression should not be maintained because the Japanese government invaded into the territory of the Daehan Empire. For this reason, a more cautious approach should be required when assessing the effort of the Daehan Empire to get the neutral statues with regard to the Russo-Japanese War.

      • KCI등재

        실리콘 나노선/다중벽 탄소나노튜브 Core-Shell나노복합체의 합성

        김성원,이현주,김준희,손창식,김동환,Kim, Sung-Won,Lee, Hyun-Ju,Kim, Jun-Hee,Son, Chang-Sik,Kim, Dong-Hwan 한국재료학회 2010 한국재료학회지 Vol.20 No.1

        Si nanowire/multiwalled carbon nanotube nanocomposite arrays were synthesized. Vertically aligned Si nanowire arrays were fabricated by Ag nanodendrite-assisted wet chemical etching of n-type wafers using $HF/AgNO_3$ solution. The composite structure was synthesized by formation of a sheath of carbon multilayers on a Si nanowire template surface through a thermal CVD process under various conditions. The results of Raman spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and high resolution transmission electron microcopy demonstrate that the obtained nanocomposite has a Si nanowire core/carbon nanotube shell structure. The remarkable feature of the proposed method is that the vertically aligned Si nanowire was encapsulated with a multiwalled carbon nanotube without metal catalysts, which is important for nanodevice fabrication. It can be expected that the introduction of Si nanowires into multiwalled carbon nanotubes may significantly alter their electronic and mechanical properties, and may even result in some unexpected material properties. The proposed method possesses great potential for fabricating other semiconductor/CNT nanocomposites.

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