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      • KCI등재

        Null Arguments and the Theory of pro

        김선희 한국언어학회 2010 언어 Vol.35 No.3

        Kim, Sun-Hee. 2010. Null Arguments and the Theory of pro. Korean Journal of Linguistics, 35-3, 563-590. The purpose of this paper is to understand the properties of null arguments in the light of current theories of pro-drop and to show what the status of the null arguments is. This paper thus argues that null arguments both in subject and object positions can be best identified as a pro at least in languages like Korean and Japanese, no matter what grammatical roles they have in a sentence. It will also suggest that pro is allowed to the extent that its content is recoverable and that the resolution of pro is determined by the systematic interaction of syntax, semantics and pragmatics. (Seoul Women's University)

      • KCI등재

        Contents of Biotechnology in Technology Education Recognized by Experts

        김선희,류창열 한국실과교육연구학회 2010 實科敎育硏究 Vol.16 No.1

        The purpose of this study was to identify contents for biotechnology in technology education of the secondary school level. To accomplish this, this study employed literature review and modified Delphi survey. The modified Delphi survey that were conducted totally 3 times all consisted of structured items and the selected panel is composed of 33 persons. The results of this study are summarized below. Firstly, four categories of biotechnology contents were foundation of biotechnology, principles of biotechnology, utilization of biotechnology and impact of biotechnology. Secondly, the foundation of biotechnology included five sub-categories such as definition of biotechnology, history of biotechnology, terms related to biotechnology, characteristics of biotechnology (improvement & utilization of organism function, mass production), and technology related to biotechnology domain{bio-utilization technology (improvement of organism function - genetic manipulation, cell fusion, utilization of organism function - fermentation, culturing, cultivation, raising, breeding, bioreactor), biomimetics}. Thirdly, the principles of biotechnology included six sub-categories such as genetic manipulation, cell fusion, culturing, bioreactor, procedure of modern biotechnology(genetic manipulation or cell fusion →culturing→ bioreactor) and hands on activity corresponding to technology related to biotechnology domain. Fourthly, the utilization of biotechnology included five sub-categories such as the utilization in agriculture sector, the utilization in medicine sector, the utilization in environment sector, the utilization in energy sector, career exploration related to biotechnology. Fifthly, the impact of biotechnology included four sub-categories such as social impact of biotechnology, bioethics, biosafety(food, environment), the prospect of biotechnology.

      • KCI등재

        The Role of the Pattern Edge in Goldfish Visual Motion Detection

        김선희,정창섭 대한약리학회 2010 The Korean Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology Vol.14 No.6

        To understand the function of edges in perception of moving objects, we defined four questions to answer. Is the focus point in visual motion detection of a moving object: (1) the body or the edge of the object, (2) the leading edge or trailing edge of the object, (3) different in scotopic, mesopic and photopic luminance levels, or (4) different for colored objects? We measured the Optomotor Response (OMR) and Edge Triggering Response (ETR) of goldfish. We used a square and sine wave patterns with black and red stripes and a square wave pattern with black and grey stripes to generate OMR’s and ETR’s in the goldfish. When we used black and red stripes, the black leading edges stimulated an ETR under scotopic conditions, red leading edges stimulated an ETR under photopic conditions, and both black and red leading edges stimulated an ETR under mesopic luminance levels. For black and gray stripes, only black leading edges stimulated an ETR in all three light illumination levels. We observed less OMR and ETR results using the sine wave pattern compared to using the square wave pattern. From these results, we deduced that the goldfish tend to prefer tracking the leading edge of the pattern. The goldfish can also detect the color of the moving pattern under photopic luminance conditions. We decided that ETR is an intriguing factor in OMR, and is suitable as a method of behavioral measurement in visual system research.

      • KCI등재후보

        인문치료, 감성에게 묻다 -관점치료를 중심으로-

        김선희 전남대학교 호남학연구원 2009 호남문화연구 Vol.0 No.45

        Recently people make diverse efforts in the varied areas to solve the pains or problems of life which are more sharpening step by step. Also in the philosophical realm, people make such efforts together in the forms of “philosophical Praxis”, “philosophical Counseling”, “philosophical Therapy” and “clinical Philosophy”. Moreover, “Humanities Therapy” constantly endeavors to share the agony with such our contemporaries by recognizing and practicing the unique power in life Humanities retain. This writer also attempted to solve such problems through a new method called Perspective-Therapy. Especially the standard by which our contemporaries condition good health and illness in their sensitivity on the life implies their physical conditions and mental ones. What weighs contemporary people's diverse sensitivities on the life they retain seems to be physical conditions superficially but in reality it is mental conditions engraved in them. Human beings' sensitivity is constantly being textualized by lots of artificial media. One of basic frames operating satisfaction and dissatisfaction, happiness and unhappiness, joy and sorrow which are the products of diverse sensitivities on human living can be varied viewpoints contemporary people have, that is, world view․view of life․sense of values. In this writing this writer is going to introspect the viewpoint contemporary people have in liaison with sensitivity to restore contemporary' health of life in a crisis. This writer intends to suggest a concrete model as to Perspective Therapy with the self-reflection on the perspective and the approach to the variation as a method of philosophical Therapy and prepare a head start to develop a model of Humanities Therapy together with philosophical Therapy. In this process, this writer will examine the therapeutic phase of sensitivity likely to be handled carelessly in Humanities Therapy or philosophical Therapy as well. Further, we will study the therapeutic phase of sensitivity in Socratic Praxis skill which is a concrete model of the use of Perspective-Therapy. 최근에 더욱 더 첨예화되고 있는 삶의 고통이나 문제를 풀기 위하여 다양한 분야에서 다양한 노력을 경주하고 있다. 철학 영역에서 또한 철학 프락시스(philosophical Praxis), 철학상담(philosophical Counseling), 철학치료(philosophical Therapy), 임상철학(clinical Philosophy)의 형태로 이와 같은 노력을 함께하고 있다. 이 뿐만 아니라 인문치료(Humanities Therapy) 또한 인문학이 지니고 있는 삶에 대한 고유한 힘을 재인식하고 실천함으로써 이와 같은 현대인의 고민을 함께 하고자 부단히 애쓰고 있다. 필자 또한 이와 같은 문제를 관점치료(Perspective-Therapy)라는 새로운 방법을 통하여 풀어내고자 시도하였다. 특히 현대인들의 삶에 대한 감성이 지니고 있는 건강과 병을 조건 짓는 기준은 현대인들이 지니고 있는 물질적 조건이자 정신적 조건이다. 현대인들이 갖는 삶에 대한 다양한 감성을 저울질 하는 것은 피상적으로는 마치 물질적 조건인 것 같지만 그 실상을 보자면 이들 속에 각인되어 있는 정신적 조건이다. 인간의 감성은 수많은 인위적인 매체에 의해서 부단히 텍스트화되어 가고 있다. 인간의 삶에 대한 다양한 감성의 산물인 만족과 불만족, 행복과 불행, 기쁨과 슬픔을 작동시키는 기본적인 틀 중에 하나는 현대인들이 지니고 있는 다양한 관점, 즉 세계관․인생관․가치관과 같은 관점들이다. 이 글에서 필자는 위기에 처해있는 현대인의 삶의 건강을 회복하기 위하여 현대인들이 지니고 있는 관점을 감성과의 연계 속에서 성찰해 보고자 한다. 필자는 철학 치료의 한 방법으로서 관점에 대한 성찰과 변형에 대한 접근을 관점치료에 대한 구체적인 모형을 제시해봄으로써 철학치료와 더불어 인문치료의 모형 개발의 한 단초를 마련해보고자 한다. 이러한 과정 속에서 인문치료나 철학치료에 있어서 소홀하게 다루어지기 쉬운 감성의 치료적 위상을 함께 살펴볼 것이다. 나아가 감성의 치료적 위상을 관점치료의 활용의 구체적인 모델인 소크라테스적 프락시스 기법들 속에서 살펴볼 것이다.

      • KCI등재
      • KCI등재후보
      • KCI등재

        Camptothecin 에 의한 STI571 의 항암 활성 증강

        김선희,김미주,이상민,배제호,정병선,강치덕 한국생명과학회 2007 생명과학회지 Vol.17 No.6

        The in vitro activity of STI571, an inhibitor of the Abl group of protein-tyrosine kinases, alone or in combination with camptothecin (CPT), a specific topoisomerase I inhibitor, was evaluated against human cancer cells with different metastatic capacity and drug resistance potency. These cell lines showed different sensitivity to STI571 on growth inhibition, and the expression of DNA-dependent protein kinase (DNA-PK), which interacts constitutively with c-Abl, was significantly decreased in drug sensitive CEM and MCF-7 cells and poorly metastatic PC3 and KM12 cells as compared with that of multidrug resistant CEM/MDR and MCF-7/MDR cells and highly metastatic PC3-MM2 and KM/L4a cells, respectively. These results suggest differential modulation of DNA-PK by STI571 treatment in drug resistance and metastatic degree dependent manner. We showed that CPT as well as STI571 significantly inhibits the expression of DNA-PK. The combined treatment with STI571 and CPT revealed synergistic effect, and the effect was accompanied by inhibition of cell proliferation due to significant reduced expression of DNA-PK components, which resulted in CPT sensitizes human cancer cells resistant to STI571. Therefore, the results of our study suggested that the suppression of DNA-PK using combination of STI571 and CPT could be a novel molecular target for against drug resistant and metastatic cancer cells. 본 연구에서는 전이성 암세포와 항암제 다제내성 세포에 있어서 항암제 내성에 영향을 미치는 것으로 알려진 DNA-dependent protein kinase (DNA-PK) 가 Abl protein-tyrosine kinases저해제인 STI571 내성에도 연관되어 있는지에 대하여 조사하였다. 또한 STI571 과 topoisomerase I 저해제인 camptothecin (CPT) 의 단독 및 병용처리에 의한 항암 활성을 전이성 암세포와 항암제 다제내성 세포를 대상으로 조사하였다. 세포의 전이도와 내성정도에 따라 STI571 의 감수성이 다르게 나타났다. 이와 함께 STI571의 처리후 농도에 따라 전이도가 낮은 KM12, PC3 세포와 항암제 감수성인 CEM, MCF-7 세포에서는 DNA-PK 의 발현이 감소하는 반면, 전이도가 높은 KML4a, PC-MM2 세포와 다제내성 CEM/MDR 및 MCR/MDR 세포에서는 그 발현이 증가되어 있음을 알 수 있었다. 이는 DNA-PK 의 발현이 STI571 의 내성에 관여한다는 것을 시사한다. 이와 같은 결과에 근거하여 DNA-PK 의 발현을 감소시키는 CPT 를 STI571 내성을 나타내는 암세포에 대하여 STI571 과 병용처리 하였다. 그 결과 DNA-PK 의 발현이 감소되고 세포증식이 억제됨으로써 STI571 의 감수성이 CPT 에 의해 증가하는 것을 알 수 있었다. 따라서 본 연구에서는 DNA-PK 가 STI571 의 내성을 극복하는데 있어서 새로운 표적이 될 수 있으며, STI571 의 치료내성 극복에 CPT 와의 병용처리가 유효함을 알 수 있었다.

      • KCI등재
      • KCI등재

        문제성 발톱 인식과 네일샵 추천의도의 관계 검증

        김선희,김은숙 한국융합학회 2019 한국융합학회논문지 Vol.10 No.9

        This research’s purpose is figuring out the influencing factor on nail salon visitors recommendation intention. For this research, survey data of 305 men and women in their 10s to 50s were gathered in the area. Gathering the surveys, 170 people who did not have insincere response and problematic toenails were excluded. The rest 135 was used for the study. After analyzing the outcome (F=5.588, p<.01), from problematic toenails in the ingrown toenails there was a statistical significant difference. In foot care and location, the difference effectiveness is care/home remedy/ pharmacy.(F=4.319, p<.01). Looking at recommendation intention for problematic toenails at the nail salon (F=15.152, p<.01). In addition, is it possible for the nail salon to improve as well as to prevent problematic toenails, can the nail salon care for problematic toenails, foot care behavior, intention of visiting nail salon on recognition of professionalism influences on nail salon recommendation intention by statically appeared to be significant (F=16.847, p<.001). Therefore, this research recognizes and raises the nail salon visitors quality on problematic toenails. Following problematic toenails type, we can further extend to improve as well as to prevent judging from the given data 본 연구의 목적은 네일샵 이용자들이 네일샵 추천의도의 영향요인을 파악하는 데 목적이 있다. 연구대상은 수도권 10대~50대 남녀 305명의 설문자료를 수집한 뒤 불성실한 응답과 문제성 발톱이 없는 170명을 제외한 135명 자료로 활용하였다. 분석 결과 문제성 발톱유형에 따른 차이에서는 내성발톱이 통계적으로 유의한 차이가(F=5.588, p<.01), 발 관리 장소에 따른 차이에서는 발관리 행동은 홈케어(집)/민간요법/약국(F=4.319, p<.01), 문제성 발톱에 대한 네일샵 추천의도에서는 네일샵이 통계적으로 유의한 것으로 나타났다(F=15.152, p<.01). 또한 네일샵의 문제성발톱케어가능인지, 네일샵에서 문제성 관리여부, 발관리 행동, 전문성 인식에 따른 네일샵 방문의도가 네일샵 추천의도에 정적으로 유의한 영향을 주는 것으로 확인되었다(F=16.847, p<.001). 따라서 본 연구는 네일샵에서 문제성발톱 케어 인식도를 높이고, 문제성 발톱유형에 따른 개선 및 예방적용을 확장하는데 기초자료로 판단된다.

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