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        간암세포주를 대상으로 한 체외 복합 항암제 감수성 검사

        김병수,최진혁,김주항,박인서,정재복,유내춘,조재용,노재경,임호영,김병수 대한소화기학회 1993 대한소화기학회지 Vol.25 No.2

        Primary hepatocellular carcinoma(HCC) is one of the most common malignancies in Korea due mainly to high incidence of chronic hepatitis B virus infection. Most of the HCC are inoperable even at first presentation. So chemotherapy could be one of the major therapeutic modalities, but HCC is seldom chemosensitive. This type of chemoresistance is explainesd by high level of expression of multidrug resistance(MDR) gene and p-glycoprotein. We initiated this study to establish the in vitro model of drug selection and combination for HCC. Three human HCC cell lines and five cytotoxic drugs were used. MTT assays for cytotoxicity test were performed with single chemotherapeutic agent and various two drug combinations. Slot blot analysis for measuring the expression levels or MDR1 RNA was performed and demon strated that 2 HCC lines show moderate to high degree of MDRI expression. The ranges of drug concetration which causes 50% inhibition of the cell lines(IC_(50)) are in the clinically achievable concentrations for the 5-fluorouracil in two HCC lines, and adriamycin in one cell line. Two cell lines which showed positive MDRI exression were resistant to adriamycin. But all three cell lines were sensitive to etoposide irrespective of MDR1 expression. In thelinically achievable concentration ranges those we tested, singnificantly improved cytotoxic effects are demonstrated in combinations of etoposide plus cisplatin, and etoposide plus mitomycin-C out of 10 possible two drug combinations. These data indicate the need for in vivo trials with the combination chemotherapy of etoposide plus cisplatin or etoposide plus mitomycin-C for HCC.

      • KCI등재

        Optimal synthesis of carboxymethylcellulose-based composite superabsorbents

        김병수,김탁현,이병환 한국화학공학회 2021 Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering Vol.38 No.1

        As a liquid fertilizer slow-release material, carboxymethylcellulose-based superabsorbents having biodegradable properties have recently attracted attention. To improve the gel properties of this superabsorbent, which has relatively low mechanical strength, additive materials such as graphite oxide (GO), reduced graphene oxide (rGO), activated carbon, and bentonite were used in this work. While preparing composite superabsorbents using electron beam (EB) radiation, effects of the type and composition of additives, absorbed dose of EB, and type of radiation on the properties of the prepared materials were investigated. In addition, it was attempted to find the optimum synthesis conditions for the preparation of composite superabsorbents. Gel strength and gel fraction were measured to determine the intermolecular binding force of the prepared composite superabsorbents. Swelling tests were carried out in distilled water, urea aqueous solution and NaCl aqueous solution, respectively, to determine the equilibrium swelling ratio and swelling rate in various environments. To examine the applicability of the prepared superabsorents in the field, elution tests were performed using urea as a simulated nitrogen fertilizer. Plant growth experiments were also carried out with spinach and crown daisy to confirm the applicability of the prepared superabsorbents for agricultural purpose. Superabsorbents with GO and rGO showed high gel fraction and high mechanical strength due to the high intermolecular binding force between polymer gel and carbon additive material. In the composite superabsorbents with GO and rGO, gel strength and gel fraction increased with the increase of the amount of inorganic additives, but the equilibrium swelling ratio decreased. Superabsorbents prepared by irradiation of EB at 10 kGy exhibited the highest equilibrium swelling ratio, and the equilibrium swelling ratio decreased as the absorbed dose increased. Furthermore, composite superabsorbents prepared by EB irradiation showed higher gel strength than those prepared by -ray irradiation. Plant growth was better in the experimental group containing the superabsorbent and the liquid fertilizer, indicating that the prepared composite superabsorbent could function as a slow-release liquid fertilizer.

      • KCI등재

        투명단열 축열벽 시스템을 적용한 주거용 건물의 냉난방에너지 성능분석

        김병수,윤종호,김재웅 대한건축학회 2004 대한건축학회논문집 Vol.20 No.7

        In previous study, Overheating/heating performance was carried out through Test-cell measurement used by Tl-wall(Transparent Insulation) system and Mass-wall system and the optimum composition of TI-wall system was proposed by simulation analysis in the Korean weather condition. The aim of this study was to analysis the Heating/cooling performance following the optimum composition of TI-wall used in residential building. The process of this study is as follows: 1) The ESP-r simulation program was used in energy performance analysis and the reference model of residential building was made up to analysis energy performance on Ti-wall and Mall-wall system. 2) Standard weather file of Seoul, Taejon, Pusan and Cheju was made that was the format of simulation program(ESP-r). 3) The regional Heating/Cooling energy performance was carried out by using regional standard weather file of TI-wall and Mass-wall system in residential building and the reduction of Heating/Cooling energy with the change of wall size of per system was analyzed. 4) The energy reduction of TI-wall system of foreign country was compared with that of Korean. Consequently, When TI-wall is equipped with South Surface of Residential Building, annual Heating Energy of Building was cut down at the average of 79.1kWh/㎡(Seoul:101.7kWh/㎡, Taejon:59.8kWh/㎡, Pusan:99.5kWh/㎡, Cheju:79.5kWh/㎡) or 18% of total heating energy. Cooling energy increased the average of 15.15kWh/㎡, in the case of using Solar Shading Device and Air Ventilation System, the cooling energy is not only increased by Ti-wall at the lever of 97% , the basic cooling energy is but also cut down about 6%.

      • KCI등재

        아파트의 급탕량 조사 및 태양열 온수급탕 시스템 적용에 관한 연구 -대전시를 중심으로-

        김병수,윤종호,송인춘,이진숙 대한건축학회 2002 대한건축학회논문집 Vol.18 No.12

        This work was carried out to propose a model of the most effective layout and installation for applying the Solar Hot Water system to Apartment and to offer the basic data for promoting the distribution of Solar Hot Water system in the country. For this purpose, the performed experiments are as followings: 1) to investigate the amount of hot water and to analyze energy use trend of hot water in Apartment. 2) to estimate the efficiency of Solar Hot Water system in accordance with an angle of inclination 2) to analyze the economical efficiency by measuring the amount of hot water and the cost of hot water system used in Apartment

      • KCI등재

        기존 축열벽 시스템과 투명단열 축열벽 시스템의 열성능 평가 실험 연구

        김병수,윤종호,윤용진,이진숙 대한건축학회 2003 대한건축학회논문집 Vol.19 No.10

        TI-wall is an Mass-wall with TIM used instead of an usual single, double and triple glassed windows. The aim of this study is to analyze the thermal performance through Test-Cell of TI-wall in domestic climate. This study is carried out as follows: 1) Test-cells of TI-wall and Mass-wall are designed through the investigation of previous paper and work. The type of the TIM used in test-cell is small-celled(diameter 4mm and thickness 50mm) capillary and cement brick(density 1500kg/m3) is used by thermal mass. 2) individual and combination test with various variants, such as thickness(190mm, 380mm) and surface absorption(60%, 95%) of thermal mass wall, measured for winter and spring, and the thermal effects are analyzed. Finally, as results indicated that the peak point time of the temperature of in-and-out surface is cut down approximately by an hour when the surface absorption of thermal mass wall is changed from 60% to 95% In case of applying for 1B(190mm) in thickness of thermal mass wall. In case of applying for 2B(380mm) in thickness of thermal mass wall, the temperature difference between in-and-out surface is showed about 23℃ in terms of Spring and Autumn. It means that the heat could not be delivered enough because the distance for heat transmission is too far. Therefore, in case of more than being 2B in thickness of thermal mass wall, it is not right for heating in Winter, Spring and Autumn. Experiment in term of summer, the thermal mass wall is heated enough by outside temperature and solar radiation, the temperature difference between in-and-out surface is indicated 10℃. Also, inside temperature is sustained more than average 28C. Therefore, radical temperature rising will be released by changing its thickness, but the inside temperature still remains in high.

      • KCI등재

        시각적 쾌적성과 에너지 성능분석에 의한 오피스 창호의 적정 투과율 선정

        김병수,임오연 대한건축학회 2005 대한건축학회논문집 Vol.21 No.3

        At present, with the development of using glass in building, visual amenity and energy saving were more concerned. However, it is found at glass performance evaluation that there is more consideration on energy saving than occupant visual amenity. Therefore, this aim of study is to select optimum and minimum transmittance by analysis visual amenity and energy performance used in office glass. The process of the study is as follows: 1)selected 6 transmittances as evaluated value from current film maker in office building window and analysis on construction case. 2) set up Mock-up model, then select 17 evaluated values.3)analyzed cooling-heating load, light energy, daylight glare of office building with the different transmittance change. 4) selected proper transmittance of office building through subjective evaluation of Mock-up experiment, energy performance and glare analysis. As a result of subjective evaluation, the comfort transmittance is from 40% to 60% . cooling-heating load is about 50%, and on glare evaluation the proper transmittance is from 20% to 40%.

      • KCI등재

        용융환원에 의한 폐PCBs로부터 귀금속 농축 회수

        김병수,이재천,서승필 한국자원공학회 2003 한국자원공학회지 Vol.40 No.3

        Large amounts of obsolete printed circuit bords(PCBs) containing precious metals have been generated. In the study a smelting reduction process for recovering the precious metals from the obsolete PCBs without using additional collector metals was investigated thermodynamically. The distinction of that is to use copper, tin, and iron contained in the obsolete PCBs as collector metals of the precious metals contained in them. Advantages of the process suggested are simple and economic compared with the conventional processes which could recover the precious metals from the obsolete PCBs using additional collector metals such as copper, nickel, lead, and iron. In each experiment the precious metals of Au and Pd could be recovered up to 93.4 % in Cu-Sn alloy phase. The product Cu-Sn alloy phase contained up to 0.20 wt% for Au and 0.05 wt% for Pd. 전 세계적으로 귀금속을 상당량 함유한 폐인쇄회로기판(PCBs)이 다량 발생되고 있다. 본 연구에서는 폐PCBs중에 함유된 귀금속을 기존 공법과 달리 포집금속을 사용하지 않고 회수하기 위한 새로운 용융환원공법이 제안되었다. 제안된 공법은 폐PCBs중에 함유된 유가금속성분인 Cu, Sn, Fe를 귀금속의 포집금속으로 활용한다는 것이 특징이다. 따라서 제안된 공법은 기존 공법과 비교하여 추가적으로 Cu, Ni, Pb, Fe 같은 포집금속을 사용하지 않음으로써 조업이 간단하고 경제적인 것이 특징이다. 실험결과 폐PCBs중에 함유된 Au와 Pd 모두 93.4 %이상 Cu-Sn 합금상으로 회수되었으며, 회수된 Cu-Sn 합금상에 Au 품위는 는 0.20 wt% 이상, Pd 품위는 0.05wt% 이상으로 농축되었다.

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