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      • KCI등재

        1930년대 모더니즘과 도시시학

        김동우(Kim Dong-Woo) 국어국문학회 2008 국어국문학 Vol.- No.149

        This essay intends to explain the meaning of Korean modernism poetry and the poetics focusing on the urban space in which the modern age and modernity are realized and exhibited concrete place. This discussion generally has two subjects which are the poetic perception for urban and of the issue of the expression. The main point of Intellectualism, a branch of Korean modernism, is having a scientific and intellectual attitude for understanding the modern society. This has a positive meaning. Because of aiming the modern attitude of understanding the world and more definitely functioning a instrumental tool for perception and criticism of urban civilization which develops complicatedly. This is significant to understand the life-style of the urbanites objectively, considering city dwellers feel at over-sensitiveness that makes intellectualization of urban life eventually by reason of the own doublefaced character of urban and its complex artificial mechanism. But, on occasion that the attitude of perception changes to the issue of the expression the limit is revealed clearly. Because the liberated practice of intellectualized life is obtained in the opposite factor of it instead. In that respect Kywang-Kyun Kim‘s poetic art of formation attracts an attention. He was good at forming the urban image and lyric. The favorable comments for his commanding the image and unfavorable ones for his expressing the excessive feeling were the dominant existing criticisms. But, in relation to urban life, the lyric of his poems doesn't melted into the images fully call forth tragic beauty that stimulate alienation and sorrow of urbanite more strongly. For this reason Kywang-Kyun Kim's poem should be newly evaluated. And the synesthesia expressions reveal a new respect in connection with segmentalized and fragmental urban life-style. After all, his poem helps to recover man's totality through the integration of sense.

      • KCI등재

        대동맥판(大動脈瓣) 폐쇄불전증(閉鎖不全症)으로 흉통(胸痛)을 호소하는 태음인(太陰人)환자의 가미조리폐원탕(加味調理肺元湯) 치험례

        김동우,김수용,한창호,이성환,이동민,하상규,Kim, Dong-Woo,Kim, Soo-Yong,Han, Chang-Ho,Rhee, Sung-Hwan,Lee, Dong-Min,Ha, Sang-Kyu 대한한방내과학회 2004 大韓韓方內科學會誌 Vol.25 No.4

        Aortic regurgitation occurs when there is a leakage of the valve backward into the left ventricle during diastole. Chronic aortic regurgitation may be present for decades before any symptoms occur. The left ventricle is able to compensate for the large volume of blood that flows backward by enlarging the cavity and increasing the thickness of the muscle. This mechanism allows the heart to pump out both the amount of blood required by the body and the blood that has gone backward into the left ventricle. One patient who had chest pain from exercise was treated. He was diagnosed with aortic regurgitation LVH by echocardiography. Signs showed him to be of Taeumin-type within Sasang Constitutional Medicine. He was prescribed Gamijoripewontang for 75 days, and improvement of clinical symptoms were observed. Results support prescription of Gamijoripewontang as an effective treatment for Taeumin-type patients suffering chest pain caused by aortic regurgitation.

      • 평위산(平胃散)과 보화환(保和丸)으로 호전된 연하장애 환자 2례

        김동우,오중한,김봉석,임희용,최빈혜,허진일,변준석,김대준,Kim, Dong woo,Oh, Jung-hwan,Kim, Bong-seok,Lim, Hee-yong,Choi, Bin-hye,Heo, Jin-il,Byeon, Jun-seok,Kim, Dae-jun 대한중풍순환신경학회 2005 대한중풍학회지 Vol.6 No.1

        Dysphagia is an important complication for the rehabilitative treatment and life quality of stroke patients. This report is about two patients with dysphagia after stroke who were treated with Pyungwesan and Bowhawhan. The severity of the patient's dysphagia was evaluated with stage of dysphagia according to severity. After treatment, dysphagia were remarkably improved(from stage 5 to 2, 5 to 1). This result shows that Pyungwesan and Bowhawhan could be effective against dysphagia after stroke.

      • KCI등재

        하악과두하 골절 시 후하악 접근법과 내시경을 이용한 구강 내 접근의 비교

        김동우,박대송,이상칠,김성용,임호용,염학열,김현민,Kim, Dong-Woo,Park, Dae-Song,Lee, Sang-Chil,Kim, Sung-Yong,Lim, Ho-Yong,Yeom, Hak-Yeol,Kim, Hyeon-Min 대한악안면성형재건외과학회 2011 Maxillofacial Plastic Reconstructive Surgery Vol.33 No.6

        Purpose: Patients who had a subcondylar fracture with a displaced or deviated condylar segment were treated with a retromandibular approach (RMA) or an endoscope-assisted transoral approach (EATA) in our department of oral and maxillofacial surgery. The clinical results of the approaches were compared. A comparative study of specific approaches for subcondylar fractures has not been published before in Korea. Methods: Twenty-one patients with subcondylar fractures of the mandible were included. Ten patients were treated with the retromandibular approach and 11 were treated with an endoscope-assisted transoral approach. We examined patient age, gender, fracture sites, classifications, period of maxillomandibular fixation, facial nerve (FN) or greater auricular nerve (GAN) injuries, maximal mouth opening, deflection, occlusal changes, number of plates, follow-up period, and other complications. Preoperative computed tomography and pre-operative, post-operative, and follow-up panoramic views were taken of each patient. Results: Mean maximal mouth openings were similar between the two approaches. FN and GAN injuries were more frequent in the RMA group but the deflective rate with mouth opening was higher in the EATA than that in RMA group. Two cases of post-operative infection occurred in the EATA group, and occlusal changes were observed in one case for both approaches. Conclusion: The RMA offers more direct access and visualization of the surgical field but it can cause scars and retractive injuries of the FN and GAN. But, EATA did not result in consequent nerve injuries or scars postoperatively, but unfavorable fractures such as $medial$ $override$ condyles were more difficult to reduce endoscopically. Except cases of an expected difficult reduction, the treatment of choice for a displaced subcondylar fracture may be an EATA.

      • KCI등재

        자전거도로 개선 방안에 관한 연구

        김동우,박성택,강태구,Kim, Dong-Woo,Park, Seong-Taek,Kang, Tae-Gu 대한산업경영학회 2016 산업융합연구 Vol.14 No.2

        As the importance of big data begins to be recognized, the government, local self-governing bodies, and corporations have taken interest in big data. However, unlike the past, there is various typical and atypical data, and some fields make use of big data planning and analytical technique, which is opening a way to capture new opportunities. The present study analyzes an improvement plan for bicycle roads by using the public data of Seoul and proposes its implications.

      • KCI등재

        천화분 추출물이 혈관신생 및 암세포성장에 미치는 영향

        김동우,이종훈,유화승,조정효,이연월,손창규,조종관,Kim, Dong-Woo,Lee, Jong-Hoon,Yoo, Hwa-Seung,Cho, Jung-Hyo,Lee, Yeon-Weol,Son, Chang-Gue,Cho, Chong-Kwan 대한한방내과학회 2008 大韓韓方內科學會誌 Vol.29 No.2

        Objectives : This study was aimed to elucidate the effects of Trichosanthes kirilowii extract (TKE) on the angiogenesis and growth of tumor cells. Methods : Tube formation assay was performed by using human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC), and anchorage dependent colony assay was performed by using B16-F10 melanoma, Hep G2 and HT1080, CT-26 and SNU-1 cells. Results : For HUVEC, TKE at a level of more than 100 ${\mu}g/m{\ell}$ suppresses cell growth. For HUVEC at 100 ${\mu}g/m{\ell}$ and greater TKE density, the formation of tubes was suppressed in a dose-dependant manner. TKE controls the colony formations of B16-F10 melanoma cells, CT 26 cells, and Hep G2 cells, and its effect is proportional to density. In HT1080 cells and SNU-1 cells, formation is suppressed regardless of density. Conclusions : From these results, it could be concluded that TKE has significant properties on anti-angiogenesis and growth inhibiting of tumor cells. It is suggested that TKE will be a good candidate for new drugs or therapeutics for anti-angiogenesis.

      • KCI등재

        영역 특징벡터를 이용한 내용기반 영상검색

        김동우,송영준,김영길,안재형,Kim Dong-Woo,Song Young-Jun,Kim Young-Gil,Ah Jae-Hyeong 한국정보처리학회 2006 정보처리학회논문지B Vol.13 No.1

        본 논문은 기존의 컬러 히스토그램 방법들의 단점을 극복하고자 영역 특징백터를 이용한 영상 검색 방법을 제안한다. 컬러 히스토그램 검색방법들은 양자화 오류 등의 이유로 정확성이 떨어지는 단점이 있다 이를 해결하기 위해 제안 방법은 색상 정보를 HSY 공간으로 변환하여 순수 색상 정보인 hue 성분만을 양자화하여 히스토그램을 구하고, 이를 명암, 이동, 회전등에 강인한 검색 특징으로 사용한다. 또한 컬러 히스토그램 방법들의 가장 큰 문제점인 공간 정보가 부족한 것은 영상을 16개 영역으로 나눠서 각 영역간의 비교를 통해 해결한다. 그리고 색상 검색에 추가적으로 모양 특징인 에지와 질감 특징인 DCT 변환의 DC를 이용하여 검색의 정확도를 높인다 1,000개의 컬러 영상을 사용해 실험한 결과 기존의 방법들 보다 좋은 정확성을 보인다. This paper proposes a method of content-based image retrieval using region feature vector in order to overcome disadvantages of existing color histogram methods. The color histogram methods have a weak point that reduces accuracy because of quantization error, and more. In order to solve this, we convert color information to HSV space and quantize hue factor being purecolor information and calculate histogram and then use thus for retrieval feature that is robust in brightness, movement, and rotation. Also we solve an insufficient part that is the most serious problem in color histogram methods by dividing an image into sixteen regions and then comparing each region. We improve accuracy by edge and DC of DCT transformation. As a result of experimenting with 1,000 color images, the proposed method has showed better precision than the existing methods.

      • KCI등재

        당뇨병에 병발한 알코올성 간질환의 치험례

        김동우,전찬용,한양희,박종형,여은경,Kim, Dong-Woo,Jun, Chan-Yong,Han, Yang-Hee,Park, Jong-Hyeong,Yeo, Eun-Kyoung 대한한방내과학회 2000 大韓韓方內科學會誌 Vol.21 No.4

        We had applied Saenggangunbitang, Gamijihwangtang, and Saenggangunbitang-Gamijihwangtang on a alcoholic liver disease patient with diabetes mellitus, Saenggangunbitang has been used to treat alcoholic liver disease and had known to have beneficial effects. Gamijihwangtang has been used to treat Yin deficiency syndrome in Orient Medicine. We observed clinical symptom, liver function, nutritional state and blood sugar. After first administration, Clinical symptom and blood sugar were improved by Gamijihwangtang medication. Alter second administration, Clinical symptom, blood sugar and liver function were improved by Saenggangunbitang-Gamijihwangtang medication. After third administration, clinical symptom and liver function were improved by Saenggangunbitang medication. It is possibly suggested that Saenggangunbitang-Gamijihwangtang medication has a therapeutic effect on alcoholic liver disease with diabetes mellitus.

      • KCI등재

        자소엽(紫蘇葉)의 한약재 표준화 연구

        김동우,황귀서,Kim, Dong-Woo,Hwang, Gwi-Seo 대한예방한의학회 2006 대한예방한의학회지 Vol.10 No.2

        Perilla frutescens is known as the herb helps digestion, tonifies stomachache, and decreases fever in oriental medicine. And it is reported it possess the anti-pyretic effect, anti-inflammatory effect, anti-allergy effect, anti-tumor effect etc. The components isolated from this herb consist of perilla aldehyde, d-limonene, ${\alpha}-pinene$, cyanin, linoleic acid, palmitic acid, menthol, rosmarinic acid and luteolin etc. But there is no effective tools to determine the quality of this herb. In this study, we aimed to analyze the changes of liquid chromatogram pattern, one of major standardization method, to determine the quality of Perilla frutescens.

      • KCI등재

        기능성 소화불량증 환자에 대한 보화탕(保和湯)의 임상효과

        김동우,최빈혜,허진일,박경,김대준,변준석,Kim, Dong-Woo,Choi, Bin-Hye,Hur, Jin-Il,Park, Kyung,Kim, Dae-Jun,Byun, Joon-Seok 대한한의학방제학회 2006 大韓韓醫學方劑學會誌 Vol.14 No.2

        Objective: Functional dyspepsia refers to sustainable or repetitive pain at upper stomach related with food intake. This research was intended to observe the improvement of the symptom by administering Bowhatang to a number of functional dyspepsia patients and to clarify its clinical effects. Method: The research was performed upon the appropriate 36 patients conforming to the criteria after being diagnosed with functional dyspepsia among the 87 patients who visited the department of internal medicine at Gumi Oriental Hospital of Daegu Haany University for digestive diseases and were administered with Bowhatang. Result: 91.8% of the patients had upper stomach globus symptoms. which is of the largest percentage. and 13.5% had hunger pain. which is of the least percentage. After administering Bowhatang. by and large Likert scale was significantly reduced. According to the subjective improvement evaluation by the patients. 32 patients(86%) were improved. and 3 patients(8%) had neither improvement nor relapse. while 2 patients ( 6%) were relapsed. Conclusion: Bowhatang has shown significant improvement about the symptoms for functional dyspepsia patients. It is predicted when more outcomes become available from researches on side effects or toxicity of Bowhatang later on. it will be more often used in the clinic.

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