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        충주대학교,국제통상학과 忠州大學校 2010 한국교통대학교 논문집 Vol.45 No.-

        Currently most of companies are confronted to a fierce competition in and out of our country. In this situation it is very important for companies to have a customer competitive capability. First, to approach for strengthening to customer competitive capability, companies must realize and establish a strategy to strengthen customer competitive capability that companies have differential advantages to competitive companies. And then companies will persuit customer satisfaction management to satisfy their customers' needs and wants properly. Second, companies must understand co-relations between service, customer satisfaction and customer responsiveness, and manage each factor effectively. If companies are able to satisfy their customers, customers satisfied will response and react with friendship and loyalty in turn. Customer competivitve capability will be strengthened in result. Third, to satisfy their own customers, companies ought to give essential customer values to their own customers, and advance service quality. To do it well, companies should develop service quality model fitting to their own companies' circumstances. In short, to strengthen customer competitive capability is the essential strategic topic in marketing activities of modern company. This study will provide a viewpoint for establishing a marketing strategy and customer management by approaching to strengthen customer competitive capability.

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