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        • 라이프스타일 샵의 공간구성 및 실내표현 계획에 관한 연구

          강미지(Kang, Mi-Ji),강철희(Kang, Chul-Hee) 한국실내디자인학회 2020 한국실내디자인학회 학술대회논문집 Vol.22 No.1

          Due to the increase in the number of single households, value consumption, and single consumption, consumers are showing great interest in improving the quality of their lives. Lifestyle has changed and the desire and interest to express one’s individuality tends to spread to household goods and living products. In accordance with the consumer propensity of society as a whole, domestic and foreign companies start to market lifestyle brands, compare the structure of store spaces with the differentiated concept, and present a space structure and a space expression method suitable for the lifestyle shop. A composite space constitution method of the lifestyle shop is analyzed from the expression characteristics of the indoor space. First of all, lifestyle shops need to have more special spaces differentiated from other brands, and they need to have symbolism that conveys the value of their brand to consumers.Secondly, the complexity and scale of the profit space and the non-profit space have increased significantly increased. Third, lifestyle shops are a two-way communication space between brands and consumers through their interaction characteristics. Through this research, we hope that more specific research will be presented on brand lifestyle shops collaborating with global brands in Europe, the U.S., and Japan.

        • KCI등재
        • 융모성 성선자극호르몬과 태반 락토젠이 태반 영양배엽세포의 분화와 성장에 미치는 영향

          신종철,김동주,안현영,남궁성은,백은정,노성래,강미지,배석년 대한산부인과학회 2001 Obstetrics & Gynecology Science Vol.44 No.7

          Background: There are many factors that influence the differentiation and growth of trophoblasts. During differentiation of trophoblasts, two major hormones are secreted; human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) and human placental lactogen (hPL). These two hormones are secreted in a peculiar pattern during pregnancy and function of these hormones is not yet fully understood. Also, it is not known whether these hormones directly influence the differentiation and growth of trophoblasts. On the other hand, it is known that choriocarcinoma cells are undifferentiated, so they are unable to form syncytiotrophblasts. And many factors may be associated with this inhibitory potential. Objective :The purpose of this study was to observe whether the hCG and hPL are associated with differentiation and growth of early placental trophoblasts and becoming malignant. Method: The hCG, hPL, IL-6 and insulin were added to cytotrophoblasts isolated from normal 8 to 10 gestational weeks placental tissues by a degree of concentration, and observed the secreted hPL concentration and morphological change to syncytiotrophoblasts daily. And it was performed in Bewo cells in same manner. Result: The increased hPL secretion was noted in hCG, hPL, IL-6 and insulin were added normal trophoblasts and this may result from differentiation of cytotrophoblasts to syncytiotrophoblasts. Also, morphological changes to syncytiotrohoblasts was observed at the same time. But, Increased hPL secretion and syncytiotrophoblasts formation was not detected in Bewo cells. Conclusion :In this study, it seems that hCG, hPL, IL-6 and insulin had an influence on differentiation and growth of normal trophoblasts. On the other hand, no changes in hPL secretion and morphology at the choriocarcinoma cell line tells us that defects of differentiation in choriocarcinoma is due to abnormalities of the receptors on hCG and hPL or a differentiation associated gene, not a defect of these hormones themselves.

        • KCI등재

          배양된 인간영양배엽세포에서 PGE2 와 Prostacyclin 이 혈관내피 성장인자와 염기성 섬유아세포 성장인자의 발현에 미치는 영향

          신종철,김동주,안현영,김수평,이지현,이방현,노성래,강미지,오민정 대한산부인과학회 2001 Obstetrics & Gynecology Science Vol.44 No.8

          Background : Several angiogenic factors such as bFGF and VEGF have been shown angiogenesis of placenta. PGE2 and PGI2 may be important in successful establishment of pregnancy. Objective : We studied to investigate whether PGE2 and PGI2 regulate expression of VEGF and bFGF gene in the cultured human trophoblast cells. Methods : Human trophoblasts were isolated from the placenta of early gestation (6-12 weeks). Isolated trophoblasts were cultured in the different concentration of PGE2 and PGI2 and according to the different cultured time of PGE2 and PGI2, respectively. Total RNA was extracted and RT-PCR was performed. Result : Expression of bFGF was increased in 10-7M and 10-6M of PGE2 and was always increased in the all different concentration of PGI2. Four isoforms (VEGF121, VEGF165, VEGF189, VEGF206) were always expressed in the all different PGE2 and PGI2 concentration compared to the control group. However, there was no significant difference in the all different PGE2 and PGI2 concentration. In both PGE2 and PGI2 treatment group, expression of bFGF was decreased at 60 min compared to the control group and was gradually increased in time-dependent pattern. At 180 min, its expression was similar to the control group. Conclusion : Our data suggest that the expression of bFGF gene is influenced by cultured time and concentration of PGE2 and PGI2, although the expression of VEGF gene is not influenced.

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