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        • 인터넷 광고현황과 개선방안 연구

          강도원,강선희,이수형 남서울대학교 경영연구센타 2003 경영연구 Vol.5 No.-

          Internet advertising is an important advertising instruments(media) in the present time. So today's internet advertising grown up exceedingly This study is focus on intenet advertising conditions and various problem. And in connection with problems, this study suggests various improvement programs.

        • 전자화폐의 활성화 방안에 관한 고찰

          강도원,강선희,이수형 남서울대학교 2003 남서울대학교 논문집 Vol.9 No.-

          As the electxonic commerce motion by increase of internet use smartens recently, trust problem etc.. are happening regarding pnce payment and so on between person concerned that do electronic Commerce. Therefore, establishment of safe payment method to prevent when electronic commerce pays the former to get high trust, forgery of transaction information and improper acquisition is important. So, electronic money was appeared to realize safe electron payment as new electron payment means for electronic commerce on internet. Electron capital transfer or eIectron of disbursement settlement means and so on is being expose in general phenomenon for safe settlement in these environment. End, electronic money of excellent safety that do from various card mean to intermediary instead of cash, check was appeared. This study wishes to present ways that electronic money that is settlement means to analyze success factor and problems of eiectronic settlement system from e-commerce acts important role to get high trust is activated.

        • KCI등재후보

          성인 인터넷 중독과 일주기 리듬의 연관성

          강도원,소민아,이태경,Kang, Do Won,Soh, Minah,Lee, Tae Kyeong 대한수면의학회 2015 수면·정신생리 Vol.22 No.2

          목 적 : 그동안의 인터넷 중독에 대한 연구는 청소년과 초기 성인기만을 대상으로 이루어졌다. 본 연구는 우리나라 성인 연령에서의 인터넷 중독의 위험성을 확인하고, 인터넷 중독이 수면에 미치는 영향에 대해 알아보기 위해 시행되었다. 방 법 : 우리나라 성인인구를 대표할 수 있도록 인구비례 추출을 통해 508명의 대상을 선정하였고, Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test-Korea (Audit-K), Zung's Self-Rating Depression Scale (SDS), 최근 1년간의 약물 사용, 자살시도를 확인하여 325명을 최종 대상으로 연령, 성별, 거주지 등의 사회인구학적 요인과 함께 Young's Internet Addiction Scale (IAS)와 Morningness-Eveningness Questionnaire (MEQ), 주중과 주말의 입면시각, 기상시각 그리고 카페인 음료 섭취 여부 등을 온라인 설문조사를 통해 조사하였다. 결 과 : 인터넷 중독 고위험 군은 총 325명 중 136명(41.8%), 정상사용 군은 189명(58.2%)이었다. 인터넷 중독 고위험 군은 정상사용 군에 비해 통계적으로 유의하게 남성이 많고, 나이가 어릴수록 인터넷 중독 고위험 군에 속하는 비율이 높은 것으로 나타났지만 차이가 통계적으로 유의하지는 않았다. 인터넷 중독 고위험 군은 정상사용 군에 비해 저녁형의 비율이 높았으며, 인터넷을 사용하기 위해 카페인 음료를 섭취하는 비율이 높았다. 결 론 : 본 연구 결과는 성인에서도 인터넷 중독의 고위험 군이 많고, 청소년과 초기 성인기와 유사하게 성인에서도 인터넷 중독과 수면 사이에 의미 있는 연관이 있음을 보여주었다. 향후 인터넷 중독과 아침형-저녁형 간의 인과 관계를 밝히기 위한 종단 연구가 필요하다. Background and Objectives: Internet addiction is an increasing problem in Korea. The previous studies in this area have targeted adolescents and young adults. This study was conducted to examine the risk of internet addiction in Korean adults and the effect of internet addiction on circadian rhythm. Materials and Methods: For this study, 508 subjects were chosen through population proportional sampling to represent the adult population in Korea, 325 of whom were included based on the Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test-Korea (Audit-K), Zung's Self-Rating Depression Scale (SDS), drug use in the past year, and suicide attempts. In these subjects, sociodemographic factors including age, gender, and residential area were analyzed, and Young's Internet Addiction Scale (IAS), Morningness-Eveningness Questionnaire (MEQ), and an online survey examining sleep onset time on weekdays and weekends, wake-up time, and caffeinated drink intake were executed. Results: Of the 325 subjects, 136 (41.8%) belonged to a high-risk internet addiction group ($IAS{\geq}40$), and 189 (58.2%) belonged to a normal group (IAS < 40). There was a high proportion of male subjects (p = 0.03) in the high-risk group compared to the normal group. There was a high proportion of younger subjects (p = 0.055) in the high-risk group compared to the normal group, but this difference was not statistically significant. Compared to the normal group, there was a high proportion of the evening type ($MEQ{\leq}41$) in the high-risk group (p = 0.024), who also showed a high proportion of caffeinated drink intake (p < 0.001). Also, the high-risk group was found to go to bed and wake up late, but there was no statistically significant difference with the normal group. Conclusion: This study showed that many adults have a high-risk of internet addiction, and there was a significant correlation between internet addiction and sleep in adult, as has been found in adolescents and early adults. In the future, a longitudinal study will be needed to verify the causal relationship between internet addiction and morningness-eveningness.

        • 제3성분계 xPb(Y½Ta½)O₃-(1-x)Pb(Zr_0.52Ti_0.48)O₃세라믹스의 전기적 특성

          강도원,박태곤 창원대학교 산업기술연구소 2001 産技硏論文集 Vol.15 No.-

          Solid solution of xPb(Y1/2Ta1/2)O3-(1-x)Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3 x=0 to x=0.1 were investigated from the viewpoint of dielectric and piezoelectric properties. The dielectric constant of PYT-PZT ceramics of 4mol% PYT was 1,424 at room temperature. The maximum value of electromechanical coupling factor kp of 51% and kt of 30% were obtained at the composition of 4mol% PYT, however mechanical quality factor(Qm) had a minimum value of 69 at 4mol% PYT. Also, the maximum value of piezoelectric constant of d33(310[pC/N]) and d31(-131[pC/N]) were obtained at the composition of 4mol% PYT content.

        • 의료서비스품질 측정에 관한 연구

          강도원 남서울대학교 경영연구센터 2002 경영연구 Vol.4 No.-

          The purpose of this study was to introduce concept of hospital services and determine the relationships among quality, satisfaction, and repurchase intention in hospital service. The data were gathered from out-patients who had used women's hospital services. They were asked to assess service quality, customer satisfaction, service value, and repurchase intention. A total of 348 usable questionnaires were gathered. These hypothesized relationships concerning service quality, customer satisfaction, and repurchase intention were verified by covariance modeling, using SPSS 10.0 and AMOS 4.0 program. The analytic methods for the study were confirmatory analysis and covariance structural analysis. The results of the study were as follows: First, The concept of hospital services theoremed. Second, Service quality had a significant effect on customer satisfaction and total service quality. Third, total service quality had a significant effect on customer satisfaction and service value. Fourth, Customer satisfaction and service value had a significant effect on repurchase intention.

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