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        • 不確實性下에서의 投資에 關한 個人의 意思決定 硏究

          康景植 명지대학교 공학기술연구소 1986 공학기술연구소 논문집 Vol.1 No.-

          An individual makes an endeavor for maximum of their usefulness. An usefulness is involved in a rich through consume and an usefulness to investment is involved in the change rate of rich. In this paper, we have study 1) the individual attitude for the risk 2) a relation of cost functions 3) measure of danger refrainment 4) the attitude of danger under representation function. We have a result that expect usefulness with usefulness function decide a question about individual investment behavior.

        • MRP Lot Size 決定規則에 관한 硏究

          康景植,閔雄基 명지대학교 공학기술연구소 1987 공학기술연구소 논문집 Vol.2 No.-

          This paper is to show how to determine the optimal Lot Sizing Rules in a hierarchical Production System. Four selective Lot Sizing Rules, shown excellent among those 9 Lot Sizing Rules in recent studies, are evaluated in terms of production and inventory cost. Six typical demand patterns are generated, and unit production costs and set-up costs are considered as a function of different levels of production system. Also were calculation the total cost of 16 Lot Sizing Sequence generated by the permutation of the four selective rules. Decisions are made on the optimal Lot Sizing Rules at the minimum total cost. Since the total cost varies as a function of the lot size, the upper and lower limit of the lot size is to be estimated within the range of the tolerance level of the total cost. The Economic Lot Range, which the variation of the total cost is negligible, is determind by the two limits of the lot size. Experimentation shows the range is wide enough to provide a greater flexibility in management decision. As the lot size spans from its lower to upper limit, the corresponding penalty costs occur. A functional relationship between total cost and lot size is established through the use of sensitivity analysis. Then the suggested model lays down new criteria by which the penalty cost is optimal.

        • Computer를 利用한 Radiater製品鑄物不良 要因分析에 관한 연구

          康景植,朴明圭 명지대학교 1983 明大論文集 Vol.14 No.-

          The cause of radiator casting defects are studied by computer analysis. Each factors used for the computer work are classified and coded as macro-, semicro-, and micro- classification. They are correlated each other and simple and multiple correlationships ate obtained. The results are discussed in terms of PN and CR value which are determined from this work and summarized as following. 1. The principles of PN and CR value can be used for processing examination directly. 2. The existence or nonexistence of the simple and multiple correlationships can give the criteria to check out cause of defects promptly. 3. The numbers included in each factor also can be used to define the cause accurately.

        • 需要豫測에 관한 小考

          康景植,柳志喆 명지대학교 1987 明大論文集 Vol.18 No.-

          Classifying the types of forcasting method broadly, they are quantitative method appropriate for long-range forcasting, casual method for short and medium-range forcasting, and time series method for short-range forcasting. In this paper, Winters' Method in time series method will be considered that are useful for forcasting time series, which has seasonal and trend.

        • KCI등재후보

          부속품의 계약제도 적용방안에 관한 연구

          김영주,강경식 대한안전경영과학회 2015 대한안전경영과학회지 Vol.17 No.4

          Supply units in each command are multi-tiered and each supply unit keeps a supply level independently, which can cause excess stock, leading false reports to the Logistics Command and increasing difficulties in managing user needs. This causes excess assets and the excess then causes deformation in demand. therefore, the supply support systems of our armed forces have become high-cost/low-efficiency and are insufficient to meet the needs of users in combat units. Civilian corporations and the US Department of Defense are downsizing the aforementioned multi-tiered supply systems thus revolutionizing efficient and effective logistics by adopting Supply Chain Management(SCM), and Prime Vendor policies. Prime Vendor policy is a logistics support method that allows users to directly request and receive supply items from suppliers, based on supply contracts between suppliers and central maintenance organizations like KDA. In other words, it is a system that allows for users to make orders to suppliers directly and suppliers to deliver goods to the users directly, cutting out the middle stage, thus allowing an efficient supply. This is a way forward in finance that cuts costs in net supplies and allows an efficient utilization of civilian assets. which is also known to fasten the speed of logistical support and stripping down the logistical structure. therefore, this report will explore Prime Vendor policies adopted in certain number of units for medical supplies that were taken in consideration of improvements in stock management in civilian organizations and the US Army, and aims to apply such policies for repair parts.

        • KCI등재후보

          해외 안전보건관리 사례를 통한 국내 제도적 개선연구 -일본의 안전보건관리를 중심으로-

          김장원,강경식 대한안전경영과학회 2015 대한안전경영과학회지 Vol.17 No.4

          In the industrial accident that occurred in the recent contract type of business or establishment (including subcontractor) employers and contractors who demand among employers, would be liable to have a proper discussion on how to prevent industrial accidents. To resolve this issue, it introduced the discussion with the Japanese legal system, which has a system similar to the Occupational Safety and seeks to help us in our country's future institutional improvements.

        • KCI등재후보

          물류단지 입지선정요인에 관한 연구

          백선우,강경식 대한안전경영과학회 2015 대한안전경영과학회지 Vol.17 No.4

          modern logistics are required to carry out functions such as timely adjustment and swift adaptation to changing patterns, and this leads to the emphasis on forming logistics parks. Logistics parks make profits using the efficiency of time and space. Such logistics parks play an important role in a corporation creating operating profits as well as acting as a method of alternative investment for individuals. Logistics parks no longer simply store materials, but have become a place that plays an important role in various areas of corporate and individual activities, and thus the analysis of the selection of the location of logistics parks and the related characteristics is extremely important. There are many existing studies on the selection of locations of logistics parks but work on the factors related to location selection by industry seem lacking. As such, in the course of this study we have used preceeding studies to draft a questionnaire on which selection factors affect the selection of logistics park location in different industries and conducted empirical analysis of the questionnaire results to uncover the factors that affect the selection of the locations of logistics parks in different industries.

        • KCI등재후보

          데이터링크 통신을 위한 PLL 주파수합성기 설계

          권상철,강경식 대한안전경영과학회 2015 대한안전경영과학회지 Vol.17 No.3

          For the first time, PLL frequency synthesizer using DDS was adapted for the data link communication system which should fast transmit and receive each other with the correct information and fast Hopping System. It is inevitable to lost the synchronization by slow lock time about PLL and no cut off the noise. This paper propose the design of PLL frequency synthesizer which can make 800MHz frequency range. The PLL frequency synthesizer has three high qualities those are frequency accuracy, fast lock time and outstanding phase noise.

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