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      • 釜山地方 屠畜牛의 肝蛭 被害調査 및 驅蟲劑 効力檢定 試驗

        金夲源 ; 金永權 김천대학교 1986 김천대학교 논문집 Vol.7 No.-

        1.Among 6,992 cattle, the infection rate of Fasxiola spp, were 42.8%(2,994cattle) 2.According to the breed, Korean native cattle were top rate of 43.5% and beef cattle were of a most bottom 41.9%. 3.Juging from the rate of F. spp, infection by provincial area, Gyeongsa-ngnan province was in top ranging with infection rate of 46.8%, mean while, Daegu city was showed minimum rate 37%. The other 3 areas among 5 provinces registered 37~41.3% rate. 4.In the relationship between the rate of F, spp, infection and age level, infection rate of F. spp, tended to increase with age. Age 2 was low-est rate 39.7% and 6 and 7 over top rate 52% and 51%. 5.Based on sex, females were 51.1% and males were infected with F, spp, 39.8%. 6.The positive rate of Fascioliasis in cattle of dairy farms was 44.3% 7.The results of experimental therapy revealed that Fasinex(Triclabendazol 10%w/v) efficiency at 6ml/100kg were 10% of 1week, 35% on 2 weeks, 50% on 3 weeks and 70% on 4 weeks after drug administration.

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