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      • Shope Rabbit Papilloma Virus에 의한 종양발생에 관한 연구

        任春彬,梁容泰 중앙대학교 의과대학 의과학연구소 1975 中央醫大誌 Vol.1 No.1

        A study was made with Shope rabbit papilloma virus(RPV) on 1) papilloma induction and cancerous transformation in adult rabbits and 2) the progress of Shope papillomas induced in newborn rabbits, in order to confirm and extend the oncogenicity of RPV in adult rabbits and to observe the applicability of newborn rabbits for tumor induction by RPV. Virus inoculum was prepared from cottontail rabbits papilloma tissues stored in buffered glycerin (cottontail Shope T-730,1968.5.6.). Inoculation of RPV was made either by multiple puncture method into adult's rabbit skin or by intradermal injection into newborn rabbit's skin. Following RPV inoculation observations were made on the development of papilloma, cancerous transformation and spontaneous regression of induced papillomas. The results are summarized as follows: 1. Typical papillomas developed in adult rabbits at the site of RPV inoculation(10^-1,10^-2, and 10^-3) with a latent period of 2 to 5 weeks, and this confirmed a well-known stability of RPV during such a long period of storage in 50% buffered glycerin. 2. of 5 adult rabbits in which papillomas developed after RPV inoculation, cancerous transformation was observed in 2 rabbits approximately 1 year after virus inoculation at the sites where high concentration of RPV was inoculated. 3. RPV inoculation (10^-1) into newborn rabbit's skin also resulted in the development of papillomas at the site of virus inoculation. The result of papilloma induction in newborn rabbits indicated that the latent periods were at least 1 to 2 weeks shorter and rather homogeneous than those in the adult rabbits, and that the papillomas appeared to persist longer than in adult rabbits.

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      • Propionibacterium acnes 抽出抗原을 使用한 間接血球凝集反應

        梁容泰,任春彬,崔哲淳 大韓免疫學會 1979 大韓免疫學會誌 Vol.1 No.1

        Propionibacterium acnes, rather well known as Corynebacterium parvum in the fields of experimental and clinical medicine, is a member of the Gram-positive, non-sporeforming, anaerobic bacilli. Since the sensitivity and specificity of indirect hemagglutination is well established, it appeared quite plausible that the development of indirect hemagglutination test with the antigens extracted from P. acnes would sufficiently facilitate the immunological studies on P. acnes such as the classification of P. acnes into type 1 and type 11, determination of the levels of antibodies against P. acnes in the sera of healthy or diseased individuals, and the nature of host-parasite interactions between human and P. acnes as a whole. The purpose of this study included 1) extraction of hemagglutinating antigens from P. acnes, 2) standardization of indirect hemagglutination test with the extracted antigens, and 3) comparative measurements of antibody titers in the sera of hyperimmunized rabbits, and apparently healthy individuals against P. acnes by agglutination and indirect hemagglutination test. This study clearly demonstrated that the hemagglutinating antigens could be extracted from P. acnes and the sheep red blood cells sensitized with those antigens agglutinated in the presence of specific antibodies. The results are summarized as follows. 1. Of the three hemagglutinating antigens of P. acnes the antigen 3, extracted by the method of Chun et al. (1957) provided the best sensitization of sheep red blood cells. 2. Among the normal, formalinized and tanned sheep red blood cells, the use of the forrralinized one appeared most appropriate for the storage and the sensitivity in the hemagglutination test. 3. Indirect hemagglutination test was more sensitive than agar gel diffusion. 4. Hemagglutinating antibody content against P. acnes in the hyperimmune rabbits sera were much lower than the agglutinin contents,__ and the hemagglutination tests with homologous P. acnes type sera failed to show type specificity of the reaction. 5. The result of comparative titration of agglutinin and hemagglutinating antibody against P. acnes type I in the sera of 34 apparently healthy individuals also showed that the hemagglutinating antibody titers were much lower than the agglutinin titers, and that the majority of hemagglutinating antibody titers of the sera clustered in the levels of lower titers than those of agglutinin.

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      • KCI등재

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