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      • KCI등재

        A Study on Wholistic Mission in Sharing Love and Happiness Foundation Ministry of Youngsan Dr. Yonggi Cho

        ( Cho Gwi Sam ) 한세대학교 영산신학연구소 2011 영산신학저널 Vol.22 No.-

        The ministry of Yonggi Cho, which he began after his retirement, offers important lessons in the context of the modern mission. He work as the wholistic mission is recommended by both traditional and progressive parties. According to this trend, the Sharing of Love and Happiness Foundation can be considered as an example of the wholistic mission, which carries the Great Commission of God by the church. Thus, the writer wants to study the motivation, methods, and influence of “Sharing of Love and Happiness” of Yonggi Cho which belongs to a wholistic mission. The content of this paper is wholistic mission of NGO and “Sharing of Love and Happiness” in the ministry of Yonggi Cho. He made the Three-fold Blessing from the gospel of Jesus. It is a message which confirms that humans have a right to share in salvation of souls, all other matters, and in the well-being of their bodies. The ministry of Cho’s wholistic mission structure is also to change the frame of old traditional dogmatics. He constructed the shape of wholistic mission through three-fold blessings and proved it, through Good People which is a NGO. The writer evaluates that the Sharing of Love and Happiness Foundation is a model of the wholistic mission, presenting the future ministry of the Korean Church.

      • KCI등재
      • KCI등재
      • KCI등재

        한국교회 성장 동력의 회복을 위한 소고

        조귀삼 ( Gwi Sam Cho ) 한국복음주의선교신학회 2015 복음과 선교 Vol.29 No.-

        The church rapidly grew after acceptance of Christianity in Korea. However the major church leaders discuss about the Christian Crisis Theory with the proving evidence of phenomenon that a number of church members and the offering donation amount in a monetary unit decreases currently. In such the situation, looking at the growth factors for Korean church, I analyzed the phenomenal factors caused for the stagnation of church growth in Korea from a critical perspective and described social factors, spiritual perspective, internal factor of church, external influences of church to prepare the power source for the future growth of church. Therefore I researched all these issues to suggest guidance for the development and growth of church along with the purpose of the mission. The Koran church was pioneered by western missionaries. According to the history, the religious column of Korea, confucian established by Cho-Sun Dynasty must yield their highest position to the Christianity. The change of society generally creates new motivation. The relationship between Israel’s Exodus and the change of society testifies the previous sentence described as an example. Scholars generally insist that the causes of Korean church’s rapid growth are racial characteristics having religious mind, western medical technology, education and the realized vision of the missionary nature revealed in the Bible. As a matter of fact the Korean church has changed our nation with western newspaper, medical technology and social volunteers. Especially, we can certainly assure that the Pyung-Yang conference was the major catalyst of Korean church growth. With such the power, the Korean Christianity had to endure persecutions and hardships from the policy of eliminating Christianity under Japan’s suppression. Additionally the Christianity has become the space of the nation’s hope as the pain of dividing the Korean Peninsula goes deeply. As passing 1960s the church had been positioned as the new community in Korea through civilization that the city was densely populated from the suburban side with the advent of the industrial society. The church grew rapidly day by day. Also the new political and religious power was created. But the growth of Korean church ceased as passing 1990s. The various many causes about this were already revealed. But as passing by 1990s, we recognize that the church growth has been stagnated. We could discover many various causes. Those are the influence of secularization, the stagnation of population composition and the negative image of leadership. Especially the advent of similar Christianity caused people to be confused generally with the real identity of Christianity. For the instance, such as the principal sermon of the unification church (tong-il-kyo) and the lesson of ku-won-pa, both of these representatives of Korean heresy accepted the traditional Christianity and history to damage the truth of Christianity. Additionally, such the heresy, shin-chon-ji has directly damaged the traditional church and caused enormous problems. I, the writer of this article attempted to find alternatives for future growth of church through two organizations. The first alternative came from the internal factor from church inside. The spiritual power source such as Pyung-Yang Revival Conference opened in 1970, the spiritual dynamic movement with fullness of Holy Spirit, prayer movement and mission movement should be restored and must sweep through the Korea peninsula. Because all church members of Korea consistently agree with the spiritual meaning of Pyung-Yang Revival Conference opened in 1907. Secondly, it was mentioned that the social function of church from the perspective of Holistic Salvation Theory should be realized for the second alternative. I already insisted that the Theology of Diakonia, multicultural community, a community life with neighbors could initiate the second growth of Korean church in the post-modern society. Thirdly, the last alternative is to restore the Korean church leadership. The Korean churches suffer from the scarcity of leadership currently. The change of philosophy caused from secularization, the development of SNS which became the representative communication of world expose the inner problems of church called ‘holy place’ and influenced the leadership of church negatively. I, the writer of this article pray that the Korean church must be remembered as the amazing church in the world church history and missionary history, furthermore to expand the God’s kingdom.

      • KCI등재

        Missions Training in Christian Education System of Korea

        Gwi-sam Cho 한국기독교교육정보학회 2006 Journal of Christian education information tech Vol.0 No.10

        Who should we model our Christian Education method after? It should be Jesus and Paul. Jesus spent many hours teaching and training His disciples for successful mission. Paul, who was on the forefront in preaching to Gentiles, was a well-trained missionary. He was trained by the most prestigious rabbi Gamaliel. What he learned became the basis of 'Justification by Faith'-the essence of Christianity. Korean churches should draw lessons from this. I have participated in many seminars and symposiums on mission strategy. Questions about the remarkable growth of Korean churches as well as questions concerning the training of our missionaries have frequently been asked. This motivated me to start this paper. This paper critically reviews the current Christian Education system of missionaries in Korea and seeks to figure out how missionary training can lead to effective missions.

      • KCI등재

        Self-Theologizing of the Three-Fold Blessing Which Occurred in the Ministry of Youngsan

        ( Gwi Sam Cho ) 한세대학교 영산신학연구소 2014 영산신학저널 Vol.31 No.-

        The writer would like to study the missiological meaning of the result of self-theologizing which made the church grow as Youngsan made the Three-fold Blessing via making a blessing which is inherent in Korean tradition and known as “redemptive analogy.” The Three-fold Blessing theology of Youngsan applied well to Korean Christians as Youngsan applied blessings in the Bible to the Korean tradition and made it rooted and fruitful. His key message of the Three-fold Blessing is well summarized in 3 John 1:2, “Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.” If it is evaluated by Korean theology, the theology of blessing is contextualized in the Korean culture. Youngsan made the largest church in the world through the Threefold Blessing. This can be a successful model of self-theologizing in Korea. When the Gospel came to Korea and survived by itself, Koreans received Biblical truth on “blessings” from a position of a receiver. Youngsan developed this notion of “blessing” in the process of Christian indigenization and made the church growth greatly. His theology teaches that good God is God of blessing. Indeed, he taught church members that God of Christianity is good God, and made Korean self-theologizing through the missiological application of the Three-fold Blessing. After all, Youngsan made the largest church through the gospel of the Three-fold Blessing, which applied the notion of blessings which Koreans have traditionally. He has practiced serving others as a holistic mission of holistic salvation through church growth and changes the culture of “han” inherent in Koreans and expands to the churches in the world though CGI and centripetal visiting conferences. Thus, the writer argues that Youngsan is a minister who fulfilled self-theologizing in Korea, using the gospel of the Three-fold Blessing which is in the Bible.

      • KCI등재

        Missiological Education to Overcome the Conflict of Civilization

        Gwi Sam Cho 한국기독교교육정보학회 2011 Journal of Christian education information tech Vol.0 No.20

        This study focuses on missiological education to overcome the conflict of civilizations for multi-cultural immigrant women who are married to Koreans. Since the population of marriage immigrants has grown, a multicultural society has been formed by international marriages. At the same time, this trend has brought several conflicts not only between two cultures but also between marriage immigrants. Here, the writer first analyses three motives of their settlement in Korea. The first motive is the Korean government’s marriage movement for unmarried people. The second motive is religious marriage that unites religion. The third motive is marriage into Korean culture and financial reasons. Next, the writer examines the essential elements of family problems occurring in immigrant brides’ families: violation of human rights, emotional conflicts of cross culture, conflicts in family members and conflicts of financial insufficiency. The Korean government enforces various education laws for immigrant brides so that they can adapt themselves well in Korea. The representative offices are the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Women, and the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Due to this endeavor, Korean society understands that we need to break the wall of dual cultures and untie society. Yet, a temporary and onetime event cannot solve the fundamental problems of immigrant women in Korea. We need to apply synthetic education for them. Within synthetic education, the essential element is mission education. The writer puts special emphasis on missiological education for multi-cultural families. Religious education by the church community, resolution of cultural conflicts through a multicultural Christian academy, an increase in the quality of life by Biblical spouse education, and church education for multi-cultural children are suggested.

      • KCI등재

        The Study on the Influence of the Fasting Prayer Movement of Rev. Ja Shil Choi in the Church Growth of Yoido Full Gospel Church

        ( Gwi Sam Cho ) 한세대학교 영산신학연구소 2012 영산신학저널 Vol.25 No.-

        The Yoido Full Gospel Church (YFGC) is the biggest church in the world. The beginning of the church was the result of the fasting prayer of Rev. Ja Shil Choi. It is certain that due to her fasting prayer, the biggest church was established. Fasting prayer is a unique and useful tool which gives positive influence on faithful life and health. Further, it brings the power of God into our life. Rev. Choi argues that fasting prayer is a useful religious practice through her own experience. Today, we live in the era where we need faith. When we subdue the body through fasting prayer and have deep fellowship with the Holy Spirit, our spirit is filled with the Holy Spirit. Thus, we can do not belong to body, but to the Holy Spirit so that we can be a spirit-filled man and have a victorious life. Through this study, the writer wants to delineate how the Fasting Prayer Movement of Rev. Choi influenced the church growth of Yoido Full Gospel Church. Rev. Ja Shil Choi realized the necessity of fasting prayer mountain for spiritual life, and prayed for the building of prayer mountain. Initially, she tried to establish at Shiheung and made a contract to purchase 10,000 sq.m.; but she was swindled. When she prayed in despair, she heard the voice, “Go to the graveyard at Ohsanri.” Initially, she prayed in a storage house which manages a cemetery and more people gathered in the storage house and built the prayer mountain with the approval of church council of Yoido Full Gospel Church. Prayer is the highest priority task in church growth. The writer proves six essential aspects. The church began at the outskirt of Ja Shil Choi and has become the biggest church in the world. In this growth, the writer proves that Fasting Prayer played an important role in the growth of YFGC. Rev. Choi emphasized not only fasting prayer but also practicing the Christian life. The power of fasting prayer is to restore family, to give spiritual power, and to bring divine healing. As a result, she taught us that fasting prayer brings church growth. We, Christians, should apply the spirituality of fasting prayer to our religious life to bring church growth.

      • KCI등재후보

        유럽과 한국의 다문화인 유입에 따른 종교 갈등의 비교와 선교 전략 연구

        조귀삼 ( Gwi Sam Cho ) 한국복음주의선교신학회 2012 복음과 선교 Vol.17 No.-

        The researcher traced the factors of religious conflict by observing the changing process of immigration policy of Europe`s three countries such as United Kingdom, Germany, and France where many religious conflicts took place in the process of forming multi-culture. With this, researcher suggests missiological alternatives for social integration of Korean society, which can prevent the conflicts. Various European countries` recent efforts of speculating on reckless multi-culture policy which didn`t consider previous immigration policies, and trying new immigration policy approaches such as accepting immigrants selectively, tightening permanent residence and citizenship screening, and strengthening social integration policies are worth notice. That is because some within European countries suffers various problems due to the member of multi-culture influx. And religious conflicts lies in the crux of the problem. Samuel Huntington argued the clash of civilization. Religion is in the core of the civilization clash he asserted, and two streams of religion is the christian cultural sphere and Islam cultural sphere. The number of multicultural foreigners living in Korea exceeds 1.4million. The influx of the workers in the industry, marriage immigrants, and foreign students increased the number of foreigners. Korean multi-culture policy tends to deal with member of multi-culture still with paternalism. That is, social integration policies tend to be misunderstood as just a multicultural family welfare service support. The influx of multi-culture into Korea can possibly bring religious conflict. Therefore researcher proposed three missiological strategy for Korea multicultural people`s genuine social integration. They are coexisting educational mission, wholistic missions application, and discipleship mission through world view reformation. I hope this work would give an insight into the solution of multi-culture conflicts in European countries.

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