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        • SCOPUSKCI등재
        • KCI등재

          Learner Autonomy in EFL Reading with Digital Technology at Secondary School Level

          Heewon Choi,Chung Hyun Lee 아시아영어교육학회 2020 The Journal of Asia TEFL Vol.17 No.4

          Screenagers today may not have any difficulties in using digital technology for everyday social and entertainment purposes, but the extent to which they can make effective use of it for their own learning has not yet been fully explored. The purpose of the study is to investigate secondary school students’ autonomous learning and perspectives on the use of digital technology in EFL reading. With a total of 275 middle school students in Gyeongsang-do area of South Korea, the research was carried out in a mixed method. The data was collected through a survey questionnaire, supplemented by interviews. The results identified 60.4% of participants as autonomous learners in reading with digital technology. The level of learner autonomy was also positive for the five categories. The students’ perspectives are slightly positive (52.2%) towards the use of digital technology in autonomous reading. While recognizing its usefulness, they were neither interested nor motivated in the use of digital technology in autonomous reading. Grade three responded most negatively in terms of their perspectives on the use of it. It is suggested that teachers should promote the students’ enjoyable reading by exposing it to various useful resources and monitoring their progress.

        • SCOPUSKCI등재
        • KCI등재

          Exploring the Effectiveness of Hypermedia Glosses for Second Language Reading

          Shufang Wang,Chang-In Lee 아시아영어교육학회 2020 The Journal of Asia TEFL Vol.17 No.4

          The aim of the study is to investigate whether hypermedia glosses (i.e., text only, text plus audio, and text plus video clips) promote EFL learners’ reading comprehension and examine learners’ preferences for using hypermedia glossing modes when they are reading a hypermedia text. The participants were 77 intermediate-level EFL learners from a university in China. Data were collected through pre- and post- reading comprehension tests, a questionnaire, and interviews. The reading comprehension findings reveal that all three glossing modes significantly promote learners’ comprehension of the text, but no significant differences were found among these three types. In addition, the questionnaire and interviews data indicate that learners hold positive attitudes towards glosses and hypermedia reading. They preferred text coupled with video glossing mode more than text only and text plus audio glosses. The pedagogical implications were provided.

        • KCI등재

          Effects of Digital Writing Software as a Tool for Process Approach to Writing on Teacher Trainees’ Academic Writing Performance

          Kee Li Li,Abu Bakar Razali,Arshad Abd Samad,Nooreen Noordin 아시아영어교육학회 2020 The Journal of Asia TEFL Vol.17 No.4

          Knowledge about academic writing is important to be promoted among the community in Institutes of Teacher Education Malaysia (ITEMs) as the teacher trainees will need to teach these academic writing skills to their students in the future. Additionally, the amalgamation of digital technologies and instructional practice is known to be able to ignite the change in the teacher trainees’ learning of academic writing. As such, this study was conducted by adopting a single group quasi-experimental research design to investigate the effects of digital writing software as a tool for process approach to writing on teacher trainees’ academic writing performance. The study was done on 10 teacher trainees at one ITEM using pre- and post-tests, observation, and reflective journal. Findings indicate that the use of digital writing software as a tool for process approach to writing does improve the teacher trainees’ academic writing performance. The eclectic approach proposes an effective way of enhancing the writing process and increasing the teacher trainees’ motivation to write digital conceptual papers. The use of digital writing software as a tool for process approach to writing can be carried out over an extended duration to develop better comprehension and practice of academic writing.

        • KCI등재

          Revisiting Teacher-based Assessment to Enhance EFL Teachers’ Assessment Literacy in South Korea

          Hoe Kyeung Kim,Hyunhee Cho,Hongoak Yun,ChangOk Shin 아시아영어교육학회 2020 The Journal of Asia TEFL Vol.17 No.4

          The study aimed to extend the existing discussion on assessment literacy by focusing on English teachers’ ability to implement it in South Korea where a new assessment policy was implemented as part of educational reform. Scholars have pointed out a lack of teachers’ assessment knowledge and gaps in their ability to conduct the appropriate assessment for effective instruction. Thus, the scope of teacher assessment literacy needs to include teachers’ ability to implement it appropriately in given contexts. Grounding our study in the notion of teacher-based assessment as a guiding framework and using a mixed-methods design, we examined how Korean teachers perceived performance assessment emphasized in the reform and how they put it into practice. One hundred and twenty-seven teachers participated in survey questionnaires and 15 teachers were interviewed as a follow-up. The findings of the study showed that there were discrepancies between the teachers’ perceptions of assessment and their assessment practice and that the teachers showed diverse reactions toward teacher-based assessment from being capable to feeling powerless depending on their assessment knowledge and contextual constraints. The study suggests the importance of teachers’ agency in assessment literacy as a prerequisite for teacher-based assessment.

        • SCOPUSKCI등재

          An Error Analysis of L2 Writing : How Does Task Complexity Affect L2 Errors?

          Jiyong Lee 아시아영어교육학회 2020 The Journal of Asia TEFL Vol.17 No.3

          Most task-based research examined the effects of task complexity on various aspects of L2 production, and this study aims to perform an in-depth analysis of task complexity effects on error patterns observed in L2 writing in terms of morphological, lexical, syntactic, and mechanical errors. 39 learners of English carried out one written task with three levels of task complexity, operationalized as the number of elements. Results of a series of repeated-measures ANOVAs revealed that greater task complexity led to significant increases in the amount of all four error types and the numbers of morphological, lexical, and local syntactic errors per T-unit. It was also found that learners are more likely to make errors in terms of plurality, word choice, and article use when they need to mention more elements when carrying out complex tasks.

        • KCI등재

          Roles of Teacher Feedback in Promoting Effective English-Medium Instruction of a Business Subject

          Victoria Kim,Jeongyeon Kim 아시아영어교육학회 2020 The Journal of Asia TEFL Vol.17 No.3

          Despite the recent expansion of English-medium instruction (EMI) in a non-English speaking educational context, few studies have investigated teaching methodology for EMI. Using a mixed method, this study examines the effects of teacher feedback on college students’ their perspectives of learning a business subject through EMI. The quantitative part of the study investigated questionnaire responses of two groups of students enrolled in a course on entrepreneurship: the control group of the lecture-style class offering little teacher feedback (n = 158) versus the experimental group featuring extensive feedback (n = 153). For the cross-examination of these quantitative results, a semistructured interview with four respondents followed. The analysis showed that the students’ disciplinary backgrounds (general studies, business, and engineering) create differences in their perspectives of EMI and learning the business subject. Among the three major groups, the business major students ranked English proficiency as the most important for their career purposes. The feedback-concentrated instruction contributed not only to learning the subject, but it also moderated the differences between the disciplines. Notably, the participants’ comprehension of the subject significantly correlated with their evaluation of EMI. These findings highlight the crucial effect of teacher feedback on acquiring discipline-specific knowledge and cultivating new perspectives of EMI.

        • KCI등재

          Exploring the Change of Chinese EFL Teacher Beliefs in Listening Teaching : A Metaphor Analysis

          Fang Su,Luxin Yang 아시아영어교육학회 2020 The Journal of Asia TEFL Vol.17 No.3

          Metaphor offers a lens through which language teachers present their thinking about teaching and learning English as a second/foreign language. This study examined the changes of 25 middle school Chinese EFL teachers’ belief in listening teaching through the use of metaphor analysis. Multiple sources of data were collected, including elicited metaphors, questionnaires, reflection journals and workshop observations. Fifteen metaphors before and 21 after the workshop were identified. By comparing these conceptual metaphors before and after the workshop, this study found that the teachers’ negative attitude toward listening teaching was vanished and their view of listening teaching was broadened in terms of enhancing teacher-students ties and raising awareness of teaching design with holistic-multi-dimension understanding.

        • KCI등재

          Teachers’ Discourse Identities and Learners’ Participation Opportunities in EFL Classroom Interaction : A Conversation Analytic Study

          Sedigheh Karimpour,Zahra Zoleikani,Khadije Aqajani Delavar 아시아영어교육학회 2020 The Journal of Asia TEFL Vol.17 No.4

          Identity has received a surge of theoretical and empirical attention within the past decades. A body of research on teacher identity mainly involved the feelings, beliefs, experiences and emotions of language teachers, which construct their professional identity. However, few studies (Antaki, 2012; Richards, 2006; Zimmerman, 1998) have investigated dynamic identities embodied through talk-in-interaction, and more particularly in EFL contexts. Using conversation analysis (CA) as situated within a socio-cultural approach, this study intended to investigate EFL teachers’ identity as is constructed in classroom interactions. In this regard, using observations and video-recordings, three EFL teachers’ naturally-occurring classroom interactions have been transcribed in detail. Data analyses revealed that teachers and learners construct and display different levels of identity in their talk (Zimmerman, 1998). Nominating the students and entering them in question-answer sequence along with the subsequent questions, learners display their transportable identity. While learners produce transportable identity, they can significantly construct more talk and longer turns which may enhance their learning opportunity.

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