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      • 氣象行政組織의 發展方案에 관한 硏究

        鄭吉雲 동국대학교 행정대학원 2005 국내석사

        RANK : 249647

        The purpose of this study is to produce effectiveness of meteorological administrative system which is ultimate purpose of system through effectiveness, speciality, and adaptability of meteorological administrative system. For effectiveness according to connection between meteorological administrative system, the status as a central administrative organization should be promoted. Promotion as vice-minister class administration should be companied with promotion of needed position as bureau, re-maintenance of abnormal organization system and over-staffed position and establishment of new position which is necessary. According to the local autonomy, the meteorological administrative system need to newly establish the local administration, and current local administration and weather station should be integrated the overlapped function such as weather forecast, promote the position considering balance with local autonomy, the area need local observatory should be promoted as weather station, and other observatory should be re-maintenance by consignation to the civilian or automation. One of the other reasons that meteorological system is important is to integrate all disaster prevention meteorological system which is spread and to protect lives and property of all nations by quick and correct cope when the meteorological disaster occurs. Besides, the current 4 step system between headquarter and local organizations should be reduced as 3 steps and the connection should be strengthened and the quality and quantity productivity of organization should be planned. Compared to meteorologically advanced country, the area which is retarded is speciality of organization. In the advanced country, the meteorological system is specialized according to the functional, areal and environmental element in order to cope with the meteorological disaster actively. Current meteorological administrative system has, however, uniform and modern organization system. In order to cope with weather disaster and abnormal climate actively, it is necessary that the system in charge should be established. The systems which are most needed to be established or expanded are meteorological disaster prevention center, typhoon forecast center, meteorological satellite center and national earthquake center and the center in charge suitable to the regional characteristic is marine meteorological center, national mountains meteorological center. The typhoon forecast center is good to establish Cheju Regional Meteorological Office. Besides, national meteorological data center should be newly established and numerical weather prediction division should be reorganized and the more systematic and specialized system should be obtained. The meteorological administrative systen of 21th should cope with the change of environment and demand actively. The observation system should be expanded and the result should be used as basic information of society and economy as well as weather forecast. The technical communication with meteorological advanced country should be carried out actively, and the international communication system should be strengthened. In order to take charge the climate change and long term forecast systematically, the system of earth atmosphere observatory and long term forecasting division should be expanded or newly established and the industrial meteorological service should be subdivided according to the rapid expansion of demand. The positions take charge in agriculture, floodgate, aviation, and applied meteorological service should be reinforced, the civilization weather forecasting service should be promoted and the industrial meteorological system should be reorganized in order to construction of weekly forecast system. The meteorological administrative system of 21th century should be reorganized actively and innovationally for providing the climate change, meteorological disaster and meteorological information of global and Korean Peninsula.

      • 水原地域의 行政區域 改編에 관한 硏究 : 風水地理的 觀點과 地域住民 意識 考察

        曺洙範 동국대학교 행정대학원 2004 국내석사

        RANK : 249647

        The purpose of the above thesis is to study the theory on the administration area and reorganizing the administration area system. Starting from the theoretical study of administration are and its reform, I examine the necessity and possibility of reform of Suwon area located in the center of the korean peninsula. This study is, however, to characterize as a pursuit to reform the area on the viewpoint of pungsujirihak. It is well known that the modern new city Suwon where the capitol of Kyongki province is located has been constructed and developed on the ground of ex county Hwasong, the old name of Suwon. It seems that the government has planed to integrate the administration district city- gun into the special wide administration areas like Pusan, Daegu, Inchon, Daejon and Kwangju. It is expected that integration of self- governing district can accomplish several jobs including raising effectiveness of citizen- integrated administration and finance and promoting local area effectively. The effectiveness of local development by integrating self- governing district has been evidenced. On the contrary, the established city- country divided in self- governing districts did not match the reality of citizens zone of life and culture. Divergence of the formal administration area and the real life of residents in the area can bring forth a series of problems and difficulties. So the integration in the aspect of city administration, local administration and local development of Suwon area requires several preconditions like the following: 1) can it improve the productivity of administration service. It can make administration service better to integrate self- governing communities that share the same zone of life to apply limited resources effectively. In particular, public facilities that have to be invested lots of budget including culture facilities such as communal ground, gymnasium, and environmental basic facilities such as an incinerating place will be shared without constructing each by self- governing community. 2) Can it strengthen competitiveness of integrated great area As Suwon city that already has competitiveness of city and Hwasong- gun which has massive potentiality. So, the integration of surrounding area of Suwon city can promote the prosperity of coastal industry. 3) Can it be helpful in developing the urban area and rural, agricultural and fishing areas together hand in hand It can be said that the developing potentiality of Hwasong- gun is big, but the power to attract high technology is practically weak because it is located in an area influenced by powerful Suwon city. Osan city has a limit to grow independently because administrating conditions are vulnerable. Therefore, the integration of three self- governing communities could be a recommendable alternative to solve these problems. On the viewpoint of Pungsujirihak, I surveyed with a questionnaire to the 300 residents of Suwon area. The questionnaire consists of 30 questions. The results of questionnaire was analyzed with percentage and Chi-square test. 61.5% of residents who took part in the questionnaire survey represented the opinion that the reform of administration area is necessary. Of 46% of the answers which represent a positive prognose to the reform 63% foresees the enhancement of competitiveness both of urban and rural zone of area. To the questions about the pungsujiri of the area, the residents showed over average interest about Suwon history and geological character. This result suggest that many residents would not like to think the question of the reform of administration area independently from the geological and historical background. Good 56% of the answerer thought that the symbol of Suwon as Mt. Kwangkyo. It is to conclude that the residents shows a positive to the reform of administration area, any way. But there is a series of questions and problems which have to be further studied with the help of other data and reports.

      • 統一韓國의 中央行政組織 統合方案에 관한 硏究

        김점기 東國大學校 行政大學院 2002 국내석사

        RANK : 249647

        지난 10년 사이에 소·동구권 사회주의 국가의 붕괴, 동서독의 통일과정을 지켜보았고 이러한 국제환경 변화추세에 맞추어 남북한간에도 대화와 교류협력이 이루어지고 있다. 2000년 6월 남북정상회담의 성사를 계기로 남북한 정상간에 「6.15 남북공동선언」이 맺어짐에 따라 남북한통합에 대한 기대와 전망을 불러일으키고 있다. 본 연구는 통일한국의 미래상을 남한체제 중심의 단일국가 형태로 가정하고 남북한 통합문제와 관련하여 논의될 수 있는 제분야중에서 일상생활에 가장 큰 영향을 미치게 될 행정분야 통합방안을 제시하고자 하였다. 먼저 제2장에서는 남북한 행정조직통합의 이론적 배경으로서 통일과 통합, 행정 통합과 행정 조직 통합의 의미를 살펴 보고동서독의 행정 통합 사례를 통해 한반도에 대한 시사점을 도출하였다. 다음으로 제3장에서는 입법·사법·행정의 3권 분립으로 상호간에 견제와 균형이 이루어지고 있는 남한의 국가 행정체제와 당과 수령의 영도에 따른 중앙집권적 국가인 북한의 행정체제를 행정체제의 구성원리, 조직구조, 행정체제의 특징 등을 중심으로 비교·분석 하였다. 다음으로 제4장에서는 통일의 휴유증을 최소화하고 통일국가의이상을 실현하기 위한 행정조직 통합방안을 제시하기 위해 통일상황에 따른 행정수요 예측, 행정조직 통합원칙, 행정조직 통합방안 등을 검토하였다. 남북한 중앙행정체제 통합방안으로 통일시기의 완급에 따라 북한지역을 분리 특별관리하는 방안과 남한 행정조직의 북한지역 확산관리하는 방안, 그리고 새로운 행정수요를 해소하기 위한 「비상치안대책단」, 「신탁청」 등 각종의 특별 기구를 신설하여 관리하는 통합관리 방안을 제시하였다. 끝으로 제5장에서는 본 연구가 남북한의 통일상황을 동서독의 경우와 같은 기능주의적 통일방식을 가정하고 있는데 동서독과 다른 남북한의 특수성을 고려할 때 이는 제한적일 수 밖에 없다는 한계성을 지니고 있지만 이제부터는 통일시대에 대비하는 실천적 연구 과제로서 남북한 행정체제 통합방안 모색을 위한 논의가 보다 활발히 전개되어야 할 것임을 제안하였다. During the past ten years, we had watched the collapse of the former Soviet Union and Communized East-European countries. In addition, according to the change of the international political circumstance, Inter-Korean dialogues and cooperations have performed vigorously. Especially, due to the successful achievement of the Inter-Korean Summit in June 2000, the possibility of the Korean unification has come to the Korean closely. In my dissertation, I mainly focus on searching for the way of unification in the administrative field, because it would influence greatly in the every normal life of the Korean people. Of course, I assume the main subject of the unification here is R.O.K. In the Chapter 2, as a logical background, I try to study the meaning of the Unification, Unity, Administrative Unification and Administrative organization Unification. Then, try to certify the lesson from the Case study of German Unification. In Chapter 3, I try to compare the National Administrative system of the R.O.K-maintains balanced power structure through the division of Administrative, Legislation, and Justice- and the North Korean which maintains the absolute power of the Great Leader structure. Through the comparison, I study the features of their Administrative organizing principle, organization structure, and the Administrative system. In Chapter 4, I try to find the proper methods of minimizing aftennath of Unification and carrying on the goal of the Unified state. In order to certify the fact, I focus on finding proper prediction of Administrative need, principle and method of Administrative unification. Thus, according to the setting the period of unification, I propose to establish several special organization such as the Emergency Safe Planning Agency, the Bureau of Trust e.t.c to solve the recruit the managing officials. Besides, I try to study how we have to manage North Korean region separately and. extend our Administrative system into the region. In Chapter 5, as the case of German and Korea should be quite different, functional approach may not be proper to make a theory for Korean Unification. However I do expect that such discussion will be performed actively.

      • 顧客志向的 行政서비스 憲章의 效率的 實踐方案에 관한 硏究

        김영일 東國大學校 行政大學院 2004 국내석사

        RANK : 249647

        As the 21st century focuses on decentralization, regionalization, globalization, information and knowledge, humans, environment, and life have emerged as dominant values and paradigms. Since these circumstances affect governments and the public sector, competition, the quality of life, and innovation will continue to be taken into serious consideration. In the age of customers or consumers, accommodation customer' demands and preferences in a timely manner will determine the competitiveness of governments and therefore various programs and institutional devices will be introduced to increase the responsibility for and responsiveness to customers. However, on the other hand, the various needs and changes in customers' demands can trigger financial and administrative burdens to governments. Thus, reforms and innovations should be made to bring in greater achievement and results with fewer expenses and resources. This study on customer-oriented service charter which is focused on practical methods are summarized as follows. In the beginning, I exhibited the object, the range, the way on this study. As theoretical background, first of all, I defined customer-oriented service charter, examined development of customer-oriented administration. And I listed the need of customer-oriented administration and development direction of customer-oriented administrative service charter. Also, I examined, I examined related theory which is related customer-oriented administrative service charter. Lastly, I listed examples of foreign conturies about customer-oriented administration; England, U.S.A. To analysis of real condition of customer-oriented administrative service charter, I examined precedent studies and used secondary data which is related customer-oriented administrative service charter. And I surveyed cognition of internal and outernal customer about service charter fouced on An-San City, Kyoung-Ki Do, Korea. From the analysis, I raised the problem of customer-oriented administrative service charter.; Low cognition about administrative service charter, deficiency of contents of administrative service charter, the limit of evaluation of administrative service charter. And then, I suggested practical methods of customer-oriented administrative service charter. These are as follows : Firstly, We, social members must concern establishment of service-oriented system.; Citizen participation, local government- oriented system, evaluation system, survey degree of customer satisfaction. Secondly, We must establish offer system which is related to customer-oriented service.; take public relation to customer, participation of customer, educate officers about customer-oriented service charter. Thirdly, We must establish circumstance of practice customer-oriented administrative service charter.; efficiency of finance, systematic management of service charter to fit local circumstance. As a conclusion, I exhibited the conclusion on this study. And I summarized this study.

      • 地方政府의 言論弘報 活性化 方案에 關한 硏究

        김대환 東國大學校 行政大學院 1998 국내석사

        RANK : 249647

        The purpose of this thesis is to measure the extent to contribute by poblic speech report in order in order to attain fruitage in the local administration much nore diversified since execution of the local autonomy system in 1991, to inprove the living quality of the local government subject to the residents' desire level. As for the studying method to carry out the studying purpose among the processes of this study I considered such preceding study treatises at home and sbroad which are meeting with the home of 「Study for public speech report of local government for revitalization of residents participation」and, utilized the questionnaire research method as the positive analytical method. For analysis I executed verification of hypothesis of homogeneity through the ordered categorical variable X^(2) vericication. And also, I throughly reviewed for if there is difference by variables on ① participating extent, ② recognition, ③ concerns, ④ public speech report, ⑤ reflection extent & method of the residents intent, ⑥ priority in investment to public welfare facilities & cultural facilities and ⑦ administrative problems and the recognition and requirements of project with stress with aggressiveness by local residents as I explained foregoing. I briefly gave the concrete result of analysis thereto, presented the problens led by the results and also, tried to present matters to be studied hereafter to the subject which was not solved among the studying courses under this study later on as well as the idea to cope with. According to result of this study the recognition of the administrative affairs that is to through masscorn was indicated the most as the channel means the mostly contact by the local residents and shown by such sequence as public report information for municipal administration by the next and, to infer from such results, we may be aware by information to the residents are swiftest and widest when used masscom through newspaper or broadcast or advertisement. Since therefore, it may be regarded that the idea to aggressively utilize the informational recognition of administrative services through the public report data of municipal administration is required as a substitutional menans to use masscom which requires for more costs. I hereby may present about three alternatives as follows to enhance participation and concerns about the administration in general with aggressiveness and to increase the reliability to the Administrative through inprovement and rearrangement of living facility in the community and through change in affirmative accommodation form of the residents. 1) Increase in public facilities of local community and qualivative inprovement of administrative support service standard. 2) Duty faithfulness of local administration to the community ecvironmental facilities and residents' monitoring strengthening roles. 3) Increase in participation to the local administration by local residents. I gave considerations in detail to the study for public speech report of local government through revitalization of residents problem and alternatives threrto. As for the issue to be studied in the matter of outcome of budget excution to the community by the local government and that how to contribute to the community by relationship with the budgetary executed amount as related when poblic speech report is made and if it contributes the study on the contribution wil be studied in the future.

      • 保險規制緩和에 따른 監督行政 變化에 관한 硏究 : 損害保險分野를 中心으로

        장상훈 東國大學校 行政大學院 2000 국내석사

        RANK : 249647

        The creation of a knowledge-based financial system in Korea will begin with the continued deregulation of the financial sector. The deregulation will bring down longstanding walls between the banking, securities and insurance industries and promote greater industry-wide competition and consolidation. The deregulation will also lead to the rise of strategic cross-border alliances and M&A, as less competitive institutions look to ensure their survival and as larger firms seek to achieve economies of scale and improve their international competitiveness. Synergies created in the process of financial consolidation will be crucial to increasing the overall efficiency of the financial system and for the successful introduction of innovative financial products. In many respects, the financial crisis in 1997 can be traced back to a general dysfunction of market discipline. A pervasive lack of transparency among financial institutions and corporations, inadequate credit analysis and risk management skills were just a few of the structural problems that had become deeply embedded in the economy. Ultimately, the repeated failure to combine rapid liberalization of Korea financial markets with corresponding upgrades in the regulatory and supervisory frameworks would prove to have devastating financial consequences. In order to restore market discipline and to ensure the proper functioning of market mechanisms, the adoption of a new regulatory regime in Korea was needed. In short, the task for the new financial supervisor would be to remove the heavy hand of government intervention and to replace it with the invisible hand of the market. Korea non-life insurance industry was also adversely impacted by the financial crisis. Restructuring of the domestic insurance sector has focused upon the two major weaknesses revealed by the crisis : severe financial distress afflicting a number of insurance companies, and the lack of modernization and strong regulation within the industry. As a result, the insurance supervisory organization have pushed through with comprehensive reform, restructuring and consolidation efforts to assist ailing firms and rehabilitate the non-life insurance industry as a whole. Since launching non-life insurance sector reform, the government have made every effort to complete resolution of financially distressed non-life insurance companies through M&A, financial rehabilitation or dissolution. The efforts have led to the acquisitions of domestic insurance companies by foreign investors including U.K.-based Regent Pacific Group (purchased Haedong Fire & Marine). All insurance companies, except those which submitted rehabilitation plans in 1998, are required to meet the announced EU solvency margin requirements that are being phased in from September 1999 to March 2004. The solvency margin will be calculated based on the new loan provisioning requirements. Insurance companies that submitted rehabilitation plans in 1998 are required to meet the same EU solvency margin requirement by the end of this year(2000). Companies that fail to meet the required solvency margin thresholds will be subject to prompt corrective action. The legislation to create a new financial supervisory system in line with international standards. Under the new system, all financial institutions are subject to the supervision of a single body, the FSC, which began serving on April 1, 1998, as Korea supreme financial regulatory organization. Subsequently, the Office of Banking Supervision was separated from the Bank of Korea. In addition, the Securities and Exchange Commission was dissolved and the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) was established within the FSC to oversee the securities and futures markets. The insurance regulator, the Insurance Supervisory Commission, was also dissolved. In line with sector-wide initiatives, the FSC/FSS issued new regulations aimed at improving corporate governance at insurance companies by strengthening the roles of actuaries, auditors and outside directors. To ensure non-life insurance consumers confidence, they must feel protected. For this reason, the government focus on the needs and rights of the consumers, not on the institutions that supply those services. Full disclosure principles will enable consumers to make informed decisions regarding their dealings with financial institutions and corporations. In the same way, since it is the consumer who ultimately pays the costs of restructuring, the regulatory authority is committed to keeping these costs to a minimum by pursuing reform in a cost-efficient manner. Financial stability in itself is a powerful tool of consumer protection. The administration aim to ensure that this stability extends to all consumers equally.

      • 지방행정조직의 팀제 운영에 관한 연구

        김선배 동국대학교 행정대학원 2001 국내석사

        RANK : 249647

        Each country facing 21C in the world is trying to Reinvent Government introducing government reform and NPM to live the times of the change with openness and competition. These days, the idea of trying to reorganize through ""Teams"" has been spreading out among Korean firms. it could be said that as the economy gets into a Low-growth Era, Corporate expansion has become stagnant. This stagnation seems at least partially due to experience based promotion and the fatty situation of management positions used in most corporations. a more flexible operation system should be implemented to overcome this stagnation. Also with traditional bureaucracy situated in a vertical structure, it has become increasingly difficult to cope with the ever changing economic environment, government is less adept at handling the competition that seems to growing larger. In order to cope with such environmental changes, the government, like the enterprises needs a viable counteractive strategy, a change in government structure and strategy is required in order to improve the governmental handling of customer demands which are getting bigger and flexing to every environmental change at the Local and National Level. And then, the introduction of a Team organization to a local government is theoretically in that the weberian bureaucratic system of public organization changes into a flexible system, in addition, it is practically valuable since promptness in decision making at a team organization as well as high creativity of each member of the organization can be achieved more than at a conventional bureaucratic organization. In this study, a outline of the organizational management is suggested which can ascertain activation of the organization and efficiency of the administration. this organization is expected to give its clients high quality of service. this study shows the effectiveness of introducing the team system as follows : first, positive reaction to the change of administrative environment can be expected by elastic and flexible management of the organization, and residents can be provided with better administrative services through development of new policies. second, efficiency in administrative takes can be increased by prompt decision making, demonstration of individual creativity and increased responsibility and authority. third a lack of chances of promotion can be resolved by separating hierarchical grades and job grades. fourth, humanity and independence of members at work can be maintained by increased cooporation and activated communication among the members. Fifth, by preventing aging of managerial staffs, professional knowledge and accumulation of technical skills within the team can be promoted which would eventually enhance competence of the organization itself. However, in order for many local Government introduce a team system, the study shows such preparation as change of paradigm of the members, strong willness of the leader of the organization. construction of organizational environment which can reveal sufficiently the effectiveness of the team system, strategy to maximize morale of individual members, etc.

      • 觀光行政組織 擴充戰略에 關한 硏究

        김기영 동국대학교 행정대학원 2003 국내석사

        RANK : 249647

        The problem, which it process from the research, first of all, compared to the other fields in the Tourism studies field, the research of the Tourism Administration field was insufficient. Especially the worldwide objection research regarding Tourism Administrative management was absent. Secondly, after government establishment, many generations of Tourism Administrative System didn't perform positive role because of the dispersion or function, role of function-or its vagueness. In order to solve these problems, the research had organized the administrat ive studies, the object ive system of the Tourism Administration field. and the change process of the Korean Tourism Administrative Organization, the present condition of the Tourism Administrative Organization and of the tourism advanced country tourism organization was analyzed together. And the specialists of tourism relation field, which takes charge of a many role in korean tourism development administrative organization, had executed and investigated specialist's opinion. There were about total of 50 people who responded, and the validity samples about total of 38 people. the statistical control of the data, which was collected, goes though the process of data coding, the general analysis of social science was appled to PS SPSS(statistical package for the social science) program. The analyzed result is as follow. First of all, the evaluation result of Tourism Administrative Specialist's center Tourism Administrative Organization, Region Tourism Administrative Organization and Korea National Tourism Organization etc, in general section it was low as 3.0 in the result. These results shows directly that the Korean Tourism Administrative Organization is not professional and organized and not arranged well. Secondly, from the evaluation analysis of the Tourism Administrative Organization of the presidents of many generations, under the government of Lee Seung-Man, recognized the necessity of the Tourism Administrat ive Organizat ion. Under the government of Park lung-Hee, prepared the basic frame of the korean tourism, the president Jun Doo-Hwan and Ro Tae-woo had continued president Park Jung-Hee's work. The president Kim Young-Sam didn't made any certain tourism policy formation, but with the active work of tourism promotion effort in enforcement of local-self-governing organization was praiseworthy. The president Kim Dae-Jung approached in the Tourism industry to overcome the foreign exchange crisis. Thirdly, for the problems of the korean Tourism Administrative Organization, most of the respensess was about the reiteration of the Tourism Administrative Organization, dispersion of function. the adaptation ability regarding the environment which changes insufficiency, tourism policy evaluation and return current feebleness, tourism administrative and professionalism insufficiency, speciality manpower insufficiency, etc. In this research for the korean tourism development of the strategy of korean Tourism Administrative Organization, the central Tourism Administrative Organization newly established tourism development and the local Tourism Administrative Organization would expending to a tourism county. Also, korean tourism public corporation is proposed to reform and tourism banking system of the tourism cooperative association and tourism bank is proposed to establish. From new on, specific research of role and skill is needed for the tourism organization in the tourism studies field. Especially, the research of the korean Tourism Administrative Organization establishment for the preparation of the unification of korean peninsula has to be accomplished.

      • 文化觀光行政의 財源配分에 關한 硏究

        金東郁 동국대학교 행정대학원 2007 국내석사

        RANK : 249647

        Social interest on the administration of culture and tourism had radically grown after the start of the local self-governing era. There are several reason for this. First of all, autonomy on the enforcement of culture and tourism were not given to local governments before then. Secondly, therefore public servants of the local governments were not really understanding about the administration of culture and tourism. Thirdly, today's local governments think culture and tourism as one of the growth engines for their local area. Since the local self-governing has started, attaining of fiscal independence of the local government became parameter of the success for the local self governing system. Each local government is especially aware of this. And that explains why the culture and tourism field received spotlights recently. There could be many reasons for such spotlight. First, culture and tourism sector bring in money to the local economy, and therefore expansion of local hiring. Second, it could strengthen local economies that are focused on primary industry such as agriculture, forestry and fishery. Third, it could provide bed for expansion of social infrastructure such as transportation, communication, medical service, and other SOCs. All these factors can explain why culture and tourism itself can contribute to the general enhancement of local economy and strengthen local fiscal status. This study was focused on the resource distribution of the culture and tourism administration. Scopes of the study were the theoretical background, as-is analysis, and empirical analysis. In order to enhance the quality of life for the public and fulfill public needs for the cultural consumption, fiscal investment on the cultural sector including budget and public fund must be increased through sound management. Considering that public cultural infrastructure such as public library and museum are far beyond the level of advanced countries, public culture infrastructure expansion program must be carried out. Specifically, local specific programs such as local culture and tourism festivals, local tour packages shall be developed based on local capabilities. Confucianism Tour Program, South coast Program shall be directed to strengthen regional co-development, therefore building common characteristic of the region. Tourism Zone Development projects initiated by local governments shall be directed to make inter-region plan instead of district focused approach. In sports sector, national programs such as national representative athletes program shall be continuously supported to enhance national brand image. Social sports related program such as social sports parks, artificial green fields, national sports center shall be supported.

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