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      • 성경을 이용한 청소년 교리교육 효율성에 관한 연구 : 2000년 개정된 대구대교구 주일학교 교리교재와 2005년 대구대교구 복음여행 비교분석을 중심으로

        이진옥 대구가톨릭대학교 신학대학원 2008 국내석사

        RANK : 249647

        (Abstract) Our youth are the leaders of tomorrow, and our catholic church agrees with this opinion. The letter "To every youth in world" from Pope John PaulⅡ said "You have hope, because you are part of the future and the future depends on you." And every society thinks youth education is a very important part of our lives too. We, as members of a society, have created many kinds of education program for youth. The Archbishopric, where is involved with Korea, is trying to develop a variety of youth programs. Unfortunately, the participation rate in Sunday school is decreasing these days. Catechesis needs to be more interesting and fun. We need to understand what happens in Sunday school. Usually Sunday school teachers are University students. They prepare for their class at least 1week in advance and they have class every weekend at anappointed hour. They try to teach by using many kinds of sources but youth do not feel the class is fun or helpful to develop their faith. This problem happens because of Sunday school teachers don't have a background in Theology so this makes it difficult to teach youth catechesis. Another problem is the text book. The text book is one of the most important sources in education. All education is influenced from not only the teacher's skill but also the text book. If the text book is too hard to understand for both the teacher and the students then this will be a serious problem. So the textbook needs to be easy to understand. In the case of catechesis, the text book is a really important source for educating faith to people. It should help individuals understand what it means to be Catholic. Unfortunately in the Catholic Church here Korea's traditional text book follows the Korean cramming system of education so people who want to be baptized or participate in the Catholic education program have to memorize all the Catholic teachings. This system was very effective in 1970s but now it is ineffective. For youth, a story telling system of education is more effective than the cramming system of education. So this study recommends using the bible for youth catechesis. The bible is the basis catechesis with sanctuary. In the bible there is God's teachings, and information about Jesus and the disciples’ lives. The structure of the bible is story telling so this bible will help our youth's faith through understanding Jesus and thedisciples’ lives; moreover, this will help students understand the Catholic teaching more easily. So the purpose of this study is about look at the effect of using the bible in youth catechesis. This study consists of five chapters. In chapter 1, we are going to look at characteristics of the Korean Catholic church's catechesis and how it is concerned with the realities of youth catechesis. Moreover, we will find out about current catechesis from Sunday school teachers (financial affairs and textbook.) We present the solution to reform the text book. In chapter 2, we are going to compare Daegu Archbishopric's Catholic education text book (2000ed) & Daegu Archbishopric's 'Traveling Gospel' based on the views of teachers and students. In chapter 3, we investigate the issue of the text book and present the solution of using the bible for youth Catechesis. Moreover, here we are going to look for examples of other Archbishopric’s youth Catechesis using the Bible. In chapter 4, new teaching skills using the bible are presented, particularly a metaphor in 4 gospels. We will also provide an example form of catechesis for youth. Finally in chapter 5, we are going to look the effectiveness of catholic youth education based on the bible. In conclusion, if youth catechesis uses the bible, it is really helpful for youth to understand the catholic teachings and strengthen their faith. But if teachers just focus on the Gospel, this can create a formal catechesis that does not promote learning and understanding. So when they harmony with both bible and sanctuary then youth catechesis will be more effective.

      • 그리스도인의 자유에 관한 윤리 신학적 고찰

        김민주 대구가톨릭대학교 신학대학원 2011 국내석사

        RANK : 249631

        Modern people’s intense aspirations toward freedom is so special to create a ethical autonomy trend even though not general. But this trend is wrong as the Holy Father Pope John Paul Ⅱ pointed out. Christians are also affected by it inevitably, because they live in the real world. Therefore, this study researches on human freedom as the virtue of practical morality in the Christian's life starting from the understanding of the freedom First of all, in order to enlarge the understanding of the freedom, this study examined the transition process of philosophical and theological concept of the freedom, which was debated in various areas in the human history. And, this study considered the teaching in the Council and Pope's Documents carefully which were promulgated to apply the Jesus Christ’s teaching to the social and moral problems. It also searched for the classification of the freedom from the viewpoint of traditions on moral theology, essence of freedom, revealed morphological characteristics of freedom and multiple concepts of freedom. Next, this study examined Christians, Christianity, the source of freedom and the structure of freedom. According to the results of examine, it is known that Christianity is a revealed religion established by the God who create the universe, and Christians are the people who believe and follow Jesus Christ. And also, this study reilluminated that Jesus is the origin of Christian's freedom through the Bible and the studies for Jesus Christ of C. Duquoc and Ernst Käsemann. At the same time, this study illuminated that the origin of the freedom is Jesus because in the theological and religious sense, God's plan of salvation is performed by the Jesus. In addition, from the models of freedom appearing in Jesus' teaching, this study examined that the types of Christian's enjoyable freedom are the freedom in the Christ, the freedom of the obedience and the freedom for obedience in the obedience of Christ. On the other side, the use of the freedom in the view of Christianity is ultimately related to the salvation, so this study examined that it takes not only a moral responsibility itself but also personal relationship with God. Finally, so called moral Magna Carta, the eight conditions of happiness in the Beatitudes(Mt 5,3-10) which are the Jesus' core teaching, was reviewed in the perspective of moral theology as the model of freedom to be pursued. As a result, this study confirmed that the freedom for poverty in spirit, the freedom for sorrow, the freedom for meekness, the freedom for righteousness, the freedom for mercy, the freedom for purity in heart, the freedom for peace, the freedom for suffering persecution, i.e. the eight conditions of happiness in the Beatitudes are to be pursued as the true Christian's freedom. Previous research on ‘the eight conditions of happiness’ of ‘the declare of happiness - the Beatitudes’ are related to Christian's freedom is so scarcely that this study is unique and meaningful at least.

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