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      • 연근해어업의 업종별 경영현황 분석

        장호영(Ho-Young CHANG) 군산대학교 수산과학연구소 2004 군산대학교 수산과학연구소 연구논문집 Vol.5 No.-

        In order to offer fundamental data for the standard of comfilation of the budget on the compensation money for the reduction of fishing baot and index of investigation for computation on the average earnings of reduction of fishing boat, the fluctuation of actual outputs, expenses, earnings and the difference by type of coastal and off-shore fishery was investigated and analyzed. The results are as follows: 1. The average output money by large powered purse seine fishery was 3,510 million won, but the average output money by off-shore gill little with about 8.4 million won. 2. The average catch by large powered purse seine fishery was many with about 296,000 M/T, but the average catch by eastern sea danish seine fishery was few with 4,600 M/T. 3. The average expense by large powered purse seine fishery was much with about 3,360 million won, but the average expense by diving fishery was little with 6.3 million won. 4. The average earning by large powered purse seine fishery was much with about 240 million won, the average earning by offshore long line fishery was little with 18million won. 5. The average earning rate by large much with about nets fishery was rate by diving fishery was much with 31.62%, but the average powered purse seine fishery was little with 7.30%.

      • 南北韓 海上 運送網 연결에 관한 硏究

        한규영(Kyu-Young Han),김윤(Yun Kim) 군산대학교 수산과학연구소 2004 군산대학교 수산과학연구소 연구논문집 Vol.4 No.-

        Internalization and Globalization are typical phenomena of the world of this century and 21century. Borderless and endless competition among countries and companies are widely spread out in the world after the advent of WTO system. Another significant development in the world economic field is the trend toward accelerated integration of regional countries. Since the partition of the Korean peninsula. between the two parties of korea. North and South, has reached at the critical turning point in terms of its mutual economic action. The South-North Korea's linkage of maritime transportation network is considered as an importance step toward the promotion of economic cooperation. The purpose of this paper is to present on linkage of the maritime transportation network between the two parties of Korean peninsula. The South-North Korea's linkage of maritime transportation network could be summarized as follow: 1. Transportation system of economic cooperation between South Korea and North Korea. 2. Function of strategic gateway in North-East Asia 3. Hereafter, the reunification of North and south Korea, Balance of land development and transportation system

      • 서해산 복족류에 기생하는 흡충류에 관한 연구

        김영길(Young-Gil Kim),한조희(Jo-Hee Han) 군산대학교 수산과학연구소 2004 군산대학교 수산과학연구소 연구논문집 Vol.4 No.-

        The main purpose of the present study is to understand distribution area, morphological features and classification of various kinds of cercaria. Six kinds of cercaria were detected through the examination of about ten species of Gastropods in the vicinity sea of Sol-ri, the estuary of the Keun river of the Yellow Sea from September, 1996 to August, 1997. The mean seawater temperatures of the study area ranged from TC in January and 32°C in August. Cercaria isoninae was found in Neverita didyma, with the maximum infection rate of 14.2% and the anual average rate of 4.9%. Cercaria yamaguti was found in Cerithidea rizophorarum and Niotha livescens and their average anual infection rates were 13.0% and 4.6%, respectively. The maximum infection rate of Cerithidea rizophorarum was 31 % in August and in Niotha livescens was 10% in April. respectively. Cercaria tympanotoni was detected in the gonad of Mitrella bicincta, with the anual average rate of 0.5%. Cercaria opthalmoechinata was in Monodonta labeo and the anual infection rate was 16.8%. these parasites reached the maximum rate of 48% in April and the minium of 3.0% in January. Cercaria of Acanthoparyphium sp. was found in Batiliaria multifomis, and the mean anual infection rate was 6.48%.Cercaria pseudogranifera was found in Rapana thomasiana, and the infection rate was 2.1 %. The trematodes found from Gastropods in the present research were classified as follows: Phylum Mollusca Class Gastropoda Order Archaeogastropoda Familly Trochidae Monodonta labeo Cercaria ophthalmoechinata H an(1998) Order Mesogastropoda Familly Potamididae Pyradus cingulatus Cercaria pyradorum Kobayashi,1922 Cerithidea rizophorarum Cercaria yamaguti IIto(J957), Han(1998) Batillaria multiform is Acanthoparyphium sp. Yamaguti(1934), Han(998) Familly Naticidae Neuerita didyma

      • 새만금 외해역 표층 해수 수질의 시공간적 특성

        김종구 군산대학교 수산과학연구소 2004 군산대학교 수산과학연구소 연구논문집 Vol.4 No.-

        To evaluate temporal and spatial characteristics of water quality for surface water in the Saemankeum outer sea, chemical measurement and analysis were conducted on 14 point during february, April, July and October in 1998. Chemical oxygen demand(COD) was appear to 2.06mg/l in yearly mean, it's belong to grade of II in water quality standard for seawater. Characteristics of temporal and spatial variations were not appear greatly variation, but shows somewhat low concentration in autumn. Total suspended solid(TSS) was appear to 16.83mg/l in yearly mean, seasonal variation show a tendency to increase in winter and decrease in summer. It seems to be mainly affected by the vertical convection by cooling effect and turbulence by the strong wind. In nutrients, dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN) and phosphate phosphorus shown grade of II in water quality standard for seawater. Seasonal variations show a tendency to Increase in winter and decrease in summer. It has a similar to that of TSS. but have nothing to do with variation of chlorophyll a. Therefore, concentration of nutrients seems to be affected by resuspension of nutrient from bottom. For correlation analysis among water quality constituents, temperature, one of factor of seasonal variation, shown interrelationship for salinity, dissolved, TSS and dissolved inorganic nitrogen. Eutrophication indices were in range of 0.68-2.50. In whole, states of eutrophication were evaluate to low level except for winter and spring.

      • 금강에서의 조류의 영양염 섭취 속도에 관한 연구

        이지연(Ji-Yeon LEE),김종구(Jong-Gu KIM) 군산대학교 수산과학연구소 2004 군산대학교 수산과학연구소 연구논문집 Vol.4 No.-

        The purpose of this study is to investigate the interrelationship between algae and nutrients in the Keum river. The field survey for sampling was conducted in the Keum river In July, 1998. The relationship between Chlorophyll a and nutrients, maximum uptake rate (Vmax) and maximum specific growth rate (f.1 max) for ammonia nitrogen and phosphate were obtained through the culture work of phytoplankton in the laboratory. Maximum uptake rates(Vmax) for ammonia nitrogen and phosphate phosphorus is 0.4400㎍-at/ℓ/hr 0.1652㎍-at/ℓ/hr, respectively. Half-saturation constants for ammonia nitrogen and phosphate phosphorus is 2.6915㎍-at/ℓ/hr, 2.6167㎍-at/ℓ/hr, respectively. Maximum specific growth rate (f.1 max) for ammonia nitrogen and phosphate phosphorus is 1.0425/hr, 1.5177/hr, respectively. Half-saturation constants for ammonia nitrogen and phosphate phosphorus is 0.0363 mg/I, 0.0442 mg/I, respectively.

      • 大山附近 海域의 季節에 따른 基礎生産力 變化

        김종련(Jong-Yeon Kim) 군산대학교 수산과학연구소 2004 군산대학교 수산과학연구소 연구논문집 Vol.4 No.-

        In order to get the basic data of primary productivity, the distribution of chlorophyll-a and phytoplankton in the vicinity of Daesan sea area were carried out from April to October 1996. The concentration of chlorophyll-a was in the range of 1.82-3.97 mg/m¹(2.44 mg/m¹). It was relatively lower than the other west sea area. A total of 90 phytoplankton taxa induding 77 diatoms were identified from all samples collected. The dominant species of diatoms were Asterionella japonicus, Cmetoceros affinis, Coscinodiscus asterompfrJius, Skeletonema costatum in the spring, Asterionella gracia/is, Cmetoceros affinis, Coscinodiscus radiatus, C. radiatus, Skeletonema costatum in the summer, Coscinodiscus centra/is, Skeletonema costatum in the autumn. The total standing crop of phytoplankton samples was 267,150-684,250 cells/ℓ (528,715 cells/ℓ) 1n the spring, 293,860-663,720 cells/ℓ(479,246 cells/ℓ) in the summer, 276,370-672,370 cells/ℓ(498,589 cells/ℓ) in the autumn.

      • 마이크로 콘트롤러를 이용한 저가격대 트랜지스터 테스터 설계에 관한 연구

        채규훈(Cya-GYU Hoon) 군산대학교 수산과학연구소 2004 군산대학교 수산과학연구소 연구논문집 Vol.4 No.-

        Test process is essential to decide good or bad quality of produced transistor. However the bad products can remain after the test process, due to mixture of unwanted transistors in the process of house holding or management. Thus, we have to remove the bad ones by adding another test process before tapping or packing the products. This post-process is generally accepted in industry, since the product management, specially semi-conductor product is evaluated in PPM unit. The cost of production however should not increase with another test process. We have to get a test equipment that test the necessified characteristics in short time with low cost. To fulfill these demands a cheap and simple system is need ever though some equipments have been developed and operated. In this research, we check only 2 parameters, hFE and VCEO among the parameters of transistor to avoid the mixture of bad products and design a low cost test equipment. Since the equipment check only 2 parameters, it is fast and cheap. In addition, it is designed with low power consumption and small size for easy installation.

      • 전북수산의 현황과 바다산업 육성방안

        이정열(Lee Jeong Yeol) 군산대학교 수산과학연구소 2004 군산대학교 수산과학연구소 연구논문집 Vol.4 No.-

        Chollabuk-do has 2W.3km of coastal line and about 8,000 ha of tidal flat. In 1900, total fishery production was about 73 thousand tonnes . The main products were fin-fish, seaweed and shell fish include capture and aquaculture. But in 1990s fishery production was decreased rapidly because of some reasons; establishing EEl, open import of fisheries marketing, decreasing of fishery resource, worse environmental condition of fishing ground, over-fishing, deterioration of fishing fann, reclamation of tidal zone and so on. Especially the fishery contract in relation of between Korea and Japan and/or Korea and China resulted bad effects to our fishing condition. Therefore we must overcome these unprofitable circumstance and do endeavor positive action and recovering effort of fisheries decreased for promotion of fishery industries. So I proposed that the reorganization of fishing structure including coastal fishing and off-sea fishing, making a resource in near fishing from sea ranching project, and expanding of aquaculture with special reference to environmental affinity for enhancing of production of fishery industries.

      • Turbulenter를 장착한 디젤기관의 연소 및 배기특성에 관한 실험적 연구

        임재근(J. K. Lim),최순열(S. Y. Choi) 군산대학교 수산과학연구소 2004 군산대학교 수산과학연구소 연구논문집 Vol.4 No.-

        The effects of turbulenter on the characteristics of combustion, exhaust emissions and SFC is experimentally investigated by four-cylinder, four-cycle and direct injection diesel engine operating at several loads and speeds. The investigated results as follows. The combustion pressure in cylinder is slightly increased and ignition timing is not effected by turbulenter. The rate of heat release and accumulated quantity of heat release is slightly increased. SFC is decreased 0.15% of totle average, and NOx emission is decreased by maximum value of average 9.84% at 1200 rpm, and totle average of decreasing rate is 8.03% in the range of experimental conditions. But Soot emission is increased by maximum value of average 9.52% at 1600 rpm, and tot1e average of increasing rate is 3.45%.

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