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      • 우리나라 소비자행정에서 정부와 NGO의 관계유형

        송병준 성균관대학교 행정대학원 2004 국내석사

        RANK : 2847

        This reseach wished to grasp characteristic of the relation type using model of actual proof analysis whether have preserved what kind of relation ship between government and NGO within administration for consumer on the basis of existent theoretical examination about administration for consumer.The frame of the actual proof analysis for reseach was setted up consumer group and government relation as Subsumption/Accommodative relation, Competition/Oppositional relation, and the Partner ship/Cooperative relation.Subsumption/Accommodative relation means the occasion that government and consumer group accept other person's claim actively.Concretely, the consumer group's consumer consultation, consumer education, prices of commodities' observation business achieved by governmental financial or manpower were analyzed on Subsumption/Accommodative relation.Competition/Oppositional relation means consumer group's activity that criticized and resisted in governmental policy or wielding authority. Resistance, protestation, improvement, correction request, enforcement pressing or proposed conformation was analyzed by Competition/Oppositional relations about consumer group's governmental measure.Partnership/Cooperative relationship means that consumer group's support to governmental measure When they were welded organically.Targets of actual proof analysis were main business example that written in each consumer group's internet homepage and consumer group's business which written in monthly publication 'Consumer'(from January ∼ February issue of 2001 to October, 2003) and consumer group's consumer consultation result, governmental consumer group education support results etc..It is as follows when we look into reseach result simplicity.First, the business number of item that totalized by Subsumption/Accommodative relation are all 9 items, and all of these are about prices of commodities's observation.Second, business which totalized by Competition/Oppositional relation are 17 items about safety, 30 items about observation, informational offer in connection with 26 items, total 73 items are.Third, partner ship/Cooperational relationship are all 3 items, 1 item about observation, informational offer in connection with 2 items.The characteristic point of consumer group and government relation which appeared in this analysis result is shown Competition/Oppositional c relationships such as opposition, protestation, enforcement pressing, correction request, suggestion, etc..When examined analysis contents in detail, Subsumption/Accommodative relation is not more in 9 items only but in terms of consumer consultation business settled by consumer group's main business, they were depending very on governmental granting of subsidies. Therefore Subsumption/Accommodative relation is consiquence fator of this analysis. But, Partner ship/Cooperational is shown that governmental relation is made extremely circumscriptively being not more in 3 items only.But, it can be interpreted substantially that Partner ship/Cooperational relationship is a sufficient factor because Ministry of Finance and Economy, Fair Trade Commission,and Korea Consumer Protection Board are supplied governmental manpower for conduct businessThese day, Relationship between government and NGO is changing rapidly in sympathy with society change which is strengthened of NGO's status from grade of authoritative relation(hierarchy) to business relations (market), as a result, mutual benefits cooperational relation(network) will be shown.Therefore, the Future civil/governmental relation model may be settled perfectly when co-operative and supplment relation is created.According to this statement person's administration for consumer experience, relation model of government and consumer group need to consider the following.First, because administration for consumer is for national service administration, access and selection should be easy and convenient in situation of people and consumer. It is desirable that consumer group conducts administration for consumer business beside government from this point of veiw.Second, ultimate purpose of administration for consumer is consumer problems' solution. The most desirable thing when government performs administration for consumer is creating an atmosphere to secure consumer's right for not consumer group but also sovereignty's guarantee of consumer, businessman through inducing of businessman's participation.For this, the consumer and businessman who have antagonistic relationships each other need to be able to control and supplement, and It needs to be able to be proper and operate efficiently for consumer administration function of government.

      • 首都圈 都市鐵道 利用乘客의 滿足度에 關한 硏究

        신규용 성균관대학교 행정대학원 2003 국내석사

        RANK : 2831

        The city railroad sharing over 30% in transportation is considered as the first public transportation means beating the bus. However, compared to the huge sum of invested money, it rater stays at low sharing rate. It is because the efforts for a smooth linked transfer, or convenience facility expansion etc, have been insufficient as the result of only concentrating on extending railroad lines. Accordingly, this study has its purpose on improving the satisfaction of city railroad management by analyzing the railroad customers' satisfaction and dissatisfaction, and suggesting the alternatives.As the result of analyzing the satisfaction degree, the ways to improve the customers' satisfaction can be recommendedn like this:First, to improve the satisfaction to service, intreducing the time difference commute system, elastic running depending times, preciese prediction of the condition depending seasons, says, times, and introducing running system to increase the efficiency of spare train running etc, are needed. By letting only inveitable information announcement, a pleasant running should be achieved.Second, to escalate the facility satisfaction, the moving line at transfer station should be shouter, the moving path be installed, the safety fence preventing falling at a crowded place for boarding station safety, and in the long run a safety accident should be prevented by installing a screen door and a safety wall.Third, to improve the environment satisfaction, the Office should change the porous air purifier, prevent floationg dust, run a watering cart regularly, measure the pollution degree at the underground stations regularly and remove the floating dust. Also, organizing the supervision squad, the illegal vendors and beggars should be controlled continuously.Accordingly, I'd like to suggest the comprehensive policies for the railroad to play the leading role as a public transpartation, to improve metropolitan customers' satisfaction.First, we need the policy to grasp and analyze the customers' need regularly and cope with instantly.Second, since the huge amount of budget is pent on building the city railroad (especially subway railroad), the policy should be set up for customers' convenience from starting.Third, to improve customers' satisfaction, the existing facility renovation and maintenance need to be financed, so the railroad authority should secure the government subsidy, the self-control of fare rise, the development right around the city railway station.Fourth, for city the railroad in charge of an important economic part to be high quality, globalized, and advanced, the existing organization should be reformed to be professional and to improve customers' satisfaction.Fifth, the metropolitan railroad officials should coordinate positively to establish the information system, develop and the way of customers' satisfaction, realize it, as well as to increse the number of passengers and maximize the profit. And they should build the effective fare system and linked transportation network.The meaning of this study is in analyzing the degree of satisfaction by making the various satisfaction standards a fixed quantity. Next, this study can be suggested as the policy making data to improve passengers' satisfaction when managing the current railroad system and building additional railroads.This study describes passengers, service improvement as a main concern from the view of passengers. However, it has a limit in the following points.First, it analyzes only the passengers' satisfaction not the employess, the inner customers. It doesn't analyze the satisfaction to the offered service through surveying both parties and the passengers experctation to satff and the difference.Second, selecting the respandents within the city railroad facilities, it has a limit representing the whole customers, and therefore has a limit generalizing the deduced results.Third, there is a high probability for respondents to answer at the middle level among five measuring levels, so the reliability can degrade.Fourth, this study has passed over that the city passengers' satisfaction to railroad can influence the acts using other public transportations because, considering in marketing study customers' satisfaction to the purchased goods influences the positive evaluation and purchase, the satisfaction to the city railroad can influence the following acts using the public transportation.

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