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      • KCI등재

        메타드라마적 관점에서 본 사무엘 베켓과 이윤택의 극

        변형택 ( Hyung Taek Byun ) 21세기영어영문학회 2013 영어영문학21 Vol.26 No.1

        This study examines how metadramatic traditions are revived in the works of Samuel Beckett and Lee Yen Taek two modem dramatists representing English and Koran literature. Beckett`s Waiting for Godot explores the fundamental role of stage, actors and audience through metadramatic features, eventually invalidating the boundary between stage and auditorium. In Citizen K and Oku, Lee Yen Taek also makes significant use of metadraramatic devices such as play-within-a-play as well as co-existence of stage and auditorium. In order to gain these effects, he especially deconstructs and reconstructs gut, a traditional Korean ritual in which life and death interacts. In this respect, the two dramatists, transcending the space and tune of their activities, successfully achieve the reconstruction of the inherent dramatic tradition and extend literary horizon, thus satisfying the metadramatic premise that life is a dream and that the world is a stage.

      • KCI등재

        소내적 상상력의 실천과 변주

        김진택(Kim Jin Taek) 문학과영상학회 2008 문학과영상 Vol.9 No.1

        This paper is an analysis of Ki Taek Kim's poems and David Lynch's film, The Straight Story, using the concept of de-alienation refined by philosopher Jin Sok Kim. De-alienation stands in opposition to transcendental speculation and to alienation found in traditional philosophy. A new grasp of philosophical boundaries is needed in order to understand de-alienation. This is, in part, because of many philosophical questions which arise during the interpretation of this abstract boundary. While drawing on the texts of Kant and Hegel, this paper attempts to graspthe somewhat dubious logic surrounding dialectical thinking and suggest new ideas to explain de-alienation. De-alienation needs to be understood as a new concept in existential philosophy and as one worthy of individual consideration. Through the vision of de-alienation it is possible to achieve a closer sense of things and beings, not only in theoretical areas, but also with an existential force. It is important to distinguish de-alienation from ethical concepts which unconditionally defend theoretical and practical attitudes from a distorted solitude. Even though Ki Taek Kim and David Lynch are not philosophers, we come to realize that their creative insights represent a remarkable penetration into grasping the veritable meaning of things. It is an imagination refined from a vision of de-alienation that is attested to through their serious and thought provoking works.

      • Effective VE Application Using Constructability, Partnering, and Database System

        Chang,Taek,Hyun,,Yang,Taek,Kim 서울시립대학교 도시과학연구원 2005 International journal of urban sciences (IJUS) Vol. No.

        Many practitioners and researchers have been paying considerable attention to Value Engineering(VE) methodology. The present application status of VE in the construction industry has shown not to be satisfied and some problems might be expected when applying the VE methodology. The computerization system for VE, where practitioners could preserve related information during VE study, has not been established. As a result, the data gained from the other VE studies are not managed efficiently and not shared with stakeholders. So, practitioners couldn't utilize valuable information from previous VE studies. It results in a poor communication between builders and designers. For the purpose of preventing such problems and pursuing more effective ways of applying VE, some practical suggestions are made in this paper. This paper presents how VE techniques could be used as an effective tool for project integration in the construction process. When using constructability and partnering concepts, a Hybrid VE model is suggested. With this model, designers and builders can interact effectively from the early phase of the project and, use VE as a powerful tool for the improvement activities including design review, and make a cooperative environment without regard to organizational boundaries. Furthermore, the Database system for VE proposals and related information is developed. With this system, VE practitioners can store, share, exchange, and retrieve related information of the previous studies. They can also save the time in processing VE job plan, develop VE proposals more efficiently, and improve the quality of those proposals.

      • 이미지 처리기술을 이용한 펜터그라프 섭판 측정장치 개발

        김기택(Kim Gi-Taek), 임기택(Lim Kee-Taek), 김봉택(Kim Bong-Taek) 한국철도학회 1998 한국철도학회 학술발표대회논문집 Vol.- No.-

        Pentagraphs are used to supply electric power to train via trolley lines. The higher train speed is, the higher voltage and current levels are. Since electric power is supplied with slinding contact, localized abrasion is inevitable. It is difficult and dangerous to measure their shape manually. Measurement system of pentagraph slider with ultrasonic processing has been reported. In this paper, measurement system with image processing is proposed. The system consists of CCD cameras, image grabber board, and PC operated on Windows"95. Image processing algorithms are presented and some results are illustrated.

      • 디지털 PLL을 이용한 ATS 지상자 코일 Q 측정장치 개발

        김기택(Kim Gi-Taek), 임기택(Lim Kee-Taek), 최정용(Choi Jung-Yong), 김봉택(Kim Bong-Taek) 한국철도학회 2000 한국철도학회 학술발표대회논문집 Vol.- No.-

        For safety reason ATS(Automatic Train Stop) system is being used, which is a kind of communication system with a feedback amplifier and a transformer on the train and wayside coils. The coils are highly resonant LC circuits, also have very high Q(Quality) factors. The Q factors of wayside ATS coils are to be maintained high enough for the amplifier to operate reliably. In this paper a novel Q measurement system is proposed. The system measures the resonant frequency and the bandwidth of the ATS coils, by controlling the phase difference between the transformer and the coil using digital PLL(Phase Locked Loop). The overall configuration and algorithms of the proposed system and the digital PLL control schemes are presented in details. The experimental waveforms are shown to verify the system performances.

      • KCI등재

        Verb-Raising and Case-Agreement

        Yu,,Chong,Taek 대한언어학회 1993 언어학 Vol.1 No.-

        Chong-Taek Yu(1993). Verb-Rasing and Case-Agreement. Linguistics. Vol 1. This paper follows the Johnson's (1989) assumption that verbal inflection is always mediated by verb raising. All the verb heads-main verb, modal, be/have and participle heads-raise to the inflectional head positions and amalgamate with the fusible affixes. While the verb heads undergo a head-to-head movement, VP-internal subject(SU) and object(OB) raise to the Spec positions of AgrP by means of the Mutually Agreement-resisting Properties(MAP). This paper assumes that MAP makes SU and OB skip over the minimal domain. The raising SU and OB are always assigned agreement Case(AC). Even Genitive NP and indirect object(10) in the double object construction are also assigned AC, but direct object(DO) in it and prepositional object are assigned governed Case(GC). Besides, this paper proposes that the Stowell's (1981) CRP be refined in relation to Case agreement.

      • KCI등재

        근대 초기 일본의 학교와 지역사회와 국가

        임경택(Yim, Kyung-Taek) 비교민속학회 2014 비교민속학 Vol.0 No.55

        이 글은, 근대 일본 초기의 학교 교육이 천황제국가의 확립을 위해 어떠한 역할을 하였는지, 그 역할은 무엇을 토대로 이루어졌는지 등에 대해 구체적으로 논의하는 것을 목표로 하고 있다. 학교는 단순히 교육사의 문제가 아니라 일본 제국 전체의 진로와 크게 관련되어 있기 때문이다. 필자가 인류학적 필드워크를 수행했던 지바현 사와라의 ‘사와라소학교(佐原小學校)'를 주요 고찰 대상으로 하여, 한편으로는 국(國)-현(縣)으로 이어지는 공교육정책에 당시의 사와라가 어떻게 대응하고, 그것이 사와라소학교에 어떠한 형태로 나타났는가를 구체적으로 기술하였다. 즉 학교와 지역사회 그리고 국가의 관계에 대한 필드워크의 기록을 바탕으로 역사인류학적으로 추적해 보고자 하는 것이다. 이러한 연구는 일본근대교육의 초창기 모습을 밝히고, 천황제국가의 군국주의 교육의 전사(前史)로서도 중요한 의미를 지니고 있으며, ‘일본 제국'의 출발점을 구체적으로 분석하는 중요한 시도가 될 것이라 생각한다. 1872년 8월 3일에 문부성이 공포한 ‘학제'는 근대 일본의 교육제도의 최초의 설계도라 할 수 있는데, 이는 공교육이라는 개념조차 존재하지 않았던 때에, 전국적으로 동일한 교육제도를 위로부터의 명령으로 일거에 시행하려고 한 것이었다. 이 학제에 근거하여 창립된 ‘사와라소학교'는 1873(메이지 6)년 5월 30일, ‘제1대학구 제29번 중학구 소학 제1교'라는 명칭으로 개교하였다. 개교 당시 학생은 21명(남19명, 여2명)이었으나, 연말에 이르자 215명(남 136명, 여 79명)으로 늘어났고, 소학교의 교원(敎員)은 학구에서 선정하였다. 사와라 소학교 창립과 관련하여 사와라무라의 유지들이 거액을 기부하여 추진하였고, 창립 3년 만에 주민들 사이에 정착하게 되었다. 1879년에는 ‘학제'가 폐지되고, ‘교육령'이 공포되었다. ‘교육령'은 지역차를 인정하고 민간의 부담을 경감시키는 것을 목표로 하였다. 하지만 이 ‘교육령'은 1880년 12월 28일에 개정되는데, 이 ‘개정교육령'이 소학교 교육의 두 번째 분수령이 되었다. 개인주의적·실리주의적인 ‘학제'에서 출발한 교육이 우선 ‘교육령'으로 완만하게 좌선회하였고, 이어서 우경화로 급선회한 것이다. 또한 여태까지의 지육(智育)편중에서 덕육(德育) 즉 이데올로기교육을 중시하는 방향으로 전환하였으며, 국가재정난으로 인해 국고보조금이 폐지되었다. 이와 같이, 일본에서 소학교 교육의 추진은 무엇보다도 지역사회를 중심으로 이루어져 왔다. 즉 메이지시대의 학교는 촌락공동체적 성격을 농후하게 반영하고 있었다. 그것은 학교가 원래 천황의 학교로 전국에 일률적으로 발족하게 되기는 하였지만, 실제의 담당자는 촌락공동체의 지도자인 구 지방 명망가(名望家)층이었다는 것이다. 이와 같은 사정으로 학교가 만들어졌기 때문에, 학교는 애초부터 ‘국가의 기관'과 ‘지역의 기관'으로서의 성격을 동시에 제도적으로 보장받았다고 할 수 있다. 그러나 학교와 가족?촌락공동체와의 일체화는, 일본근대화정책의 일환으로서 교육제도를 정비하는 과정에서, 의도적으로 만들어낸 측면이 있었다는 것을 빼놓을 수 없다. 학교는 ‘지역'과 ‘국가'의 양측으로부터 작용해 오는 힘을 결합하고 조정하는 장이었다. 하지만 시간이 흐름에 따라 궁극적으로는 천황제 이데올로기를 심어주는 주요한 기관이 되었던 것이다. This article aims to discuss in detail the role of school for the establishment of the Emperor system in early modern Japan. The school is not only a problem about the history of education. It is associated largely with the course of the entire Japanese empire. I mainly consider Sawara Elementary School as a major object. Sawara is the place that I carried out anthropological fieldwork. And I focus on two points-the response of Sawara district to the public education policy, the reflection to Sawara Elementary School. In other words, I want to trace the relationship among the school and the community and the nation-state on the perspective of historical anthropology. This study reveals the earliest appearance of modern education in Japan, Imperial system, and has the meaning of militaristic education of Japan. Futhermore, I think it would be important to try to analyze the specific starting point of the Empire of Japan. The Ministry of Education promulgated a ‘School System(?制)' on August 3, 1872. In 1879, the ‘School System' was abolished, and announced ‘the education ordinance(?育令)'. It was amended in the December 28, 1880. This revised ‘the education ordinance' was the second dividing-ridge in elementary education. After that, the direction of education was changed. They put emphasis on Imperial ideology. Thus, the promotion of primary school education in Japan, above all, have made of the community. School in the Meiji era reflected rich the nature of village community. The school was a field that combines and adjusts the power to act comes from both sides of the ‘local' and ‘nation'. But ultimately it became a major ideological institutions instill an Imperial system.

      • KCI등재

        The Missing Features of Alternants after Spell-Out

        Yu,,Chong,Taek 대한언어학회 1997 언어학 Vol.5 No.2

        Yu, Chong-Taek. 1997. The Missing Features of Alternants after Spell-Out. Linguistics, 5-2, 1-19. An alternant of for with FF, PF and SF (= full features) Φ (forFPSF) assigns governed Case (GC) to PRO and a lexical infinitive subject before Spell-Out (S-O). The missing SF of for and both missing SF and PF of D(f,rFPSF) vanish like bubbles after S-0, meeting the condition of inclusiveness. An alternant of a PL to Φ (toFPSF) misses SF and PF after S-0, and an alternant of a complementizer (comp.) that Φ(thatFPSF) does so. The missing features disappear without leaving any traces. It seems that all the lexical items and alternants never miss their FF in the computational system. (Chonbuk Sanup University)

      • KCI등재

        The Deletion of Q-Feature of C

        Yu,,Chong-Taek 대한언어학회 1999 언어학 Vol.7 No.2

        Yu, Chong-Taek. 1999. The Deletion of Q-Feature of C. Linguistics 7-2, 143-162. The Q-feature of C checks the Q-feature of a non-wh- or (a) wh-phrase(s) through the Attract or Agree in syntax, deleting there right after the new whole syntactic structure was copied into phonology. The Q-feature of a non-wh-phrase is covertly Attracted from inner C to outer C in C^omax. All the non-wh- or wh-phrases move covertly or overtly to C or Spec-CP for checking their Q-features. An EQ seems to have double Specs-CP-inner Spec and outer Spec. English never permits more than one lexical wh-phrase in the same CP. Nevertheless, the Q-feature of C can Attract the Q-features of multiple wh-phrases. (Howon University)

      • KCI등재
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