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        • KCI등재후보SCIESCOPUS

          Ultimate behavior of composite beams with shallow I-sections

          Selçuk,Emre,Görkem,Metin,Hüsem 국제구조공학회 2013 Steel and Composite Structures, An International J Vol.14 No.5

          Bending behavior of reinforced concrete slabs encased over shallow I-sections at different levels of compression heads were investigated in present study. 1500 mm long I-sections were used to create composite slabs. Compression heads of monolithic experimental members were encased at different levels into the concrete slabs. Shear connections were welded over some of the I-sections. The testing was carried out in accordance with the principles of four-point loading. Results revealed decreasing load bearing and deflection capacities of composite beams with increasing encasement depths into concrete. Mechanical properties of concrete and reinforcing steel were also examined. Resultant stresses calculated for composite beams at failure were found to be less than the yield strength of steel beams. Test results were discussed with regard to shear and slip effect.


          A treatise on irregular shaped concrete test specimens

          Selçuk,Emre,Görkem 사단법인 한국계산역학회 2015 Computers and Concrete, An International Journal Vol.16 No.1

          An experimental program has been carried out to investigate the effect of edge-slope on compressive strength of concrete specimens. In this study, effect of such slope was investigated by testing 100 standard cylinder specimens and 40 standard cubes. When molds are put on a slanted place, wet concrete starts to flow through the open end of mold. It keeps flowing until it reaches to a parallel surface with the place over which it was placed. That creates a sloped surface over the loading area. Experimental results revealed significant relationships between failure loads and slope of loading surface for cylinders. Angled cracks occurred in sloped cylinder specimens. Tension cracks occurred in cube specimens. Fracture mechanisms were also evaluated by using finite element analyses approach. Experiments yielded an exponential curve with bandwidth for cylinders. Average value of curve is between slope and compressive strength. Inclination is much effective parameter for cylinders than cubes.

        • KCI등재

          TG Index, its Graphical Matrix Representation and Application on Polyenes

          Selçuk,Gümüş,Lemi,Türker 대한화학회 2014 Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society Vol.35 No.5

          A novel topological index (TG Index) has been introduced. The graphical matrix representation of the TG index includes the use of directed subgraphs for the first time in graph theory literature. The application of the TG index on certain properties of polyenes yielded very well correlation data.

        • KCI등재

          Half-metallic properties of the CuHg2Ti-type Mn2ZnSi full-Heusler compound

          Selçuk,Kervan,Nazmiye,Kervan 한국물리학회 2013 Current Applied Physics Vol.13 No.1

          The half-metallic properties of novel CuHg2Ti-type Mn2ZnSi full-Heusler compound were examined by density functional theory (DFT) calculations. The electronic band structures and density of states of the Mn2ZnSi compound show that spin-up electrons are metallic, but the spin-down bands are semiconductor with a gap of 0.48 eV, and the spin-flip gap is of 0.28 eV. The Mn2ZnSi Heusler compound has a magnetic moment of 2 mB at the equilibrium lattice constant a ¼ 5.80 Å. The Mn2ZnSi full-Heusler compound is ferrimagnetic and maintains the half-metallic character having 100% polarization for lattice constants ranging between 5.62 and 6.91 Å.

        • KCI등재SCOPUS

          Investigation of balancing problem for a planar mechanism using genetic algorithm

          Selçuk,Erkaya 대한기계학회 2013 JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Vol.27 No.7

          In this study, optimal balancing of a planar articulated mechanism is investigated to minimize the shaking force and moment fluctuations. Balancing of a four-bar mechanism is formulated as an optimization problem. On the other hand, an objective function based on the sub-components of shaking force and moment is constituted, and design variables consisting of kinematic and dynamic parameters are defined. Genetic algorithm is used to solve the optimization problem under the appropriate constraints. By using commercial simulation software, optimized values of design variables are also tested to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed optimization process. This work provides a practical method for reducing the shaking force and moment fluctuations. The results show that both the structure of objective function and particularly the selection of weighting factors have a crucial role to obtain the optimum values of design parameters. By adjusting the value of weighting factor according to the relative sensitivity of the related term, there is a certain decrease at the shaking force and moment fluctuations. Moreover, these arrangements also decrease the initiative of mechanism designer on choosing the values of weighting factors.

        • KCI등재SCOPUS

          Modeling and simulation of joint clearance effects on mechanisms having rigid and flexible links

          Selçuk,Erkaya,İbrahim,Uzmay 대한기계학회 2014 JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Vol.28 No.8

          In this study, kinematic and dynamic characteristics of a planar four-bar mechanism having joint clearance and link flexibility are investigated. Assuming that joint clearance as a virtual massless link, artificial clearances are developed at crank-coupler and couplerfollowerjoints. Contact model in joints with clearance is established using the nonlinear spring-damper model and the friction effect isconsidered using the Coulomb friction model. Then the simulation is implemented and the kinematic and dynamic characteristics ofmodel mechanism are investigated. The computational methodology can predict the effects of clearance on planar mechanism havingrigid and flexible links. The results are evaluated for the case of stationary phase, and naturally show that extreme values occur in outputof the mechanism with clearances. Due primarily to the suspension effect of the flexible link, values of these peaks in the flexible mechanismdecrease relative to that of the rigid mechanism. In addition, the flexibility has a significant effect on the vibration response of themechanism with joint clearance.


          Load capacity of high-strength reinforced concrete slabs by yield line theory

          Selçuk,Emre,Gӧrkem,Metin,Hϋsem 사단법인 한국계산역학회 2013 Computers and Concrete, An International Journal Vol.12 No.6

          The objective of this study is to determine whether or not the yield line theory, an effective method widely used for slabs made of ordinary concrete, can be used also for the reinforced concrete slabs made of high-strength concrete. Flexural behavior of simply supported slabs in three different sizes were investigated under concentrated load at mid-span. Additionally, behavior of high strength reinforced concrete slabs with 50 mm and 150 mm reinforcement spacings also studied. Failure loads, deflections, experimental and theoretical failure mechanisms were evaluated. The difference between the moments based on yield line theory and experimental moments varied between 1% to 3%. Experimental and analysis results revealed that yield line analysis could conveniently be employed in the analysis of high strength reinforced concrete slabs.

        • KCI등재SCOPUS

          Prediction of vibration characteristics of a planar mechanism having imperfect joints using neural network

          Selçuk,Erkaya 대한기계학회 2012 JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Vol.26 No.5

          "Clearance is inevitable in the joints of mechanisms due primarily to the design, manufacturing and assembly processes or a wear effect. Excessive value of joint clearance plays a crucial role and has a significant effect on the kinematic and dynamic performances of the mechanism. In this study, effects of joint clearances on bearing vibrations of mechanism are investigated. An experimental test rig is set up, and a planar slider-crank mechanism having two imperfect joints with radial clearance is used as a model mechanism. Three accelerometers are positioned at different points to measure the bearing vibrations during the mechanism motion. For the different running speeds and clearance sizes, this work provides a neural model to predict and estimate the bearing vibrations of the mechanical systems having imperfect joints. The results show that radial basis function (RBF) neural network has a superior performance for predicting and estimating the vibration characteristics of the mechanical system."


          Parametric study on energy demands for steel special concentrically braced frames

          Selçuk,Doğru,Bora,Akşar,Bülent,Akbaş,Jay,Shen 국제구조공학회 2017 Steel and Composite Structures, An International J Vol.24 No.2

          Structures are designed in such a way that they behave in a nonlinear manner when subject to strong ground motions. Energy concepts have been widely used to evaluate the structural performance for the last few decades. Energy based design can be expressed as the balance of energy input and the energy dissipation capacity of the structure. New research is needed for multi degree of freedom systems (MDOFs)-real structures- within the framework of the energy based design methodology. In this paper, energy parameters are evaluated for low-, medium- and high-rise steel special concentrically braced frames (SCBFs) in terms of total energy input and hysteretic energy. Nonlinear dynamic time history analyses are carried out to assess the variation of energy terms along the height of the frames. A seismic energy demand spectrum is developed and hysteretic energy distributions within the frames are presented.

        • KCI등재SCOPUS

          Experimental Investigation of Soil – Structure – Pipe Interaction

          Selçuk,Bildik,Mustafa,Laman 대한토목학회 2019 KSCE JOURNAL OF CIVIL ENGINEERING Vol.23 No.9

          In this study the stress behavior of buried pipes in cohesionless soil was investigated experimentally. The parameters investigated in the laboratory tests include embedment ratio of pipe, horizontal distance of pipe to footing and the position of pipe. Hoop stresses at four positions on the borders of the pipes were measured by strain gauges. The results indicated that a significant increase in bearing capacities and decrease in pipe hoop stress when embedment ratio of pipe and horizontal distance of pipe to footing were increased. Based on the results of the laboratory model tests, the embedment ratio of pipe and the position of pipe are the main parameters that affect the hoop stresses on pipe.

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