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        • KCI등재

          Identification of tumor necrosis factor-${\alpha}$ levels around miniscrews during canine distalization

          Kaya,,Filiz,Acun,Hamamcl,,Nihal,Uysal,,Ersin,Yokus,,Beran The Korean Association Of Orthodontists 2011 대한치과교정학회지 Vol.41 No.1

          Objective: The aim of this study was to measure tumor necrosis factor-${\alpha}$ (TNF-${\alpha}$) levels around miniscrews used for anchorage during a 3-month period of canine distalization. Methods: Sixteen patients (8 boys, 8 girls; mean age, $16.6{\pm}2.4$ years) whose upper first premolars were extracted for orthodontic treatment were included in this study. Miniscrews were used as an anchorage unit in canine distalization. Thirty-two (32) miniscrew implants were placed bilaterally in the alveolar bone between the maxillary second premolars and first molars. The treatment, miniscrew, and control groups comprised upper canines, miniscrew implants, and upper first premolars, respectively. Peri-miniscrew implant crevicular fluid and gingival crevicular fluid were obtained before applying force and at 1, 24, and 48 hours, and at 7 and 21 days, and 3 months after applying force. Results: During the 3-month period, the (TNF-${\alpha}$) levels increased significantly at 24 hours only in the treatment group (p < 0.01). In the miniscrew and control groups, there were no statistically Significant changes. No significant differences were observed between groups. Conclusions: Miniscrews can be conveniently used for anchorage in orthodontics.

        • SCOPUSKCI등재

          A Newborn with Gastric Hemangioma Treated Using Propranolol

          Kaya,,Huseyin,Gokce,,Ismail,Kursad,Gungor,,Sukru,Turgut,,Hatice,Ozdemir,,Ramazan The Korean Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology 2018 Pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology & nutrition Vol.21 No.4

          Gastric hemangiomas are rare benign vascular tumors that can cause severe gastrointestinal system bleeding. We presented the case of a neonate with fresh bleeding and melena from the orogastric tube and detected gastric hemangioma in esophagogastroduodenoscopic examination. Propranolol is widely used in treatment of cutaneous hemangiomas and non-gastric gastrointestinal system hemangiomas. However, the surgical approach is preferred for treating gastric hemangiomas, and there are few reports of gastric hemangiomas associated with non-surgical treatment. Gastric hemorrhage decreased with antacid and somatostatin treatment. Propranolol treatment was initiated before the surgery decision. After three weeks of treatment, we observed regression in the hemangioma with endoscopic evaluation. During the course of treatment, the patient's gastrointestinal system bleeding did not recur, and there were no side effects associated with propranolol.

        • Fibulin-3 as a Diagnostic Biomarker in Patients with Malignant Mesothelioma

          Kaya,,Halide,Demir,,Melike,Taylan,,Mahsuk,Sezgi,,Cengizhan,Tanrikulu,,Abdullah,Cetin,Yilmaz,,Sureyya,Bayram,,Mehmet,Kaplan,,Ibrahim,Senyigit,,Abdurrahman Asian Pacific Organization for Cancer Prevention 2015 Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention Vol.16 No.4

          Background: New tumour biomarkers are being intensely investigated for malignant mesothelioma (MM). Fibulin-3 is produced in MM but its role remains uncertain. The aim of this study was to evaluate the validity of measuring serum fibulin-3 in the diagnosis and prognosis of MM. Materials and Methods: This prospective study was performed on 43 patients and 40 healthy controls who were admitted to our hospital between January 2012 and January 2014. Data from MM patients, including demographic and clinical features, routine laboratory data, levels of serum fibulin-3, and treatment outcomes were defined as potential prognostic factors. The receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve for fibulin-3 was used to detect the cut-off value with highest sensitivity and specificity. Univariate survival analysis was performed using the Kaplan-Meier method in patients with MM. Afterwards, the possible factors identified with univariate analyses were entered into the cox regression analysis. Results: Our results revealed that patients with MM had significantly higher serum levels of fibulin-3 than controls. The results showed that the best cut-off point was 36.6 ng/ml with an AUC (area under the curve)=0.976, sensitivity=93.0% and specificity=90.0. In our study, the initial significant poor prognostic factors were advanced stage, high white blood cell count, high platelet count, high C-reactive protein (p<0.05 for each variable). Later, according to multivariate analysis the results showed only advanced stage as significant parameter (p=0.040). Conclusions: We determined that real use for serum fibulin-3 was not for prognosis but for diagnosis in MM. Also advanced stage was associated with poor MM prognosis.


          The Effects of Raw and Physical Processed Common Vetch Seed (Vicia sativa) on Laying Performance, Egg Quality, Metabolic Parameters and Liver Histopatology of Laying Hens

          Kaya,,Hatice,Celebi,,S.,Macit,,M.,Geyikoglu,,F. Asian Australasian Association of Animal Productio 2011 Animal Bioscience Vol.24 No.10

          This experiment was designed to evaluate the effects of the processing method of common vetch seed (CVS) (Vicia sativa) on laying performance, egg quality, metabolic parameters and liver histopatology during the peak production period in hens. Lohman layers, 46 wk of age in 6 replicate cages each containing 4 hens, were allocated randomly to one of four dietary treatments. Diets were control (C) diet containing no common vetch and experimental diets containing 25% raw common vetch (RCV), 25% soaked in water for 72 h with exchange of water every 24 h (SCV) and 25% soaked&boiled at $100^{\circ}C$ for 30 minute common vetch (SBCV). Inclusion of RCV into the diet deteriorated all laying performance variables. SCV did not alleviate the adverse effect of raw common vetch on feed intake, egg weight, feed conversion, final weight and weight change. SCV partially alleviated egg production (p<0.001). SBCV diminished the adverse effect on feed intake, egg weight, feed conversion, final weight and weight change compared to raw vicia sativa (p<0.001). No significant difference was detected between SBCV and the control group in terms of egg production, feed conversion, final weight and weight change. Regardless of the processing method, all the common vetch groups had lower shell strength compared to the control group. Haugh units did differ between all groups (p<0.001). Inclusion of RCV and SCV into the basal diet decreased triglyceride, cholesterol, total protein and serum glucose concentrations (p<0.001). Hovewer, inclusion of SBCV into the basal diet increased these parameters. Liver samples were stained with Hematoxylin and eosin (HE) and evaluated by light microscopy. A biopsy of native liver tissue was used as a control. No histopathologic finding was present in the control group. Raw V. sativa compared with the control caused lipid accumulations in hepatocytes, severe congestion of hepatic blood vessels, inflammation, increased numbers of Kupffer cells and sinusoidal dilatations. Whereas, the livers from groups given treated V. sativa showed only different degrees of sinusoidal dilatations. Findings from the present study point out the risk of increased hepatic damage due to use of raw Vicia sativa. Increasing treatment of V. sativa lead to a decrease of liver damages. Inclusion of raw and soaked vetch seeds in rations affected adversely all parameters examined in laying hens. But alleviation was observed when soaked and boiled vetch seeds (SBCV) were fed. The results of these experiments indicated that soaked&boiled Vicia sativa seeds may safely be used at a 25% level in rations of laying hens.

        • KCI등재

          ON (${\sigma},\;{\tau}$)-DERIVATIONS OF PRIME RINGS

          Kaya,K.,Guven,E.,Soyturk,M. Korean Society of Mathematical Education 2006 純粹 및 應用數學 Vol.13 No.3

          Let R be a prime ring with characteristics not 2 and ${\sigma},\;{\tau},\;{\alpha},\;{\beta}$ be auto-morphisms of R. Suppose that $d_1$ is a (${\sigma},\;{\tau}$)-derivation and $d_2$ is a (${\alpha},\;{\beta}$)-derivation on R such that $d_{2}{\alpha}\;=\;{\alpha}d_2,\;d_2{\beta}\;=\;{\beta}d_2$. In this note it is shown that; (1) If $d_1d_2$(R) = 0 then $d_1$ = 0 or $d_2$ = 0. (2) If [$d_1(R),d_2(R)$] = 0 then R is commutative. (3) If($d_1(R),d_2(R)$) = 0 then R is commutative. (4) If $[d_1(R),d_2(R)]_{\sigma,\tau}$ = 0 then R is commutative.


          An evaluation of the gingival biotype and the width of keratinized gingiva in the mandibular anterior region of individuals with different dental malocclusion groups and levels of crowding

          Kaya,,Yesim,Alkan,,Ozer,Keskin,,Siddik The Korean Association Of Orthodontists 2017 대한치과교정학회지 Vol.47 No.3

          Objective: To evaluate the relationship of gingival thickness (GT) and the width of keratinized gingiva (WKG) with different malocclusion groups and the level of crowding. Methods: A total of 187 periodontally healthy subjects (121 females and 66 males) who presented at the Faculty of Dentistry in $Y{\ddot{u}}z{\ddot{u}}nc{\ddot{u}}$ Yil University for orthodontic treatment were enrolled in the study. The individuals involved in the study were divided into three groups; Angle Class I malocclusion, Angle Class II malocclusion, and Angle Class III malocclusion. Each group was classified as mild, moderate, or severe according to the level of crowding. WKG was determined as the distance between the mucogingival junction and the free gingival margin. GT was determined by the transgingival probing technique. Factorial variance analysis and the Duncan multiple comparison test were employed to identify the extent to which a difference was apparent between the groups according to these parameters. Results: It was determined that teeth in the mandibular anterior region display the thin gingival biotype. WKG and GT were observed as being higher at the mandibular incisor teeth in the severe crowding group and at the mandibular canine teeth in the mild crowding group. The GT of the mandibular right central and lateral incisors was found to be thinner in the Angle Class III group. Conclusions: Within the limits of this study, the results demonstrate that, there is no significant relationship of WKG and the mean GT in the mandibular anterior region according to the Angle classification.

        • KCI등재SCOPUS

          A Note on Relay Feedback Identification Under Static Load Disturbances

          Kaya,,Ibrahim The Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers 2015 Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology Vol.10 No.1

          Obtaining the parameters for PID controllers based on limit cycle information for the process in a relay controlled feedback loop has become an accepted practical procedure. If the form of the plant transfer function is known, exact expressions for the limit cycle frequency and amplitude can be derived so that their measurements, assumed error free, can be used to calculate the true parameter value. In the literature, parameter estimation for an assumed form of the plant transfer function has generally been considered for disturbance free cases, except a recently published work of the author. In this paper additional simulation results are reported on exact parameter estimation from relay autotuning under static load disturbances.


          Nesfatin-1 Hormone Levels in Patients with Antisocial Personality Disorder and Their Relationship with Clinical Variables

          Kaya,Şüheda,Özsoy,Filiz,Taşcı,Gülay,Kalaycı,Mehmet 대한신경정신의학회 2020 PSYCHIATRY INVESTIGATION Vol.17 No.9

          Objective This study aims to investigate the levels of nesfatin-1-hormone in patients with Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD) and their relationship with clinical variables.Methods A total of 90 people (45 ASPD, 45 controls) were included in our study. Sociodemographic Data Form, Beck-Depression-Inventory (BDI), Beck-Anxiety-Inventory (BAI), Barratt Impulsivity Scale (BIS-11), Buss-Durkee-Hostility-Inventory (BDHI) were applied to all participants. Venous blood samples were taken from participants at the same time of the day when they were hungry.Results It was found that the BDI and BAI scores of the ASPD were higher than those of the controls (p<0.001, for both scales). The scores in BIS-11; motor and nonplanning-impulsivity subscales were higher than those of the controls (p<0.001, 0.036, respectively). The scores obtained by the ASPD were higher in all subscales of BDHI (p<0.001). For the nesfatin-1-hormone, the values of the ASPD were lower than those of the controls (p=0.044). No relationship was found between the nesfatin-1-hormone and any other laboratory parameters and applied scales (p>0.05).Conclusion This is the first study to examine the nesfatin-1-hormone levels in patients with any personality disorder. Further studies with more participants are needed in different types of personality disorders to understand the relationship between personality disorder and nesfatin-1-hormone levels.

        • KCI등재SCOPUS

          Sum-Rate Optimal Power Policies for Energy Harvesting Transmitters in an Interference Channel

          Kaya,Tutuncuoglu,Aylin,Yener 한국통신학회 2012 Journal of communications and networks Vol.14 No.2

          This paper considers a two-user Gaussian interference channel with energy harvesting transmitters. Different than conventional battery powered wireless nodes, energy harvesting transmitters have to adapt transmission to availability of energy at a particular instant. In this setting, the optimal power allocation problem to maximize the sum throughput with a given deadline is formulated. The convergence of the proposed iterative coordinate descent method for the problem is proved and the short-term throughput maximizing offline power allocation policy is found. Examples for interference regions with known sum capacities are given with directional water-filling interpretations. Next, stochastic data arrivals are addressed. Finally, online and/or distributed near-optimal policies are proposed. Performance of the proposed algorithms are demonstrated through simulations.

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