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      • 導入 遺傳資源을 利用한 옥수수 新交雜種 育成

        李明薰,金碩均 동국대학교 산업기술환경대학원 1994 산업기술논총 Vol.2 No.-

        This study was conducted to develope elite, high adaptable corn hybrids using alien germplasm. We investigated yields, plant characters, and yield components of new 6 hybrids and 4 check hybrids. Hybrid CIM.A-21 × NC 246 which was late for days to tasseling, high for plant and ear heights showed the highest grain, stover, and total dry matter yields. Hybrid KS 8 × SC 12 which was a little lower total dry matter yield showed relatively high grain yield, early flowering, and good characters for plant and ear height. Horizontal plant type hybrids with big leaf angle had small leaf area index, were early matured varieties and high in yields. In yield components, KS 8 × SC 12, Suwon 19, and KS 7 × SC 12 were higher than the other hybrids. KS 8 × SC 12 might be the most effective material to develope corn hybrid. Leaf angle showed negative correlation coefficients with all of the characteristics of corn hybrid, except for ear height, stem diameter, and weight of 100 kernel. Expecially, it had negative correlation coefficients with plant height and number of kernels per row in 5% levels, and with grain yield, total dry matter in 1% levels.

      • KCI등재

        식용식물자원으로부터 활성물질의 탐색 : Ⅵ. 쑥갓(Chrysanthemum coronarium L.)으로부터 sterol의 분리 Ⅵ. Isolation of Sterol Compounds from the Aerial Parts of Garland (Chrysanthemum coronarium L.)

        송명종,홍윤희,김동현,김대근,정인식,이윤형,김성훈,박미현,김인호,권병옥,백남인 한국응용생명화학회 2003 Applied Biological Chemistry (Appl Biol Chem) Vol.46 No.4

        쑥갓의 지상부를 MeOH로 추출하고, 추출물을 EtOAc, n-BuOH 및 물로 분배, 추출하였다. EtOAc 분획으로부터 silica gel column chromatography를 반복하여 3종의 sterol을 분리하였다. 각각의 화학구조는, NMR 및 MS등의 스펙트럼을 해석하여, stigmast-5-en-3β-ol(1,β-sitosterol), stigmast-4-en-6β-ol-3-one (2), stigmast-4-en-6α-ol-f-one (3)으로 동정하였다. 화합물 2와 3은 육상식물에서는 처음으로 분리되었다. The aerial parts of the Garland (Chrysanthemum coronarium L.) were extracted in MeOH and solvent fractionated with EtOAc, n-BuOH and water, successively. EtOAc fractions gave three steroid compounds through application of silica gel column chromatographies. The chemical structures of the steroids were determined by the interpretation of several spectral data, including NMR and MS as stigmast-5-en-3β-ol (1, β-sitosterol), stigmast-4-en-6β-ol-3-one (2), stigmast-4-en-6α-ol-3-one (3). Compounds 2 and 3 have been so far reported only in the aquatic plants, were isolated for the first time from the land plants.

      • 국내 재생골재의 물리적 특성에 관한 상관성 분석

        전명훈,강도우,김효진,이세현,이도헌 대한건축학회 2003 대한건축학회 학술발표대회 논문집 - 계획계/구조계 Vol.23 No.2

        The purpose of this research is to obtain the data for quality control of recycled aggregates product and use by examine the correlations among physical properties of recycled aggregate made of crushed waste concrete. For this purpose, we tested the physical properties of 7 recycled coarse aggregates and 10 recycled fine aggregates according to Korea Standards. As a result, we proposed the correlation equations for physical properties of recycled aggregates. Although the correlations among physical properties of recycled fine aggregates and recycled coarse aggregates showed some quantitative differences, this research revealed their similar tendencies.

      • 요통환자에 관한 통계적 고찰

        김명훈 광주보건대학 1986 論文集 Vol.11 No.-

        Low back pain is a common cause of physical disability and reduces the activity of the patient. The purpose of this study was review and analysis efficiency of physical therapy on the low back pain on 176 cases who were treated at the Kwang-ju Kug-je Hospital, from January 1, 1984 to December 31, 1984. The results are as follows: 1. There are 76(43.2%) male and 100(56.8%) female among 176 patients, who are treated less than I week in most duration of treatment. 2. The most common age group for treated on the low back pain was 40 to 50 years old. 3. A major causative disease of low back pain appeared herniated lumbar disc with 52.8%, lumbar sprain with 17.6% and spondylolisthesis with 8.5%. 4. The most common sith of H.N.P. was L 4∼5 with 49 cases(52.7%) and L5∼Sl with 39cases(42.0%). 5. The improvement by physical therapy on the low back pain was exellent 38.1%, good 27.8%, fair 14.2% and poor 19.9%, respectively.

      • 경골골절환자의 통계적 고찰 : 치료기간과 관절운동범위에 대하여 Correlation between R.O.M. and duration of Treatment

        김명훈 광주보건대학 1989 論文集 Vol.14 No.-

        One hundred and forty three patient with a fracture of tibia1 shaft has been treated and managed in the Depatment of Physical Therapy, (Chosun Universial Hospital, Hyou Sung Hospital, Cho Se Hyun Hospital, Kwangju Christian Hospial, Moon Myoung Ho Hospital) from January 1 , 1987 t o December 31, 1988. The resdts were as follows: 1. The sex ratio between male and female was 5. 5 : 1. 2. In age distribution, the most predorninent age group was over 31 -41 years(32.9%) . 3. Cause of fracture was traffic accident alrnostiy(77.6%). 4. In the shape of fracture, comunuted fracture, transverse fracture, oblique fracture were common in order. 5. Among the 143 cases, 33.5% was treated for 2- 3 monthe. 6. There was worked increasing range of month in 74.8% but not improved in 11.2%.

      • Carbosulfan의 피부자극성, 안점막 자극성 및 피부감작성등의 알러지성 효과에 관한 연구

        이상훈,이동연,백경진,김태원,정두순,임종환,김명석,박병권,윤효인 충남대학교 수의과대학 동물의과학연구소 2004 動物醫科學硏究誌 Vol.12 No.-

        Many studies have been published on the human health effects of carbosulfan toxicity. Carbosulfan used as an insecticide can produce an irritating and allergenic effect when acting on the skin. In this study, a sensitization test on albino guinea pigs and intradermal reactivity and occular irritation test on albino rabbits were carried out with carbosulfan. Signs of acute skin inflammation appeared along with the clinical symptom of chronic dermatosis caused by the solution irritating characteristics. Moreover, carbosulfan showed severe eye irritation with conjuctival redness and severe opacity on cornea. Preventive measures should involve workers' obligatory instructions on the noxious impact on human skin and strict observance of industrial safety rules.

      • 無耕耘 裁培에서 옥수수 交雜種의 收量 및 主要 形質의 反應

        李明薰,李鐘赫 동국대학교 농림과학연구소 1995 農林科學 論文集 Vol.19 No.-

        No-tillage cultivation of corn is a method to be recommended at the places where soil erosion is considerable. This experiment was conducted to investigate the responses of corn hybrids under conventional and no-tillage cultivations. The field used for this experiment was the site which corn was grown in previous year. Averge grain yield of nine corn hybrids under no-tillage was similar to that of conventional tillage, however, the responses among hybrids were quite different each other. Hybrid NC246 x Ga209 and Kwanganok significantly increased under no-tillage, but CIM A21 x Ga209 and P3160 decreased significantly. Days to tasseling were similar in both cultivations. Plant and ear heights were higher in conventional tillage. Yield components of conventional tillage were higher than those in no-tillage, also indicated higher variations among hybrids.

      • 창공91의 비행 시험을 통한 지면 효과 측정에 관한 연구

        황명신,장욱진,이정훈 한국 항공대학교 항공산업기술연구소 1996 航空宇宙産業技術硏究所 硏究誌 Vol.6 No.-

        창공-91 비행기를 이용하여 비교적 양항비가 큰 비행기의 지면 효과를 측정하는 연구를 수행하였다. 이착륙 중에는 지면에 의한 영향에 의해 공기역학적인 특성이 변화하며, 따라서 조종 특성에 많은 영향을 준다. 지면 효과에 대한 연구는 특히 시뮬레이터를 설계하는데 기초적인 자료로서 대단히 중요하지만 측정의 어려움 등으로 인하여 거의 연구 자료가 없다. 본 연구에서는 경비행기인 창공-91을 이용하여 여러 가지 비행 형태에 대해 지면 효과를 측정하기 위한 비행 시험을 수행하였다. 비행 형태는 실제 이착륙 조건을 고려하여 플랩 1단, 2단, 3단에 대하여 수행되었으며, 본 연구에서는 적은 비행회수로도 지면 효과를 측정할 수 있는 일정 받음각 방법을 이용하여 비행을 하였다. 실제 비행 시험 결과 지면 가까이에서 양력의 증가를 확인할 수 있었지만 항력과 키놀이 모멘트의 변화를 측정하기는 어려웠다. When an airplane flies close to the ground, at a height of one or two wing spans, it experiences an increase in lift and significant changes in drag and pitching moment. This phenomenon is known as ground effect. A study on the Ground Effect of Chang-Gong 91 was conducted by the flight test. Because of the obvious influence of ground proximity during the takeoff and landing phases, it has been the subject of considerable investigation, especially for simulator design. However, despite this consideration, an adequate amount of reliable ground-effects data does not appear in the literature. A Constant Angle of Attack approach technique was used to measure ground effect on several aircraft configuration. Test results indicate that ground proximity produces and increase in the lift-curve slope for Chang-Gong 91

      • 국내 생산 재생골재의 품질수준 평가

        전명훈,이세현,이성복,이도헌 대한건축학회 2004 대한건축학회 학술발표대회 논문집 - 계획계/구조계 Vol.24 No.1(구조계)

        Recycling waste concrete is very important for environmental pollution prevention, overcome aggregates shortage and effective use of resource. The examples of using recycled aggregates such as ground backfill, road construction, concrete production. But, aggregate for structural concrete requires high degree of quality. We investigated the quality of domestic recycled aggregates in order to activate the use of recycled aggregates to seek the technologically, politically supplement factors to contribute to the effective use of recycled aggregates which has ever been a national problem, and which would solve the aggregates shortage.

      • KCI등재

        스테로이드를 투여 받는 환자에서 발생한 Nocardia farcinica 뇌 종양 1예

        심성훈,박혜인조,김충종,전재현,김의종,오명돈,김남중,최강원 대한감염학회 2008 감염과 화학요법 Vol.40 No.5

        Nocardiosis occurs mostly in the immunocompromised patients. N. farcinica is known to have resistance to some antibiotics and significant increase in morbidity and mortality in patients requiring long-term treatment. Nocardia farcinica infection, especially brain abscess, has not been reported in Korea. Here, we report a case of N. farcinica brain abscess in a patient receiving steroid treatment. The patient was a 64 year-old male with gouty arthritis, He received steroid for more than two months, because of allopurinol-hypersensitivity syndrome with skin rash. After three months of steroid therapy, he visited other hospital with mild fever and left thigh pain and was diagnosed of intramuscular abscess due to gram positive bacilli. One month later, he visited our hospital with right side weakness and was diagnosed as brain abscess. The causative organism turned out to be N. farcinica, which was confirmed by means of 16S rRNA sequencing. Antibiotics were selected by E-test results and treatment was successful.

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