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      • KCI등재후보

        Correlations Between Fasciology and Yin Yang Doctrine

        Hui Tao,Mei-chun Yu,Hui-ying Yang,Rong-mei Qu,Chun Yang,Xin Zhou,Yu Bai,Jing-peng Wu,Jun Wang,Ou Sha,Lin Yuan 사단법인약침학회 2011 Journal of Acupuncture & Meridian Studies Vol.4 No.2

        The aim of this study is to explore the correlations between fasciology and yin yang doctrine. Professor Yuan developed fasciology by three-dimensional reconstruction of connective tissue (fascia) in the trunk and limbs of the human body and tracing back to tissue origins in light of biological evolution and developmental biology. Fasciology states that the human body can be divided into two systems: the supporting-storing system and the functional system. This article elaborates on the roles of the two systems and their mutual relationship. The two systems are used to analyze the yin,the yang, and their relationship. The two systems are promoted but also restricted in different contexts. The supporting-storing system is formed by undifferentiated connective tissue and provides undifferentiated cells and nutrients for differentiated cells of the functional system. Thus, the supporting-storing system could be classified as quiet, similar to yin. The functional system continuously maintains the various functional activities of the human body. Thus, the functional system could be classified as active, similar to yang. In interpreting the yin yang doctrine from the point of view of fasciology, yin can be compared with the supporting-storing system and yang can be compared with the functional system.

      • Single Somatic Embryogenesis from Transformant with Proteinase II Gene in Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer

        Yang,Deok-Chun,Kim,Se-Young,Rho,Yeong-Deok,Kim,Moo-Sung 한국자원식물학회 2003 Plant Resources Vol.6 No.3

        '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

        Ginseng(Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer) is a perennial herbaceous plant which grows very slowly. It takes about 3 to 4 years from seeding to collecting the ripe seeds and the ginseng propagation is very difficult. and so, it is very difficult to breed ginseng plant. Ginseng tissue culture was started from at 1960, and ginseng commercial product by in vitro callus culture was saled, however upto now, regenerants were not planted to soil normally. Recently, plant genetic engineering to produce transgenic plants by introducing useful genes has been advanced greatly. In a present paper, transformation of ginseng plants was achieved by co-cultivation with Agrobacterium harboring the binary vector coding Proteinase-II gene, which confer resistant or tolerant to insect pests, The binary vector for transformation was constructed with disarmed Ti-plasmid and with double 35S promoter. The NPT II gene and introduced genes of the transgenic ginseng plants were successfully identified by the PCR. Especially the transgenic ginseng plants were regenerated using new techniques such as repetitive single somatic embryogenesis.

      • Induction of Ginseng Hairy Roots And Their Possible Application To Large Scale Culture

        Yang,Deok-Chun 한국자원식물학회 2003 Plant Resources Vol.6 No.1

        '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

        Ginseng(Panax ginseng C. A. Meyer) is important medicinal plant but requires 4-year cultivation for root harvest because of slow growth. In contrast, ginseng hairy roots induced by introducing Ri-plasmid of Agrobacterium rhizogenes into genomic DNA of plant cells show vigorous growth, and the hairy roots produce the same or more saponins than natural ginseng roots. Therefore, hairy roots can be used for commercial purposes. The present study was carried out to induce hairy roots with both active growth and high saponin contents. Numerous hairy roots of Panax ginseng were obtained after root disks of three-year old roots were infected with Agrobacterium rhizogenes R1000 A4T in dark condition after one month of culture. About 3 hundred lines of hairy roots were selected according as morphological characters on medium with carbenicillin. After pre-selection of fifteen lines of hairy roots with active growth, KGHR-l and KGHR-8 lines were finally selected which had characters of high content of ginsenoside-Rd and ginsenoside-Re, respectively. The optimum growth of hairy roots was achieved in the culture of 1/2 MS liquid medium in dark (22℃) under 60 rpm gyratory shaking. Hairy roots grew well in 5L Erlenmeyer flasks, lL roller drums, 10L jar-fermenters, and especially in 20L air-lift culture vessels.


        인삼(Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer) 신품종 고풍의 육성경과 및 생육특성

        권우생(Woo-Saeng Kwon),이장호(Jang-Ho Lee),박찬수(Chan-Soo Park),양덕춘(Deok-Chun Yang) 고려인삼학회 2003 Journal of Ginseng Research Vol.27 No.2

        To develop a new ginseng variety with good quality and high yielding, a lot of individual ginseng plant were selected in the farmers' fields in 1968. Among them, a promising line, 680-83-4, has been developed through comparative cultivation of several lines selected with pure line separation from local races in KT&G Central Research Institute, preliminary and advanced yield trials were performed for 8 years. 680-83-4 was designated as KG103, which was then registered as a new variety “Gopoong” with the regional yield and adaptation trials for 10 years (1981-1990) on December<br/> 27, 2000 in Korea. Gopoong has different phenotype of a dark violet stem and dark red fruit and inverted triangle shape of berries cluster as compared with other varieties. Taproot of Gopoong was longer than local race Jakyungjong, and root yield was 4.5% higher than local race Jakyungjong. In red ginseng quality, the rates of Chun-Jeesam grade(Chun and Jee means 1st and 2nd grade, respectively) were 16.6% and 9.4% for Gopoong and Jakyungjong, respectively. In these results, it was that Gopoong was superior ginseng line with good quality for manufacture of red ginseng.

      • 폐광 광재와 유출수가 주변 토양과 하천오염에 미치는 영향

        양천회,고장석 大田産業大學校 1998 한밭대학교 논문집 Vol.15 No.1

        This study was investigated the extent of heavy metal contamination in areas of the soil and river by the effluent and abandoned mines in Chung Chong Nam Do. The abandoned mines were Gubong gold mine and Sinsung coal mine. The results were as follows. The concentrations of As and Pb in Gubong mine were 309.2mg/kg and 1163.5mg/kg which is above the soil quality standard. Cd concentration also was 14.70mg/kg which is exceeded warning level. The heavy metal contaminations in the vicinal paddy and dry field soil area were higher than those in coal mine area. However, As concentration was 29.29mg/kg which is exceeded the warning level as of 10.22mg/kg. The river water quality detected shows high Pb, As and Cd in Gubong stream and Cd, Cu and Pb in Sungju stream.

      • KCI등재후보

        공정변수를 조절한 폴리에틸렌 산화왁스 합성에 관한 연구

        양천희 한국유화학회 2003 한국응용과학기술학회지 Vol.20 No.2

        Oxidised polyethylene wax is obtained by oxidation of polyethylene wax and it is composed of various chemicals, e,g., fatty acid, alcohol, ketone and ester. The application of oxidized polyethylene wax is determined by the composition of these chemical substances. In this basic study we observed the basic reaction parameters of time, temperature, oxugen concentration and catalysts on the oxidation reaction of low molecular weight polyethlene(PE wax) by analyzing the acid value, physical and hemical properties of oxidized PE wax to develop a new oxidation process. Acid values are increased with temperature increase in the rage of 150℃~180℃, but decreased beyond 190℃ Acid values are also increased with oxygen concentration As the oxidation reaction proceeds the molecular weight and softening points of oxidation products are decreased by cracking reaction, but the viscosities are increased To observe the crystallinity of oxidation products SEM experiment was performed. To obtan a high acid-value product in a mild condition, we adopted free radical catalysts and the acid value of the product using catalyst was higher than the product obtained without catalyst in the same reaction condition. The effective initiators were dicumyl peroxide(DCPO), t-butylperoxy-2-ethyl hexanoate(HOPO) and benzoyl peroxide(BPO) having long half-life.

      • SCOPUSKCI등재

        Poly[(ethylene glycol) diacrylate]-Poly(vinylidene fluoride) 전해질을 이용한 전기 이중층 캐패시터의 전기화학적 특성

        양천모,이중기,조원일,조병원,주재백,유관표,임병오 한국공업화학회 2002 공업화학 Vol.13 No.8

        자외선 경화법으로 제조한 PEGDA-PVdF 젤상 고분자 전해질을 전기이중층캐패시터에 적용하였고, 액상 유기 전해질을 이용한 전기이중층캐패시터와 전기화학적 특성을 비교 조사하였다. 자외선 경화법으로 제조된 젤상 고분자 전해질[GPE:poly[(ethylene glycol) diacrylate]-poly(vinylidene fluoride) blend]을 이용한 전기이중층캐패시터의 경우, 비축전용량이 120 F/g으로 액상 유기 전해질 [LOE:1 M LiPF_6/EC:DMC:EMC (1:1:1 volume ratio)]을 이용한 전기이중층캐패시터의 비축전용량인 110 F/g보다 우수하였고, 100회 충방전 후에도 초기 비축전용량대비 92% 이상 유지하는 우수한 싸이클 특성을 나타내었으며 3.7 Ω의 낮은 ESR(equivalent series resistance)을 보여주었다. Cyclic voltammetry 분석 결과에서 보면 액상 유기 전해질과 젤상 고분자 전해질을 이용한 모든 전기이중층캐패시터에서 2.5 V까지 전해질의 분해 없이 전기화학적으로 안정하였고, 산화와 환원과 관련된 전류값 또한 관찰되지 않았다. 젤상 고분자 전해질을 이용한 전기이중층캐패시터의 경우에서 직사각형 모양의 이상적인 전기이중층캐패시터의 특성과 49 ㎂의 낮은 누설 전류값을 나타내었다. 자가방전 특성 결과, 젤상 고분자 전해질을 이용한 전기이중층캐패시터의 경우 2.5 V의 정전압 충전 시 OCV(open circuit voltage) 상태에서 100 h 경과 후 1.76 V의 전압을 유지하고 있어 0.25 V의 액상 유기 전해질을 이용한 전기이중층캐패시터보다 매우 우수함을 확인하였다. Poly[(ethylene glycol) diacrylate] (PEGDA)-poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVdF) gel polymer was employed as an electrolyte for electric double layer capacitor (EDLC) and compared its electrochemical characteristics with that of liquid organic electrolyte. The used organic electrolyte was 1 mole of lithium hexafluorophosphate (LiPF_6) salt containing in the solvent mixture of ethylene carbonate(EC):dimethyl carbonate(DMC):ethylmethyl carbonate(EMC)(1:1:1 volume ratio). The specific capacitance of EDLC with gel polymer electrolyte showed 120 F/g, which was superior to that of 110 F/g with liquid organic electrolyte. Good cyclability was observed for gel polymer electrolyte of EDLC. The 92% of initial specific capacitance was retained after 100 cycles of charge-discharge runs. Equivalent series resistance of 3.7 Ω of the EDLC with gel polymer electrolyte was lower than that of EDLC with liquid organic electrolyte. The EDLC with gel polymer electrolyte exhibited rectangular cyclic voltammogram of ideal EDLC in operating voltage range of 0∼2.5 V and low leakage current of 49 ㎂. Voltage drop from self-discharge was low for gel polymer electrolyte. The 29.6% of initial voltage decreased for gel polymer electrolyte, but significantly decreased to 99% for liquid organic electrolyte. The good retentivity with gel polymer electrolyte possible comes from the difference in viscosity compared with that of liquid organic electrolyte.

      • 偏自己 相關法을 利用한 韓國語 音聲 合成

        楊天錫 대구산업정보대학 1988 논문집 Vol.2 No.-

        In this paper, speech synthesis was not worked in terms of the magnetic tape and mechanical method but worked in terms of speech synthesis system used by special Partial Autocorrelation Method among the several methods for the purpose of the reconstruction of high-quality sounds. In experimental method six voiced sounds and syllables were selected, and these sounds were analyzed by compuer. In the experimental result, synthesis sound was almost obtained the same that as the original sound. Informations per a frame were reduced by 136 bits. Then, it was obtained a high compression effect from these informations.

      • 중합효소연쇄반응을 이용한 구강내 Helicobacter pylori의 검출

        양춘호,김강주 원광대학교 생체재료·매식연구소 1999 원광생체재료·매식 Vol.8 No.1

        Many authors hypothesised that Helicobacter pylori, a causative agent of gastic disease, might act as a potential antigen in salivary glands. H. pylori has been suggested to be transmitted via oral cavity. To investigate the transmission of H. pylori in oral cavity, saliva samples were taken from the patients with gastric disease. Total DNA was isolated from the saliva samples amliffication of H. pylori urease gene fragment was performed by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) with the isolated DNA as template. The amplified DNA fragments were sequenced by automatic DNA sequencer. Biopsy material from cases 2 patient of CLO test-postitive with gastric disease were examined and photographed using a light and a electron microscope. PCR-amplified DNA fragments were obtained from seven of 42 patients. The nucleotide sequence of PCR products showed high homology with H. pylori 26695 urease (98%), and the deduced amino acid sequence was identical to the urease α subunit of H. pylori J99. The cytosine in the 272th position of urease A nucleotide sequence showed the tendency of high prevalence in the patient with healthy periodontium. Electron micrograph showed helical cell profile of H. pylori on surface epithelial lining cells. Hence, these results suggest that there might be a transmission of H. pylori via saliva.

      • 홈 페이지의 시각적 표현에 관한 연구

        전양덕,금진우 서울産業大學校 1996 논문집 Vol.43 No.1

        The internet as an international network today attracts concerns of many people. In the meantime internet has given and received data in the professional field in part only as text type however, now it provides with variety to the moving animated image and to service of various sounds from a splendid picture by entrance of the worldwide web (WWW). Since the various type data is supported as these the user's interface that can see the data has also changed. Since Web Browser has developed many people began to gather in internet connection and naturally the pretty and splendid programs began to enter on the internet. As the commercial use of internet is permitted many of enterprisers or businessmen started to make their home-page as well as individuals. In such a timepoint this study is to check the principle of visual expression from the viewpoint of participation and roles of professional design in this new field in order to provide the information more effectively by getting rid of reckless generation, providing and search.

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