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        조승래 청주대학교 인문과학연구소 2016 人文科學論集 Vol.52 No.-

        This paper insists that republicanism can play a significant friendly role for environmentalism/ecology to struggle against capitalistic liberalism to overcome present environmental/ecological crisis. It means that republicanism is basically green enough to be a green ideology in that republican pursuit for common good and public interest through virtuous participatory citizenship can help to resist against liberal privatization of environmental/ecological issues and optimism of individualistic consumerism. In this context chapter II and IV reveal that liberalism is not able to deserve as a green ideology because of it's inability to depart from the ideology of limitless economic growth which incurs present environmental/ecological crisis. Chapter III and V investigate how and where republicanism meets environmentalism/ecology, and why republicanism is green, by showing that republican antipathy against capitalistic modernity is to be provided as ideological legitimacy to environmentalism/ecology. This paper concludes that green republican state should be welcomed to be emancipated from subjection to powerful capital through which environmental/ecological crisis is to be ended.

      • 韓國 새마을運動의 歷史的 考察

        趙承來 청주대학교 새마을연구소 1986 새마을硏究論文集 Vol.3 No.-

        The purpose of this paper is to examine traditional movements for development in Korea. Chapter Ⅰ examines these movements in the ancient Korea, so called "Three Kingdom Period". Chapter Ⅱ examines these movements in Koryo Dynasty and Chosun Dynasty. Technological development movements in agriculture and reclamation movements of waste land are amongst them. Chapter Ⅲ examines "Silhak Undong", which aimed at reconstructing a welfare state and proposed its own pragmatic program for development. Conclusion shows that "Saemaul Undong" in our generation could be intensified by virtue of these traditional movements for development.

      • 영국의 역사과 국가 교육과정에 대한 연구

        조승래 청주대학교 교육문제연구소 2000 교육과학연구 Vol.14 No.2

        The purpose of this paper is to introduce and analyze the national curriculum history in England. Chapter Ⅱ investigates the national curriculum working group final report which emphasized balance between the traditional view of history education and the 'New History'. Chapter Ⅲ investigates the revised edition of 1995 and 1999 which reflected the recent developments in the historical scholarship and the public attitude on the cultural diversity in Britain. Chapter Ⅳ investigates the recent criticisms which focused on the government intervention on behalf of the established in the making of the national curriculum.

      • Charles A. Beard의 ‘大陸主義’小考

        趙承萊 청주대학교 교육문제연구소 1988 교육과학연구 Vol.2 No.1

        The purpose of this paper is to investigate the Continentalism of Charles A. Beard in the historical context. Chapter Ⅰ investigates the relationship between revisionism of nineteen-twenties and continentalism. Chapter Ⅱ investigates the moral and historical basis of continentalism. Charles A. Beard's view of American history as a thoroughgoing separated one from that of Euroge is of great importance this aspects. Chapter Ⅲ investigates the influence of Great Panic an continentalism and his view of national interest.

      • Robert Owen의 工場改革 運動과 工場새마을 運動

        趙承來 청주대학교 새마을연구소 1987 새마을硏究論文集 Vol.4 No.-

        The purpose of this paper is to investigate the idea and the practice of Robert Owen's factory-reform movement, through which historical lessons for Factory-Saemaulundong is to be found. Chapter Ⅱ investigates the historical background of Robert Owen's factory-reform movement. Chapter Ⅲ narrates the career of Robert Owen as a social reformist. Chapter Ⅳ investigates Robert Owen's idea of social reform and his educational thought. Chapter Ⅴ investigates Robert Owen's view of society, which emphasize the concept of cooperation and self-sufficiency. Chapter Ⅵ concludes that in order both to keep up the peace of industrial society and to increase the pruductivity industrialists must endeavor to improve the social and living conditions of labourers, the historical example of which is to be shown by Robert Owen and that Factory-Samaulundong should be directed in this way.

      • 평금형 압출용 금형의 NC 가공 S/W 개발에 관한 연구

        조승래,이춘만,박태원 國立 昌原大學校 産業技術硏究所 1998 産技硏論文集 Vol.12 No.-

        Square dies are widely used for hot extrusion processes with high production rate. Especially, such dies have some advantages in manufacture of aluminum products having arbitrary shapes of cross section, because aluminum alloys can be manufactured without lubrication at a relatively low temperature. The recent development of extrusion technology has brought high precision products with thin thickness. However, the design and manufacture of square dies mainly relies on experience of industrial engineers, it often takes much lead time due to the trial-and-errors of the engineers. To overcome such difficulty, this study develops a method of automatic generation of NC codes for the manufacture of extrusion square dies. This method utilizes both CAD data of a product and database associated with die design parameters, and finally generates NC codes for an aluminum product having an arbitrary shape of cross sections. Specifically, three types of NC codes are generated for : (1) Wire-cut EDM cutting of square dies, (2) Wire-cut EDM cutting of electrodes for die land, and (3) machining of the electrodes. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the method, it is applied to a practical example. The result shows that the method can reduce the lead time for the design and manufacture of square dies as well as eliminating engineers own experience.

      • 진정한 세계사 서술을 위한 예비적 고찰

        조승래 淸州大學校 學術硏究所 2006 淸大學術論集 Vol.7 No.-

        The purpose of this paper is to explore how we can research and describe a new and true global history. Recently many scholars criticized the eurocentric view of history in modern Europe which is of great influence even today. The eurocentrism established modernization/Westernization as the univesal value which the rest of the world must accept. It created a firm power relationship between West and East as Edward Side has excavated. There is no denying that this eurocentrism is the most powerful obstacle which prevents historians from writing a true global history. This paper shows the attempts of some prominent scholars who is now trying to overcome eurocentric interpretation of history. This paper hopes to be a preliminary study of writing a new and true global history.

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