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      • Study on Effect of Massage Technique based on Chaos Theory

        Ping Feng,Xiao-li Wang,Chao Zhang,Wei Sun,Dai-min Chen 보안공학연구지원센터 2016 International Journal of u- and e- Service, Scienc Vol.9 No.12

        According to the mechanism of EMG signal, we know that the sacrificial electrical signal is with weak signal, low frequency, alternating, nonlinear and non-stationary characteristics. Nonlinear analysis includes higher order spectral analysis and fractal and chaos analysis.Chaos theory is one of the main parts of nonlinear science, and the electrical signal of the surface has a strong randomness, so we could consider the nonlinear analysis of EMG signals from the perspective of chaos. We mainly studied on the nonlinear analysis algorithm of EMG signal detailedly in this paper. Experiments show that,according to the quantitative analysis of several important parameters of rolling massage with chaos theory, we can measure objectively the action situation of related muscle groups in the operation course, then guide the professional massage students to understand the norms of operation in training of operation and help to lead their manipulation to the best power structure.

      • KCI등재


        楊朝明 한국철학사연구회 2003 한국 철학논집 Vol.13 No.-

        『논어』라는 책이 언제 만들어졌는가라는 물음은 학술계에서 많은 관심을 갖는 문제로 최근에 발견된 유가의 竹書 文獻을 통하여 좀 더 자세히 접근할 수 있다. 竹書는 『논어』에 분명한 主旨가 있고 내재적인 엄밀한 논리구조가 있으며 정확하고도 올바른 사실을 근거로 하고 있다는 점을 증명하고 있다. 竹書는 공자의 수많은 제자들을 거쳐 子思에 의하여 구체적으로 편집되고 완성되어 있다. the academia have been cared about the composition of the analects and made progress lately. Making good use of Confucius bamboo excavated recently can help us study it deeply. Bamboo stuff proved thar the analects have its major idea and strict logic. It stands out trueness and verity. The stuff of the book camefrom many disciples of Confucius and it had been compiled by Zisi ultimately. 學術界十分關心《論語》的成書問題, 最近也有흔好的硏究, 而充分利用新近發現的儒家竹書文獻可以進一步細化這一硏究. 竹書材料證明《論語》有一定的思想主旨, 有內在的嚴密邏輯, 有“正實而切事”的突出特征. 該書材料來自孔門衆多弟子, 而由子思具體纂輯完成.

      • Natural gas hydrate occurrence and detection in the Sea of Okhotsk

        진영근(Jin, Young-Keun),CHAOS Scientific Party, CHAOS 한국신재생에너지학회 2006 한국신재생에너지학회 학술대회논문집 Vol.2006 No.11

        The Sea of Okhotsk is the unique area providing the highest methane production rate of the northern hemisphere. The area of focused fluid venting offshore the NE Sakhalin continental slope was investigated during the CHAOS (Hydro-Carbon Hydrate Accumulations in the Okhotsk Sea) expeditions onboard of RV "Akademik Lavrentyev" In 2003, 2005 and 2006. The International Research Project CHAOS (Russia-Korea-Japan) aimed at the study of gas hydrate formation processes associated with the fluid venting in the Sea of Okhotsk. Several new gas hydrate accumulations were discovered during the cruise. Hydrate-associated structures have been named as KOPRI, VNIIOKeangeologia, POI and KIT (the names of cruise participant institutes) Some of hydrate-bearing cores contain big amount of gas hydrates: massive gas hydrate layers (up to 35cm thick) were recovered. The shallowest submarine gas hydrate accumulations in the world (at the depth less then 400m) were discovered during the cruise.


        ORIGINAL ARTICLE : Early Intervention with High-Dose Steroid Pulse Therapy Prolongs Disease-Free Interval of Severe Alopecia Areata: A Retrospective Study

        ( Chao Chun Yang ),( Chun Te Lee ),( Chao Kai Hsu ),( Yi Pei Lee ),( Tak Wah Wong ),( Sheau Chiou Chao ),( Julia Yu Yun Lee ),( Hamm Ming Sheu ),( Wenchieh Chen ) 대한피부과학회 2013 Annals of Dermatology Vol.25 No.4

        Background: Spontaneous recovery of severe alopecia areata is rare and the condition is difficult to treat. Objective: The aim of this study is to investigate and compare the effects and safety of steroid pulse therapy between oral and intravenous administrations between 1999 and 2010 at the Department of Dermatology, National Cheng Kung University Hospital. Methods: Data were retrospectively retrieved. A satisfactory response was defined as more than 75% hair regrowth in the balding area. Results: A total of 85 patients with more than 50% hair loss were identified and treated, with an overall satisfactory response rate of 51.8%. The mean follow-up time was 37.6 months, with a relapse rate of 22.7%. Patients with alopecia areata (hereafter, AA) of recent onset within one year showed higher response rates (p< 0.001) and lower relapse rates compared to patients with AA persisting for more than 1 year. Further, even in patients with alopecia totalis, alopecia universalis or ophiasis type, early treatment resulted in a satisfactory response rate of 47% among the treated patients. In general, oral therapy was as effective and well-tolerated as intravenous therapy. Conclusion: The response rate is determined by disease severity and time of intervention, not by the administration form of steroid pulse therapy. Oral steroid pulse therapy can be considered as the first-line treatment for patients with severe AA of recent onset within one year. (Ann Dermatol 25(4) 471∼474, 2013)

      • KCI등재

        Chaotic Dynamics of a Three-phase Clock-driven Oscillator with Dual Voltage Controllability

        Ji Chao Zhou,송한정 한국물리학회 2012 THE JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY Vol.61 No.8

        In this work, we study a novel dual voltage controlled chaotic oscillator using a three-phase clock. The chaotic oscillator is based on two nonlinear functions which are needed for chaotic signal generation. The proposed chaotic circuit consists of non-overlapping clock driven three MOS (Metal Oxide Semiconductor) switches for S/H (sample and hold), a level shifter and two nonlinear functions for nonlinearity in the feedback. After optimizing of nonlinear functions for chaotic signal generation, the proposed circuit was simulated with SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis) program using a 0.6 um CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) process parameter. For various control voltages, its chaotic dynamics such as time waveform, bifurcation diagram and state transition diagram were analyzed. We confirmed that the circuit can generate discrete chaotic signals in specific control voltages. This circuit expected to be utilized for various chaos applications.

      • Dietary Lactobacillus plantarum GB805 supplementation improves growth performance and nutrient digestibility in weaning pigs

        Liu, Wen Chao Liu, Jung Sun Kang and In Ho Ki Chao,Kang, Jung Sun,Kim, In Ho Agricultural Research Communication Center 2018 Indian Journal of Animal Research Vol.52 No.-

        <P>A total of 60 weaned pigs with initial body weight (BW) of 8.51 ± 0.42 kg (28 d of age) were randomly divided into 2 groups of 30 each consisted of 6 pens with 2 gilts and 3 borrows and supplemented (treatment) 5.3×108 cfu/kg Lactobacillus plantarum GB805 in addition to basal diet offered during d 0 to 14 and d 15 to 42 (control). During the total trial period or different phases of trial, pigs fed L. plantarum diet had a higher (P less than 0.05) ADG, ADFI and feed efficiency. At the end of experiment, dietary L. plantarum supplementation improved (P less than 0.05) the apparent total tract digestibility of dry matter, nitrogen and the fecal Lactobacillus populations (P less than 0.05) while the fecal E.coli populations were decreased (P less than 0.05). In conclusion, dietary supplementation of L. plantarum GB805 had positive influence on growth rate, nutrient digestibility and gut microbial balance and its supplementation recommended to weaning pigs.</P>

      • KCI등재

        Experimental Study on Bond Behavior between Section Steel and RAC under Full Replacement Ratio

        Chao Liu,Ziyu Fan,Xiaona Chen,Chao Zhu,Haiyang Wang,Guoliang Bai 대한토목학회 2019 KSCE JOURNAL OF CIVIL ENGINEERING Vol.23 No.3

        Nine specimens of steel reinforced recycled concrete are designed to explore the effect of four factors as the cover thickness of section steel, the embedded length of section steel, the recycled aggregate concrete strength, and the lateral stirrup ratio on bond slip between section steel and recycled aggregate concrete. The test results show that the failure modes of recycled aggregate concrete are as similar as normal concrete; three formulas are proposed for the bond stress between section steel and recycled aggregate concrete, which are fitting well. The mathematical model of bond stress-slip is established through analysis, and the predicted curve is close to the test curve. The research results provide the basis for the numerical simulation analysis of the bond slip for the recycled aggregate concrete under the full replacement ratio.

      • KCI등재

        Study on Calculation Method of Long Term Deformation of RAC Beam based on Creep Adjustment Coefficient

        Chao Liu,Zhenyuan Lv,Chao Zhu,Guoliang Bai,Yu Zhang 대한토목학회 2019 KSCE JOURNAL OF CIVIL ENGINEERING Vol.23 No.1

        The creep shrinkage of concrete is an important factor in the long-term deformation of concrete structures. It is also a key link for solving long-term deformation calculation accuracy and complex calculation forms. In this paper, a 1200-day long-term deformation test was conducted on beams with 0%, 50%, and 100% substitution ratios of recycled coarse aggregate. Meanwhile, based on the principle of virtual work, the creep coefficient of recycled concrete is introduced into the calculation of additional curvature of the beam section, and the formula for calculating the long-term deformation of recycled concrete is established. According to the size of recycled coarse aggregate, through the calculation of creep and shrinkage of concrete, the regeneration adjustment coefficient of concrete creep and shrinkage, the calculation results into three typical model of ordinary concrete creep and shrinkage, creep and shrinkage of concrete and regeneration model of deformation calculation of long period, the calculated and experimental results agree well; based on this, the deflection increase coefficient is proposed, which simplifies the long-term calculation formula. It not only can meet the calculation accuracy requirements, but also can be easily adapted to engineering promotion.

      • KCI등재

        A meso-scale approach to modeling thermal cracking of concrete induced by water-cooling pipes

        Chao Zhang,Wei Zhou,Gang Ma,Chao Hu,Shaolin Li 사단법인 한국계산역학회 2015 Computers and Concrete, An International Journal Vol.15 No.4

        Cooling by the flow of water through an embedded cooling pipe has become a common and effective artificial thermal control measure for massive concrete structures. However, an extreme thermal gradient induces significant thermal stress, resulting in thermal cracking. Using a mesoscopic finite-element (FE) mesh, three-phase composites of concrete namely aggregate, mortar matrix and interfacial transition zone (ITZ) are modeled. An equivalent probabilistic model is presented for failure study of concrete by assuming that the material properties conform to the Weibull distribution law. Meanwhile, the correlation coefficient introduced by the statistical method is incorporated into the Weibull distribution formula. Subsequently, a series of numerical analyses are used for investigating the influence of the correlation coefficient on tensile strength and the failure process of concrete based on the equivalent probabilistic model. Finally, as an engineering application, damage and failure behavior of concrete cracks induced by a water-cooling pipe are analyzed in-depth by the presented model. Results show that the random distribution of concrete mechanical parameters and the temperature gradient near water-cooling pipe have a significant influence on the pattern and failure progress of temperature-induced micro-cracking in concrete.

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