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      • KCI등재

        기체-액체 밀도차에 대한 슬로싱 충격압력의 실험적 고찰

        안양준(Yangjun Ahn), 김상엽(Sang-Yeob Kim), 김경환(Kyong-Hwan Kim), 이상우(Sang-Woo Lee), 김용환(Yonghwan Kim) 대한조선학회 2013 大韓造船學會 論文集 Vol.50 No.2

        This paper presents the results of sloshing experiments having different fluids in model tanks with various density ratios. The experimental model consisting water and air at ambient, which has been commonly used, is not consistent in density ratio with that of an actual LNG cargo tank. Therefore, an advanced experimental scheme is developed to consider the same density ratio of LNG and NG by using a mixed gas of sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) and nitrogen (N2). For experimental observation, a two-dimensional model tank of 1/40 scale and a three-dimensional model tank of 1/50 scale have been manufactured and tested at various conditions. Two different fillings with various excitation frequencies under regular motions have been considered for the two-dimensional model tank, and three different filling levels under irregular motions have been imposed for the three-dimensional model tank. The density ratio between gas and liquid varies from the ratio of the ambient air and water to that of the actual LNG cargo container, and the different composition of gas is used for this variation. Based on the present experimental results, it is found that the decrease of sloshing pressure is predicted when the density ratio increases.

      • KCI등재

        독립형 화물창 내부의 슬로싱 하중에 대한 실험적 연구

        김상엽(Sang-Yeob Kim), 안양준(Yangjun Ahn), 김용환(Yonghwan Kim), 허주호(Joo-Ho Heo), 정태석(Taeseok Jeong), 이철호(Chul-Ho Lee), 김도현(Do-Hyun Kim) 대한조선학회 2013 大韓造船學會 論文集 Vol.50 No.6

        In this paper, an experimental study on sloshing problems in an independent B-type tank of STX Offshore and Shipbuilding Co. is described. Recently STX Offshore and Shipbuilding Co. introduced a new design of an independent B-type tank in order to reduce sloshing impact loads on LNG CCS. This tank has many internal members, so that sloshing flow and the resultant hydrodynamic loads are very different from those in typical membrane tanks. In this study, a series of sloshing experiment have been carried out for 1/50 scale model, and the main characteristics of sloshing load on the independent tank are observed. The properly scaled internal members such as swash bulkhead, center bulkhead and stringers have been installed in the test tank model, but sloshing pressures are measured on the tank walls only. The forced excitation signals have been generated by using the predicted ship motion in irregular sea states. The characteristics of sloshing loads on this tank have been observed in different filling levels with various heading angles, and sea states. In this paper, some key findings from the model tests are discussed.

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