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        • 가족학 연구를 위한 이론적 대안으로서의 비판이론 고찰

          서수경(Soo Kyung Seo) 한국가족관계학회 2001 한국가족관계학회지 Vol.6 No.2

          In this paper I wanted to discuss the theoretical basis to be applied for the research of the social status of the modern Korean family, which has changed a lot in the process of industralization of the country. During the last decades the research of the social status of Koran family was carried out mainly on the basis of empirical studies which resulted in one-sided approach to the problem. For this reason I want to point out to various theoretical concepts which should be taken into consideration when doing research with respect to the Korean family. In this paper I have tried to outline the communication theory of J. Habermas because I am the opinion that his Critical Theory, which he elaborated for the analysis of the German society and its pathological phenomina can also be applied for the analysis of the Korean society and its problems.

        • KCI등재

          독일과 한국의 가족교육 비교 연구

          서수경(Seo Soo Kyung) 한독교육학회 2001 교육의 이론과 실천 Vol.6 No.2

          '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

          As our society is changing so quickly, there are many problems concerning the family which cannot be solved by family members alone. They must be supported by the state through sociopolitical programs. In the modern states of our time out of all social institutions the family is regarded as the most important one for the upbringing of children, because it is the family which supports the children financially and above all it is the family which protects them and helps them to strengthen their self-confidence and to solve all their problems including socialisation. In the modern rates the conviction is prevailing that the children guarantee continuity in the development of society. that is way the state supports families with children through various sociopolitical programs. Without the support of the state families would not be able to bring up responsible citizens who in the future are the gist of societies. In this study I want take this fact in account and create a theoretical basis which may serve as a sociopolitical perspective for the study of how families in Korea are educated, especially by studying the “Familienbildung” in Germany. I tried to analyse family life education in Korea on the basis of its legalistic aspects, education and social welfare. I hope that this kind of study will induce the state to take over responsibility for the family life education and thai it may serve as basis for its sociopolitical support.

        • 서구의 " 포스트모던 가족 " 연구에 대한 고찰

          서수경(Soo Kyung Seo) 한국가족관계학회 2002 한국가족관계학회지 Vol.7 No.1

          Generally known socio-demographic statistic show that marriage and family are traditional institutions which are continuously loosing importance and are increasingly getting weaker. Some scientists explain this phenomenon with the concept of post-modern time. They use this concept as a "model to explain" the diagnosis of our time. I will try to analyse some studies about the family and the post-modern time which are published in the German-speaking area. And I will try to find out, above all in Western countries, how much the concepts "Plurality", "Individuality", "Deinstitutionalisation", "Relation" and "Post-modern" are linked to each other. `Postmodern Family` is an interesting topic for the understanding of recent changes in the family, providing much stimulus for the family research area. I hope that this study about the Western concept of `Postmodern Family` may contribute to the understanding of the going and coming changes in the Korean family.

        • 서울시 국공립어린이집 위탁운영 개선방안 연구

          서수경(SEO, Soo-Kyung),유정민 서울시 여성가족재단 2013 서울시 여성가족재단 연구사업보고서 Vol.- No.-

          While the expansion of government support for childcare costs has strengthened the public childcare system, it is still important and necessary to ask whether the public system of childcare provides reliable and quality services. This study has been conducted to develop suggestions for the improvement of both the quality and the nature of national and public childcare center in Seoul. To this end, this study identifies and analyzes problems with consigned management of these public facilities. This study surveys the existing literature, in Korea and abroad, on the consigned management of national and public childcare center. Next, it identifies the current status and problems of the consigned management of national and public childcare center in Seoul on the basis of quantitative survey results (taken from 234 managers of national and public pre-schools in Seoul). Third, this study identifies the problems with the quality of childcare services provided at these facilities and makes suggestions for improvement on the basis of a qualitative investigation (involving group meetings of experts, focus group interviews, and a written survey). The findings of this study can be summarized as follows: First, regarding the satisfaction rates with different types of consignees and numbers of consignments, survey respondents were most dissatisfied with school foundations as consignees, and also with consignees who have run consigned childcare center for three consecutive terms. The biggest factor contributing to dissatisfaction was the anxiety over employment, irrespective of the consignee type or the number of consignments taken. Second, regarding the problems with the consigned management of national and public childcare center, the three main factors of dissatisfaction were: (1) lack of public accountability in the consignees; (2) partiality and unfairness in evaluation and selection of consignees; and (3) the absence of objectivity in the criteria used to select consignees. Third, these problems need to be solved by: setting up an organization tasked with settling disputes over consignment decisions; ensuring the transparency and openness of each district office’s process through which its childcare policy committee members are chosen; and revising and updating the criteria for consignment. Furthermore, the forms of management need to be diversified to include direct management by the City of Seoul and cooperatives in order to ensure improvement in the quality of childcare services at national and public childcare center in Seoul.

        • Octylmethoxycinnamate의 SPF 지수와 피부자극지수와의 상관성 연구

          서수경(Soo Kyung Suh),김종원(Jong Won Kim),최주영(Ju Young Choi),서경원(Kyung Won Seo),박창원(Chang Won Park),김규봉(Kyu Bong Kim),김광진(Kwang Jin Kim),이선희(Sun Hee Lee) 한국환경성돌연변이발암원학회 2002 한국환경성돌연변이·발암원학회지 Vol.22 No.4

          In recent years, the safety of sunscreens have been challenged based on the reports of its adverse effects on users; dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis, photoallergic contact dermatitis. In the toxicological aspect, the need to investigate the safety of sunscreens is steadily increasing. However, there were few studies on the correlation between sun protection factor (SPF) and the safety of sunscreens. The objective of this study was to assess whether there was a correlation between SPF and the skin irritation index of sunscreens. Octyl methoxycinnamate (OMC) was selected, which was the most frequently used (about 92% in korea and about 90% in the world) in sunscreens. In vitro SPF test was performed using the standard samples recommended by KFDA guideline. We examined primary and cumulative skin irritation and eye irritation of OMC standard sample as well as homosalate. As in vitro SPF was increased, skin irritation index was increased in primary skin irritation test (r²=0.986) and cumulative skin irritation test (r²=0.939). In addition, OMC was non-irritating and non-sensitizing.<br/> In this results, there was a good correlation between SPF index and skin irritation index.

        • KCI등재

          미세먼지 자극으로부터 지모추출물, 베타글루칸, 폴리감마글루탐산 혼합물의 안티폴루션 효능 평가

          서수경 ( Soo-kyung Seo ),구창섭 ( Chang-sub Ku ),손보미 ( Bomi Son ),이수경 ( Su-gyeong Lee ),강은미 ( Eun Mee Kang ),김미옥 ( Miok Kim ),홍정현 ( Jung Hyun Hong ),김선화 ( Seonhwa Kim ),신문삼 ( Moon Sam Shin ) 대한미용학회(구 대한미용과학회) 2016 대한미용학회지 Vol.12 No.4

          This study characterized Prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) production from Raw264.7 cells stimulated with particulate matter (PM1648a) and tested anti-pollution capacity of mixtures of Anemarrhena asphodeloides root extract, β-glucan and poly- γ-glutamic acid (the complex). In order to assess cytotoxicity, we treated the Raw264.7 cells with the complex using the lactase dehydrogenase (LDH) assay method. To measure cell viability, we treated HaCaT cells with the complex using the MTT assay method. To test scavenging activity, the DPPH assay method was used. To test the anti-oxidant effect of the complex, we treated HaCaT cells with the pro-inflammatory mediator particulate matter (PM1648a) and with PM1648a and the complex, then measured the concentration of reactive oxygen species (ROS) within the cells using the dichlorofluorescin diacetate (DCF-DA) assay method. The complex had cytotoxicity below 6.5% and cell viability above 91.3% at a concentration of 0.05%. Also, the complex showed scavenging activity above 50% at a concentration of 1.0%. In addition, ROS production at the 0.05% complex concentration was reduced to 61.0%. In a clinical experiment, the subjects who had skin urtication used a cosmetic product containing mixtures of 1.0% Anemarrhena asphodeloides root extract, 0.4% β-glucan and 0.5% poly-γ-glutamic acid for 4 weeks. The experimental group showed a statistically significant improvement in skin humidity, desquamation index and skin urtication. Based on the results with in vitro test and clinical experiment, mixtures of Anemarrhena asphodeloides root extract, β-glucan and poly-γ-glutamic acid could be used as cosmetic anti-pollution materials.

        • KCI등재

          UPLC-MS/MS를 이용한 인삼 중 326종 농약의 동시분석

          김성수(Seong-Soo Kim),김경주(Kyung-Ju Kim),이민정(Min-Jeong Lee),서수경(Su-Kyung Seo),이용재(Yong-Jae Lee) 한국농약과학회 2020 농약과학회지 Vol.24 No.1

          이 연구는 식품공전 시험법을 변형하여 전처리한 후 UPLC-MS/MS 분석조건을 확립하고 분석법을 검증하였다. 식품공전 시험법의 전처리 과정 중 고액분리는 감압여과 대신 원심분리를 적용하였고, 정제과정 없이 바로 기기분석하였으며, LC-MS/MS 분석대상성분 또한 151성분에서 326성분으로 확대하여 농약별 회수율 검증을 통한 인삼 중 잔류농약 분석 적용가능성을 검토하였다. 인삼 무처리 시료에 20, 200 μg kg<SUP>−1</SUP> 수준으로 농약을 처리한 후 전 처리하여 UPLC-MS/MS로 분석하고 matrix matched calibration을 이용하여 회수율을 조사하였다. 분석대상 농약 326성분의 LOD 및 LOQ는 각각 0.4~4 μg kg<SUP>−1</SUP>, 1~8 μg kg−1이었으며, 회수율 시험 결과 20 μg kg<SUP>−1</SUP> 및 200 μg kg<SUP>−1</SUP> 수준 처리에서 각각 70.1~120.0%의 평균회수율과 0.1~18.7%의 상대표준편차를 나타내었다. 이는 국내 및 EU에서 규정하고 있는 유효회수율 70~120%, 상대표준편차 20% 이하를 모두 만족하는 결과를 보였다. 따라서 본 시험에서 사용된 전처리법과 UPLC-MS/MS 분석조건을 이용하여 인삼 중 326성분에 대한 잔류농약 분석이 가능할 것으로 판단되었다. A new analytical method has been developed to determine 326 pesticide residues in fresh ginseng. The extraction of pesticides was carried out by modified the Korean Food Standards Codex sample extraction and determination was performed using UPLC-MS/MS. During the pretreatment process of the test method, Solid-liquind separation was changed to centrifugation, and was performed without purification. also, LC-MS/MS analysis target pesticides were expanded from 151 pesticides to 326. Using matrix-matched calibration standards, it was demonstrated that a minimal concentration of 10 μg kg<SUP>−1</SUP> of analyte in the matrix is required for the consistent identification of targeted pesticides with two MRM transition. The method was validated by the precision and accuracy results. 326 kinds of pesticides spiked at two level 20, 200 μg kg<SUP>−1</SUP> in fresh ginseng. The recoveries were within 70.1~120% with relative standard deviations of ≤18.7%, and the limit of quantification of method was 1.0~8.0 μg kg<SUP>−1</SUP>. in fresh ginseng. The result showed that sample extraction and UPLC-MS/MS analysis in the study can be applied to multi-residue analysis of pesticides in fresh ginseng.

        • KCI등재후보
        • KCI등재

          반하(Pinellia ternata)에서의 [6]-gingerol 함량과 멜라닌 저해 활성에 영향을 미치는 원산지 판별 마커로의 활용

          류형원 ( Hyung Won Ryu ),안주현 ( Ju Hyeon An ),원효준 ( Hyo Jun Won ),서수경 ( Soo-kyung Seo ),김두영 ( Doo-young Kim ),구창섭 ( Chang-sub Ku ),오세량 ( Sei-ryang Oh ) 한국응용생명화학회(구 한국농화학회) 2016 Journal of Applied Biological Chemistry (J. Appl. Vol.59 No.4

          반하(Pinellia ternata Breitenbach)는 천남성과(Araceae)의 약용식물로 동아시아 일대가 원산지이며, 유럽과 북아메리카 일부지역에도 널리 분포하고 있는 식물이다. 반하의 괴경(tuber)은 약재로 사용되어 구토, 염증, 외상을 치료하는 목적으로 사용되고 있다. 보고된 약리학적 작용으로는 항경련, 항종양, 살충, 세포독성 등이 있는 것으로 알려져 있다. 반하는 약리학적으로 유용한 약용식물로 잘 알려져 있음에도 불구하고, 원산지를 판별할 수 있는 신뢰성이 있고 표준화된 방법이 없는 실정이다. 이를 위한 한국산과 중국산 반하를 판별할 수 있는 유의적인 화합물을 탐색하기 위해 UPLC-PDA와 QTof-MS에 기반을 둔 대사체 표지법을 이용하였다. 한국산으로부터 원산지 판별 화합물로 예상되는 화합물을 반복적인 역상 칼럼크로마토그래피에 기반을 둔 활성유도 분획법을 통해 분리하였다. 그리고, NMR과 MS를 포함한 물리화학적, 분광학적 정보의 결과를 토대로 [6]- gingerol이라는 화합물의 구조를 동정하였다. [6]-gingerol은 원산지를 판별할 수 있는 능력과 melanin 생합성 저해 활성을 지닌 기능성 화장품 소재로서 가치가 있다고 판단되어짐에 따라 유효성분 원산지 판별 화합물로 Fingerprint법에 의해 선정되었다. 더욱이, 한국산과 중국산 반하 유래 [6]-gingerol의 함량 비교를 위해, 유효성이 검증된 분석법을 이용하여 이에 대한 검량곡선을 작성하여 그 함량을 비교하였다. 이것은 한국산 반하판별을 위한 화합물 선정과 성공적인 유효성 검증을 다룬 최초의 보고이다. Pinellia ternata Breitenbach, the natural medicinal plant of the Araceae family, is a perennial plant originated from the East Asia, but also widely distributed in Europe and North America. Its tuber is used as traditional medicine for treatment of various diseases such as vomiting, inflammation, and traumatic injury. Pharmacological studies revealed that P. ternata possesses anticonvulsant, anti-tumor, insecticidal, and cytotoxic activities. Despite being well-known as the useful medicinal plant, there is no reliable, standardized method for origin discrimination. Ultra performance liquid chromatography-photodiode array detector and quadrupole time of flight-mass spectrometry based metaboliteprofiling was applied to explore significant metabolite for origin discrimination between Korean and Chinese P. ternata. One compound was isolated from Korean P. ternata using repeated ODS column chromatography by bioactivity guided fractionation, and determined as [6]-gingerol according to the results of spectroscopic data including nuclear magnetic resonance and MS. This compound was selected as cosmeceutical biomarker by fingerprints, and it was associated to melanin inhibitory effect determining its origin authenticity. Furthermore, the calibration curve of biomarker was prepared using validated method for the comparison of content between Korean and Chinese P. ternata. This is the report to address the selection and successful validation of the discriminant metabolite for confirmation of Korean P. ternata.

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