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        Numerical and experimental investigation of conventional and un-conventional preswirl duct for VLCC

        신현준,이종승,이강훈,한명련,허의범,신성철 대한조선학회 2013 International Journal of Naval Architecture and Oc Vol.5 No.3

        This paper shows the study of preswirl duct as an effective energy saving devices that have been devised and reviewed to support the propeller performance, especially for the ship of VLCC with large block coefficients. From the bare hull wake measurements, typical upper/lower asymmetry of hull wake at the propeller disk was found. The 2kinds of pre-swirl duct, Unconventional half circular duct and Conventional circular pre-swirl duct have been designed and reviewed to recover the loss of propeller running in that condition. The general function of the pre-swirl duct was set to work against this asymmetry of wake and generate pre-swirled flow into the propeller against the propeller rotating direction. The optimum self propulsion tests with various angle configurations were carried out and the best configuration was decided. Accordingly, cavitation test was carried out with best configuration of unconventional half circular duct. The blade surface and tip vortex cavitation behaved smoother when the duct was mounted. The hull pressure amplitudes reflected this difference, so the hull pressure amplitude with duct was smaller than that of without duct.

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