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        • 不定期刑에 關한 考察

          張重植 대구효성가톨릭대학교 1997 연구논문집 Vol.54 No.1

          An indeterminate sentence is a sentence of inprisonment the term of which is not fixed by the court at the time the sentence is imposed, but is decided by the penal authorities while the sentence is being serve. This paper's aim is to examine whether indeterminate sentence is correspondence with Schuldprinzip in Strafrechtsheorien or not. As the result of this examination. We knew indeterminate sentence is correspondence with Schuldprinzip in view of Spielraumtheorie and indeterminate sentence is fully justified in view of Spezialpraventheorie which is intended to educate, correct and to rehabilitate the prison. Indeterminate sentence system is very useful in promoting the chance of rehabilitation and this system has the merit that makes shorter the prison terms by dint of his own effort and good time. But notwithstanding this merit, indeterminate sentence system is criticixed for ineffectiveness practically contrary to expectation. The failure of this system in America often results from miss of executing, for example, abuse of judgeship, deficiency of rehabilitation program, insufficiency of well-trained and high level correctional officer and so on. Therefore, when we select the indeterminate sentence for system first of all, we should perceive that the essentiality of the indeterminate sentence consists in not form but enforcement. In conclusion in order to achieve the purpose of this system we should prepare for the environment and base which is correspondence with the indeterminate sentence system.

        • KCI등재

          행형법 전부개정법률안의 수용과 관련한 보완적 고찰

          장중식 한국교정학회 2006 矯正硏究 Vol.- No.33

          The revised Bill of Prison Act was introduced into National Assembly by government on 26. april 2006. This bill surpasses Korean current Prison Act both in the protection of prisoners' rights and the improvement of correctional treatment. nevertheless with many regrets there are some problems to solve in our bill between guaranteeing prisoners' Fundamental Rights and maintaining order and safety in the penal institution therefore this studies were concentrated on making up for the week points in this bill. focusing on the imprisonment, contact with the outside world of the prisoners (the right to ask an interview with , and to correspond with) and disciplinary punishment in prison in view of the fundamental rights of prisoners. Discussing the inmate rights are frequently seen by the public as un necessary expenses and luxuries but all persons are dignified although they are criminals. therefore Prisoners' fundamental rights should be respected in order to confirmation their human dignify. The following is the suggestions of these studies. 1. Contact with the outside world of the prisoners is guaranteed to the utmost for the purpose of both re-socialization and prisoners' human rights. 2. Prison overcrowding issues should be solved as soon as possible for prisoners' human dignify. 3. Surveillance by cctv to maintain order and safety there must be a great danger to violence the prisoners' privacy rights. so the surveillance of prisoners' cells by cctv must not be permitted. 4. Prohibition of writings, prohibition of mail and visit, prohibition of autdoor exercises does not appropriate for the disciplinary punishments. 5. Solitary confinement in the most critical disciplinary punishments so it should be limited to maximum 30days.

        • KCI등재

          소년범죄 처리와 소년법상의 문제점 및 개선방안

          장중식 한국교정학회 2008 矯正硏究 Vol.- No.41

          The juvenile justice system of Korea has a dual system consisted of the protection cases process and the criminal cases process. problem is found specially, protection cases process. therefore, The aim of this study is to find some problems and the improvement in juvenile act. main problem is as follows. First, Adaptable age of the juvenile act reduced from 20 to 19 years old and reduced age of criminal liability lowers from 12 to 10 years. Second, The problem of the most short detention within one month(= “shock protective disposition”) in juvenile detention center. Third, worrying juvenile. To solve these problems adaptable age of the juvenile should be raised from 19 to 20 years old. The shock protective disposition and worrying juvenile should be excluded from the object of protective disposition to avoid the side effect such as labeling. 소년법의 이념과 목적은 소년에 대하여 그 환경의 조성과 성행의 교정에 관한 보호처분을 행하고 형사처분에 관한 특별조치를 행함으로써 소년의 건전한 육성을 기하는 것이다. 따라서 처벌보다는 교육과 선도에 중점을 두는 절차를 마련하고 있는 것이고 그것은 소년의 경우는 성인과는 달리 정신적 사회적 미성숙으로 범죄에 쉽게 빠지기도 하지만 쉽게 교정교화될 가능성도 크다는 기대를 출발점으로 하는 것이다. 본고는 소년범죄의 현황과 그 처리절차를 살펴보고 소년법의 목적과 이념을 차질 없이 수행해 낼 수 있도록 절차에 관한 소년법의 세부조항을 검토하고 문제점을 탐색하여 개선점을 제시한 것이다.

        • KCI등재후보

          사회봉사명령제도의 제문제점

          장중식 한국교정학회 2003 矯正硏究 Vol.- No.21

          This article studied on the community service order in Korea. Community service order is designed to enable the government to save the budget by isolating criminals from the society, and this system protects less serious offenders from learning new skills for the new crimes from old offenders in the correctional office by being held together at one place. Community service order has well established. especially in recent years we attained a remarkable result by this system in the criminal policy. in practice, however, there are some problem to improve the use community order service system more efficiently, the most critical problem is about probation officers. to polish and enforce this system, we should train and develop the professional manpower, such as probation officers. The next problem is probation officer needs to develop community service order programs to give criminals more chance to participate in these programs positively. Finaly, our a warm affection for the criminals will lead community service order to the success.

        • KCI등재

          여성범죄의 원인과 대책

          장중식 한국교정학회 2004 矯正硏究 Vol.- No.25

          Recently general trends in female crime increased quantitatively. It seems that this phenomenon results from the increased social activities of females due to their improved social and economic status. Of course female crimes arise from biological, physiological, psychological and social factor. The aim of this study is to present a countermeasure to prevent female crimes. Therefore, about countermeasures to prevent female crime. I try to take on conclusion proposing subsequent plan first of all female crime should approaches under victimology. I present following plan emphasizing point that must ready a basic treatment program in female's characteristic. 1. Correctional facilities for only female inmate should be established. 2. Vocational program should be provided to rehabilitate the female inmate. 3. Program for maintaining relationship with children are considerably needed in case of incarcerating female inmates. 4. Community treatment for female inmate should be expanded. 5. Medical service for only female inmate should be established.

        • 刑事再審

          張重植 대구효성가톨릭대학교 1985 연구논문집 Vol.30 No.1

          1. Cause of Existence Principally, the dicision of the court endows the trial its authority through its irrevocability. However, the trial is also conducted by man, and even an irrevocable judgement is not free from infallibility. With such a great fault with the irrevocable judgement, if one insists on its unchangeability, it will only resut in losing the practical authority of the dicision. Accordingly, a criminal revision should be allowed to rid the defendant of his undesired injustice. 2. Issues and Solutions a. Up till now, the revision has been applicable only in a unique and exceptional case under strict conditions. It should be practised based on the fundamental idea of the relief system of safeguarding human rights. b. The clearness of evidence has been treated in a myopic and strict manner (by the Supreme Court and theories), but this also should be construed more generously, allowing for the fundamental idea of the revision. c. The claimant (the defendant) should be given the rights for requesting court-appointed lawyers, interview with counsels, preservation of the records of the law suits, and an access to viewing the evidences in the possession of public prosecutors. d. The prosecutors should be granted the rights of the investigation (of evidence), witnessing and final deposition, but not the rights for claiming investigation of the facts of defendants when revision is requested. e. It is more appropriate for a judge to hold the right for suspension of execution, rather than the prosecutor.

        • KCI등재

          도어락 디자인에 있어서 디지털과 아날로그 방식의 소비자 선호도에 관한 연구

          장중식,정도성 한국디지털디자인학회 2012 디지털디자인학연구 Vol.12 No.3

          과거 자택에서 사용되는 아날로그 방식의 키는 현재 디지털 도어락으로 바뀌어가고 있다. 물론 아날로그 방식도 현재 사용되며 디지털이라는 방식을 부가적으로 활용되는 사례가 있으며 이는 자신의 사유재산의 보호와 관련지어 최대한 안전을 유지하려는 개개인의 의지와 바램 이라는 측면을 보여준다. 이에 본 연구에서는 실제로 디지털방식과 아날로그 방식의 사용에 있어서 소비자의 선호도와 어떤 요인으로 선호를 하게 되는 지 그리고 다양한 측면 중 어떤 측면을 중요하게 생각하는지는 살펴보았다. 연구 결과, 디지털과 아날로그 방식에서 디지털의 방식을 선호하였으며, 신뢰성은 높게 나타났지만 그 사용성 측면에서는 별다른 차이를 느끼지 못했으며 오히려 간편성 측면에서는 아날로그를 선호하는 것으로 나타났다. 또한 안전이라는 측면에서는 가격이 높더라도 해당제품이 목적을 충분히 달성한다면 디지털 방식을 적용하겠다는 의견이 압도적이었다. 또한 다양한 디지털 도어락 스타일 중에 슬라이드 형과 번호 키와 손잡이 일체형을 선호하였는데 이는 과거 레버를 중심으로 행위를 함으로 해서 오는 간편성과 신뢰성 측면이 강했기 때문으로 나타났다. 다만 지문인식과 같은 높은 기술력 스타일은 오히려 선호하지 않았다. 이는 복잡하다는 디자인의 측면이 강했고 실수는 하지만 간단한 번호를 중심으로 사용하는 측면을 오히려 선호하는 결과가 나타났다. 결국, 디자인 시에 사용성 측면에서는 전체적인 상황을 고려하는 것이 무엇보다 중요하며, 도어락을 디자인하면서 혁신적인 기능보다는 기본적인 도어락의 기능에 충실한 생활환경과 사용자 입장에서 디자인을 적용해야만 한다는 것을 알게 되었다. Digital door lock has replaced analog. Of course, analog is still used and digital one is additionally applied to protect safety as best as possible. This study examined consumers' preference in digital and analog and factors of preference in many aspects. As a result, though digital method's reliability was higher in the two, the usability has no difference. Rather people preferred analog for its simplicity. In terms of safety, most said they would apply digital method if the product achieves goal sufficiently regardless of its high price. In various door lock styles, consumers prefer slide type, number key type and all-in-one type, which seems because they preferred simplicity and reliability in the past level oriented locking. But, they did not prefer high technology type such as finger print recognition type because people thought the design was complicated and preferred simple numbering style despite some inputting error.

        • KCI등재후보

          전자레인지 인터페이스 디자인의 소비자 선호도에 관한 연구

          장중식,정도성,김관배 한국인더스트리얼디자인학회 2013 산업디자인학연구 Vol.7 No.4

          본 연구의 목적은 전자레인지의 인터페이스 방식에 디지털과 아날로그 방식의 소비자의 선호도는 어떤 지를 비교․평가 분석하는 연구이다. 초기 개발되어 사회적인 요구사항에 의해서 발전되어온 다양한 제품디자인 인터페이스 방법의 진화는 날이 갈수록 발전을 거듭하고 있는 현실이다. 이는 현시점에 디자인에 있어서 전략적으로 판매율을 높이기 위한 수단으로 활용되기도 하지만 판매율을 높이기 위해서 전체적인 인터페이스를 무분별하게 디지털 스타일로만 강조하고 있는 것은 문제다. 이에 디지털과 아날로그 인터페이스 방식에 있어서 소비자들의 선호도를 측정하기 위해서 일차적으로 설문조사를 하고 분석하였으며 선호도를 보기 위해서 안구측정 실험을 통해서 비교․평가․분석을 하였다. 또한 평가분석 내용에 있어서는 성별을 중심으로 남성과 여성 사이에서 나타나는 특징과 각 요소별 선호도를 분석하였다. The aim of this study is to compare and evaluate the consumer preference of digital and analogue method in the microwave oven interface. The evolution of interface of various products developed from social requirements since its initial development continues to develop. While design is used as a means of enhancing sales strategically, it is also problematic to stress overall interface in terms of digitalized style. Thus, to evaluate consumer's preference, questionnaire survey was carried out and analyzed. To figure out preference, comparison, evaluation and analysis were carried out through an eye measurement experiment. In the evaluation analysis contents, the preference by factors and features between men and women were analyzed in the evaluation analysis contents.

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