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        • KCI등재


          이용범,정해용,조충호,권영민,하귀석,장원표,석수동,한도희 한국원자력학회 2009 Nuclear Engineering and Technology Vol.41 No.8

          The existence of a large sodium pool in the KALIMER, a pool-type LMR developed by the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, plays an important role in reactor safety and operability because it determines the grace time for operators to cope with an abnormal event and to terminate a transient before reactor enters into an accident condition. A two-dimensional hot pool model has been developed and implemented in the SSC-K code, and has been successfully applied for the assessment of safety issues in the conceptual design of KALIMER and for the analysis of anticipated system transients. The other important models of the SSC-K code include a three-dimensional core thermal-hydraulic model, a reactivity model, a passive decay heat removal system model, and an intermediate heat transport system and steam generation system model. The capability of the developed two-dimensional hot pool model was evaluated with a comparison of the temperature distribution calculated with the CFX code. The predicted hot pool coolant temperature distributions obtained with the two-dimensional hot pool model agreed well with those predicted with the CFX code. Variations in the temperature distribution of the hot pool affect the reactivity feedback due to an expansion of the control rod drive line (CRDL) immersed in the pool. The existing CRDL reactivity model of the SSC-K code has been modified based on the detailed hot pool temperature distribution obtained with the two-dimensional pool model. An analysis of an unprotected transient over power with the modified reactivity model showed an improved negative reactivity feedback effect.

        • KCI등재

          지열 열교환시스템 개발을 위한 지중 열유동 특성분석

          이용범,강창호,이충근,성제훈,조성인,정인규,정선옥 한국농업기계학회 2005 바이오시스템공학 Vol.30 No.3

          Importance of alternative energy has been increasing due to environmental issues and lack of fossil fuels. In addition, heating cost that occupies from 30 to 40% of the total production cost in the protected cultivation sector in Korea needs to be reduced for profitability and global competition. But, study on geothermal energy to solve these problems has not been activated for Korean protected cultivation. This study was conducted to develop an optimized geothermal exchange system through fundamental test of heat transfer characteristics in soil such as thermal diffusivity, changes in soil temperature during heating and cooling operations, and restorations of soil temperature after the heater was turned off. These issues were investigated using computer simulation for different depths. The simulated characteristics were evaluated through controlled tests. Simulated characteristics of heat transfer in the soil at different depths showed a reasonable agreement with the results of the controlled tests. All of computer simulation and controlled tests, soil temperatures changed at 10cm and 20cm distance from pipe. but don't change at more than 30cm distance. It means that distances of heat transfer of the soil ranged from 20 to 30 cm a day. Based on these results, the optimum spacing between adjacent heat exchange pipes and the pitch were selected as 50 and 40 cm, respectively.

        • 주행 구동 유니트의 가속 수면 시험 및 분석

          이용범,박종호 사단법인 유공압건설기계학회 2005 드라이브·컨트롤 Vol.2 No.2

          For the reliability evaluation of the track drive unit(TDU), firstly, we analyzed the major failure modes through FMEA(failure mode & effects analysis), FTA(failure tree analysis), and 2-stage QFD(quality function deployment), and then quantitatively determined the priority order of test items. The Minitab analysis was also performed for prediction of life distribution and parameters of TDU by use of field failure data collected from 430 excavators for two years. In addition, we converted the fluctuation load in field conditions into the equivalent load, and for evaluation of the accelerated life by the cumulative fatigues, the equivalent load is again divided into the fluctuation load by reference of test time. And then, by use of the method in this paper, the acceleration factor(AF) of needle bearing inside planetary gear which is the most weakly designed part of TDU is achieved as 5.3. This paper presents the quantitative selection method of test items for reliability evaluation , the determination method of the accelerated life test time, and the method of non-failure test time based on a few of samples. And, we proved the propriety of the proposed methods by experiments using a TDU for a 30 ton excavator.

        • KCI등재후보

          원통다관식 열교환기의 쉘측 압력 손실의 연구

          이용범,한성건,고재명 한국동력기계공학회 2008 한국동력기계공학회지 Vol.12 No.3

          The present work aims to determine the overal pressure loses in the shell from the point of entryof the fluid to the outlet point of fluid of shell and tube heat exchanger. The main contribution of the present work is concerned with calculating the pressure drop in the interior section and window section. Shell-side flow velocity distributions have been evaluated. We assume that the shell-side fluid is turbulent. The calculation procedure is based upon the Delaware method. Evaluation of pressure drop on the shell side wil be helpful for a designer or manufacturer of a heat exchanger.

        • KCI등재
        • 《黃帝內經》의 本輸理論에 對한 硏究

          李容範,洪元植 대한한의학원전학회 1992 대한한의학원전학회지 Vol.6 No.-

          '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

          As a result, a study of bonshu(本輸) theory of Huangdineijing(黃帝內經) was led to the next conclusions. 1. In Huangdineijing(黃帝內經), the connection of bonshu(本輸) flows and jingmak(經脈)'s can be compared to that of the earth's surface water flows and subterranean's. Bonshu(本輸) exists on qi flows which is formed in consquence of running over of twelve jingqi(經氣) and fifteenth luoqi(絡氣) in four extremities. 2. While jingluo(經絡) is composed of twelve mai(脈), bonshu(本輸) is composed of eleven mai(脈), it is beause xin(心) has no disease and also has no bonshu(本輸). Bonshu(本輸) is used to treat disease of viscera and entrails, and frequently used in autumn and winter, also used when the outer layer or the inner layer of human body is become a fighting area of zhengxie(正邪). Physiologically, jingmai(經脈) nourishes the whole body and it's acting is prospered in four extremities. Bonsu(本輸) flows is just described as the process of gathering and storing the fruits of jingmai(經脈)'s acting. 3. In wuxing(五行) attachment of bonshu(本輸), from a ti(體) point of view, jing(井) xing(榮) shu(兪) jing(經) he(合) is oderly attached to shui(水) mu(木) huo(火) tu(土) jin(金), and from a yong(用) point of view, which is divided into two, bonshu(本輸) of yang(陽) area is oderly attached to jin(金) shui(水) mu(木) huo(火) tu(土), while bonshu(本輸) of yin(陰) area is oderly attached to mu(木) huo(火) tu(土) jin(金) shui(水). 4. Huangfu mi(皇甫 謐) had stated the bonshu(本輸) of xin(心) in Jiayijing(甲乙經) his writings, and therefore have faded the meaning of the concept of Huangdineijing(黃帝內經)'s "only xin(心) has no bonshu(本輸)". Hua Shou(滑 壽) had stated bonshu(本輸) in oder of jingmai(經脈) flows in his writings, Shisijingfahui(十四經發揮) and therefore completely have faded the meaning of Huangdineijing(黃帝內經)'s bonshu(本輸).

        • KCI등재

          국토조사의 지표선정과 자료수집체계 개선방향에 관한 연구

          이용범,이종용,안종천 대한국토·도시계획학회 2006 國土計劃 Vol.41 No.4

          The aim of this study is to suggest the improvement proposal for an effective national territorial statistics survey through investigating the actual conditions and problems of the new and old survey. Improvement in the new survey is classified two aspects, that is, a concerns with national territorial indicator selections and data collections. In national territorial indicators, it suggests the necessity of improvement upon concepts, methods of selection and classification of the indicators. This study proposes to build net national territorial indicator system, security on rationality and objectivity along with the necessity of multi-dimensional approaches in the selection process of national territorial indicators, and presenting a basis of its classification. In concerns with data collection, it suggests the necessity of improvement in data collection system and production period of its output. Another focus of this study is to propose building a database management team for the purpose of security on correctiveness and timeliness of database. One of the important role of the database management team is to build a linkage with another authorities. This research leaves further studies related to the direct survey and utility parts in the national territorial statistics survey. Thus, further research is needed for an effective operations of national territorial statistics survey. 키 워 드 국토조사, 국토지표, 자료수집Keywords National Territorial Statistics Survey, National Territorial Indicator, Data Collection

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