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      • 지속가능한 교통정책지표개발 및 활용방안

        이신해 ( Sin Hee Lee ),김경철 ( Kyung Chul Kim ),박지훈 ( Ji Hun Park ) 서울시정개발연구원 2008 연구보고서 Vol.2008 No.5

        Since the emergence of sustainable development as a worldwide topic, much effort have been expended to enhance the sustainability in diverse fields such as environment, energy and economics, Following the current trend, the development toward the sustainable transportation system is being explored in the field of transportation as well. The sustainable transportation system is a key to enabling both the economical growth and the social development by increasing the accessibility and mobility upon the human, place, goods and service without damaging the environment, thus strengthening the nation`s competitiveness. When establishing the solution to realize the policy and the strategy for the development of the sustainable transportation system, it should be taken into account what sort of effect can be brought about by the developed policy. In order to evaluate and diagnose the policy, a policy-supporting tool should be introduced: Sustainable transportation index. The objectives of this research are: 1) to develop an index to assess whether the policy of Seoul corresponds with the evolution toward the sustainable transportation system, 2) to suggest the fields of its application. The sustainable transportation index consists of 3 attributes: environmental sustainability, sociality, economical efficiency. They are used as subordinate variables to establish a function for the sustainable transportation index. The suggested index for sustainable transportation can be applied to not only the time series-based evaluation of a single policy, but also to the cross-sectional evaluation of multiple policies. The transportation policies of Seoul where the suggested index will be applied to evaluate the sustainability in transportation system are: ``Construction of convenient public transport system for citizen``, ``Establishment of customer-satisfactory taxi service``, ``Promotion of city`s competitiveness by strengthening the management on the transport need``, ``Enhancement of parking and distribution system``, ``Improvement of transportation facilities such as bicycle accommodation`` and ``Expansion of road networks with a rank within the top 10 in city`s competitiveness.`` In this research, an index for each aforementioned attribute has been to induced evaluate the index for the sustainable transportation upon the polices of Seoul, followed by the time series-based and the cross-sectional analysis based on the evaluated index. The purpose of time series-based analysis is to assess the improving tendency of each policy in the time domain, especially in the aspect of sustainability, The result of the time series-based analysis indicates that ``Improvement of transportation facilities such as bicycle accommodation`` corresponds the most with the evolution toward the sustainable transportation system among the policies of Seoul, The cross-sectional analysis provides an information on the suitainability of each policy. It should be noted that ``Construction of convenient public transport system for citizen`` is the most acceptable after the analysis in terms of sustainability, compared to other 5 policies of Seoul. During the procedure, the sustainablity index is evaluated under the condition where the extra value on sustainable transportation index-attribute index for each attribute is assumed to be the same. However, it is required to apply a different condition in accordance with the policy. In addition, the construction of database for sustainable transportation index-attribute index must be conducted for continuous evaluation on the sustainability of transportation system in Seoul.

      • 지속가능한 복지의 구현을 위한 교통부문의 역할 정립 및 확대방안

        이신해 ( Sin Hae Lee ),윤혁렬 ( Hyuk Ryul Yun ),변미리 ( Mi Ri Byun ),박지훈 ( Ji Hun Park ),전재현 ( Jae Hyeon Jeon ) 서울시정개발연구원 2011 연구보고서 Vol.2011 No.19

        As transport welfare for socially underprivileged groups including the disabled and the elderly emerges, awareness of welfare is growing in the transport sector. And socially, the target of welfare changes from selective welfare for the specific class to universal welfare for all citizens. Also as the status of public transportation rises as a travel mode that all citizens are using in Seoul, wide range of services including welfare as well as the basic feature such as just transportation are required for the public transportation. However, the transportation policies accompanied by these welfare services can cost significantly, so it should be considered whether the transport welfare policies are financially sustainable. Therefore, this study established the concept of the sustainable transport welfare, analyzed the welfare elements and costs of current transportation policies in Seoul, and suggested directions for the sustainable transport welfare. Sustainable transport welfare is to pursue reasonable distribution in order to avoid consuming excessive resources and finances in the area of the public transportation, consistently proceeding with selective welfare. In the analysis results of the welfare elements of current transportation policies in Seoul, it is found that the following transport welfare policies are being implemented actually. The selective welfare policies are subway free-ride, call taxi for the disabled, expansion of non-step buses, barrier-free transport environment for the transportation vulnerable, and expansion of barrier-free facilities at subway stations for the transportation vulnerable. And the universal welfare policy is transfer discount policy of public transportation (free transfer). These selective welfare policies need to be consistently maintained for the transportation vulnerable. In case of the universal welfare policies, it costs excessively because all users are the beneficiaries of the universal welfare for the public transportation, so analysis in terms of sustainable transport welfare is required. In the analysis results of the welfare costs consumed for the current transport welfare policies in Seoul, it is found that the welfare effect in the transport sector is approximately 725.5 billion won annually. -Among that cost, the welfare costs of transport-related policies which were classified as social welfare sector and already being implemented, i.e. the transport welfare costs which are recognized as the welfare previously, are approximately 58.3 billion won annually. And the transport welfare costs consumed for the transport welfare policies, which were expanded in this study from the analysis of welfare elements of Seoul city`s transportation policies, are approximately 667.2 billion won annually. -In case of the selective welfare policies, it is desirable to maintain current policies because Seoul city can afford those due to the relatively less costs and those have been continuously performed for the purpose of guaranteeing mobility right for the transportation vulnerable. However, in case of the subway free-ride policy, it can become financially unsustainable. Because the welfare policy costs significantly than any other selective welfare policies - the estimated cost of that policy was approximately 221.9 billion won in 2009 - and the costs will increase as free-ride of the elderly increases due to population aging. Thus, change of the funding system is required such as financial support from the central government who caused the enactment of the free-ride act. -The estimated cost of transfer discount policy of public transportation, the universal welfare policy, was substantial with approximately 411.5 billion won in 2009. The current transfer demand has stabilized, so the welfare cost for that policy is expected to be maintained or rise slightly. But the welfare cost will be a financial burden to Seoul city consistently, because the current welfare cost occupies a significant percentage of city`s finances. Transfer discount policy is universal welfare policy which confers a benefit on all citizens of Seoul metropolitan area as well as those of Seoul city and this policy need to be maintained continuously. Therefore, active financial support from the central government is required.

      • 증예(症例) : 유방 침범이 동반된 유육종증 1예

        이은영 ( Eun Yong Lee ),최혜은 ( Hye Eun Choi ),최진화 ( Jin Wha Choi ),이신은 ( Sin Eun Lee ),선인오 ( In Ho Sun ),이용웅 ( Young Woong Lee ),황민호 ( Min Ho Hwang ) 전북대학교 의과학연구소 2005 全北醫大論文集 Vol.29 No.2

        Sarcoidosis is chronic multisystem disease of unknown etiology characterized by noncaseating granulomatous lesions affecting multiple organs. Any organs or tissues can be affected but sarcoidosis more frequently involves the lungs, lymph nodes, spleen, liver, skin, eyes, muscles, bones, central nervous system, and salivary glands (in descending order of frequency). It is very rare for sarcoidosis to involve the breast parenchyma but it may be confused with benign or malignant tumors. We report a case of breast sarcoidosis in a young woman who presented with breast mass.

      • SCOPUSKCI등재

        포스터 전시 : 하부위장관 ; 보존적 치료로 치유된 장결핵에 의한 장폐색증 2예

        배종오 ( Bae Jong O ),이영재 ( Lee Yeong Jae ),이신은 ( Lee Sin Eun ),이지은 ( Lee Ji Eun ),강상구 ( Kang Sang Gu ),김양호 ( Gim Yang Ho ),서인석 ( Seo In Seog ),조진웅 ( Jo Jin Ung ),이용웅 ( Lee Yong Ung ) 대한소화기학회 2003 대한소화기학회지 Vol.41 No.-

        <배경> 장결핵은 Mycobacterium tuberculosis 나 Mycobacterium bovis의 결핵균에 의한 감염성 질환으로 서서히 발생 진행되는 만성 질환이다. 객담검사와 흉부 X선 촬영만으로 대부분 진단 가능한 폐결핵과는 달리 대장내시경검사와 함께 조직소견, AFB stain, 결핵균 PCR 등을 사용하여도 진단이 어려운 경우가 많다. 장결핵의 임상증상은 복통, 설사, 체중감소의 3대 증상 외에 발열, 오심, 전신쇠약, 식욕부진 등의 비

      • SCOPUSKCI등재

        포스터 전시 : 하부위장관 ; 대장을 침범한 Schistosoma japonicum 감염

        강상구 ( Kang Sang Gu ),이영재 ( Lee Yeong Jae ),이신은 ( Lee Sin Eun ),이지은 ( Lee Ji Eun ),김양호 ( Kim Yang Ho ),서인석 ( Seo In Seog ),조진웅 ( Jo Jin Ung ),이용웅 ( Lee Yong Ung ) 대한소화기학회 2003 대한소화기학회지 Vol.41 No.-

        <배경> 주혈충증은 달팽이에 의해 매개되는 흡충증으로 중동이나 아프리카 등의 특정지역에 살고 있는 중간숙주 때문에 그 지역에만 발생하는 풍토병이다. 인체 감염은 세르카리아에 의해 감염된 달팽이가 증식하고 있는 물에 신체의 일부가 침수되었을 때 피부를 통해 발생한다. 한국에서는 지금까지 8예의 주혈흡충증이 보고되었는데, 6예의 Schistosoma haematobium에 의한 요로주혈흡증증과, S. mansoni에 의한 뇌주혈흡중증, 직장흡충증이 각각 1

      • 대도시의 통행관리 어떻게 할 것인가?

        이신,Lee, Sin-Hae 대한교통학회 2004 교통 기술과 정책 Vol.1 No.3

        '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 9시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

      • KCI등재후보

        수중 발파시 인근 구조물에 미치는 진동의 영향 연구

        이신,강대우,박학봉,Lee, Sin,Kang, Dae-Woo,Park, Hak-Bong 대한화약발파공학회 2001 화약발파 Vol.19 No.1

        Korean peninsula has the most mountainous areas such as mountains and hilly country, and it is surrounded by the sea on all sides but one. In this respect, a large scaled construction works have frequently been conducted. However, it is not easy to porform a large scale blasting work without giving any harm to houses or facilities nationwide. Therefore, blasting work becomes more closely related to maintenance thing due to the development of the downtown or a large structure for key facilities. Many researches on blast in the open space and tunnel blasting have been conducted. On the contrary, research on underwater blasting operations is comparatively scanty even though much more necessity of marine development is required. In this respect, this study aims to investigate the characteristics of underwater blasting operations and to make a comparative study with blast in the open space. As a result of examining into the characteristics during underwater blasting operations, the around oscillation in case of underwater blasting operations shows significantly low compared to that in case of blast in the open space, and this means that much more cautious altitude must be taken in designing underwater blasting operations compared to the design of blast In the open space. As a result of analysis on the difference between a square root and a cube root In the equation of estimating oscillations in the actual site, it is shown that it is shown to apply a square root for the estimation of oscillation at 60 meters in case of underwater blasting operations and at 22 meters case of general blast in the open space.

      • 해외사례를 통해 살펴본 서울시 주차상한제 개선방향

        박지훈,이태헌,이신,Park, Ji-Hun,Lee, Tae-Heon,Lee, Sin-Hae 대한교통학회 2016 교통 기술과 정책 Vol.13 No.2

        '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 9시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

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