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      • 흙댐의 密度變化에 의한 壓密 沈下에 대한 硏究

        尹忠燮 건국대학교 1986 論文集 Vol.23 No.1

        This study was carried out for the settlement and camber of earth dam by the density changes. The testing material was taken five kinds of soil used as banking material and it was compacted by 100, 95, 90, 85 and 80% compaction degree. The results of the settlement of earth dam whose height ranges from 10m to 50m are as follows 1. The more the fine particle (n) increases, the higher the liquid limit (wL) and the lower the dry density (rd) becomes as follows: wL = 10.47+0.32n rd = 2.22-0.0052n rd'= 2.394-0,01647 wL 2. The higher the optimum moisture content (Wo) becomes, the lower the density becomes as follows: rt = 2.68-0.028Wo rd' = 2.578-0.04Wo 3. Most of the consolidation occurs immediately by loading and the more the fine particle increases, the lower the co-efficient of consolidation becomes. 4. The more the fine particle increases and the lower the compaction degree (D) becomes, the lower the pre-consolidation load becomes but on the contrary the compression index becomes higher. Those values are from 0.013 to 0.169. 5. The more the consolidation load (P) increases, the lower the coefficient of volume change (mv) becomes with mv= ap-b 6. The more the lead increases, the higher the settlement ratio (U) becomes with U= (0.6∼1.35)P0.4 7. The more the fine particle (n) increases, the more the settlement of dam occurs with U = anb and 60-80% of the settlement occurs under construction. 8. The camber of dam has higher value in condition that it has more fine particle, poorer compaction and higher Height of dam. In the dam design, twice value of Table 7 is required.

      • KCI우수등재

        투수성 성토재료의 기계다짐에 관한 연구

        윤충섭 한국농공학회 1981 한국농공학회논문집 Vol.23 No.3

        The Compaction of fill dam is very important for increasing of the safty of dam. Vibration roller is used for the compaction of pervious materials such as sand and gravel. The principal objects of this study are to give a comstruction criteria of vibration roller and to find out the relationship between dry density and permeabity of pervious soil after compaction. The results in this study are summerized as follows. 1.The relationship between maximum dry density (Υdmax) and optimum moisture content(Wo) of modified compaction test is Υdmax=2. 74-0. 064w0 2.The maximum dry density decrease with increasing fine particle(n) and the relative formular is n==ae-brdmax 3.The maximum dry density is influenced more by passing rate of number 200 sieve than 4 sieve. 4.The coefficient of permeability are similar when the degrees of compaction are equal even though the spreading thickness of soil are different. 5.The coefficient of permeability(K)is greatly influence by fine particle passing number 200 sieve, and those relationship is inversely proportionate. 6.The K values of pervious soil are from 10-0 cm/sec to 10-4 cm/sec when degree of compaction by a modified method is from 90 to 95percent. 7.The coarser material is little influenced on the permeability with different density. 8.The increasing rate of permeability with decreasing degree of compaction is more influened by fine pacticle than number 200 sieve. When degree of compaction decrease from 100 percent to 90 percent the K values of SM and GM increase about 20 times but GW increase 6 times only. 9.The effect of compaction by vibration roller is greatly influenced by 6 passes and the increasing rate of the effect is decraased at 8 passes. 10. In order to get the degree of compaction of 95 percent or more, 6 to 8 passes of roller are generall required with 30 cm thickeness of soil for 4.5 ton to 6.5 ton vibration roller and 7 to 8 passes is required with 50cm thickness for 8 to 12 ton roller.

      • KCI우수등재

        흙의 다짐과 Consistency에 관한 연구

        윤충섭 한국농공학회 1976 한국농공학회논문집 Vol.18 No.4

        In the construction of earth dam, embankment and highway by filling, a compaction contributes to increasing the density of soil by applying pressure. The effect of compaction depends on various factors such as soil type, moisture content, gradation, consistency, and compaction energy. In this study, the correlations amone maximum dry density, moisture content, dry density, and moisture content are analyzed. Some results obtained in this study are summarizep as follows. 1. The maximum dry density sinoreases with increased of optimum moisture content and the correlations of them can be represented by; ${\gamma}$dmx=a-b(W0) 2. Maximum dry density and liquid limit show negative linear correlation and can be represented by; ${\gamma}$dmx=a-b(LL). 3. Optimum moisture content and liquid limit, plastic limit show positive linear correlation and can be represented by the following equation, W0=a+b(LL) W0=a+b(PL). 4. Liquid limit and plastic limit show positive linear correlation, and can be represented by the following equation, LL=a+b(PL).

      • KCI우수등재

        축제용 흙의 밀도변화에 의한 투수계수에 관한 연구

        윤충섭 한국농공학회 1973 한국농공학회논문집 Vol.15 No.1

        The density of soil is one of the most important of its engineering properties, and many soil-engineering operations directed toward improving the density characteristics of matecal. This report is a study on relationship between density, permiabilty and other physical properties of compacted soil in various desity grades. The results of the study can be summariged as follow: 1. The optimum moisture content of soil increses with increasing of fine particles and a relationship between both parameter is $w_0=0.1765.n$ Where, n is passing percentage from #200 sieve. 2. The porosity of soil increases with increasing of optimum water content as $e=aw_0+b$ without having relation to compaction ratio. 3. The increment of permeability of soil is high when the compaction ratio is increased and the phenomenon is conspicuous in case of course soil and non-plastic soil. 4. The permeability of soil decreases with increasing of optrimum water content and the phenomenon is conspicuous when compaction ratio decreases. And the permeability is almost constant when optimum water content is more than 25 percent, even though compaction ratio changes. 5. The permeablity of soil increanses when the amount of fine particles is very few, the permeability is almost constant as being impervious condition without having relation to compaction ratio when there in more than 90 percent of fine particles(less than #200 sieve).

      • KCI우수등재

        Fill Dam의 기계 전압효과에 관한 연구

        윤충섭,김주범 한국농공학회 1979 한국농공학회논문집 Vol.21 No.3

        The compaction of core zone of the fill dam is very important foe increasing of the Strength of soil mass and reduction of permeability of the core. The principal objects of this study are to give the construction criteria of tamping rollers and to find out the relationships between density and permeability of soil after compaction. The results in this study are summarized as follows. 1. The core zone of fill dam should be compacted more than 8 passed because the compaction effects of clayey soil increase sharply in about 8 passes of roller. 2. The coefficient of permeability (K) increases with the thickness of compaction of soil even though the density is same. 3. The effect of compaction increases with the quantity of coarse materials such as coarse sand and gravel. 4. If D values change from 100 percent to 98 percent and from 100 percent to 95 percent, K values become 2 times and 5 times of initial K value respectively. 5. The coefficient of permeability in the field soil is very high comparing with the result of laboratory test at the same 100 percent compaction ratio, but differences between both results decrease with the decrease of compaction ratio. 6. Thickness of soil layer for the compaction should be increased for heavier compaction machine. 7. In order to get the compaction ratio of 98 percent or more, 10 to 12 passes of roller is generally required with the thickness of soil from 20cm to 30cm.

      • KCI우수등재

        축제용흙의 함수비 변화에 의한 다짐율 및 수용계수 변화에 관한 연구

        윤충섭 한국농공학회 1971 한국농공학회논문집 Vol.13 No.4

        수수자원(水水資源) 개발(開發)을 위(爲)한 Earth Dam이나 도로(道路)와 같은 흙을 주(主)로하는 많은 구조물축조(構造物築造)에 있어서 그 구조물성질(構造物性質)에 따라서 흙의 종류(種類)가 결정(決定)되며 때로는 흙의 성질(性質)에 따라서 구조물(構造物)의 설계(設計)가 달라진다. 특(特)히 저수(貯水)를 목적(目的)으로 하는 제당축조(堤塘築造)에서 중심점토재료(中心粘土材料)의 선정(選定)은 완전(完全)한 구조물(構造物)을 위(爲)해서 또 공사비(工事費) 절감(節減)을 위(爲)해서 대단(大端)히 중요(重要)한 문제(問題)라 하겠다. 이를 위해서 여러종류(種類)의 흙이 사용(使用)되고 있고 이들 흙의 제반(諸般) 역학적(力學的) 성질(性質)이 이미 실시(實施)된 많은 시험결과(試驗結果)로서 실제(實際) 설계(設計)에, 또 구조물(構造物) 안전도(安全度) 검토(檢討)에 응용(應用)되고 있으나 이들 결과(結果)는 그 흙의 최적함수비(最適含水比) 최대밀도(最大密度)에 대(對)한 것으로 실제(實際) 시공과정(施工過程)에서 볼 때 최과함수상태하(最過含水狀態下)에서 시공(施工)하기는 어려운 것으로 이런 경우(境遇)에 흙의 역학적성질(力學的性質)에 대(對)한 자료(資料)가 없어 설계(設計) 및 안전도(安全度) 검토(檢討)에 지장(支障)이 많은바 이를 위해서 본(本) 시험(試驗)을 실시(實施)하였다. 1. 시험(試驗)에 사용(使用)한 시료(試料)는 실제(實際) 저수지(貯水池) 축제재료(築提材料)로서 사용(使用)하고 있는 재료(材料)를 현장(現場)에서 채취(採取)하였다. 2. 본(本) 시험(試驗)은 농업진흥공사(農業振興公社) 농공시험소(農工試驗所)에서 실시(實施)하였다. 3. 본(本) 시험(試驗) 결과(結果)로서 다음과 같은 점(點)을 실제업무(實際業務)에 응용(應用)할 수 있다. 가. 현장함수비(現場含水比)를 알므로서 공사재료(工事材料)로서의 적부판단(適否判斷)을 내릴수 있다. 나. 함수비(含水比)가 변화시(變化時) 다짐율(率)과 투수계수(透水係數)를 알 수 있으므로 실제설계(實際設計) 및 시공관리(施工管理)에 적용(適用)할수 있다. 다. 시공(施工)된 구조물(構造物)의 다짐율(率)을 알므로서 이에 적합(適合)한 안정도검토(安定度檢討)를 할수 있다. 라. 도로(道路)와 같은 높은 지내력(支耐力)을 요(要)하는 구조물(構造物)을 위(爲)해서는 최적함수비(最適含水比) 내지 건조상태(乾燥狀態)가 좋고 저수지(貯水池)와 같은 지수(止水)를 요(要)하는 구조물(構造物)에서는 최적함수비(最適含水比) 내지 습윤상태(濕潤狀態)로 시공(施工)함이 좋다. 그러나 고소성(高塑性) 흙에서는 지내력(支耐力) 및 지수(止水)를 위해서 공(共)히 후자(後者)의 경우(境遇)가 좋다. 이상(以上)의 연구결과(硏究結果)가 완벽(完璧)하다고는 할수 없으나 본(本) 실험(實驗) 결과(結果)로서 함수비(含水比) 변화(變化)에 대(對)한 제반(諸般) 역학적(力學的) 성질(性質)의 변화상태(變化狀態)를 구(求)하기에 최선(最善)을 하였으므로 이 분야(分野)의 연구자(硏究者)나 설계자(設計者) 또는 시공자(施工者)와 같은 실무자(實務者)에게 다소(多少)의 도움이 된다면 큰영광(榮光)으로 생각 하겠다. Compaction of soil is very important for construction of soil structures such as highway fills, embankment of reservoir and seadike. With increasing compaction effort, the strength of soil, interor friction and Cohesion increas greatly while the reduction of permerbilityis evident. Factors which may influence compaction effort are moisture content, grain size, grain distribution and other physical properties as well as the variable method of compaction. The moisture content among these parameter is the most important thing. For making the maximum density to a given soil, the comparable optimum water content is required. If there is a slight change in water content when compared with optimum water content, the compaction ratio will decrease and the corresponding mechanical properties will change evidently. The results in this study of soil compaction with different water content are summarized as follows. 1) The maximum dry density increased and corresponding optimum moisture content decreased with increasing of coarse grain size and the compaction curve is steeper than increasing of fine grain size. 2) The maximum dry density is decreased with increasing of the optimum water content and a relationship both parameter becomes rdam-max=2.232-0.02785 $W_0$ But this relstionship will be change to $r_d=ae^{-bw}$ when comparable water content changes. 3) In case of most soils, a dry condition is better than wet condition to give a compactive effort, but the latter condition is only preferable when the liquid limit of soil exceeds 50 percent. 4) The compaction ratio of cohesive soil is greeter than cohesionless soil even the amount of coarse grain sizes are same. 5) The relationship between the maximum dry density and porosity is as rdmax=2,186-0.872e, but it changes to $r_d=ae^{be}$ when water content vary from optimum water content. 6) The void ratio is increased with increasing of optimum water content as n=15.85+1.075 w, but therelation becames $n=ae^{bw}$ if there is a variation in water content. 7) The increament of permeabilty is high when the soil is a high plasticity or coarse. 8) The coefficient of permeability of soil compacted in wet condition is lower than the soil compacted in dry condition. 9) Cohesive soil has higher permeability than cohesionless soil even the amount of coarse particles are same. 10) In generall, the soil which has high optimum water content has lower coefficient of permeability than low optimum water content. 11) The coefficient of permeability has a certain relations with density, gradation and void ratio and it increase with increasing of saturation degree.

      • KCI우수등재
      • KCI등재

        IR 및 UV센서를 이용한 레이저 용접시의 실시간 모니터링 DSP 시스템

        윤충섭,Yoon Choong-Sup 대한용접접합학회 2005 대한용접·접합학회지 Vol.23 No.4

        We designed a weld monitoring system with UV and IR sensors using a embedded DSP controller for implementing a distribution system; running stand alone and communication with outside by industrial standard protocols. Also this system provided a USB port in order to be acquiring data in PC. The user interface program in PC visualized the IR and W data in time, frequency and state space. A correlation of IR and UV signals showed closely related to weld quality. A rapid change of geometry can be found through a moving average filter. And the average value of IR signal at an interval represented a welding width and depth. Through these results, we proposed a monitoring algorithm for a integer type DSP.

      • KCI우수등재

        排水施工을 위한 國際灌漑排水委員會 基準(I) -ICID基準 109(地表排水施工)-

        윤충섭,Yun, Chung-Seop 한국농공학회 1982 한국농공학회논문집 Vol.24 No.2

        本 基準은 國際灌漑排水委員會(ICID)에서 規定한 排水工施工에 關한 것으로서 여기에는 地表排水工施工에 關한 基準(ICID Standard 109)과 地下排水工施工에 關한 基準 (ICID Standard 110)의 二種으로 分類한다. ICID 基準 109는 소련에서, 基準 110은 이집트에서 草稿가 作成되었으며 英國人 Mr. William McCready에 依하여 最綜補完 完成되었고, 1980年 11月 英國런던에서 開催된 國際灌漑排水委會의 承認員을 얻었다.

      • KCI등재

        DSP 마이크로컨트롤러를 사용한 CAN 네트워크 기반 유도전동기고장진단 시스템 설계

        윤충섭,홍원표,Yoon, Chung-Sup,Hong, Won-Pyo 한국조명전기설비학회 2005 조명·전기설비학회논문지 Vol.19 No.5

        유도전동기는 프로세스산업과 다른 산업분야에 광범위하게 적용되는 매우 중요한 기기이다. 프랜트를 운전함에 있어서 이의 신뢰성, 효율 및 성능은 매우 중요한 관심사항이다. 특히 유도전동기의 고장을 미리 검출하여 진단하고 고장 아래에서도 시스템이 안전하고 신뢰성 있는 성능을 가질 수 있는 고장허용제어의 실현이 매우 중요하다. 따라서 본 논문에서는 고정자전류신호 검출과 디지털 신호 프로세싱에 의한 효과적인 유도전동기의 베어링 고장검출 및 진단 기반을 가진 고장허용제어 시스템을 구축하였다. 또한 모타 고장허용제어에 기본이 되는 제어 하드웨어 구조를 제시하였으며 실험을 통하여 이 시스템의 실시간 데이터 취득 성능을 확인하였다. Induction motors are a critical component of many industrial processes and are frequently integrated in commercially available equipment. Safety, reliability, efficiency, and performance are some of the major concerns of induction motor applications. Fault tolerant control (FTC) strives to make the system stable and retain acceptable performance under the system faults. All present FTC method can be classified into two groups. The first group is based on fault detection and diagnostics (FDD). The second group is includes of FDD and includes methods such as integrity control, reliable stabilization and simultaneous stabilization. This paper presents the fundamental FDD-based FTC methods, which are capable of on-line detection and diagnose of the induction motors. Therefore, our group has developed the embedded distributed fault tolerant and fault diagnosis system for industrial motor. This paper presents its architecture. These mechanisms are based on two 32-bit DSPs and each TMS320F2407 DSP module processes the stator current, voltage, temperatures, vibration signal of the motor.

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