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        유춘상 韓國外國語大學校 敎育大學院 2007 국내석사

        RANK : 247615

        This study focuses on presenting improvement plans for effective graduate school administrative organization by identifying and analyzing the problem of private university graduate school administrative organizational structures, also aiming at the smooth operating universities' businesses. This study analyzes the following, in terms of the conditions and operations of the private university's graduate school administrative organization. (1) Analysis of the state of the graduate school administrative organization. (2) Analysis of the results of graduate school administrative organization improvement. (3) Comparison and analysis of graduate school administrative business contents. (4) Analysis of innovation plans of graduate school administrative business. (5) Presentation of plans of operation and improvement of administrative organization, focusing on Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) Graduate School. For your information, the methodology includes a review of the literature and comparison and analysis of graduate school outlines, organizations, articles of incorporation, school regulations and self-evaluation reports of four private universities in Seoul, Korea, as well as unofficial interviews with staff members working at those universities. The results of the analysis are as follows. (1) Research shows that most graduate schools consist of a dean, assistant dean, general manager in academic affairs, assistant manager in educational and academic affairs and staff members. Graduate school "c," however, appoints only a dean, and it operates administrative affairs by integrating the undergraduate and graduate schools. (2) All graduate schools reorganized their graduate schools, overhauled office organization and innovated the administrative systems to improve the administrative organization of their graduate school. (3) Analysis of the administrative business contents shows a trend: that graduate schools are being reorganized from main-office oriented administrative organizations to college- and department-oriented administrative organization. Also, graduate schools are decentralizing power through daring reorganization. (4) Analysis of the innovation plans of the graduate school administrative business shows that all graduate schools have simplified and computerized their administration contents and are endeavoring to innovate graduate school administrative business by improving testing systems, thesis examination systems and computerization of data, among others. (5) The operations improvement plan of HUFS graduate school administrative organization is as follows: The HUFS graduate school office employs five staff members who handle the business of the main office first, and as a result, cannot offer high-quality administrative services to graduate-school students because of their excessive workload. In order for graduate schools to operate more effectively, plans for organizational improvement follow: (1) It is necessary to decentralize graduate school administrative organization. Specialization and greater efficiency of administrative business is possible by decentralizing administrative duties that are now handled by the graduate school office. This can be accomplished by allocating various duties to related departments such as college departments, the general affairs section, and the accounting section, among others. (2) Administration with responsibility is necessary. For this, we should have staff members handle their business independently. For smooth operations of the graduate school administration, we need to encourage more administrative responsibility by giving the staff members independent administrative business allocated clearly in responsibilities and duties. Administrative staff members should strive to improve their business and administrative skills, as well as their specialty, so as to offer high-quality administrative service to graduate school students. (3) There should be integration of the administrative departments of the undergraduate and graduate schools. Administrative efficiency can be boosted by integrating the business of related colleges and departments that are presently being handled by the graduate school office, focusing on the main office. This will reduce the number of staff members and save on costs. Finally, I hope that plans presented in this study of private university graduate schools' administrative organization will prove somewhat helpful in improving graduate school administrative organization.

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