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      • 캠퍼스 안내사인 개선방안에 관한 연구 : 충남대학교를 중심으로

        위원군 忠南大學校 大學院 2010 국내석사

        RANK : 247631

        As the society gradually goes into pluralism, cultural exchange between countries happens much more frequently, and foreign students have increased in Chungnam University. Therefore, the campus sign system is newly designed for foreign students. The sign system should reveal guidance, warning, direction, classification and the other functions. The campus shows not only overall education of the university and the visualization of physical and spiritual shape of the university. From this point of view, the sign system reveals the strategy of the university brand. The campus in university needs the different sign system from the commercial and other environmental sign system. The university could show its own differentiated characteristics of planning and designing of the buildings. The sign system in campus has played a important role as a way of expressing the identity and differentiation of its campus. The important value of sign system is the transportation of information. In the sign system of the university campus, their own historical and contents and their contemporary culture should be involved. And their tradition, spiritual phase and even their culture should be expressed. Furthermore, the sign system should keep the concept that it is a space of exchanging the university's various unique culture. Above points would be distinguishable points from the sign system used in enterprise, medical hospital and the other managing places. The campus system should be directed not only to the future but also based on the convention because UI itself affected to the behavior pattern of university's members. The campus sign could be the expression that the university want to show its pursuit in condense to the people who visits the campus first time. The all signs installed in campus is all things of designs that directly transports the guide, signs, and regulation of the university. But most of university's campus signs are largely directed only to the design-form effects and it seems not to effectively transport its original purpose of information communication. And it could be a problem. In this study, the function and characteristics of the sign system of nine universities in Korea, China and United States was investigated through the literatures and spot survey. In order to get the correct and exact information, the investigation was carried in and the data was got from the students, staffs, foreign students and visitors to Chungnam University. The result of the survey are follows. First the location of the integrate sign system would be moved into the enterance of campus and the visitors easily find their destination. Second, the realistic pictogram and english title should be included and the foreigners could go beyond language barrier. Third, the color of the pictogram and the logo should be much more matched with the characteristics of each college. Fourth, the compass should be included in sign system. Finally, the number of the lighting system should be increased and sign system is much more readable at night. After analyzing the data, the new effective sign system would be suggested with the result of showing the applying method to establish the concept of more scientific, effective, and artistic sign system. The improved sign system is more humanized and it enhances the functionality of the signs. Therefore, the obstacles of communication and culture difference could be reduced and the atmosphere of campus would expect to become more active

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