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      • 중소기업의 지식경영활동 촉진에 관한 연구 : 조직차원과 사회자본을 중심으로

        우광일 순천대학교 경영행정대학원 2015 국내석사

        RANK : 1871

        This study focused to the issue how the enterprises materialize the knowledge of organization members in the organization to acquire their own competitiveness and maximize the capacity and organizational performance of organization members in the management environment changing rapidly where the value creation through knowledge and information is valued. Furthermore, the study examined how organization members cooperate with and share these knowledges voluntarily, and review the factors affecting knowledge sharing between organization members of small and midium-sized companies and suggest the promotion plan of knowledge management activity of companies. In these contexts, this study established variables centered on social capital(social reciprocal action, social reliability, sharing of knowledge management vision) and organization dimension(knowledge-oriented leadership, compensation system) which are defined diversely in various areas recently, presented the model to investigate cause and effect between variables and knowledge sharing, and knowledge sharing and operation performance. For an empirical analysis, we executed a questionnaire survey targeting the 300 staffs working for the organization performing knowledge management in Jeonnam Eastern area. Total of 194 respondents were included for the OLS analysis. As the result of analysis, it appeared that the knowledge-oriented leadership of organization dimension and the variables of compensation system showed positive(+) effects on knowledge sharing. In the dimension of social capital it appeared that only social reliability variable out of three variables, that is, social mutual action, social reliability, sharing of vision of knowledge management had a significant effect on knowledge sharing, and knowledge sharing plays a significant effect on operation performance.

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